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5 MOST CELEBRATED PLUS SIZE STYLE ICONS The perception that the fashion industry is only for the lean and tall models have changed and a new trend has developed i.e. the immense importance and demand of #PlusSizeModels, who effectively and intelligently carry fashionable outfits with extreme ease and comfort. These models have broken down the age-old taboo of their absence in this glittering world and made their own name and identity that inspired millions of overweight women from across the world. Some of these renowned models, who have their presence in some of the most popular and fashion magazines, cinema and on TV ads; are as follows:America Ferrera 1. Beth Ditto: She is one of the popular American singers cum lyricists, but nowadays considered one of the most famous faces in the category of #PlusSizeModels. She is quite happy and proud about her enormous size and loved by designers, who use her charisma that charms any fashion show. Her most prominent exposure was in the Paris Fashion Week in 2010 with Jean Paul Gautier’s Spring collections. 2. America Ferrera: This Honduran – American beauty is an actress, who have played the lead character in “Ugly Betty”, the most popular TV show and also acted in the movie “Real Women Have Curves.” She is recognized as one of the famous faces in the cluster of plus size beauties, who have got the prestigious “Golden Globe” for Best Actress for her role in “Ugly Betty.” 3. Queen Latifah: She is considered to be the best icon in the #PlusSize womenfolk and already got accolades for her contribution to the fashion world. Queen Latifah and Susan Moses, her long time stylist has created the famous “Curvation” apparel collection to support the overweight curvy girls. 4. Sara Ramirez: She has an imposing and #CurvyFigure with a height of 5’9’, who has been considered one of the sexiest and raunchiest models in the fashion industry. This Mexican – American actress is the perfect example of beauty with right kinds of cleavages and also the salacious attractiveness. She was chosen by the People Magazine as one among 100 Most Beautiful People. 5. Kate Dillon: With an impressive height of 5’11”, she is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in the fashion world modeling. Kate has started her modeling career at a very early age and had won the award, Elite Model Look in the year 1991 and in the year 2001, she was included in the People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.”
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Life Perspective | ISSUES IN SELECTION OF PLUS SIZE BRIDAL CORSETS AND BUSTIERS ISSUES IN SELECTION OF PLUS SIZE BRIDAL CORSETS AND BUSTIERS Wedding is considered as a lifetime event for any person in this world and everybody wants to make this day; the best day in their life, which can be remembered for a long time. This unique intention drives every individual to go for a perfect planning of every minuscule item of the marriage; while the selection and procurement of the bridal dress for the girl is the most important part of the arrangements. These days, there are lots of wedding planner and bridal gown consultant available in the market and even some prominent international brands are having their outlets in different parts of the world, as well as, the online retail shops are also there, with a huge collection of #WeddingDresses.Plus Size Bridal Bustier These #BridalDresses are could be picture perfect, if supported by appropriate and high-end undergarments, including Corsets and Bustiers, therefore; some basic issues are to be considered in buying of the right innerwear, which are as follows: A plus size woman, especially the would-be bride, always possesses an intention of having a leaner look because most of the overweight girls are being disturbed by their size. As per some of the leading stylists and designers; it is always be of great help of wearing an innerwear, made of Nylon-Lycra instead of cotton, which are lightweight and helps person to breathe and carry it comfortably. It is often found that a #PlusSizeGirl having some sorts of trouble in controlling their assets in proper and controlled manner while intending to buy a bridal dress with a sweetheart neckline. In this kind of situation, it is always a good and prudent decision to go for a tailor-made bustiers or corsets, which may be immensely helpful in managing the cleavages and also in flaunting cleavages in a decent way. The perfect measurement can make all the requisite differences in the look and approach. Some wedding dresses are made of sheer laces or having a strap and even some strapless designs, but in all cases, the right kind of a corsets or bustiers can be the best support to carry such beautifully designed dresses at the big occasions. For any #PlusSizeBride; some sorts of customization in managing the size and cut of the innerwear in quite necessary so that it could compliment the principal dress to a great extent and made the bride the most attractive woman on the big day
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ALTERNATE FASHION STYLES AND DRESSES If you are bored and tired of wearing regular type of clothes and look like just another woman in the street with the dresses of same style, it is time to look beyond and check out something new or unique. A best thing about #PlusSizeWomenFashion is that they have several options to choose from. Not only the regular dresses but the ladies fashion comprises of several unique styles and designs. Even in a particular type of dress like an evening gown, there are numerous designs and patterns available. Also, depending on the size of the lady wearing the #PlusSizeDress, there are several options offered to them under a particular kind of dress. Alternative Plus Size FashionHowever, you need not remain stuck with just the few types of dresses that are usually worn by women in your country or city. In the modern day world, the options are unlimited. You can explore what is in vogue in other parts of the world, order your dress online and get it delivered to you easily. Thus, it is safe to say that you have the power to move beyond what is available in your local market and explore something new and unique. When it comes to alternate fashion, there are several things you can explore. First, you can try out dresses that are uncommon in your part of the world but are pretty popular elsewhere. For example, for a woman living in the US, exploring the dresses that are popular in Europe is a good idea. Next, you can try out dresses from countries with totally different ethnicities. Like, for instance, if you are a lady from the US, try out dresses popular in the Asian nations. Although these dresses could be regular day dress in these nations, for you it will be a whole new type of style statement. And, lastly, you can check out dresses from the history! That’s right! You can explore some of the vintage dresses or even #PlusSizeGothicDresses. Although these have ceased to have been the regular dresses, these are still available as alternate dresses that can be used for specific themed parties and occasions. Hence, as an alternate #PlusSizeFashion, you can try out dresses like these. There are numerous options at your disposal when it comes to alternate dressing. These can be preferred for specific functions, themed parties and occasions and give you a unique style statement.
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Life Perspective | WHAT HEIGHT AND DRESS SIZE TO BE A MODEL FOR MAGAZINES, RUNWAY WHAT HEIGHT AND DRESS SIZE TO BE A MODEL FOR MAGAZINES, RUNWAY It’s completely a new world, where lots of changes can be found in almost every sphere of our life and its ranging from education to industry, engineering to lifestyle. In the lifestyle segment, the fashion industry has already become a massive business proposition, because people, especially women, are quite fascinated about their good look and attractive physical structure, which helped the industry to witness a splendid growth of the business. While we are talking about the fashion industry, the first few things come to our mind are; glamour, vibrancy, elitism, money and obvious the most important thing – models, which is considered the most important element of any fashion event or magazines. Model PlusAlthough there are some basic differences in the approaches of fashion sense and outfits, between the Western and Rest of the world, but when the issue of selecting the fashion models are being cropped up; one can see lots of similarities in the likings and basic parameters. It is true that there are some standards, those are being followed by the fashion industry in general, but, at the same time, some exceptions are there so far the height and dresses of the models are concerned, which varies according to the needs of the event or magazine. Issues To Be Noted The basic requirements of choosing the right kind of #FashionModel is an arduous process and the industry insiders are following some general parameters in selection of the #FashionModels for any event or photo shoot, which are as follows: While on some occasions, the experts are looking for ultra skinny models for their specific requirements, there are some others, who want to get some #CurvyModels to substantiate their necessity. The dress sizes and expected heights of the models of different categories are as mentioned below: For standard magazines or runway models; the expected dress size has to be, 2 to 4 and not more than that, while the required height has to be 5’8” to 6’ with a little bit of flexibility. The #PlusSizeModels are expected to be a dimension of 10 to 12 size and their expected height has to be above 5’5”; although it is not a mandatory measurement, therefore; can be changed according to the specific requirements. Most importantly the #PetiteSizeModels are expected to be size zero and the requirement of these kinds of models have to be between 5’4” to 5’6” in usual cases.
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BE WITTY IN CHOOSING YOUR COCKTAIL! #PartyDresses are among the best time and adaptable things of garments that a lady will claim. At the point when looking for an awesome semi-formal dress, larger estimated ladies can get themselves confronted with a frustratingly set number of things to browse. Luckily, the web has made a magnificent little escape clause that gives hefty measured young ladies and ladies a bigger number of decisions of semi-formal gowns than they can shake a stick at. Online shopping is an extraordinary approach to battle the little determination of larger estimate #PartyDresses found at most shops, boutiques and retailers. Cocktail Dresses Plus SizeDresses Are of Different Patterns – Tastes Do Vary It’s the basic truth. Ladies have diverse body sorts, and dresses have distinctive outlines. What works for a few ladies isn’t going to work for others. A few ladies get stayed with a specific vision of their wedding outfit and experience considerable difficulties outside of that crate. Different ladies may venture into a shop without a solitary piece of information in the matter of what kind of dress they’d like to attempt on. It’s imperative to be receptive when attempting on #Dresses, particularly as a hefty measured lady. Certainty Is Key Try not to uncertainty yourself when attempting on wedding dresses. Listen to your gut while taking the sentiments and exhortation of those helping you into thought. A great deal of ladies wind up whipping themselves if a specific dress or style of dress doesn’t live up to their desires, or they don’t get the weepy eyes and uplifting statements from their escort that they trusted they would. One shall gain confidence and hold on to it while attempting on #Dresses. Garbage In The Trunk Everybody in the created world recognizes what “garbage in the storage compartment” is. Ladies will welcome a dress with a domain waistline. Regardless of the length, the waist-fitting line over the little of your middle will draw consideration far from the goods covered up underneath, and make an exceptionally rich bend. The more extended the length of your dress is, the more sentimental the impact gets to be. This search is ideal for formal occasions of any sort. On the off chance that one shall needs something sexier, keep the realm waist and abbreviate the length of your dress. The measuring activity around the goods will make certain to get some consideration. Simply recollect and keep it tasteful.
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Life Perspective | Get Up and At Em! Here’s Where to Score Plus Size Activewear
Get Up and At Em! Here’s Where to Score Plus Size Activewear When the New Year begins the resolutions pour in and no resolution is more popular than getting in shape, getting active, and moving about. If you have committed to living an active lifestyle in 2018, that’s great, but you’re definitely gonna want to do it in style, and luckily there are more than a few brands who are giving us form, function, and fashion for our plus size activewear gear. Now listen, plus size activewear has come such as long way from ridiculously oversized T-shirts, baggy sweatpants and beat up sneakers. These days activewear (or athleisure if you prefer) is just as stylish as regular clothing, meaning you can look polished and get active at the same time. Modern activewear styles are all about combining a streetwear aesthetic with functionality, while also skimming your curves, instead of relying on oversized silhouettes… Which means we have options! To show off the bum or nah? Midriff or an activewear jumpsuit? Bold and bright leggings or sleek in black? Crop top or a cropped hoodie? Options, love… options. The good news about plus size activewear is that it’s readily available at a host of retailers and the prices range from bargain & fast fashion to the luxury and high-end side of things. Think we are playing with you? Ohhhh noooo… Check out our list of the best places to get plus-size activewear to jump-start your 2018 fitness goals and beyond! Where to Score Plus Size Activewear that’s Functional & Fashionable Nike. Nike Plus size active, sports, and leisure wear Nike made a splash last year with their UK Launch of plus size activewear and over on Nike, you can find a full range of active and leisure wear to suit your performance and fashion needs. It is all about options, great quality and great fit with the brand who is synonymous with sports and an active life. Lane Bryant. Livi Active Sculpt Collection. With its signature activewear line Livi Active, Lane Bryant is ahead of the game with not only affordable and stylish activewear, but also clothing that helps the body while you work out. Some of the features include: Sculpting Fabric that uses engineered spandex to smooth you without squeezing too tight, an Innovative Waistband on sports bras with sleek construction to hold you in without pushing you up, Body-Mapping Seams that follow the natural lines of your curves and Anti-Chafing/Moisture Wicking to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout. Rainbeau Curves . Plus Size Activewear- Rainbeau Curves No stranger to the Curvy Fashionista, Rainbeau Curves has quietly been building an arsenal of plus size activewear options to suit all of your needs. From yoga to running, to hiking, and more, you will find a variety of options beyond your basic leggings. Torrid. Torrid plus size minnie mouse activewearThe best thing about Torrid’s activewear is that it is fabulously stylish! If you are a fashionista and want to look as good working out as you do when you hit the town, then this line is definitely for you. With Torrid, you know you’re getting quality designs that enhance and support your curves, while still being affordable. Universal Standard. The brand who gives us minimal style and contemporary fashion has recently launched a 5-piece collection of high tech, performance-driven activewear. For them, “expert fit & design meets the latest technology to bring you gear that can handle your toughest workout.” If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated approach to plus size activewear, you should definitely check them out. ASOS. Puma plus size activewear collection exclusively at ASOSWhen it comes to designer activewear in extended sizes, ASOS is the best place to shop. ASOS has partnered with Puma for an exclusive plus-size activewear line that is colorful, edgy and sexy all at once. The price-tag may be a bit higher, but it’s actually a bit of a deal when you consider how pricey Puma can be. Katie K Active. Katie K Active- plus size activewear Katie launched her most recent brand, Katie K Active, on her firm beliefs that all women size two to twenty-four should have a beautiful, high-end option for clothing for exercise or a casual day out. She felt that it was time that an activewear line brought all women together regardless of size or age.
