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Club Car Success Stories - Carryall
Club Car® Carryall - The light-duty utility vehicles superintendents prefer 2-to-1 over the nearest competitor. Redesigning the legendary Carryall is not a job you take on lightly. Or alone. Club Car traveled the world to gauge what customers wanted. Their vision became our mission. This Success Story is from The Walker Course at Clemson University. Built on our 30-year legacy of performance and dependability, the all-new Carryall is more more powerful, versatile, efficient and comfortable, more of what makes Carryall the most valued utility vehicle in golf. 1,000 Jobs. Only One Carryall.
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Club Car Limited Slip Differential
Introducing Club Car's New Limited Slip Differential. Designed for our class leading EFI engines this new Limited Slip Differential will allow you to conquer rough slippery terrain, yet is gentle in Turf applications.
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Club Car Parts and Accessories
Outfit your personal, utility, or golf vehicle the way you need without compromising your vehicle's durability or value: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/club-car-accessories.html
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Carryall, Turf, and Transporter introduction
More Power. More Comfort. More Efficient. Club Car introduces the new 2014 Carryall, Carryall Turf, and Transporter.
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Carryall - New Club Car 2014 utlity and turf vehicles come standard with Subaru EFI engine
You'll get more power and efficiency from your Carryall utility and Turf vehicle with our new Subaru 404cc overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection. It boosts horsepower by more than 30 percent and increases fuel efficiency by almost 50 percent over our previous gasoline engines.
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Ray Evernham sizes up Club Car's Onward® PTV
NASCAR legend Ray Evernham, a 2018 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee, talks about the Onward PTV's advantages. Build your own Onward online: http://build.clubcar.com Learn more about our Onward PTV with the links below. Onward 2 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-2-passenger.html Onward 4 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-lifted-4-passenger.html Onward Lifted 4 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-4-passenger.html
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Live Onward®, Together | Build Yours Today!
Experience Club Car's Onward PTV for yourself at www.clubcar.com. Build your own online: https://build.clubcar.com/build Or, learn more: Onward 2 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-2-passenger.html Onward 4 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-4-passenger.html Onward Lifted 4 Passenger: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/onward-lifted-4-passenger.html
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Club Car EFI/OHC engine introduction
Introduction of the Club Car Subaru EFI and OHC engine
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Guardian Removal from Club Car Precedent Excel
Video show how to remove Guardian on a Club Car Precedent Excel. Guardian is the first and only asset management tool that protects the significant investment you have in your course and in your golf car fleet. From your PC, a course operator may designate where any and all cars can -- and cannot -- move about the property, on the course and off. The benefits are wide-ranging and measurable...and all for less than a dollar per car per day.
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Carryall Safety Video HD
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Carryall Utility Vehicles - schedule a demo today!
The 2016 Carryall® utility vehicles are ready to roll across campuses, government complexes, industrial sites, resorts, rental houses, and businesses like yours. Contact your local Club Car dealer and schedule a demo today! http://clubcardealer.com/locator
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Club Car: Great Company. Great Careers.
Want a great career? Then join a great company -- Club Car.
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2015 Carryall State-of-the-art Charging System
Most new electric Carryall utility vehicles feature an industry-exclusive standard on-board, high-frequency charger with an integrated cord retractor. It boosts efficiency, issues an audible alert when charging begins and charges even during power swings. The charger works globally and can be charged through any 110- or 240-volt outlet. It can also be programmed with algorithms for lead acid or gel/AGM batteries.
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Meet Club Car's Carryall Fit-to-Task Series
Application-specific utility vehicles built to handle your job's many demands. Learn more at https://goo.gl/hq2XX7 Test Drive one and be entered to win $1,000 in Ingersoll Rand Power Tools! Get started: http://clubcardealer.com/carryallpromotions
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Guardian Installation on Club Car Precedent Excel
Video show how to install Guardian on a Club Car Precedent Excel. Guardian is the first and only asset management tool that protects the significant investment you have in your course and in your golf car fleet. From your PC, a course operator may designate where any and all cars can -- and cannot -- move about the property, on the course and off. The benefits are wide-ranging and measurable...and all for less than a dollar per car per day.
