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The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash by Survivor Gene Odom
Watch and Listen to the story http://bradsdomain.com/lynyrd-skynyrd-plane-crash-survivor/ about the plane crash of October 1977 as told by Gene Odom, one of the fortunate survivors who was the last person to be with Ronnie Van Zant and the other band members before they were killed. Gene and Ronnie were best friends since childhood, and he would become the head of security for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ronnie's personal body guard. Visit http://lynyrdskynyrddixie.com for more information regarding the "Freebirds of Southern Rock!" This story along with the song "Freebird" will live on in infamy. Thanks Gene, we love you man.
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eXp World Tour - In 90 Seconds
While this is only a partial time-lapsed tour, we welcome you to come in and join us for a "LIVE" and REAL-TIME" tour of the cloud and world campus. 1. FREE Download at http://invite.exprealty.com 2. Setup your personal Agent Avatar 3. Begin eXploring and eXperiencing our world. The future of real estate in here and now. visit http://bradandersohn.exprealty.careers for career opportunities and details about this unique brokerage and model.
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How The Historic Foghorn Works
This is a demonstration and explanation of how the early 1900's historic foghorn worked. The foghorn is located on a private Island with a lighthouse located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Visit http://ebls.org to book a bed & breakfast night over and a personal demonstration of this historic foghorn.
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The Soldier Christmas Poem
A Story as told by Debra Andersohn.
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NAR 2012 Concert - Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey
National Association of REALTORS 2012 Convention and EXPO in Orlando, Florida. Snippets from the sponsored concert at Orange County Convention Center featuring Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey. Up front, close, and personal.
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Zillow Premier Agent & Top Producer Shares Marketing Secrets and Tips
Ryan and Carrie Gable took a few moments in the hallway at the NAR Convention and EXPO to share how they manage their online contacts and leads that come from Zillow, and the best practices and tips/secrets of how they convert those contacts into clients. Take notes and enjoy!
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Surprise Letter from DMV
You've Got Mail
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Canyon Creek Resort - Winters California
Canyon Creek Resort is a "members only" resort and retreat for those seeking relaxation and tranquility outdoors in a resort style campground setting. This video was recorded while spending a 10 day retreat at the location where we are newly welcomed members.
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eXp World 2 0 - Tour and Training Weekly in the Cloud
A quick and fun preview of the new eXp World 2.0 that launched on this Halloween Day. The purpose of this video is to promote the upcoming training classes that are available every Wednesday in the cloud campus auditorium at 8am PT (11am ET) open to the public.
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Top 50 Free Google Tools for Business
Google provides a variety of free products, tools and services for your business and personal use. These are the top 50 Google tools for Business. Get all 50 at http://bradsdomain.com/top-50-google-tools-for-business/
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Zillow Ratings and Reviews
Erica Vautier Liodice, Director of Marketing at RealLiving.com shares how Zillow's Ratings and Reviews are growing her agents' online business.
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Agent Assist - The Real Estate Goal Planner
Agent Assist http://agentgoalplanner.com is a program designed to help Real Estate Agents and Brokers create and develop a mapped out business plan that assists them in meeting and even exceeding their financial goals. The program is a compilation of various spreadsheets with mathematical formulas that simplifies what many Brokers have been doing by hand for years. This video explains just one portion of Agent Assist which is an integral part of setting Real Estate Financial goals. How much do you need to make, how many transactions do you need to close, and how many hours and days will it take to achieve success?
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Real Estate Goal Planner
Every successful business starts with a strategic business plan and financial goals. http://goalplanner.bigcartel.com/product/agent-goal-planner - Agent Assist's Goal Planner helps agents achieve and exceed their financial goals in real estate.
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How To Build a KOA Wood Electric Guitar from Scratch
Don Bryant built me this custom KOA guitar made from scratch out of the Honduras Mahogany doors taken from the Hilton Hawaiian Village remodel. The KOA wood top grown on the Big Island was originally slated for Ernie Ball, and the Epai neck came from a friends Barzillian Walnut deck. Take a personal detailed tour of this guitar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPHUgwWCFyU
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How To Catch Trout
http://trout.com - How to catch trout in a river using salmon eggs. This video demonstrates the "Catch and Release" sportsmanship technique. Video shot on Stanislaus river in Strawberry, CA.
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Guitarman Brad Andersohn
The Guitarman http://bradsdomain.com/music Brad Andersohn shares his original music and message!