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Life Perspective | CHEMISES AND YOU
Life Perspective | CHEMISES AND YOU CHEMISES AND YOU #Chemises are basically undergarments that women in medieval days used to wear under their gowns. Since, gowns are becoming very rear these days, so hardly women go for chemises. But, it can be still used as a night gown. It’s about sexiness and you. #Chemises are the most comfortable undergarments that cover your body more than lingerie or a bikini and provide you with the top notch level of comfort because of its softness. It makes you look hot and trendy even at your bed. For a perfect and romantic appeal towards your partner this can be the most powerful and harmless weapon. Explore your hotness to the utmost level with the new trend of chemises that’s buzzing the markets these days.Chemise Plus Size Tips That Can Help You To Choose Some Apt Chemises for Yourself Are As Follows: 1. Move According To Your Size – #Chemises are all about comfort. For a soothing approach it is very mandatory that you select pieces according to your size. In this case it is unfavorable to cut down your size. Being an undergarment it is necessary that the chemises fits in place and accentuates your body structure. If it is too loose or too tight then you would not get the kind of feel that is expected from #Chemises. So be very careful in choosing the right apparel as per your exact size. 2. Right Kind Of Fabrics – #Chemises are available in several materials. Cotton is also one of the fabrics that are being used to make #Chemises. But the range of materials also includes silk, satin, lace and many more. Go for the material that you are mostly used to, as experiments in this case might not prove out to be very beneficial. Chemises made of lace are widely used because of its soft and skinny feel. Remember that if the fabric is apt then only it will give you the exact kind of shape that you desire and for that nylon can be a smart choice. 3. Selection Of Color – Chemises are available in almost all color ranges. You can freely move according to your preference or take suggestions from your romantic partner in this case. Generally, white is mostly preferred by maximum women but for a sexy and hot appeal black lace can be really happening. For a bold look you can also go for red or magenta. Between, there are also transparent pieces available that can lead to a good intimating and love making mood.
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Life Perspective | WHAT TO CHECK WHEN BUYING PLUS SIZE CLOTHES ONLINE WHAT TO CHECK WHEN BUYING PLUS SIZE CLOTHES ONLINE The online market places are the boon of the technology. Advancements in the information technology has made it possible to buy the best of the products online at low prices. You can buy products from your home or office without the need to step out and get these products delivered right at your home. The developments in mobile technology and with the emergence of smartphones with smarter apps, you can simply order products from your mobile phone from anywhere you are. It is not even required that you switch on your desktop computer or laptop. Buy Plus Size DressesJust browse the products from your app and select the products you like the most. These developments in the internet have also been of great advantage to the PlusSizeShoppers and especially plus size ladies shoppers. Until the advent of the internet based market places, plus size ladies had to buy the dresses of their size from the physical stores. It meant they had no choice but to purchase whatever was available to them and at whatever price. Hence, there were relatively fewer choices and even the prices were higher. They had very limited choices and had to settle for whatever was available in the stores near their homes or offices. But, the internet came as a blessing for them. They can now BuyPlusSizeDresses from their computers or mobile phones from anywhere in the world. It offers them the chance to even buy products that are now available in their cities. They can also browse through the thousands of options available to them without even stepping out of the house. The internet has completely revolutionised the PlusSizeClothing industry for ladies, many of whom now buy clothes of their choice online. However, it also means that they cannot check the clothes before buying them, cannot assess the quality of the clothes and their real prices. To avoid such uncertainties, it is important that these clothes are bought only from the reputed online sellers. Prefer buying anything online from sellers who have good ratings and feedbacks. It will allow you to understand the real quality of the sellers. Check a few options on different online websites to ensure that you get the best of the deals. Buy form the sources that are the most cost efficient. Also check if the seller has a product return policy and what that policy is.
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Life Perspective | HOW TO BE TRENDY WITH PLUS SIZE DRESSES HOW TO BE TRENDY WITH PLUS SIZE DRESSES Plus size dresses haven’t been so much in production because of the fact that now women can hide away their liabilities properly. First of all, your voluptuous or curvy figure isn’t a liability but an asset and the second thing is this topic itself that Plus size Dresses are meant to boost confidence among Plus size women that even they can wear everything and anything and still look their personal best. Being a woman with a Plus size figure is a hard task as you go through so much suggestions and advice coming from your very own kind well wishers (unnecessarily though) but guess what it is a responsibility on every women on how to put on their best Plus Size Dresses and encourage other such women wishing all such well wishers some hard luck. This is the reason why we have put up this entire write-up explaining you on how you can put up trends while you pull of Plus size Dresses:- * Do not follow the Trends: One need not follow the trend to be one. You can create one for yourself because that is what fashion is all about, being different and being creative. Trendy Plus Size Dress ClothingAll you need to do is opt for a trendy look that very well suits your body shape. Even it is about wearing short skirts revealing your thick thighs or crop tops showing up your belly. Wearing stripes were ruled out for Plus size women but trust us, pants with strip are way too cool and also makes a woman appear slimmer. * Footwear plays a great role: Act selective when it comes to footwear as a pair of bold shoes can make you feel great and fabulous. To hold an outfit so that it comes out as a trendy one wear shoes or heels of bright colors that are shiny to brighten up your dress and mood. A Glittery platform heel is also a great idea, it can make you look someone different yet beautiful, altogether someone as creatively fashionable. * Play or Work with Colors: Want some attention from men as well as women then you definitely need to walk out of your comfort zone a little and work with some colors, a great supplement to cheer up one’s mood. Emphasis your body especially the areas you care about the most, go with prints, walk out with a colorful belt on your waist. Prints have been a trend this year, choose smaller prints to appear hotter. Who said black makes you appear slimmer and white a little larger, bunk this statement away and wear a plus size dress of a color you like. * Buy yourself good undergarments:Without proper undergarments,no dress will fit you good, undergarments play a pivotal role in displaying and saving a body shape, it can either redefine your body shape as slimmer or fluffy. Invest in shape wear and fitting bra or a push up one. Right undergarments giving a right shape to your body actually boosts up confidence and you feel much comfortable. * Accessories to your rescue: Honestly just as much as your plus size dress helps, equally helps the right accessories over it, just like a scarf or a denim jacket over your A-line dress, a necklace giving away statement to your neckline which is also making you feel confident about the areas you always wanted to or want to hide. Make sure you don’t forget to play with some makeup that works well with your Plus size dress and count all of the above said as tips, helpful ones of course.
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Life Perspective | JUNIOR PLUS SIZE FOR GIRLS Bringing a plus size is never easy and especially if you are a lady who needs plus size clothing, you must be fully aware of the challenges faced by the plus size persons. It is even tougher for a plus size woman as compared to a man. Plus size girls, who are going through a growing phase in their lives, find it really hard to get the right kind of clothes for their requirements. For them, getting the clothes that are not only comfortable but also make them look attractive is among their biggest requirements. Plus size girls always face peer pressure to look good and attractive. Plus Size Clothes For GirlsThey also feel the heat to look slimmer and trimmer so as to fit with the pack. It is for this reason that they want to look good. Clothes go a long way in making you look attractive and beautiful. Right kind of clothes can even make you look slimmer than you actually are. It is for this reason, identifying the right kind of clothes with proper design and style is important and it is something that plus size girls always want. They want the best of the clothes to make them look beautiful. If you have plus sized girls, you must realise this fact. It is important that you get for them the right kind of PlusSizeClothes. When you go shop for plus size clothes for your teenage daughter, ensure that you buy the clothes that make her feel comfortable. Fashion does not necessarily mean wearing uncomfortable clothes. Check out the various options that are available to you and based on the body shape and size of the girl, select the appropriate clothes. It is always better for plus size persons to check what suits them best instead of wearing what is trending. You can buy good quality and affordable PlusSizeClothes for girls from any of the plus size clothing stores in your locality. There are several exclusive PlusSizeClothingStores in almost every town. Instead, as an alternative, you can buy plus size clothes from any of the hundreds of online stores. It is always easier to explore a large range of options online and get the most suitable clothes according to your clothing requirements. You can easily shop from your home or office without having to step out and get the products delivered to your address.
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Life Perspective | LOOK OH SO AMAZING WITH THE CORRECT SLEEPWEAR OPTIONS LOOK OH SO AMAZING WITH THE CORRECT SLEEPWEAR OPTIONS Have you ever felt in dire need of a shopping guide when it comes to lingerie shopping? Did you ever wish for someone’s help at the store to know whether an intimate wear works on your body type? #PlusSizeWomen often consider #ShoppingForSleepwear as a frustrating experience. It is because most #PlusSizeWomen feel that they need to hide their flab, and an exposed garment will make them look unattractive. The truth is that such notions are stereotypes, and to prove this typecast wrong fashion shows are being arranged all across the world where #PlusSizeWomen are rocking the ramp. Do not hide your frame Plus Size Designer SleepwearA common mistake made by plus size women is that they often opt for sleepwear which are over sized. They feel that oversized garments will hide their flaws. However, one should know that opting for #OversizeSleepwear is actually a ‘fashion disaster’. #OversizeClothing not only makes you appear larger, but will also not flatter your figure. If you wish to flaunt your figure in sleepwear then opt for spandex. This will not only highlight your curves but the stretchy material will also make you feel comfortable. If you wish to wear a body slimming shape wear then invest in a costly one with a soft material. The cheap ones are generally too tight and will make you feel uncomfortable, and one should never compromise when it comes to comfort. Try something new for looking your best When it comes to dressing, women generally tend to over think, but the truth is that appearing sexy in sleepwear is actually not complicated. Instead of opting for a night gown, you could wear a bra with super shorts along with a semi transparent robe. The robe will give you the sense of security and you could easily lose the robe when retiring for the night. It is actually important to pay attention on the colors and cuts you’re opting for. Plus size women do not need to hide their body in or out of the bedroom. There is no reason to consider your body as unattractive, and hide it under piles of clothes. If you have no desire to wear a night gown or slinky then go for tight t-shirts. Teaming a tight but comfortable tank top and a semi loose pajama or shorts will not only make you appear sexy but will also provide you with comfort. And one thing which goes for all women is that when it comes to sleepwear there is nothing wrong with flaunting those legs.
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Life Perspective | PROPER ACCESSORIES IS MANDATORY FOR PLUS SIZE CLOTHING PROPER ACCESSORIES IS MANDATORY FOR PLUS SIZE CLOTHING #PlusSizedWoman seem to be too much worried about their appearance. Everybody wants to have an appealing personality and the first and foremost thing that you should aim at inorder to have a distinguished personality is how you carry yourself. Your dressing sense can provide you with the best attitude irrespective of your size and complexion. Dressing does not only concern with your clothes but a complete package that also incorporates the accessories you use. It is very important to define yourself in terms of both your #Clothes and as well your accessories. Fashion For Plus Size WomenAccessories adds an extra charm to your apparel as it helps in highlighting the best part of you by overshadowing the extra edges that otherwise might appear very prominent on the other way round. Some Ways To Accessorize Clothing of Plus Size Woman. Accessories adds an artistic element to your #Clothing. So it is extremely obvious to choose your accessories cautiously. The exact detail in this regard can make you shine or if the proportion goes wrong it will turn out to be a complete flop. Some Accessories that can be helpful are: Jewelry – Here the mantra should be directly proportional to the size of the user as on #PlusSizeWomen the jewelries should get highlighted. So, large pendant necklaces, hand-cuffed colorful bracelets, thick bangles, hanging earrings (if your neck is long) should be used as tiny jewelries might become invisible. You need to be judicious enough to choose your jewelries accurately as ladening yourself with too many stuffs will only make you look out-dated. Shoes – These days it is the fashion of sleek and high heels with pointed toes. The posture that heels provides you with cannot be undermined. It is advisable to opt for shoes that pump up your feet without enfolding it much. And most importantly it is certainly required that you should be comfortable with your shoes. If you are unable to walk properly then your whole appearance gets shattered. Belts –In order to pop up your well-defined waist you can switch on to wearing belts made of proper fabric that will also give you an adjustable comfort.But, the women who has their weight in the middle, wearing belts will not really prove out to be very attractive. Bags – In the case of bags, the mantra is again the same as of jewelries. #PlusSizeWoman should not carry a purse that is too small. Your bag should be in proper scale with your overall structure. If it gets lost against your outfit it will make you look obsolete. Remember, larger bag defines a proper waist
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Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller - Part2
Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller - Part2 8. JENNIE RUNK. The beautiful and super hot Jennie has been working in the modeling industry since she was 13. Miss size 16 has appeared in many look-books and campaigns for Lane Bryant, H&M, and Marina Rinaldi. You must know that she is the first plus size woman to appear in H&M’s swimwear catalogues. Runk has a perfectly curvy body, long auburn hair, a statuesque figure, ocean blue eyes, and a charming smile. When she was a kid, people used to tell her “You should be a model,” because of her beautiful looks and perfect body. At the age of 13, she was discovered by a local model scouting duo, Mary and Jeff Clarke of Mother Model Management. At that time, she did not have a plus size body, she chose for it to be this way. In a world where most of the women are crazy about having a slim and sexy body, Runk decided to gain weight. Hats off to your courage! 9. SAFFI KARINA. The 30-year-old is a British plus size model who is famous for having a hot body and great modeling skills. The gorgeous Saffi lives in Wandsworth, London. This hottie is also an actress and TV presenter who works internationally. She has worked in many advertising campaigns such as Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Speedo and John Lewis. Saffi was dropped by her agency because she started gaining weight and refused to diet. But her plus size body did not stop her from achieving success in the modeling industry. In 2013, she launched a curve project in London for plus size women who dream of becoming a model. 10. BARBIE FERREIRA. The young, cute, and super sexy Barbie was born on December 14, 1996. The 20-year old, Barbie Linhares Ferreira has got sexy looks by birth and confidence from her mother. She is one of the most famous, outspoken and curvy models in the world today. This size 12, talented woman has been the face of many brands like Misguided, Target, Mango, Lane Bryant, and Aerie. American Eagle is the campaign that gave her the most popularity. The famous plus size model believes in the mantra, “Be yourself.” In the last month of 2016, she posted a photo on Instagram, celebrating her stretch marks. She wrote, “Mi lil stripes are out here. Noticing how cute my body can be despite lil changes!” I must say she is courageous enough to show her real and flawed self in a world where most people desire to be perfect. It is important to note that this little girl has big dreams for herself. She has dreamed of becoming a successful actress since she was a kid. Well, we hope that all of your dreams come true! 11. WHITNEY THOMPSON. The hot and sexy plus size model, Whitney Lee Thompson was born in the United States. She first hit the scene after becoming the winner of the tenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model, the show famously created (and hosted) by supermodel Tyra Banks. Whit is also famous for appearing on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine, among other publications. Moreover, she is represented by Elite Model Management, Wilhelmnia Models, Milk Models, and OKAY Models. She also owns a restaurant and living a happy life with her husband, Ian Forrester. 12. TESS HOLLIDAY. Tess Holliday is a size-22 model who’s changed the meaning of “supermodel.” The mother of one took the fashion world by storm and made them redefine what it was to be a plus size model. If you don’t know then let me tell you that she was bullied so badly, she had to drop out of school. According to a report, Tess is the first plus size model of her height and size. Moreover, she is in the list of world’s top plus size models. She has a gorgeous face with a hot curvy figure which has broken the stereotypes. She is currently working with many famous magazines and brands. 13. KAELA HUMPHRIES. Speaking of the Kardashians, here's one model who was briefly related to them! In the beginning of her modeling career, Kaela was known as the sister of Kris Humphries, the basketball player who was once married to Kim Kardashian. However, she is now famous as one of the hottest plus size models in the world. No doubt, this hottie gained success after a lot of hard work, not because of a certain famous family. The size 16 model has worked with many famous brands and magazines like Ford, Richie Rich, and Evans. 14. JESSICA VANDER LEAHY. Jessica Vander Leahy, the hot plus size model comes from Australia, 15. ROBYN LAWLEY. The 27-year-old is famous for her modeling skills as well as her outspoken personality. The Sydney-born beauty has appeared on the covers of different famous magazines like Cosmopolitan, and In Style Australia.