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Precedent Excel Controller Set-up to Enable Guardian Controls
Video shows how to setup Club Car Precedent Excel Controller to enable Guardian Controls. Guardian is the first and only asset management tool that protects the significant investment you have in your course and in your golf car fleet. From your PC, a course operator may designate where any and all cars can -- and cannot -- move about the property, on the course and off. The benefits are wide-ranging and measurable...and all for less than a dollar per car per day.
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Club Car XRT950 walkaround
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Meet E.R.I.C.
Club Car's Advanced Charging System
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Carryall - New Club Car utility and turf - improved ergonomics
Work more comfortably and efficiently, thanks to the improved ergonomics in the new Carryall line. The cockpit-style interior with restyled hip restraints makes the vehicles easier to enter and exit. And an ergonomic dash puts the key switch, shifter, and gauges at the driver's fingertips.
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Club Car's Visage Mobile Golf Information System - Old Edwards Club
Learn how Club Car's Mobile Golf Information System has helped Old Edwards Club in Highlands, NC increase revenue, reduce expenses, manage their assets and deliver a better golf experience for their members and resort guests. Want to learn more? Visit www.clubcar.com or call 1-800-258-2227.
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Club Car Success Stories - Precedent with EFI
Club Car Precedent’s best-in-class overhead cam electronic fuel injection delivers more horsepower, higher efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Marry that to Club Car’s legendary build quality and reliability, plus available Visage™ golfer amenities, and the answer is clear. Only Precedent EFI can drive your operation to greater success. This is Verdict Ridge's story. Performance: Increased reliability, quieter valve train, reduced vibration, increased horsepower and improved fuel economy. Value/Warranty: The best warranty in golf means Club Car Precedent's with EFI have a better resale value. Cost of Ownership: Time is really money with the new Precedent EFI. The longer it's in the field, the greater return on your investment because it's lower operational, maintenance and fuel costs accrue year after year, repaying your investment in long-term returns. Fuel Economy: Club Car chose the Subaru EX40 EFI engine for its best-in-class power and reliability. Precedent EFI enjoys a 35% power boost over our previous gas engine while using 35% less fuel.
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Club Car XRT 1550 w/Intellitach - Snow Plow
Video courtesy of Ace of Carts, Saskatoon, SK Canada
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Club Car Drives The 2018 Ryder Cup
Paul Armitage of Le Golf National and Kevin Hart of Club Car reveal how more than 500 Club Car vehicles powers the logistics of The 2018 Ryder Cup.
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Deionizer Water Purification & Filter System
Installation and operation education for the deionizer in a golf course setting.
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Club Car® Carryall Utility Cab Install – Time Lapse
This video shows a complete time-lapse of installing a Club Car Carryall utility cab.
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Green Drive
Club Car is the largest producer of zero-emissions vehicles. See what else Club Car has to offer to support sustainability efforts on the golf course and in commercial operations around the world.
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New Snow Plow Attachment for XRT950
Throw out the shovels and snow blowers, and order Club Car's new lightweight frameless 60-inch snow plow attachment for the XRT950 today. The poly construction allows for plowing the most demanding conditions. For more information or to order the snow plow attachment, please contact your local authorized Club Car dealer.
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Precedent i3 Success Story—The Dye Club at Barefoot Resort
Don’t ask Jeff Diehl which Connected Technology feature in the Precedent i3 is his favorite. “We use them all,” said the head professional at The Dye Club. “We’re engaging action zones, geo-fencing, tournament scoring and car tracking on a daily basis.” Whether protecting golfers and cars from hazardous areas or sending special greetings and promotions to specific groups on the course, Diehl has seen how the technology distinguishes his course in the super-competitive Myrtle Beach market. “This system makes us look good. It’s an important tool we use to keep golfers coming back.” Learn more at clubcar.com.