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Using Free Online Photo Editing and Image Enhancement Sites
In this http://ZillowAcademy.com and Google Hangout training webinar, we show and discussed three free online photo editing sites that allow you to upload and customize your images/pics and then save them to your own hard-drive or post/store them online.
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ThisLife - The Ultimate Moments Captured, Shared, and Stored
http://bradsdomain.com/thislife-com-is-the-real-deal/ - Finally a site, tool, and service that allows us to store, share, save, and remember the most important moments of our lives through photos and videos. This Life!
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Zillow's Premier Agent Program Works
http://www.zillow.com/advertising/Testimonials.htm - Real Estate Agent Debbie Espinoza from San Diego, CA shares her review and testimonial about Zillow's Premier Agent program and how it's working for her. Debbie says she generates about 20 leads/contacts per week from her presence on Zillow in her local market area. What do other agents around the country have to say about this? Find out here - http://www.zillow.com/advertising/Agent.htm
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Google Tools for Business
Google BootCamp - Top FREE Google Tools for Business: http://bradsdomain.com/top-50-google-tools-for-business/
Views: 4796 Brad Andersohn
I Wanna Be Just Like You
A Music Video about children watching and listening to their parents, and wanting to grow up and be just like them. They really do, want to be just like you. This one is dedicated to my son.
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Skynnyn Lynnyrd Promo
Skynnyn Lynnyrd is Lynyrd Skynyrd RELOADED!
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ActiveRain Video - How To Sign-up
This is a 2 minute tutorial for Real Estate Industry Professionals showing how to sign up on Active Rain.
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Skynnyn Lynnyrd Live at Harrahs Reno http://bradsdomain.com/lynyrd-skynyrd-plane-crash-survivor/
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Pismo Beach - ATV's
Tearing up the Dunes at Pismo Beach
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Real Estate Agent - Financial Goal Planner
http://AgentGoalPlanner.com - The #1 Real Estate Financial Goal Setting Program in the Industry. http://bradandersohn.exprealty.careers
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How To Create a Savvy Card for Mobile
http://savvycard.com/bradandersohn/careers - In this Savvy Card workshop, we'll show you how to create a mobile and sharable Savvy Card that can be used for marketing, sharing and promoting your business. But it also works as a mobile app that can be added to any Internet connected mobile device and then shared with others via text message, email or social media sharing.
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Daniel Ho - Uke Fest 2012
Daniel Ho makes a special guest appearance at the Ukulele festival 2012 held in Calistoga, CA. The heart of the wine country and the soul of great music.
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ActiveRain iPhone Business Card
This iPhone business card application is a great tool for any business. Watch for my next video and Blog post sharing how you can get one of these iphone business cards for you, your business, and your iPhone. A great way to promote your business, and share your company in a "viral" kind of way. Thank you ActiveRain Corp. for letting us use the Network and site to share this as an example.
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Concord CA Townhouse - Welcome Home
Concord CA is a fantastic City to live, work, and play in. Here's a property located at http://www.postlets.com/rtpb/8150709 that you may want to check out and call home. It's a 2 Bdrm & 1 1/2 Bath, 1015 sq. ft. remodeled town-home with new windows and remodeled baths, new carpet, paint, lino plus a swimming pool and more....
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Skynnyn Lynnyrd Press Conference
Skynnyn Lynnryd does a Press Conference in Laughlin, Nevada before their 3 night show at the RiverSide Casino owned and by Don Laughlin. The band plays their rendition/tribute song "The Breeze" unplugged!
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How To Add Motion and Life To Photos
Using a couple techniques shown in this video along with Photo-Stitch and iMovie, you can bring your photos to life by adding motion and special effects. A nice compromise for those who don't have access to video. Photo: Pyramid Lake
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14 Year Old Guitar Extremist
This is the night that inspired it all - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nge_SrLIXks "Always With Me, Always With You" by Joe Satriani and performed by 14 year old prodigy, Brandon Andersohn, the worlds youngest guitar extremist. Video recorded and posted by proudest father on earth!
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Zillow Customer Support for Real Estate Agents
There are multiple ways for real estate agents to get help and support from Zillow. In this short video, I'll share a few ways you can reach our customer service team. Consumers can also reach out to Zillow and other users from the Q&A section, or by clicking the "About" link at the bottom of every Zillow page.