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Life Perspective | KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BIG AND BEAUTIFUL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BIG AND BEAUTIFUL While the #FashionIndustry is primarily influenced and managed by people who believe that fashion should be restricted and represented by a certain group of women catering to a very limited sets of vital statistics it has been recently found that women empowerment has found a newer dynamic with more #PlusSizeModels finding their strong footings in the industry and bringing about a new change. Many #PlusSizeModels have started refusing to lose weight and look a certain way just because their profession might expect it of them and in the process unknowingly or knowingly cause ample self harm. Plus Size Models Needed Las VegasBoy positivity is an emerging trend of our times and rightly reflects that mentalities need to change and we need to broaden our minds in accepting women of all shapes and sizes to accommodate in the social construct that is beauty. Now while Las Vegas might be the embodiment of everything sinful and indulgent on this world having earned the accolade sin city and rightly so, everything that happens in Vegas need not stay in Vegas and the #PlusSizeModelsInLasVegas are certainly proving the point. These women have proven and how that is quite doable for #CurvaceousWomen to be equally successful in the modelling world as their skinny counterparts. There is a genuine endeavour happening in our times even by the fashion moguls to showcase how bigger is sometimes better and big is beautiful. However, one of the major aspects associated with #PlusSizeModeling still remains the stigma of self confidence versus implicit self loathing. Even if you are big you would have to confident enough to believe in yourself that you do look incredibly beautiful in a little black dress and in front of the camera. And while you may have the perfect shape and size to be a plus size model, keep in mind to take impeccable care of your body and nails, hair and skin at all times. Even though you are big, exercise. If not to lose weight, then do so to keep fit and healthy. And if you are in an area like Las Vegas then make sure to beware of scams that illegitimate #ModellingAgencies put out to dupe innocent girls of their money and harass them. Now having said that you still would require considerable confidence to approach agencies for work.
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE INTIMATE NIGHT WEARS – MAKES YOU WAIT FOR THE NIGHT PLUS SIZE INTIMATE NIGHT WEARS – MAKES YOU WAIT FOR THE NIGHT. What is the best of the whole day? For me the best part of the day is when I come back from work, have dinner, spend time with family and finally go to sleep. Yes, sleep is a favorite activity we all love to do. So, why not make it comfortable and peaceful? Also a bit exciting for your better half? Intimate night wears can help you with that. Even for plus size women, it’s easy to find plus size intimate night wears. These are a few things you should know when you go for night wear shopping. * Comfort is the keyword: It’s not like you are going to wear your night wear outside. Plus Size Sleepwear SetsSo, don’t go for something that will not let you sleep in peace. Always choose clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear. Loose and light colors are always preferred for nights. * Experimenting might be fun: If you and your partner, both are the fun-loving type, you can try different shapes and costumes. This will make your nights fun and exciting. However, take care of the quality of clothes you wear. * Gowns or shorts? You can go for long gowns with beautiful laces and embroidered corners, or you can keep it simple by opting for shorts and blouses. This again depends on what you prefer more. Nowadays you even get cute nighties with ribbons that can be tied around the shoulders. They look extremely adorable. * Quality is a must: The clothes you sleep in should be of the best quality. As you know, our body needs to breathe when we sleep. Wearing some material that is suffocating or itchy can even give you rashes and allergies. Cotton is always preferred over any other material. * The price: You may or may not have a lot of money. In either cases make sure you get a good deal. Don’t blindly pay for any stuff. Plus size intimate night wears can be a bit expensive but don’t go for the ones which are over priced. * Finally, some confidence: It doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with your clothes or opt for something bold just because you have a bulky figure. People die for curves and you have them in ample. Go out confidently and pick up anything and everything that suits you.
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Life Perspective | SKIRTS ARE IN FASHION NOW! MIDI SKIRTS AND ITS VARIETIES SKIRTS ARE IN FASHION NOW! Midi skirts are the ideal polite expansion to each spring closet. We’re instantly attracted to the champion outline for its styling alternatives alone: you could layer one over a more drawn out dress or tuck your realistic tee into the waistline. #PlusSizeLadies ought to prefer wearing a #MidiSkirt that has a tight fit at the hip and loosened up at the base. The hemline ought to be a couple inches over the lower leg. Thin women shall wear their skirts towards the lower part of their leg to make width. With such an extensive number of styles of skirts of tea length, these are molded for any kind of body. Generally worn by aged women, these #MidiSkirts are formed and turned with the most recent fabrics in order to create and make them the most venerated outfits for various events. Plus Size Midi SkirtStyles incorporate roundabout, A-line, creased fully, semi-roundabout, streaming and tulip molded. Mid-length skirts are made from a difference of materials. Persistently one shall avoid out of date materials such as polyester. Despite the fact that they make garments less expensive, they are typically difficult to style. Cutting-edge materials such as chiffon, glossy silk, even silk are ladylike and snazzy notwithstanding for formal occasions. Calfskin and denim prove to be useful amid winter. Amid the summer, chiffon suits the best as they are light materials. If one feels old after wearing such length skirts, one should go for calfskin. Other sorts of skirts, for instance a perfectly sized #MidiSkirt suits one completely accompanied by a free style top, while a streaming skirt goes well with a top that fits perfectly based on one’s body structure. Prints as well as some strip purpose of interest will incorporate more flavors. One can wear high waist or even low midriff clothing, depending upon the length of it. When one wears long tunics her look seems complete when she combines the respective top with a proper mid length skirt. Even a dress compliments well if the tones match. Far and away superior, one can buy it as a dress suit. Though such kind of mixing may be perfect for slender ladies, exciting and #BiggerSizeWomen should wear tunics that are almost above the hip and these can be worn with long skirts. To have the best outfit, one should organize the shades of her top as well as her choice of footwear
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Life Perspective | BE PROUD OF YOUR CURVES
Life Perspective | BE PROUD OF YOUR CURVES BE PROUD OF YOUR CURVES It is good to maintain your body. It is even more preferable to go for exercise on a daily basis may that be via gym or Yoga classes. But, remember that you do not have todo this at the cost of your interest. Go for strict exercise sessions only if you want to, and definitely not just because the societal norms force you to be thin and shaped because of their meek mindedness. I know the trend set for all the women in our society to be called as ‘beautiful’ is to have a slim and trim body type. But, I would like to suggest all the #PlusSizedWomen that beauty is not about your body type, it’s about your intelligence, wit and humor that catches everyone’s attention. So, sticking to strict diets and saying “No-No” to all that you love eating is absolutely banal. Plus Size Clothing For WomenThe style lies in the fact that how you be in the society and still stand separate from their unscrupulous norms. The different makes you the distinct. No one can degrade you if you do not feel degraded of your own self regarding your body structure. If you go through the #FashionIndustry then you will see a vogue for #PlusSizeWomen. The #FashionDesigners are keen to launch #PlusSizeWomen to fit in the new style statement. So, the era for zero size seems stepping down the ladder. There’s no need to be ashamed of yourself if you are fat. It’s all about being confident in what you are and what you do. You do not need to give clarification to the world regarding your size. We are taught from our childhood that anything that consists of “too” is undesirable, for instance,‘too-fat’, ‘too-thin’, ‘too-black’, ‘too-fair’. My question is, What does this ‘too’ stand for? Who decides the intensity of ‘too’? Which one would you consider as ‘too-much’ and ‘too-less’? Confused??? Then do not spend your time and energy on thinking over these unnecessary quantitative and qualitative values which do not persist in reality. If people laugh at you or talk about you being ‘too-fat’ do not bother, because no matter what you do they will comment on everything. You just need to be what you are and feel contended about yourself. Eat healthy and whatever suits your taste buds. Flaunt the dress which you love wearing instead of avoiding them just because that highlights your curves. Remember that Happiness and Confidence is the prettiest thing you can wear. So, Eat healthy, think big and be contended with your natural possessions
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Life Perspective | THE PLUS SIZE IS ‘IN’
Life Perspective | THE PLUS SIZE IS ‘IN’ THE PLUS SIZE IS ‘IN’ Gone are the days when fashion meant only for skinny women and voluptuous figures were meant to be hidden away in sacks. Beauty does not lie in being slim or fair. It is high time that we should do away with these conventions and push beyond the boundaries and define new heights in fashion. So all you beautiful women out there who go low on the confidence meter by suffering from inferiority complex, shed off your inhibitions and embrace the #PlusSizeFashion. Start loving yourself Style lies in the way you carry yourself. It does not depend on whether you are tall or short, fair or dusky, curvy or skinny. Plus DressesIf you love yourself and can carry yourself with confidence, know that nothing can stop you from looking oh-so-gorgeous. Set new trends in fashion by flaunting your curves in a fashionable way with the new range of #PlusSizeFashion items and accessories flooding the market. The fashion industry is broadening its vision and is more accommodating these days. From #PlusSizeModels to #PlusSizeClothing racks in all shopping malls, being voluptuous is not a shame anymore. Ashley Graham has made history Fashion magazine covers have always featured skinny models with slender waists and thin arms. Sports Illustrated is a well known magazine that started way back in 1964 and has always featured both well known and lesser known celebs on their cover page. In the recent issue of 2016, they have redefined their concept of cover page heroines by featuring #PlusSizeModelAshleyGraham for the first time in history. She has posed in a swimsuit for women who have always felt low because of their size. She recently put up a picture of the issue on Instagram with the caption, “You can do and achieve anything you put your mind to”, to inspire women like her. Iskra Lawrence is proud of her body The popular plus size model Iskra Lawrence has aptly replied to the hate messages she received for being fat. She has rightly advocated for her figure and has inspired a lot of plus size women to feel confident about their bodies. She has shut up the body-shaming mouths on social media and has made women feel that they should decide their self worth and not anybody else. Eat everything in moderation like Iskra Lawrence, stop caring about people and their comments and fulfill your dream fashion without feeling inhibited. Let all eyes gaze at you in wonder while you fashionably walk down the road with lots of oomph.
