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SNL 's KATE MCKINNON: 12 Fascinating Facts About the Saturday Night Live Super Star (Video)
12 FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT KATE MCKINNON. Kate McKinnon SNL ’s ‘most valuable player’ has quite an interesting life! In this video we highlight information about the Ghostbusters actress and Saturday Night Live Star, famous for playing characters like Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Kelly Anne Conway & Ms. Rafferty (from the ‘Alien Abduction’ skit). Additionally, it was just announced that Kate McKinnon will be voicing Ms Frizzle in The Magic School Bus remake! Kate grew up in the small town of Sea Cliff, Long Island. She has a sister, Emily Lynne Berthold who is also an actress, comedian and Kate’s co-star in the Notary Publix Web series, the inspiration for which we discuss in the video. Here are some fast facts that due to length, we couldn't included in the video: DID YOU KNOW: - Kate was born on January 6, 1984 and is currently 33 years old. - She uses her middle name as her stage name (her real name is Kathryn McKinnon Berthold) and she is truly woman of many talents! -- In addition to her acting, she is also an accomplished musician, playing guitar and piano, and singing... the later which was shown when she performed Hallelujah on SNL by Leonard Cohan. - Kate is quite short- her height is 5 ft. 3 inches. Good things come in small packages! - Kate McKinnon’s girlfriend Marla Mindelle is a Broadway actress who has starred in shows like Cinderella and Sister Act. Stunningly beautiful and uber talented, they are the definition of #couplegoals ! - Kate is anti-social media. She has publicly stated she will never ‘give in’ and sign up for Instagram or Twitter, despite the fact almost all her SNL cast mates do! - Ellen Degeneres has always been her hero, and though it’s now one of her most famous impressions, she originally did not want to take on the role since she didn’t think she was able to convincingly talk in Ellen’s district, slightly-southern accent. - During this year’s election cycle, Kate has played more political roles than any other performer in SNL history including KellyAnne Conway (opposite Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump), Betsy DeVos, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin’s ‘pro-spokeswoman’. Thanks so much for watching, and please subscribe to our channel, Domino.
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❖ THE TRUTH: Are Disney Black Diamond VHS Tapes Selling for THOUSANDS on eBay?! VIDEO
Social media has been abuzz about Disney Black Diamond VHS Video tapes being worth thousands, and selling for big bucks on eBay! But is this true...or are we victim to yet another fake news story? In this video we sort fact from fiction, and find out just how much Disney Black Diamond vhs tapes are worth. Is this a hoax? Or could you be paying your child's tuition with a Disney Classics Collection tape from your attic? Note: The news stories are reporting the following titles are part of the "Black Diamond Classics Collection", which was produced from 1988-1993 (The Jungle Book, The Rescuers, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Snow White, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmatians and Robin Hood). Please feel free to subscribe to our new channel, Domino, for more upcoming videos on internet hoaxes and urban legends.
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✮THE TRUTH✮ About What Happened at THE OSCARS: 2017 Oscar Mistake [Close Up Video Proof!]
WHAT HAPPENED AT THE OSCARS : Oscars 2017 Mistake! During the 2017 Academy Awards, actor Warren Beatty and actress Faye Dunaway announced the Best Picture winner. After a moment of fumbling, Warren Beatty (age 79) and Faye Dunaway (age 76) opened the envelope and announced the winner for best movie was La La Land … the only problem? The movie MOONLIGHT was the real winner for best picture! We take video from the full 2017 Oscars and break it down to investigate what exactly went wrong at the Oscars, using slow motion and close ups. The results are surprising! Thankfully, host Jimmy Kimmel saved the day, jokingly comparing Warren’s mistake to Steve Harvery ’s mistake while hosting the Miss Universe Pageant. The entire cast of La La Land (including Emma Stone, and producers Jordan Horowitz, Fred Berger, Michael Beugg, Gary Gilbert and Jeffery Harlacker) were INCREDIBLY gracious, kindly handing over the Oscar trophy to ‘their friends’ from Moonlight. This was a once in a life time mistake, and something that has never happened in Oscar history! Forget the conspiracy theories floating around (no, Leonardo DiCaprio did NOT purposely mess up the order of envelopes as tabloids are reporting), in this video we show you exactly why and how the flub occurred. Fun Facts About The 2017 Oscars (To read if you still want more after watching our YouTube video!): - Did you know Warren Beatty age 79 is the 19th oldest Oscar presenter in history, and Faye Dunaway age 76 has been on the Academy Award stage (combining her Oscar wins and past presentations), 6 times! They are true Hollywood legends! - When this blunder first occurred, the media accused Leonardo DiCaprio! After Emma Stone, winner of Best Actress, received her Oscar from DiCaprio who was presenting, it was alleged that he did not give her back her card, and Beatty accidentally picked it up and re-read it. This is false. The error occurred due to two duplicate ‘winner’ sets kept for security reasons backstage. - According to TMZ, Faye and Warren had some major drama before even taking the stage! During rehearsals they fought over who would open, and who would announce.They refused a second rehearsal together due to the animosity, and didn’t want to walk out together, providing Hollywood drama has no age limit! - At The Oscars Red Carpet it was noticed that Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez were wearing the exact same designer dress...another rarity, as fashion designers are usually meticulous about who wears what on the biggest night in Hollywood! Thanks so much for watching, and please subscribe to our channel Domino for more interesting videos debunking internet hoaxes and fake news.