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How To Handle Real Estate Client Abuse
Walter Sanford shares a quite comical way of detecting and handling real estate clients that waste time and abuse real estate agents. Get more tools and systems by visiting Walter at http://waltersanford.com This video snippet was taken at NAR 2012 in Orlando Florida at the Convention and EXPO.
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Guitar Night at Green Valley School - All The Way
20 Talented Acts, A Packed House, and a 13 Year old with his Brother and Friends "HeadLine" Green Valley Middle School's 2010 Guitar Night Concert. This original tune written by Brandon Andersohn and performed with his brother Dustin, and friends Adam and Alex could be one you'll see soon at itunes and amazon. It's a song we hope goes "ALL THE WAY!" Great job kids! See and hear more of Brandon at http://armoredflight.com
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Budweiser Clydesdale Horses and Beer Carriage
On August 21st, 2013, the Budweiser Clydesdale horses visited the Budweiser plant and brewery in Fairfield, CA. As a birthday gift, my wife brought me to see them up close and personal. These horses are simply beautiful and quite amazing in real life!
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Urijah Faber - Final UFC Fight
What an honor and privilege to see Urijah Faber's last UFC Career fight in Sacramento, CA. This is just a recap of the event from our seats and perspective within the Golden 1 Event Center in Sacramento, CA.
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How To Use Youtube's Online Video Editor
A demonstration showing how to use the new Youtube online Video Editor.
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Skynnyn Lynnyrd - Whats Your Name
Skynnyn Lynnyrd in Winnemucca Nevada performing "What's Your Name" as part of their legendary tribute to Southern Rock's Heroes, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Notice the little girls dancing in this video, the freebirds of Southern Rock continue to grow and enjoy this "Classic Rock" music.
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Tom Ferry's New Book "Life By Design" - Contest Winners Announced
Tom Ferry's New Book "Life! By Design" is in the National Best Seller TOP 4 List. This is much in part due to a contest held on ActiveRain's Real Estate Social Network. At RainCamp Los Angeles, the winners were announced from a Blogging Challenge and contest held on ActiveRain. Tom drew the names and announced the winners backstage. This video is to share and congratulate all those winners and especially the winner of a Brand New iPad. Great job Tom Ferry, ActiveRain, and RainCamp Los Angeles! Everyone was a winner!! Now go buy Tom's book and see why it is a "BEST SELLER!"
Views: 2051 Brad Andersohn
Tag Galaxy - Create Your Own Flickr Photo Universe
http://taggalaxy.de allows you to have some fun while searching for those perfect "Keyword Phrases" or "Tag" word photos on Flickr.com. Here's a quick demo using "San Francisco" as the keyword or "Tag" search term. Now go make your own tag galaxy universe and share it with your friends too.
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First To Market - Meet Kona Kepola the KOA Guitar
Meet Kona Kepola, his first to market Guitar made 100% from scratch. KOA wood master Don Bryant shares a personal and private tour of his first ever guitar creation that actually went home with me!! It's an honor to be part of this a Historic moment with Bryant KOA Guitars.
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Welcome to eXp World
A 60 Second preview of a meeting held at our agent owned cloud brokerage... eXp Realty - in the cloud. http://own.exprealty.careers
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Top FREE Online Business Tools 2009
Free Internet Sites, Tools, Apps, and Services for your Small or Large Business!
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Virtual Real Estate Office
The world's first 100% Cloud Real Estate Brokerage in 3D. The new WEB 3.0. This was an exclusive 3D cloud tour and interview with founder Glenn Sanford and Dale Kreiser from eXp Realty located in Washington State. This is the first fully functional and operational 3D fully immersive Real Estate Brokerage. Their "Business Model" is shared in this video along with a "3D High-tech, high-touch tour!"
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10 Year Old Levitates
THIS IS AWESOME! Watch a 10 year old levitate in mid air. This was too cool!
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Struck By Lightning - Crazy Storm
A "Crazy Lightning Storm" caught on tape in Arizona. Even crazier was standing there shooting it. Watch closely, it goes fast! ~ It's a 10 minute Storm condensed down to just 1 minute. Did you see it?
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The Real Estate Virtual Assistant
How do you increase your real estate business when you can't do it all yourself anymore. Hiring a virtual assistant may be the ultimate alternative. Due diligence and research is the key to finding out. This video explores the purpose and responsibilities of a good virtual assistant and company. RealSupportInc.com and Carrie Gable present, "How To Increase Your Business" using virtual assistance.
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