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Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller - Part1
Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller - Part1 1. MELINDA PARRISH. Undoubtedly, Melinda Parrish is one of the hottest and most valued plus size models in the world today. However, her achievements did not just fall into her lap, she actually worked hard to reach this stage in her life. She is a talented woman and it is not only about her modeling skills. Melinda is also a lifelong athlete, former Naval officer, writer and body positivity advocate who is a size 14 and 210 lbs. Melinda is on a mission to make you love your body. She says “I am a plus size model who wants you to love your body harder than ever before.” In 2016, the famous model shared her weight loss struggles and diet in a Facebook Live video. However, when she tried to “boost” her post to get more viewers, Facebook rejected it. On this, she said, “My goal was just to open up and reveal some of what I have gone through personally and create a dialogue.” Parrish was just trying to share a positive message with other plus size women. She was confused when Facebook rejected her request to boost her post. It is important to note that the response which Parrish received was totally overwhelming. Eventually, Facebook boosted her post. The international plus size model is taking on the industry on several fronts. In past two years, she has worked with well-known brands like Slink Jeans, Lane Bryant, Gwynnie Bee, JC Penney, Danskin, and Lisa Aviva. Moreover, she has made appearances in Plus Model Magazine, and Curva Magazine. 2. ASHLEY GRAHAM. The voluptuous plus size model and entrepreneur was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. The name of this hot American model is on everybody’s lips right now. Ashley Graham is well-known for showing off her sensational curves and beautiful body in lingerie and swimsuit shoots. Undoubtedly, her curvy body is a work of art. Ashley Graham is climbing the ladder of success very fast and there is still so much to achieve. At the age of 13, she signed a contract with an international modeling agency. The 29-year-old has been on the covers of Elle Quebec, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Maxim, and Style Magazine. But wait, it doesn't end there! She has been featured even in the Shape issues for Vogue, Elle UK, and Harper’s Bazaar. In February 2015, she starred in #CurvesinBikinis which made her the very first size 14 model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. In Feb 2016, 3. HAYLEY HERMS. Saying that Hayley Herms can pull off anything and everything wouldn’t be wrong. The 21-year-old is a plus size model, singer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. There is no doubting that Hayley has a dynamic, bright, and awesome personality. Hayley highly believes that one should not go with the flow, but should create their own flow. She has been a dreamer since birth. At the age of 12, she knew what she wanted and she kept working hard to achieve what she has today. Saying “working hard” is easy but nothing fell into her lap, the beautiful woman went through one hell of a time to get what she has achieved. The size 18 has been turning heads both in the fashion and music industry. Her passion for modeling has made her one of the most famous models around the globe today. She can look chic as well as attractive and hot without being skinny. We hope that you will achieve everything you have ever wanted, Hayley! 4. TARA LYNN. The hot American model is from Seattle, Washington. She is a well-known personality in the modeling industry because of her perfect curves and modeling skills. The size 14/16 model broke into a thin-obsessed industry as the face of H&M’s “Big is Beautiful” campaign. Tara has appeared on the covers of many magazines which is a great achievement for a plus size model. 5. RAYNA SALCIDO ALVAREZ. One more plus size model who should never get slim is Rayna Salcido Alvarez. The beautiful Californian model has been in the modeling industry since 2006. There is no doubt that Rayna is a hard working person who has worked with many famous brands. Some of her clients include: Leg Avenue, Domino Dollhouse, Skorch Magazine, Unique Vintage Clothing, Plus Model Magazine, Torrid, Sealed with a Kiss Designs, and Youtheary Khmer Clothing. Like the other plus size beauties on this list, Rayna is a model who doesn't listen to the haters, and who loves her body and profession. 6. DENISE BIDOT. The Miami-born beauty is a successful plus size model who is proud of herself. Denise Bidot, 30, has done lots of work in the modeling industry. The work of this hot curvy model has made her a leading figure for women of all sizes. 7. KATYA ZHARKOVA. The top Russian model was born on 30 October, 1981. She is a talented model as well as a great actress, TV show host, and TV producer. And guess what? She still managed to complete her PhD despite her busy schedule.
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE FASHION IS THE TREND NOW! PLUS SIZE WOMEN AND THEIR SENSE OF FASHION! Wearing a dress is a certain fire approach to feel more like a lady, one should draw out the internal young lady and lift her spirits. Why don’t we wear more dresses? Wearing a dress takes a touch of strength – it’s an intense move. Reasons for selecting the #PlusSizeDresses One should make a girdle by attracting the littlest place in one’s body. Search for a dress that will make a midriff for one at her littlest part, regularly directly underneath the bust line. In the event that the dress does not have this shape incorporated with it, one should consider embellishments such a belt or a scarf to make this outline. Dresses For Plus Size WomenThe skirt part will stream out from the abdomen, or made midsection. This makes a satisfying outline. These dresses highlight an open neck area that accentuates the ladies’ neck and bust line. Complimenting neck areas for the #LargerSizeLady is the slipover the sweetheart neck area and the scoop neck area. Some #LargerSizeLadies feel that since they are huge in a few spots, they are not permitted to flaunt their best parts. This is hogwash! None of us are flawless yet flaunting our best parts brings less consideration regarding alternate parts. The Best Choices Made For #PlusSizeWomen A-line dress is an exemplary shape that tucks in at the midriff and tenderly decreases down. This sort of dress is complimenting for most body sorts. Pin tuck dress is a standout amongst the latest patterns that is exceptionally delightful. Wrap dress is a shape that is exceptionally good with a greater lady’s body since it is flexible to anyone and embraces the bends extremely well. #MaxiDress is a style that can be alluring for a hefty size young lady if care is taken to pick the right style. Shark nibble sew dress is a dazzling style that elements an asymmetrical hemline. Clothing Be It Any, Especially Dresses Area Woman’s Best Companion A dress permits one to flaunt her bends in a way that no other bit of attire can. One should try not to go for square shaped, indistinguishable dresses, either. One more style to stay away from is the long, ill defined prairie dress so mainstream in the late 1980s. Thus, one should go for a complimenting shape, and she can look ladylike and wonderful in a dress.
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Life Perspective - Plus Size Fashions | THE AMAZING PLUS SIZE SWIMSUITS
Life Perspective - Plus Size Fashions | THE AMAZING PLUS SIZE SWIMSUITS THE AMAZING PLUS SIZE SWIMSUITS Swimming is fun. Especially in summer, many of us want to spend as much time in the pool as possible. Among those who love swimming and also want to stay fit while doing it are the plus size women who often find it difficult to get the right swimwear for their swimming requirements. Also most of them refrain even from entering the pool because they think their body is not in the right shape to wear a swimming costume. But, it is a restraining thought. If you are one such plus size woman then you need to understand that your body shape is natural and that there is no need for you to feel embarrassed about it. Amazing Plus Size SwimsuitsSwimming is also one of the best ways to stay healthy and keep one’s body fit. Hence, for a plus size lady, it is the perfect way to reduce that fat on the body and to get in shape as well as to get physically fit. For a long time plus size women have been starving to stay in shape but they forget that it only makes them physically weak and also affect their immune system. It is hazardous to their health. The best alternative to stay healthy and also reduce the body fat is the physical exercise. It is the perfect alternative to dieting and the perfect solution to reduce the body fats of the plus size ladies. And, swimming is one of the best ways to keep in shape and stay fit. It helps them considerably reduce their body flab and get into proper shape. It reduces the chances of heart related ailments which is a very common issue with plus size persons. Therefore, if you are a plus size lady, do not feel bothered about how you believe people perceive you. Simply grab a PlusSizeSwimsuit and jump into a pool. Spend your summer swimming wearing a perfect PlusSizeSwimmingCostume. You can get these in a large price band ranging from very expensive to much cheaper options. Try out few of them to get the one that matches your body shape perfectly. These plus size swimsuits are designed to fit the shapes of different types of plus size bodies. You need to find the one that fits you the best. Also, these are pretty comfortable and accentuate the beauty of your curvaceous body further.
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HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT DRESS FOR YOUR PLUS SIZE FIGURE Many PlusSizeWomen are conscious of trying out new things that are trending in fashion right now. They worry that probably it will not suit their body type and they will end up not looking as awesome as they want to. But, guess what? With the advent of PlusSizeClothing ranges and endless options, you can choose gorgeous dresses which will work out just fine for your body type. There is no need of wearing jeans and tees all the time. Now you can easily opt for sexy dresses that will make you feel like a goddess. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the perfect plus size dress Perfect Dress For Your Plus Size FigureIdentify the worrying areas Every woman, be it plus or regular size, has a few areas which they worry about. Some have a heavier bust, some have heavier hips, and some have chubby legs while others have flabby arms. In such a scenario what you need to do is effectively hide up that specific body part and turn the attention to your best body part. If you already have a heavier bust line then there is no use drawing attention to it and so you should avoid strapless dresses. If flabby arms are a point of worry then avoid sleeveless dresses. However, if you really want to wear sleeveless then you can always choose a dress with broader straps. Darker colours are your friend It is mostly a thumb rule that darker colours make your silhouette appear slimmer as compared to the lighter ones. However, you do not have to go all gothic and stick to black only. Jewelled hues are your best friend and you can always opt for colours like ruby, sapphire, and emerald and so on and so forth. If you want to wear lighter shades then pastels can be a good choice. Too much of bright and large prints are not flattering for PlusSize frames. Draw attention to the curves You are blessed with stunning curves and you would only be doing a disservice to yourself if you try to cover them up. Instead, flaunt your curves to your utmost ability. Wear wrap around dresses or wear a nice chunky belt in order to draw attention to your waistline. Avoid heavier materials Heavier materials add bulk to your body. So if you are choosing a #DressForPlusSize it is always better to choose it in lighter flowy fabrics.
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE SLEEPWEAR APPARELS THINGS TO KNOW! PLUS SIZE SLEEPWEAR APPARELS THINGS TO KNOW! The best time of the day is when you get back from your hard-working day & change into your sleepwear & slip into the bed! Tempting, isn’t it? The whole day you manage to stay in your fitted formals & high heels, looking like a ‘perfect employee’; but when you come back home & hit the bed you should be dressed in something comfortable. The first image that comes to our mind hearing the word ‘sleepwear’ is something comfortable, & soft! Isn’t it? Then why are you thinking of compromising it there just because for you it is a plus size intimate sleepwear! No need to wear uncomfortable mini sized sleepwear, wear whatever you are comfortable in * Firstly, there are a number of online shopping sites available on today’s date which provide you with a plethora of different plus size intimate sleepwear starting from XL to 8XL! Choose your size & put it on, be comfortable & head off to bed!Plus Size Sleepwear * Secondly, no need to wear tight fitted sleep wear, that to during that part of the time when your body wants to relax. Wear loose & comfortable clothes, i.e. for you plus size intimate sleepwear. Wearing tight sleepwear may prove to be quite awful! * Thirdly, having these online shopping sites at hand you choose from a large number of plus size intimate sleepwear with different patterns & colors. So, that you choose what best suits you. * Fourthly, what more can be happening for your husband when he finds you in this plus size intimate sleepwear! You got something to flaunt about, don’t worry you still can show your curves wearing that plus size intimate sleepwear. * Fifth, these online shopping sites not only provide you with a variety of plus size sleepwear but also provide them to you at an affordable price. You can choose accordingly from there, can use filter options to get the desired plus size intimate sleepwear at a least price. No longer you have to search for shops or pay bit higher prices just because what you are searching for is rare & not always available in the market. So, the next time you change into your sleepwear make sure you are comfortable in them & if not than change into plus size intimate sleepwear. Because at the end of the day you know your body the best!
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Life Perspective | HOW TO WEAR PLUS SIZE JEANS HOW TO WEAR PLUS SIZE JEANS #PlusSizeJeans – The most fashionable, trendy clothing for women… It’s easily proven wrong whether larger size fashioner pants merit purchasing, over the less expensive brand names. Be that as it may, there is still the familiar saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ and for some ladies, a higher cost considers the nature of the configuration, fit and feel of the pants. Therefore, jeans i.e. is large in size are generally as accessible, stylish and trendy as some other estimated denim. A considerable measure of brands as well as creators have understood that style for larger estimated ladies is underserved and is based on the grounds that an individual does not only stick to slim fit, they are then quite keen on looking great and taking after design patterns as whatever other lady.Jeans Plus Size Sadly, nobody ever appears to do a visually impaired test with regards to #LargerSizeDenim. In any case, as with anything, style and fit will dependably win out over cost with regards to attire. On the off chance that you locate the best fit and they’re over spending plan, consider the amount of wear you’ll get from them – don’t release them insane. Stylish #LargerSizePants have been experiencing a makeover as of late. Creators have acknowledged that young ladies truly are both excellent. All the young ladies desire to have a hot, sharp appearance as their thin partners. What’s more, that is something worth being thankful for. Those days are gone when #HeftySizeClothing was not exactly stylish. On the other hand, the bigger women end up purchasing different materials that emitted an impression of being sewn together so as to cover their bodies. A surprising body is a test for the originator and even for the person who wears the clothing. In any case, late patterns have demonstrated an unmistakable jump forward with regards to #LargerSizeStyle. The outline houses have started to pay consideration on subtle element, more hefty measured women look elegant, sophisticated and on-pattern. Pants for breathtaking ladies can and benefit look, in spite of having more ‘garbage in your trunk’. Being a hefty -figured woman basically implies that you’re a normal measured current lady (totally genuine!) and there’s no motivation behind why you can’t hit the style stakes running. All you need is a little know-how in regards to what to purchase and what to leave on the rack.
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE INTIMATE APPAREL – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW PLUS SIZE INTIMATE APPAREL – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Did you know that over 80% women in the world wear the wrong size of intimate apparels? This isn’t surprising considering how little we have to go on when it comes to lingerie, especially lingerie for plus sized women. So, today we break down some of the basic tips and know-hows of plus size intimate apparel. * Always get measured first: Different companies have different sizes. So while you maybe a size 38B for company X’s apparels, you may be a size 40D for company Y’s apparels. It may be tempting to buy something based on the size of what you wear right now, but trust us on this, just take a few moments and get measured at the store. It’ll save you tons of time!Plus Size Intimate Apparel Wedding * Know what you will be wearing with it: A lot of times the right intimate apparel can look wrong when worn with the wrong clothes. For instance, if you are wearing a t-shirt, we suggest that you go for a t-shirt bra so that the seam line is not visible. Shape wear is always a good choice if you are going to wearing a dress or gown. * Look at separates: Most of the time plus sized women have a hard time finding a set that is both comfortable and fitting. The best to go about it, we suggest, is to shop for the top and the bottom wear separately. Not only will you be spoiled for choices this way, but you can always try different fabrics and support structures to accentuate your body and enhance the comfort factor. * Know what you want to highlight: Intimate apparel serves more functions than just looking pretty. They support and enhance your best features. For instance, if you want to look bustier and you want to trim your waist, we suggest a corset or an underwired bra if you are looking for more chest support. On the other hand, babydolls are all about the flare and the looks. So, there you go, some of the most basic know-hows and guide to learning the ABCs of plus sized intimate apparel. Like we keep saying, always go for comfort over style when it comes to intimate apparels, because if you don’t feel sexy, how will you look sexy? Leave us a comment in the section below and let us know your thoughts!