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Club Car New Advanced Chargers
Introducing Club Car's new advanced charging systems
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Club Car Success Stories - Precedent i3
Hear how Tri-Cities Golf Club is taking advantage of golf's first car with connectivity standard in every vehicle. Club Car leads the way with a customizable solutions platform engineered into every new Precedent i3. As connectivity affects every aspect of our lives, who else but Club Car® could pioneer its integration into golf cars? A solutions platform that is expandable and customizable according to your preferences, connectivity is engineered directly into the Precedent i3. You decide how many of the connected features you want to add to your fleet—from simple diagnostics, all the way up to Visage™, our premier suite of connected features. In the Age of Connectivity, this cloud-based system lets you connect any time, anywhere from your computer or mobile device and always know what your customer wants, what your fleet needs and what’s happening out on your course. With this information, you’ll enjoy an unprecedented measure of control over your fleet, maintenance and operation. And you know where that leads: Success.
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Club Car XRT950 in the snow
Video courtesy of Ace of Carts, Saskatoon, SK Canada
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Club Car Tempo Lithium Ion
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Club Car Carryall Fit-To-Task Series: Housekeeping
Perfect for Resorts and Hotels looking for a professional housekeeping vehicle that streamlines work and presents a good appearance to your guests. Additional information: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/commercial/fit-to-task.html
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Tempo Connect: Car Control
Protect bunkers, greens, and other areas of the course with Tempo Connect's exclusive car control module. More at clubcar.com/tempoconnect
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Tempo Connect: Car Tracking
Know where any car is on the course - and its status. Exclusively from Club Car: Tempo with Tempo Connect. Learn more at clubcar.com/tempoconnect
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Club Car Guardian SVC
Asked to name their biggest operational challenge, most course operators, golf professionals and superintendents would be hard pressed to choose just one. That's why our innovative GPS-based course management tool is capable of addressing several critical issues from the same technology platform. Gaurdian SVC will allow you to: - limit golf car access to specific areas - minimize costs associated with vehicle & turf damage - capture history of where golf cars have traveled - deter theft & vandalism - enhance fleet maintenance & diagnostics
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Red Hot: Onward Candy Apple Graphite Special Edition
With a matte red finish and carbon fiber finish accents, this car is sizzling for summer. Learn more: clubcar.com/redhot
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Introducing the VersAttach(tm) Bed System
Durability, innovation, and versatility all combine to creat epic productivity and value for you. Learn more about the exclusive VersAttach bed and attachment system.
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Tempo Connect: Food & Beverage
Ordering a snack or meal on-the-go while golfing has never been easier, with Tempo Connect. More at
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Club Car Success Stories - 4Fun
Room for four makes the 4Fun perfect for couples, families, women's groups and business outings. This is Greensboro Country Club's story.
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Club Car 4x4 Safety
Safe operation of Club Car Utility Vehicles
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Club Car Carryall Fit-To-Task Series: Food Service
Flexible vehicles to make on-site catering professional and easy. Additional information: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/commercial/fit-to-task.html
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Club Car Carryall Fit-To-Task Series: Ambulance
Our ambulance utility vehicle features multiple options for campuses, resorts, government facilities, and much more. Additional information: http://www.clubcar.com/us/en/commercial/fit-to-task.html
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Introducing: The Special Edition Matte Synergy Graphite Onward
Boasting carbon fiber accents and a bold look, you'll turn heads where you drive. More at www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal/golf-new/limited-edition-matte-synergy-graphite.html Or, learn about our entire personal-use vehicle lineup at www.clubcar.com/us/en/personal.html
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XRT Tough Stuff
Club Car makes more than golf cars. Our XRT rough-terrain utility vehicles tackle tough work with ease and turn the outdoors into an unlimited recreational center.
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