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★ APRIL THE GIRAFFE BIRTH: Music Video Rap! (Song About April, Baby & Oliver APRIL OG)
While the world watches and waits for April The Giraffe to give birth live on video, here's a music video starring April The Giraffe, Oliver and...the 'baby'! APRIL OG parodies April as a street smart, tough talking giraffe, who is sending a message about giraffe conservation...and answering the most asked question "When Will April The Giraffe Give Birth"--- on her own time! :) Starring Hollie the pitbull lab mix as the baby. * HOW TO HELP GIRAFFES * ('Red' on Endangered Animals List: Facing Extinction) - GIRAFFE CONSERVATION FOUNDATION: https://giraffeconservation.org/ "The Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa. GCF is dedicated to a sustainable future for all giraffe populations in the wild"-. Based in Nambia -APRIL & BABY'S CARE (Animal Adventure Park's GoFundMe): goo.gl/LXn5jjcontent_copyCopy short URL * HELP OTHER WILDLIFE * New England Wildlife Center- Needs supplies (ie; copy paper/towels) & donations. They do an INCREDIBLE job caring for sick & injured wildlife, and recently took a goose with poisoning that wandered into my yard for help. Cannot say enough about this organization. Check out their blog for pics & stories of animals they help. http://www.newildlife.org/ *WATCH APRIL THE GIRAFFE CAM LIVESTREAM FEED - She will be giving birth anytime now! Here is her zoo Animal Adventure Park's official Youtube & LiveSteam (beware of copycats!): https://goo.gl/UbFCLj CREDITS: Royalty Free Instrumental Beats "Better than Friends" by "Free Rap Beats | Hip-Hop Instrumentals" Youtube Channel goo.gl/fGCJPO By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Bright Wish" By Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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MAN Gets POSITIVE Pregnancy Test!?! ● Why a Pregnancy Test Joke Turned into Medical Nightmare
In 2012, a man took a pregnancy test after finding an unused test his ex-girlfriend left in his bathroom. Assuming it would naturally give a negative result, he was shocked when the results indicated a positive pregnancy test! What originally started as a joke, ended up turning into a shocking medical situation after a friend jokingly shared the story on Reddit in the form of a 'Rage Comic'. Medical students and doctors immedaitely commented that this indicated his body was producing HCG hormone, and he likely had testicular cancer! In this video, we re-tell the story from start to finish, sharing the original comic posted to Reddit, as well as what happened next. Please subscribe to our new channel, Domino! We will be doing as massive video when we reach 5K subscribers.
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★ 10 Celebrity Kids Who Look Like CLONES of Their Famous Parents! ★ WOW!
Celeb’s Children Who Look EXACTLY Like Their Famous Parents! From Reese Witherspoon & her daughter Ava Phillippe, to rapper Biggie Small’s son CJ Wallace Jr., we’ve searched high and low to narrow down the top 10 kids who are totally twinning with their famous folks! Featured in this video are: -Ava Phillipe (Daughter of Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillipe) - Kaya Jordan Gerber (Daughter of Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber) - Usher Raymond V [‘Cinco] & Navyid (Sons of Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster) - Colin Hanks (Son of Tom Hanks & Samantha Lewes) - Christopher Wallace [‘CJ’] (Son of Notorious BIG & Faith Evans) - Maxwell Drew Johnson [‘Maxi’] (Daughter of Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson) - Bronx Mowgli Wentz (Son of Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz) - Marston & Cooper Hefner (Sons of Playboy Magazine Founder Hugh Hefner & Model Kimberly Conrad) Please subscribe to our new channel, Domino! When we reach 5000 subscribers, we’ll be doing a MASSIVE giveaway! :)
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THE TRUTH: Did Trump Photoshop his HANDS to Make Them Look Bigger in White House Photo? Trump News
Have the "small hands" jokes officially taken a toll on Trump?! On January 25, President Donald Trump was interviewed by David Muir at The White House. While touring the West Wing, Trump showed off photographs from his inauguration day already hanging on the walls. One photo shown was a picture of Trump and President Obama, as he bid him and Michelle farewell as they left DC by helicopter. Several people on Twitter noticed that Trump's hand looked much bigger than a corresponding image, and accused him of being "insecure of his small hands" and photoshopping his hand size in the official White House photo, prompting the hashtag #TrumpsTinyHands. This claim went VIRAL, but the question remains: is it TRUE?! We analyze both images to give a definitive answer once and for all to put the fake news to rest. Royalty Free Music Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Kevin MacLeod / Incompetech
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THE TRUTH & PROOF: Is Chelsea Clinton Wearing an INVERTED / UPSIDE DOWN CROSS NECKLACE?!  Scandal!
Chelsea Clinton has been spotted wearing an UPSIDE DOWN (Inverted) Cross Necklace! The photos have gone viral on Facebook and social media, even political blogs are picking up the story and linking her to...The Satanic Temple?! But are these claims actually true? We investigate the photos and claims to get to the bottom and determine if this story is FACT or FICTION. FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/Domino-on-YouTube-886754571460333/ This video includes closed captions. Note: ALL clips in this video fall under fair use for commentary, criticism, and reporting. False reporting on a video is illegal.
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Deep Sea Fisherman Roman Fedortsov has been sharing photos of INCREDIBLE fish and creepy sea creatures that come up in his trawl on Twitter. He told the Moscow Times he's surprised at the amount that have not been identified! The amazing types of animals display the insane depths of the ocean that he is at. We've compiled some of his best photos in video format. From the cute...to downright scary looking! Here's a link to Roman's Twitter...check out his amazing shots!: https://twitter.com/rfedortsov (Роман Федорцов) Please subscribe to our new channel, Domino. We're having a massive giveaway at 5K subscribers you won't want to miss! Royalty Free Music Credit: "Water Prelude" & "Not as It Seems" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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