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Life Perspective | WOMEN’S SWEATERS – LOOK STYLISH AND CLASSY! WOMEN’S SWEATERS – LOOK STYLISH AND CLASSY! Numerous #LargerSizeLadies are aware of experimenting with new things that are drifting in design at this moment. They stress that most likely it will not suit their body sort and they will wind up looking as great as they need to. In any case, learn to expect the unexpected. With the appearance of #HeftySizeApparel ranges and unlimited alternatives, ladies can pick clothes which will work out fine and dandy for your body sort. Pattern savvy today appears to me that all is in. On the off chance that last harvest time splendid #Sweaters and insane printed styles were gigantic, today it’s more about pastels, monochromatic #Sweaters, gentler fabrics, quieted hues (dim, whites, soul, pinks), with thick, link sew and larger than average plans as yet running the appear. Plus Size SweaterPlus size sweaters – The greater the better you know. Whoever said size does not make a difference, obviously never wore or seen an advanced look larger than average sweater matched with anything, particularly thin jeans, pants, or small scale skirts. Metallic sweaters are an incredible poop this season, which is impeccable because they can go from available time to late night suppers or even mixed drinks. They look so impressive, yet have a specific ease to them. Turtle neck sweaters – From free to skin tight, to untidy turtlenecks – they’re all in, whether on larger than average or tight sweaters, they do the style trap. Chunky sweaters – Stout sweaters are the best innovation ever. These are apt for over- weighted women. Especially what’s more, being in right now makes them alright for quite a long time or mountain trips, as well as for ordinary regardless of the event. Somewhat half tuck dependably gives a touch of sophistication to the look and waist definition. Pastels shaded sweaters – Insane prints and crazy patters move to one side, it’s the ideal opportunity for monochromatic style, for quieted hues, for pastels and dainty tints to run this fall. Whites, soul, pinks, and huge amounts of gray shades are attacking the avenues and the shops, and truly it’s a gift, because change is a gift. In addition, they convey more class and modernity to them, which is great. For women who are heavy in structure, they can easily go for these sweaters to enhance their look. They can wear sweaters that have a body fit outline as well as they can try out loose fitted ones to add an oomph factor to it. All in all it is the confidence that a woman should perceive while she is dressing herself, no matter what type of clothes she prefers, it should reflect her over all personality.
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Life Perspective | DIFFERENT HAIR STYLES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN DIFFERENT HAIR STYLES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN Hairs are a very important part of every women’s life and when it comes to dressing up; the dress code remains incomplete without a proper hair style. Stylizing the hair is extremely mandatory for those with #PlusSize as they need to shift the focus of the onlookers from their body to their face. Though different types of #PlusSizeClothing is being available these days in the market to make the #OverSizedWomen look fashionable. But, just clothes won’t work singly, accessories are also needed. Similarly #HairStyle is also an important aspect of dressing up. Here are some tips that will help all the #PlusSizeWomen to select a proper hairstyle for themselves that will go hand-in-hand with their attire and body structure.Plus Size Hairstyles Short For those #PlusSizedWomen with short hair, you can comb your hair in such a way that would cover the sides of your face. You can even try the new Shag hair cut that can be flipped and use to cover the side portions of your face. If you want to swipe away the hair from your face then you can apply a darker color to the side of your hair with foils. Never go for lighter shades to color the side portion of your hair as that would make your face look wider. For those with round face never opt for hair styles that points to the chin. Select a hair style that will point either above or below the chin, try to make the weight line either at the eyes or above. A classic layered cut with a high weight line at the temple would do. The temple or the forehead area for those with round face should be deemphasized. A hair cut that is swept backwards, off the temples or the forehead is always preferable. It will make the temple area appear brighter. The one who have a rectangular face, they can go for hair styles recommended for those with round face. An approach to minimize the lower jaw area is advisable. A long layered Shag worn would be a smart choice. A Medium or Short Length Bob which falls within the chin and the shoulder would also be appropriate. Thus, there are several types of hair styles for all sorts of face structure that would go in accordance with your attire relating to your body size.
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Life Perspective | FOREVER CURVES
Life Perspective | FOREVER CURVES FOREVER CURVES! Priority, one of the most if not the only important thing in one’s life. Whether it is our personal life or professional, priorities hold a big role. Why am I talking about priorities in context to body shaming? The answer is clear, every single woman, whether they are chubby, slim, dark or fair, learn to priorities your self esteem for your own personal well being, without getting distracted by petty issues. That is the only important thing. Self esteem and image is a major amplification factor to happiness and why not start from within, women need to know that they are as sexy as they feel! Who says one can’t wear thongs to work? Curve ClothingWho says that your lingerie have to be plain jane when you wake up every morning to face the world? Sexy #Lingerie comes in all sizes and shapes and the key is being subtle. Lace over sheer You may now be puzzled by the choice, but laces and silks are eternal.They are classy and sexy at the same time. Sheer is more of a see through material, you can reserve that for your special ones. The advantage of lace lingerie is that, it not only makes you feel sexy inside, but also gives maximum coverage with avoidance of unnecessary emphasis on well endowed areas. Imagine the thought of a co worker or friend knowing about your naughty secret inside! Panty lines: the ugly inside story Avoid panties which have a tendency to grab unnecessary attention from a #BeautifulOutfit or a well fitted pair of trousers. Try G-strings or thongs instead. Not only does it give coverage,it is as sexy as it gets. Battling the bikini fear Women, you may not have the perfect body, you may not have a thigh gap, you may have cellulite in the most unwanted areas, embrace it! There is nothing as sexy as a well endowed woman who knows how to carry herself. Next time you hit a beach, not for once hesitate to carry your #Bikini. Wear it with sheer tops, wrap around and halters if you feel shy.There is no need for one to feel threatened by body shaming. Everybody is beautiful, every #Curve is a bonus point for your partner,always embrace it. So women, next time you go #Lingerie shopping, do not hesitate for once to pick up the sexiest the store has to offer and surprise your partners. Remember to keep it subtle and sass up your regular days with a sizzling hot red #Bra!
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Life Perspective | ALL ABOUT PLUS SIZE BRIDAL CLOTHING ALL ABOUT PLUS SIZE BRIDAL CLOTHING The bride looks stunning in her beautiful wedding attire. The dress holds a very important place in the whole affair be it a heavy wedding lehenga, designer saree or an embroidered gown. One important note before you even plan to buy an attire is the SIZE. After all an wedding is a full day affair, so you cannot compromise with your comfort by buying something too loose or too tight or too revealing. This is a major issue with the ones looking for Plus Size Clothing. To be honest the real problem begins here (no body shaming): – * There is a lot of discrimination in the bridal industry, they fail brides who are larger than size 16. * Few designers or salons automatically grab ball gown for the plus size brides making them look like tent, saving their customers – A big thumps down.Plus Size Bridal Outfits * Bridal industries are downright cruel to anyone who is a size 18 or up. Here are certain things you really need to read, understand and then insert it in your brain (so that it stays there and helps). * Pick up your phone and call the best stores and designers in town. Tell them your size (no shame, no apologies) and straight away ask them if they can help you. Until you find them, keep calling. * Look for big box stores, they do have a bad reputation, but are of great help in enriching your shopping experience. * It’s your wedding, your show. Do look for a sales person who is excited to serve you. Ask for recommendations, opinions, but don’t let them control your shopping experience (same applies for an over conscious mother and obsessed friends). * At times, you need to ignore the size tag. Does it fit? If yes, Great. Continue shopping till you find one perfect. * If nothing works the way you have planned umpteen times in your head, no worries as there are always needles and threads. * Be your confident self even when the sales person advices you to lose weight, kindly shut them up and search for someone better. * Last but not the least, Have FUN. It is going to be an important part of your wedding journey, which will be remembered for so many years to come. Make it a worthy affair and one sensible monetary business. So, go for anything that makes you look like the beautiful princess you are without making you feel uncomfortable. Never ever entertain fashion out of your comfort zone.
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE FASHION ADVICE – FLAUNT YOUR CURVES RIGHT! PLUS SIZE FASHION ADVICE – FLAUNT YOUR CURVES RIGHT! Most #PlusSizeWomen while starting out on their fashion journey make a mistake by trying to lean down their #HourGlassFigure with several ineffective styling techniques. If you are a #PlusSizedWoman, don’t hide your beautiful curves beneath a tight fabric meant for the petite girls but rather learn to embrace your voluptuousness. We understand that it can be intimidating to navigate the #PlusSizeClothing line on your own for the first time but go through our fashion advice and you would be sorted for life! 1. Clothes that fit are a must Plus Size Fashion Tips AdviceYou might believe that you have worn clothes tailored for your body type all throughout life but more often than not, it’s not the case. Don’t be afraid of asking the people in the designer stores for advice on what would look good on your figure and by observing the kind of dresses they pick for you, you can figure out what to buy and what not to. 2. Undergarments Make or Break your look Fuller breasts along with wide hips are the assets of every #PlusSizeWoman and they demand to be highlighted no matter what the occasion is. Go for a supportive bra which would perk up your day and add a bounce in your step. 3. Embrace the Vibrant The worst thing you can do to your personal sense of style is to let the body shamers get inside your head and wear clothes in shades of black, white and pastel which fail to capture all the different traits in your character. Make sure either your outfit or your accessories have a pop of color so that you stand out. 4. Trust the V neck Nothing beats a V necked blouse, top or dress when it comes to drawing attention to your cleavage while giving the impression of elongating your neck at the same time. Stop thinking of modesty and go for bold when you choose the depth of the V neck. 5. The Waist Challenge There are no two ways about it. Opt for jeans and pants which have a low waist so that your belly doesn’t pop out every time you sit down but when the time comes to select dresses, go for the high waist because it would help you when you start accessorizing with belts. Whenever the fashion question is concerned, be a #PlusSizedGirl who always breaks the boundaries and creates trends. After all, the 21st century is the era of the plus size style!
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CLOTHES FOR PLUS SIZE BRIDES Getting married is probably the biggest event in the life of a person. It is the dream of every woman to have a fantastic wedding and to cherish the memories for the rest of her life. She wants her wedding to be a memorable event, something she can look back to anytime she wants later in her life. To have an excellent and memorable wedding, it is important to wear the right clothes for your special occasion. It is something relatively easy for a regular size lady, but for a plus size lady, it is a challenge to get the right clothes for her wedding. Fantastic Plus Size Wedding DressTherefore, the question is, what type of plus size wedding dress should a bride look for. Naturally, it has to be beautiful and suitable for the occasion. As a wedding is one of the rarest occasions, it is important that it remains itched in the memory forever. Hence, the dress for the bride should be special and the one that makes her look beautiful. Spending a little extra on the wedding dress of a plus size bride should not be a constraint as it will be probably be the most rare and special thing that she will do. Next, is to ensure that the PlusSizeWeddingDress for the bride is comfortable. Every bride is nervous during her wedding. Wearing uncomfortable clothes is something which should be last thing to be done. It is therefore essential that the clothes selected by a PlusSizeBride for her wedding should have the right comfort level. It will allow her to look great for the wedding by not just being beautiful but also being confident. Hence, the level of comfort of the clothes is an important aspect of a wedding dress, especially in the case of a PlusSizeBride. To get the right outfit for a PlusSizeBride for her wedding, it is important that the dress is designed specifically for her. It is always better to get a custom stitched outfit by a designer who is efficient and have the right skills. Next is to ensure that the clothes made for her is tailored from the right and rich fabric. A bride has to look more beautiful than anyone else at the wedding. Hence, the clothes should be appropriate for the occasion.
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Life Perspective | 10 Has-Been Actresses With The Biggest Egos (And 10 Humble Sweethearts) - Part1
Life Perspective | 10 Has-Been Actresses With The Biggest Egos (And 10 Humble Sweethearts) - Part1 10 Has-Been Actresses With The Biggest Egos (And 10 Humble Sweethearts) Here are 10 has-been actresses that still have huge egos, and others than are humble and kind. Some people watch certain actresses exert their craft when they grow up in their favorite movies and TV shows, and want to emulate these stars. They want the fame and the fortune. They want to grow up, star in big movies, and conquer Hollywood. Many have realized their dreams and have found themselves on the movie scene. That’s step number one. But there’s a whole lot of stairs in the movie industry. They all have to be climbed in order to reach the top. A lot of actors and actresses get half way then falter. They rest on their laurels, they become complacent, and their careers become stagnant. Other actresses come through the ranks and surpass them in the popularity stakes. Suddenly these actresses are no longer being cast. Either that or they’re only getting certain roles, are no longer getting a look in in the big movies. Hollywood’s essentially cast them aside. The fans have forgotten about them. It must be tough to take for these has-been actresses. Some can console themselves, put things in perspective by thinking that’s just the way tinsel town operates. But others only have themselves to blame. They may have done things here and there that have rubbed people up the wrong way. They may not have endeared themselves to the right people. Others though, despite falling down the pecking order, have remained humble. They don’t have big egos and haven’t become bitter, even despite their faltering careers. They’re humble sweethearts. These are 10 has-been actresses with big egos, and 10 humble sweethearts. 1. HUMBLE SUPERSTAR: KARYN PARSONS. Karyn Parsons has been a has-been actress for quite some time – for decades, in fact. 2. BIG EGO: CAMILLA BELLE. Camilla Belle is a 31-year-old American actress. Despite being pretty young, she’s already considered a has-been. In actual fact, many critics would say she was never a big name to begin with. 3. HUMBLE SUPERSTAR: JENNIFER GARNER. Liv Tyler has led one amazing, event-filled life. There’ve been plenty of ups and downs, but Liv’s remained strong. She’s happy to stay in the limelight, is content to keep doing what she’s doing. It’s a testimony to her desire to achieve even more success as an actress. She’s had a few iconic roles. But she hasn’t yet landed the one that’s propelled her through the ranks of tinsel town. 4. BIG EGO: EMMA ROBERTS. Emma Roberts is one of the youngest people on this list at the age of 27. Sure, she had plenty of successes over the years. But she’s already a has-been. People still make a lot of noise about her. But that’s mainly due to the wrong reasons. 5. HUMBLE SUPERSTAR: JENNIFER GARNER. Jennifer Garner has starred in some big movies over the years. She’s gained plenty of plaudits for her role in Alias for example and 13 Going on 30. But those were all some time ago. 6. BIG EGO: ROONEY MARA. Rooney Mara is a relatively young actress. She tasted a decent amount of success over the years. But her career’s simmered down of late. Her job offers may have slowed down. But that certainly doesn’t mean she’s vanished from the limelight. She’s still very much the talk of the town. That’s in large part due to her general attitude. 7. HUMBLE: EMMY ROSSUM. 31-year-old Emmy Rossum is one of the most loved people in Hollywood. Firstly, she’s adored by the masses due to her performances as an actress. But if you’re rating her based on her successes, there’s Shameless, and not much else to write home about. But that doesn’t matter to Emmy Rossum fans. Although we don’t see as much of her as we’d like to, when we do Emmy’s all smiles and has a bright personality. That’s why people love her. 8. BIG EGO: ANNA KENDRICK. It’s hard to get our heads around the fact that Anna Kendrick is 32. A lot of people still see her as the college girl in those Pitch Perfect movies. Those movies are essentially why Anna is famous. 9. HUMBLE SWEETHEART: JADA PINKETT SMITH. A lot of people would say that Jada Pinkett Smith is only famous because of her spouse. Will Smith is one of the most famous actors on the planet. He’s also one of the humblest guys around. Jada is a very successful actress in her own right. Although as the years have rolled by, she’s simmered down on the acting front. Not that it matters to Jada. She’s involved in other things, and has various ventures on the side. Jada is a headstrong woman. 10. BIG EGO: BLAKE LIVELY. Blake Lively is still a big name in Hollywood. But she’s big because of her reputation. She’s done some great work in the past.
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Life Perspective | THINGS TO CONSIDER WHILE BUYING PLUS SIZE PARTY DRESSES THINGS TO CONSIDER WHILE BUYING PLUS SIZE PARTY DRESSES The idea and definition of beauty is often misunderstood and stereotyped with an image of a lady with certain features. As the famous saying goes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; there is no predetermined set of frame that one has to meet to be called beautiful. A confident lady feeling comfortable in her skin is the most beautiful lady possible. No particular dress size or body type can be identified as the ideal beauty standards. Every woman is beautiful in her own ways and she deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is.Plus Size Party Dresses Cheap Gone are the days when the fashion world used to consider straight skinny body types as the ideal body shape for the entire fraternity. All the #BigBeautifulGirls out there, say good bye to your worries as new fashion lines are bringing to you dress collections for all body types and some exclusively for the beautiful big girls only. So thin girls, get a seat because this time we are celebrating womanhood and it’s all about the big boned ladies. Here are some quick notes when you are picking up your party dress: Women with fuller bodies will value a #Dress with an empire waist line where the waistline is tailored higher than your waist or right below the bust area at times. This makes the skirt seem longer, fits freely and helps to elongate the figure making you look taller than you are. The longer the length of your #Dress appears, the more attractiveness adds up to it. The perfect bodice attached to the waist line will draw all the attention away from your heavier areas and create the perfect graceful curve you wish for. If you want something hot and spicy, you can surely trim the length of your #Dress while keeping the empire waist line intact. The mount of cloth around your booty is sure to get all the attention you desire and make your appearance an extraordinary one. Feel confident and don’t forget to go on it classy and elegant. The halter neckline is a great choice for fuller women. It separates and lifts the areas needed and makes it perfect for busty women. The halter line basically holds your body firm and makes you look way attractive. You are advised to pick a dark colour that can add more definition to your look and there! You are good to go girl!
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Life Perspective | LOSE UP TO FIVE INCHES IN A MINUTE USING THE BODY SHAPING CORSETS LOSE UP TO FIVE INCHES IN A MINUTE USING THE BODY SHAPING CORSETS #Corsets were originally designed for women with curves, who wish to camouflage their tires, bulges and rolls. In the modern world, corsets are often termed as ‘wonder clothing’ and helps in creating the illusion of a perfect body which is sensuous and curvy. There is nothing wrong with having a #CurvyFigure, and women with curves do look jaw dropping in corsets. The trick is to invest in the correct type of corset and to sport it with confidence. SKIN FRIENDLY MATERIAL FOR COMFORT A size 10 woman can have as much curves, hips and bust as that of a size 20 women and corsets are suitable for all body shapes and sizes. Corset For Plus SizeCorsets which have taken the modern form of #BodyShapers, actually squeeze the extra fat in the upper region of the body to give it a proper shape. However, modern day corsets are quite different from their ancient versions and are now made with materials which are comfortable to wear all day long. Modern day #BodyShapers are created with skin friendly materials which makes it easier for women to wear them for a long time without feeling any discomfort. The materials commonly used are nylon and lycra which makes them soft, comfortable and part or fully stretchable. Steel Bones For Added Support #Corsets are supported by bones, to maintain its perfect shape against the body. However, it is highly necessary to keep a good distance from using cheap corsets which offer zero support and have bendy plastic bones. #CurvyWomen should try opting for steel boned corsets which easily smooth the curves and offer ideal support. Steel boned corsets offer required edge and will endow you with the required confidence to sport your favorite bodycon dress without worrying about the peeking bulges. WITNESS THE DIFFERENCE Some of you might think that ‘steel’ will make you feel uncomfortable and make you feel uneasy. However, these good quality corsets are designed with utmost care and help to fill in the curves rather than dig into them. The bones are enclosed in cotton linings and all the good quality corsets are made from 80% cotton so won’t make the skin sore. Good quality corsets can pull in up to 5 inches from the waistline. Can you imagine the difference and advantage of wearing corsets? Nowadays, elastic is also being used to make corsets to shape the body and increase body temperature. These corsets not only help in reducing some inches, but also lead to fluid retention and toxin elimination.
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Life Perspective | BEING A PLUS SIZE MODEL
Life Perspective | BEING A PLUS SIZE MODEL BEING A PLUS SIZE MODEL The #PlusSizeModelIndustry is expanding all over the world. The #FullFiguredModels are now favored and the acceptance and support they get are increasing every day. They are featuring on the front and cover pages of numerous fashion magazine along with the other models. There are certain criteria’s that the #PlusSizeModels need to fulfill. A little extra height, normally 5 ft 8 inches and above and ideal size range are what the models should keep in mind before choosing this as a profession. Maintaining Yourself Modelling is a tough profession and all models have to go through rigorous routine to keep them fit and fine which includes a lot of hard work. A #PlusSizeModel like any other model should take care of her skin, hair, teeth and nails. Plus Size Model FamousExercising is a must to keep the body toned and in shape. The body should be proportional accordingly. Portfolio A portfolio comes in handy in this kind of profession. Create your portfolio with your natural photographs. You can hire a professional make-up artist and a hair stylist. Search Agencies A good potential agency is helpful for beginners. Search for reputable agencies and consult with other professionals if necessary. An agency can have information of what kind of #Models the clients want. Accordingly you can be called for! Posing Posing is an essential part of modelling. It may come naturally or you have practice hard to get a proper pose. The best advice is to be observant wherever you go. Practicing in front of the mirror is also recommended. However, everything comes down to attitude of the models. Even if you are a #PlusSizeModel you should be full of confidence and carry yourself with grace and ease. You should be amiable and adaptive to stay in the Plus Size Modelling Industry. If you have it go for it!
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Life Perspective | SILK DRESSES AND PLUS SIZE MODELS SILK DRESSES AND PLUS SIZE MODELS Women are always very conscious about their dress code. It is a very vital element of their life to figure out what suits them the most. This concern is mostly seen amongst the Models. Since they belong to the fashion industry it is imperative for them to look best from all ends. The pressure to become the style icon is felt extensive on them. The dressing sense of the models becomes the fashion trend for all. So it is pretty obvious on their part to be conscious about their dress and for a charming appearance they tremendously need to work on their style statement that is directly proportional to their attire. When it comes to #PlusSizeModels lot of propagandas are adopted to make them look the best in what they wear. Top Plus Size ModelsAs we know that the #PlusSizeModels tend to rule the fashion worlds standing aloof from the existing trends, the focus is more drastically imposed on them. The fashion experts too try out their hands in creating new fashion statements bringing forth these #PlusSizeModels. The most important part of a dress is the fabric, and the most widely popular fabric both in national and international market is Silk. Lots of suggestions are aired regarding the kind of dress materials that #PlusSizeWomen should choose. It is always advised by the fashion experts that over-weight models should avoid skinny and clingy fabrics that will stick to their body and would make their curves and bulges look more prominent. It tends to magnify all the chumps of the body that almost all the fat women intend to hide. But, the set norms are taking a turn and all that was a big denial for the #PlusSizeWomen are now seems to be more desirable. The silk dresses are being worn by almost all the #PlusSizeModels at a rapid pace. It’s time to wear your curves more proudly and confidently then to be ashamed of it. Dresses like Silky Plunge Wrap Dress, Detail Silk Robes, Double Silk Corset Dress, Double Silk Slit Tunic Dress, and many more pieces have come up that all the plus-size women can wear and look fashionable as that is the existing fashion statement. So, while fitting in new patterns of silk, the plus-size models are not really seem to be only over-sized but, are ruling the world by becoming the new icons of the day.
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HOW TO DRESS WELL WHEN YOU’RE OVERWEIGHT A fit and slimmer look always provides some sorts of advantages, especially among the womenfolk, in getting an attractive and fashionable outfit for the general use or for any specific occasion. But for the curvy and OverweightFemale also having the opportunity to get into attractive attires, if some basic issues and more specifically the idea of “How to Dress Well when You’re Overweight” can be kept in mind to select the right dress for a woman with heavier body structure. Plus Size Clothing For WomenThe perception that an overweight or flabby woman cannot have an attractive look – is a dominant taboo in our society, which can be abolished, just by the proper knowledge of dressing and a bit of enriched confidence, and makes the person comfortable in carrying the dress gracefully. Some Important Issues To Be Noted While choosing an outfit for a PlusSizedWoman, some basic issues to be considered, this will be helpful in selecting the best and right dress for the person concerned. It is evident that the dress, made for a leaner body shape is all about the measurements, but in the case of an overweight lady, the curves could have been the best support in getting an attractive appearance. The basic issue that has to be kept in mind is; lady, with a flabby structure, should refrain from wearing a tight dress, which may be disastrous in getting the proper attention from the onlookers. Unwanted fat, mostly considered as a most problematic issue for a lady, but the cleavages, caused out of it, can be aesthetically used for preparing the dress, which may be helpful in stealing the show in any social or family gathering. Baggy-type dresses have to be avoided and instead of that a wrap dress or a skirt up to knee length can be tried, which will provide an elegant look, as well as, disguise the problem areas. Not only the dress but some other issues are also there, which can help the person concerned to get a perfect and presentable look e.g. long and shiny hair is of great help for any lady, especially for a PlusSizeWoman, a shoulder length curly hair arrangement can be all that is needed to compliment the round shoulder and the immense bust. Life is quite short to hesitate; therefore, one should try to make the flaws (overweight) into the strength, for getting the near perfect look and happiness.
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Life Perspective | Ice Road Truckers 15 Things We Didn’t Know About Lisa Kelly | Part2
Life Perspective | Ice Road Truckers 15 Things We Didn’t Know About Lisa Kelly Ice Road Truckers: 15 Things We Didn’t Know About Lisa Kelly. If you met Lisa Kelly out on the street (and you didn’t know who she was), you’d probably have a hard time believing what she does for a living. As an attractive and obviously intelligent young woman, she doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of a truck driver that most people have in their minds. But that’s a good thing! Truck driving, although still a male-dominated industry, is a profession suited to both men and women, and we can thank the show Ice Road Truckers for helping revamp their image. The cast of this show, however, goes behind just ordinary truck driving. Their area of expertise is much more dangerous as they specialize in hauling massive loads over snow covered roads and sometimes even frozen lakes, risking their lives to deliver goods and materials to those who need them. Not only is Lisa an excellent driver and a huge draw for the show, but she’s also using her celebrity to help other women who find themselves in similar male-dominated work environments. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this IRT star now is the time – here are 15 things we bet you didn’t know about this ice road trucking beauty. 1. She Believes The Show Is Helping Revive The Image Of Truck Drivers. Ice Road Truckers has helped to improve the image of truck drivers, which became very tainted in the 1990s. Thanks to the show people are getting to see the hard-working men and women in the industry and Lisa couldn’t be more thrilled about this trucking revival and its impact on the industry. When asked how she thought the show was changing the way people view truckers she said: “I think the show has definitely contributed to the awareness of truck driving because you know a truck driver’s a truck driver right and then pretty soon that’s what moves America and people are realizing it. A lot of people come up to me and say ‘I didn’t even know what you did or that it even existed until I saw the show.’” 2. Darrell Ward Was Like A Big Brother To Her. Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward were a perfect pairing and the fans loved to watch them work and interact together. Shortly before he tragically died in a plane crash Lisa attended the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas and spoke with “Truckers News” Editor David Hollis about her working relationship with Ward and it was obvious that she had the world of respect for him. She told Hollis that working with Darrel was great and that he “was a kid at heart” and “like a big brother to her”. Tragically, just two days after this interview was filmed Darrel died after the small plane he had been traveling in crashed in Montana. He was 52 years old. The show has never really been the same since. 3. Her Pet Peeves While Driving. What are your pet peeves when it comes to other drivers? Do you get annoyed when people text or talk on their phone instead of paying attention to the road? Maybe it’s the small things that irritate you – like when someone neglects to use their indicators when making a turn? Lisa has been driving trucks for more than a decade and has driven all over the world so does she have any pet peeves? Well according to her she’s pretty chilled about other drivers, but if she’s really tired she can still get annoyed. She says she hates it when someone purposefully messes around with her on the road, like if they overtake her and then crawl in front of her. She says she just wants to do her job and get home and that kind of behavior drives her crazy. 4. She’s Flown With The Blue Angels. We know that Lisa loves all things exciting, but what could possibly make your heart race faster than crossing a frozen lake with a heavily loaded truck? Maybe flying in an F-18? Well, that’s exactly what she did! A few years ago Lisa was lucky enough to realize one of her life-long dreams – flying with the Blue Angels. Just in case you don’t know who they are (really?) – they are the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron – famed for their absolutely tip-top flying skills. Since they formed in 1946 they’ve flown for more than 260 million spectators, but Lisa got to take it one step further and actually fly with them in the plane. “We flew upside down,” she said. “And I’m like hanging from my seatbelt dangling upside down looking at the canopy. We would go straight up and spin and it looks like the sun is just going around the nose of it.” Wow – now that’s a once in a lifetime experience!
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Life Perspective | PLUS SIZE CLOTHING – DRESS SMARTER PLUS SIZE CLOTHING – DRESS SMARTER It may happen that you may be disrupting your appearance by wearing ill-#FittingClothes that gives a visual illusion of heaviness. Thick fabrics, shiny and clingy fabrics, ruffles and heavily patterned fabric must be avoided along with horizontal stripes and patterns. There are certain tricks that will definitely help you to get the slim look. Jackets Jackets are boons in disguise. It helps in concealing a fat tummy or a large waist and hips. To attain a slimmer look your jacket should be taper at one your narrow places. If you have a wide waist line your jacket should not end above your waist. Plus Size Clothing Near MeLayers Layering your outfit helps in a slender outward form. Wear a jacket with a #Skirt or a pant of same dark hue with a different bright color top. You can keep the buttons of the jacket open to create a longer line. Waistbelt A good broad waist belt with any dress can give you a gracefully thin appearance instantly. It is stylish and comfortable and can go with any #Outfit. It transforms your look and creates a thinner waistline. Open Neckline Opt for V neck #T-shirts or #Tops or #Dresses which gives a vision of a elongated neck. If you are heavier down your waist line wear a fitted top exposing some skin along with a flared trouser at the bottom. Pencil Skirts Pencil skirts are a very good option for broad hips and heavy thighs. It gives the appearance of a slimmer lower half drawing away all the unwanted attention from your problem areas. Last but not the least a well fitted undergarment and shape-wear is a must as it forms the basic support of your body. So the next time you are ridiculed for your extra flabs or someone tells you that you cannot look chic shun them with these styling tricks and own your figure like a diva!
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Life Perspective | Your ultimate plus-size fashion shopping guide
Life Perspective | Your ultimate plus-size fashion shopping guide Your ultimate plus-size fashion shopping guide Growing up as an unconfident plus-size teenager, finding clothes was my version of hell. Shopping for fun? Absolutely not. Trying to find clothes on the high street that a, actually fit and b, were fashionable, was impossible. Being plus-size, my options were hugely limited, which only further perpetuated the idea that people above a size 16 weren’t welcome in the fashion world. Fast forward a few years and things have definitely improved for plus-size women. Shopping on the high street is still as difficult as ever however, options for online shopping are now much better and 1,000% more stylish. Part of my job as plus-size style blogger is to share with my readers how I style my outfits, as well as helping them on their journey of self-love and confidence. Being plus-size doesn't mean fashion can't work for you, you've just got to know what to look for. To help you curate the wardrobe you've always dreamed of, I am sharing the tips I've picked up along the way from my years of blogging and personal shopping, because fashion really is for every body. 1. Buy double of things you love. When you find something you really love, that fits perfectly, is in your size and makes you feel amazing, buy two of them. It might seem excessive, but sadly when it comes to plus-size fashion, some perfect styles only come around once. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. 2. Shop menswear and maternity. You can find some incredibly stylish and unique pieces looking in both these departments. Just because it has a label, doesn’t mean that only those who fit within that label can wear it. My personal favourite place to shop in these sections are ASOS Men Plus and maternity. 3. Don't be afraid to shop in places that don't stock your size. Whilst it is frustrating that some stores don’t cater above a size 18, you can sometimes find great options in oversize style pieces. Monki is a great example for this with their Scandinavian style dresses that can fit up to a size 26. 4. Ignore sizing on labels. First off, don’t let sizing dictate how you feel about yourself. It’s just a number, it holds no value on you as a person. Sizing differs everywhere, especially when you are plus-size, so don’t be afraid to go up, or even down a size, when finding clothes that you like. As long as it fits and you feel comfortable that’s all that matters. 5. But do make a note of the fit of your favourite brands. As mentioned above, sizing online and in-store can differ hugely. A good tip is to keep note of your sizing in your favourite shops. For example, on ASOS, New Look and River Island online sizing is pretty spot on, but with brands like Boohoo, Missguided or Pretty Little Thing, sizing runs small. Being aware of this is so helpful for timesaving, no one wants to spend their life in the post office doing returns. 6. Go get your bra fitted. If I could only impart one piece of advice it would be this. Wearing your correct size can change your posture, decrease back pain and make you feel more confident in your clothes. Book yourself in at somewhere like Bravissimo for a fitting and treat yourself to some gorgeous new lingerie. Elomi, Panache and Curvy Kate are three of my favourite full bust lingerie brands to check out. 7. Try everything on. When you see something in-store, even if you think it might not work for your body shape, try it. How something looks on a hanger can looks completely different on a body, so give everything a go! 8. Invest in your wardrobe staples. One of the best things I own is a woollen black duster coat - it is simple, stylish and chic and it goes with everything. It might cost you more than something you could find from a fast fashion shop, but a timeless piece can see you through every season, regardless of trends. 9. Shop vintage/charity shops. I’ll be honest - the plus-size sections of vintage can be sparse; but it's always worth checking them out for any hidden goodies, especially in the men’s section. Look out for cool slogan tees, dungarees, dresses and coats. I once found an old oversize Levi denim jacket for £10 in a shop in Brick Lane. 10. Experiment with colour. I used to wear specifically only black clothing, because I thought it would make me look slimmer, but this just simply isn’t true. Colour looks great on all body types. Experiment with what works for you and don’t be afraid to stand out. 11. Ignore plus-size styling rules. You can wear stripes, you can wear white, you can wear a crop top. Fashion is about expression not about rules. You deserve to feel good and stylish, so don’t think that you have to hide your body. Confidence comes from within, if you look confident in something that will shine through, so get your arms and legs out in the summer!
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Life Perspective | 15 Plus Size Models That Are Actually…Plus Size | Part2
Life Perspective | 15 Plus Size Models That Are Actually…Plus Size 15 Plus Size Models That Are Actually…Plus Size. There is a lot of stuff out there as of late about the so called “plus size model.” The biggest one of them all right now is Ashley Graham. But let’s face it. Ashley is really not so plus sized. She is the type of woman that if you were dating, all of your buddies would be totally jealous, because let’s face it, guys like curves. As much as it is put out there that guys are the ones that are doing the shaming, women can be way worse. Look at what Cheryl Tiegs said about Ashley, “Her face is beautiful, beautiful,” Tiegs said. “But I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run.” But wait, there is more. When Ashley dropped some pounds, one of her fans said, “You did lose a lot of weight,” and another wrote, “I am no longer a fan of yours. You betrayed a lot of people!” Man, poor Ashley Graham; she sure is stuck between a rock and a hard place as a so-called plus size model. On the one hand, all these dudes and chicks are saying that she is too fat (even though most of those dudes would totally want to sleep with her in real life) and on the other hand she has her so called “fans” busting on her for getting too skinny. Well, the following models take all of that stuff completely out of the equation. Here are 15 Female models that really are plus sized. 1. Rayna Salcido Alvarez. Rayna is a plus sized model that is based out of Los Angeles and has modeled for Cool Gal Blue and SWAK, Sealed With a Kiss Designs, and Plus Model Magazine as well as Domino Dollhouse. You can also find her in Pose Magazine. She is one more woman on this list who makes her living as a plus sized model, and is bigger than Ashley Graham and others of her ilk, although it is doubtful they will ever break through like Graham has. Because that is the thing really; there are lots of people out there that look like this. We have certainly come a long way from people thinking that seducing an overweight woman was a piece of cake. These women are out there making a living as plus sized models, and when I say plus, you, and everyone else know what I am talking about. 2. Melissa Henrius. Melissa has modeled for Ashley Stewart and Tru Diva Designs, as well as many other places. She like all of these women, is into body positivity and says on her website: “My goal is to present myself as an example through my work. I want to show that curves are beautiful and it is okay to be a full-figured individual while still carrying herself with confidence, class and sex appeal.” This is kind of the thing, though. Some people think curves are beautiful, some don’t. To me what is more important is that people feel okay being who they are, not that they feel beautiful. Because let’s face it: a lot of people out there are not beautiful, not even a little bit, and that goes for guys, too. Melissa though, you’re kind of hot, especially if one is into the whole plus sized thing. 3. Sabrina Servance. Sabrina has modeled for WMDSF Magazine and Society Plus. She also has been on the show Big Women: Big Love, which the New York Post says “follows five single plus-size women from across the country as they attempt to find love in the vast, and often harsh, dating world. The program aims to show that plus-size women experience the same difficulties as their svelte counterparts when it comes to dating. But being single and overweight comes with a whole different set of rules.” Well, you know we do kind of get that. Society, for the most part, does look down on overweight people, as it is considered a sign of weakness, and also so the the rest of us can feel superior, which is exactly why chicks like this are so brave, being out there as plus size models for real. 4. Vanessa Mays. Next on our list is Vanessa Mays, who has modeled for Curvy Connect Magazine and JIBRI, as well as many other places. You can find out more about her on her Facebook page. She is another perfect example of what I am talking about here. Vanessa is a plus sized model. Ashley Graham is pretty much a normal sized model, but the way the business of modeling goes, it does not reflect that reality at all. No matter what you may think of these women’s appearance, you totally have to respect the fact that they bring it, that they put it all out there, and that they are role models for a lot of women. Of course, the Cheryl Tiegs types will say that she is an awful role model, and that she is teaching women that it is okay to be unhealthy. But Cheryl, is it healthy to be stick-thin and throwing up all the time? Just askin’.
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Life Perspective | 9 MUST HAVES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN 9 MUST HAVES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN Flaunting the bold curves that you have is not something everyone could pull off well. You can steal any show with the perfect confidence, right clothes, shoes and accessories! You may have little extra kilos, but that should never stop you from being a fashionista. It is more important to be comfortable in your skin than anything else is in this world. Do not be bogged down when somebody tries to give you fashion advice; show them that you can dress up better than them or than what most skinny people look like. Ladies, let us be of a li’l help in this regard. Here we have shared some wardrobe essentials that will show the world how big a stylist you are yourself. Check them out!Plus Size Womens Clothing 1. A tank top is a necessity. Cotton tank tops are not only super comfortable, but they look chic and cool at the same time. They are wardrobe essentials for everyone! Pick a white or a black tank top that you could wear with almost any colored bottom. They are also great for workouts, or a cool Sunday brunch or professional meeting when you team it with a blazer. Light and easy to wear, this is an ultimate necessity! 2. T-shirts too! T-shirts are versatile and you can never go wrong with them. For plus sized women boyfriend t-shirts or loose t-shirts look great! Avoid the ones that are too loose as they would bring out a baggier look, and make you look fatter. Wear more of V-neck t-shirts that would make your upper body look leaner. If you are not very comfortable with that, try the boat neck t-shirts. Team with good-fitting jeans, mostly a high-rise one. 3. Sweaters. Having one basic sweater is mandatory. We totally recommend solid colors when it comes to sweaters. For example, you could never go wrong with a plain black sweater or a dark blue or maroon shade. You could team the same with basic jeans, a midi length or short skirt, nice boots or heels, accessories by carrying a leather sling bag or small purse, and by wearing a statement neckpiece or funky jewelry to complete your look. 4. A-line skirt or pencil skirt. These two lengths’ skirts are meant for you. If you are heavier at the bottom, these two types would give an illusion of a slimmer version of you. If your mid-section is broader, try a not too tight pencil skirt. Don’t believe it could make you appear leaner? Try it for yourself. Oh, you can team a pencil skirt with a plum jacket to look uber-trendy!Good Quality Women's Plus Size Clothing 5. Long shirts. Long shirts with buttons, or no buttons to layer up your look is a wardrobe must-have too. Wear a tank or t-shirt with basic or ripped jeans and white sneakers, and don the long shirt along with it for a super casual day look! 6. Button-up blouses. A well-fitted button up blouse isn’t hard to find at all, and a basic all-plain white shirt is a wardrobe essential for everyone. Buy the correct size and make sure it doesn’t fall loose in any area of your upper body. Check how it fits your bust so that you don’t go wrong about the size. The remaining part can be tailored as per your convenience. Wear well-fitting jeans for a chic and casual look. For a more formal look, you can team it with black trousers and pointed bellies. 7. A special occasion dress/gown. Own at least one or two dresses that you could wear to parties or on special occasions anytime. Choose a cocktail dress and not just a classic one. This one should be true to your size and should be an attention-grabber! It could be a shiny or sparkling one with an ornamental neckline, or a dress with a deep and plunging neckline to grab all eyeballs at the party! If nothing else, remember the classic black LBD! 8. Well-fitting undergarments. For greater cover, wearing the right inner garments is necessary. Buy the right size so that no part of your body bulges out from anywhere. Invest on good quality under garments. If you don’t find the right size in stores, choose from online shopping sites. 9. Shapewear is a mandate. For plus sized women, body compressors or shapewears are like an answer to their prayers of looking slimmer. Shapewears will help to minimise the lumps and bumps in your body giving you a clean chic look, and making that lovely dress of yours possible to wear. Invest good money on buying the best quality shapewears. There are many types of shapewears available in stores and online, choose the right fit and type as per your need. We are sure you cannot wait to add these to your closet. Happy shopping!
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Life Perspective | SOME REASONS TO KEEP PLUS SIZE PARTY DRESSES IN YOUR WARDROBE SOME REASONS TO KEEP PLUS SIZE PARTY DRESSES IN YOUR WARDROBE Are you #PlusSize? Or in today’s words, are you a big beautiful girl, i.e., BBW? If so, then don’t feel shy to wear party dresses and flaunt your beautiful curves. Now, #PlusSizePartyDresses are widely available in the market. You can easily wear them and do party! Get your plus size party dress There is no woman who would not love to wear party dresses. Every woman love to dress up and go for party. #PlusSizeClothes are loved by many. And nowadays, #PlusSizeDresses are available widely in the local market and in the online stores also. The latest #PlusSizeFashions are amazing, with many vibrant colors and amazing designs the #PlusSizePartyDresses are trending these days.Cocktail Dresses Plus Size There are thousands of plus size party dresses for all fashionable BBWs to choose from. Many styles of dresses are available like cocktail, club dresses and formals. The best thing about these plus size party dresses is that they are tailor-made and designed to enhance the natural curves beautifully. These dresses are specifically designed from top to bottom to make the beautiful ladies look more beautiful with their curves and body size. The online stores offer a wide range of stylish and fashionable plus size party dresses which you can get at a reasonable price. So if you want you can go for online shopping also to get your plus size party dress. Why to add plus size party dress to your wardrobe? Every woman has the right to look pretty. And which woman does not want to dress up and go for a party? So why your figure should stop you from wearing amazing party dresses? You can always wear whatever you want to according to your comfort. And about your figure, if you are little full then it’s not a big deal, you will get many plus size dresses in the stores which will fit you very nicely. Be it be a beach party where you want a boho chic look, or be it a black seductive night party where you need a sexy look, you will get all kinds of plus size party dresses. You can get very look you want with those dresses. Accessorize your party dresses with some amazing neck and ear piece and your look will be complete. So, now hurry and get yourself a perfect plus size part dress and go for a party!
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Life Perspective | CORSETS AND BODYSUITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN PLUS SIZE! CORSETS AND BODYSUITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN PLUS SIZE! Corsets were generally garments worn by women & remained an integral part of women’s wardrobe in the earlier ages. It was generally worn by them women to give the appearance that they had a thin body & a small waist which was desirable that time. It is & always has been that a lady should have a perfect body & a small waist & will be able to flaunt her curves properly! Many women, in fact every woman during the 17th& the 18th century wore corsets to maintain their appearance in the so called ‘high society’. Let us come back to the present scenario, still today some ladies think it’s a fashion to wear corsets & bodysuits. But to those who don’t have that 36-24-36 perfect figure don’t they have the right to look perfect & have small waist? Of course, they do! So, these are few things –Plus Size Corset Bodysuit * Firstly, there are many online shopping sites which provide you with Plus Size Corset Bodysuit starting from S to XXXL. So, you have got a huge range to fit in the corsets & bodysuits! Choose according to your preference & go about flaunting your thin waist * Secondly not only does these shopping sites provide you with a large array of sizes to pick from but also provide different kind of Plus Size Corset bodysuits to choose from. That is, you can choose you own design & color & get them ordered for yourself! * Thirdly there are a variety of plus Size Corset bodysuits like women’s strapless satin sexy strong boned over bust corset, Cincher Sport Workout Shaper Bodysuit& many other kinds of Plus Size Corset bodysuits! Pick from the variety of Plus Size Corset bodysuits available online & enhance your look even more * Fourthly there is no need to think that these plus size corset bodysuits which are available online is marked with high prices. No, they are not! They come in reasonable prices so that a large number of customers can order for them from there. So, if for so long you were thinking that plus size corset bodysuits are not available for your body then you are absolutely wrong. There are online shopping sites where you can find your plus size corset bodysuits. As you to have the right to look beautiful even if you are plump than others!
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COCKTAIL DRESSES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN Unlike yesteryear’s where PlusSizedLadies had to stay contented with a limited variety of outfits the garment industry is abuzz with varied collection of PlusSizedClothing which caters exclusively to the needs of PlusSizedPeople having different body shapes and sizes. Specially designed these days are the cocktail dresses which are having unlimited options in fabric, design and finishing which makes the consumer spoilt for choice. Cocktail dresses are such that they are appropriate for almost every casual outing. Wrap Plus Size Cocktail DressesWhether its a DJ party where your gonna dance the night away or a wedding reception , new year party or even a ball dance party, cocktail dresses come in all different styles and colours that match every occasion. The best thing about cocktail dresses are that they are comfortable and can be selected for daytime outing , casual get together as well as evening parties. Leading brand offer like Eliza J, Adrianna Papell, City chic, Xscape to name a few offer a range of stylish cocktail dresses to choose from depending upon your budget. These cocktail dresses are available in a radiant laced pattern too where either the sleeves are covered in lace or sometimes the whole dress has a laced workout. Chiffon dresses or even pleated sheathed pattern are on the offer too. Beautifully embellished blouson dresses too are available for a pleasant change.
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WHAT HAIRSTYLES ARE BEST SUITED FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN Hairstyles can bring about an immense change in the way you look. Hairstyles serve to frame your face and emphasize your positive features. Moreover, it serves to deemphasize the not so good features of your face. It is for this reason that it is extremely important to choose the right kind of hairstyles for the #PlusSizeWomen. More than often, PlusSizeWomen tend to have excess fat on their face in the form of chubby cheeks and double chin. A good hairstyle serves to deemphasize those fat lumps and bring about shape to your face. Here are a few ideas that will help you to have the best hairstyle- Cut your hair in fine layers- Layers are often the best suited hairstyle for PlusSizeWomen. Layers frame your face and help to deemphasize the chubby cheeks. With the perfect framing they can also help to deemphasize your double chin. Plus Size HairstylesPair the layers with soft flowy bangs. Do not go for chunky bangs as they add volume to the face. If you have an oval face with chubby cheeks, then try to keep hair away from your forehead. It will help to give an illusion of a long face. Do not go for short hair- Super short hair is not recommended for you if you are a PlusSizeWoman. Short hair attracts more attention to your face and adds volume. If you want to opt for short hair then go for the shoulder length hair. Above or below the shoulder length will work for you as they will take away the attention from your face. Also, do not opt for bobs as they will add volume to your chubby cheeks. Waves are the way to go- If you want to go for some hairstyle, opt for waves. Beach waves, flowy waves, scrunch waves- all works for you do not go for straight hair as they will attract attention to your face. Flowy waves help to emphasize the cuts of your facial structure. They add a soft structuring to the face which is best suited for any plus size woman. Side parting- The goal of every plus size woman is to make your face look less like a circle and more like an oval. It is for this reason that it is important to add volume to the hair. Do not go for middle parting as they make your face look chubbier. Side swept hair with side parting works the best for you.
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Life Perspective | ACCESSORIES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN THAT CAN CREATE MAGIC IN WINTER ACCESSORIES FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN THAT CAN CREATE MAGIC IN WINTER Accessories are always preferable for women of all age groups and size. It adds an extra magic and spark to your entire appearance. When it comes to #PlusSizedWomen, accessories are always considered as a smart choice for them. To deviate the concentration of the onlookers from shaping your body type, accessories can be really helpful. To look fashionable and trendy variety in terms of accessories is always preferable. You can change your entire look by adding some interesting accessories in your wardrobe. Your selection regarding the accessories reflects your individuality. So, make your move smartly. Accessories add an artistic element to your clothing. So it is extremely obvious to choose your accessories cautiously. Accessories For Plus SizeThe exact detail in this regard can make you shine or if the proportion goes wrong it will turn out to be a complete flop. It is very important to define yourself in terms of both your #Clothes and as well your accessories. It helps in highlighting the best part of you by cutting down the extra edges that otherwise might appear very prominent on the other way round. Some popular accessories that is in trend for winter are: 1. Necklaces and Earrings – #PlusSizedWomen can opt for necklaces and earrings that would give them a bold look. It is the season of large jewelry pieces. Necklaces with large stones including thick chains or many layers of chain can be really happening. Chandelier earrings are also very popular for this season. You can also go for those with pearls. Bracelets of pearls or gemstones will be a good move. Choose cocktail finger rings that are bigger in size it will help you to get a catchy appearance. 2. Hats – Faux Fur hats is absolutely a new addition in this season. A bright colored faux fur hat will make you look extremely fashionable and hats goes with all sorts of attires may that be #Jeans, skirts or palazzos. Instead of solid colors, you can also choose from the printed ones as both type of hats will add an extra charm to your beauty. 3. Bags –#PlusSizeWoman should not carry a purse that is too small. Your bag should be in proper scale with your overall structure. If it gets lost against your outfit it will make you look obsolete. Remember, larger bag defines a proper waist and trendy bags are in #Fashion this season.
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Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller | Part1
Life Perspective | 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller 15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller. Long gone are the days when the modeling industry only praised size zero models. People’s perspectives have changed a lot and with that, they have accepted the fact that being a plus size model is actually awesome. However, there are people who still criticize plus size models. There are many plus size models all around the world who are very successful today. They follow famous models like Melinda Parrish and Ashley Graham to inspire themselves. Saying that these plus size, sensational and beautiful models have made so many women love their body by creating positive thoughts in one’s mind through social media wouldn’t be wrong. It is not like plus size models are creatures from another planet. They are models just like any other model. In fact, some of the plus size models are more valued today than slim ones. However, being a plus size model is not a piece of cake. They have to go through a lot but the way they ignore criticism and stay strong is truly inspiring. You need to love your body even if everyone tells you to make changes. It is a long yet fruitful struggle. Read below to get to know more about the hottest plus size models who should never get slim. 1. Melinda Parrish. Undoubtedly, Melinda Parrish is one of the hottest and most valued plus size models in the world today. However, her achievements did not just fall into her lap, she actually worked hard to reach this stage in her life. She is a talented woman and it is not only about her modeling skills. Melinda is also a lifelong athlete, former Naval officer, writer and body positivity advocate who is a size 14 and 210 lbs. Melinda is on a mission to make you love your body. She says “I am a plus size model who wants you to love your body harder than ever before.” In 2016, the famous model shared her weight loss struggles and diet in a Facebook Live video. However, when she tried to “boost” her post to get more viewers, Facebook rejected it. On this, she said, “My goal was just to open up and reveal some of what I have gone through personally and create a dialogue.” Parrish was just trying to share a positive message with other plus size women. She was confused when Facebook rejected her request to boost her post. It is important to note that the response which Parrish received was totally overwhelming. Eventually, Facebook boosted her post. The international plus size model is taking on the industry on several fronts. In past two years, she has worked with well-known brands like Slink Jeans, Lane Bryant, Gwynnie Bee, JC Penney, Danskin, and Lisa Aviva. Moreover, she has made appearances in Plus Model Magazine, and Curva Magazine. 2. Ashley Graham. The voluptuous plus size model and entrepreneur was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. The name of this hot American model is on everybody’s lips right now. Ashley Graham is well-known for showing off her sensational curves and beautiful body in lingerie and swimsuit shoots. Undoubtedly, her curvy body is a work of art.Ashley Graham is climbing the ladder of success very fast and there is still so much to achieve. At the age of 13, she signed a contract with an international modeling agency. The 29-year-old has been on the covers of Elle Quebec, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Maxim, and Style Magazine. But wait, it doesn’t end there! She has been featured even in the Shape issues for Vogue, Elle UK, and Harper’s Bazaar. In February 2015, she starred in #CurvesinBikinis which made her the very first size 14 model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. In Feb 2016, she became the rookie for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and also landed one of three covers of the magazine. Moreover, Glamour named her “Woman of the Year” in November 2016. In December 2016, Ashley was named one of the “25 Most Intriguing People of the Year.” It seems like 2016 was her year, doesn’t it? In fact, she was recently named one of Time’s 2017 “Most Influential People in the World.” Additionally, she has hosted international events such as Miss USA 2016 and Miss Universe 2017 3. Hayley Herms. Saying that Hayley Herms can pull off anything and everything wouldn’t be wrong. The 21-year-old is a plus size model, singer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. There is no doubting that Hayley has a dynamic, bright, and awesome personality. Hayley highly believes that one should not go with the flow, but should create their own flow. She has been a dreamer since birth. At the age of 12, she knew what she wanted and she kept working hard to achieve what she has today. Saying “working hard” is easy but nothing fell into her lap, the beautiful woman went through one hell of a time to get what she has achieved. 4. Tara Lynn.
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Life Perspective | MODERN DAY BIKINI – A PRODUCT OF A SERIES OF EVOLUTION MODERN DAY BIKINI – A PRODUCT OF A SERIES OF EVOLUTION Seaside amusement became a common thing in the early 1800’s and more and more people began to flock to the beaches during summer. The improvements made in the railroad network made it easier to visit ocean side beaches, and within a few years it became a hotspot for sunny recreations. With the introduction of this new outdoor pastime, a need arose for the privileged lady of fashion for stylish garments. During the 18th century most people considered swimming as an activity of doubtful morality for women. However, several women did enjoy this leisure activity, and preferred to spend their day hours on the sunny sandy beaches. A #Bikini or burkini is somewhat of a modern concept, and far different from the 18th century when it had first arrived. Plus Size Extreme BikiniWomen back then were not allowed to bathe in the water wearing clothes which were uncovered. The 18th century #BathingCostumes were designed to keep the skin untouched by the sun, and white. Moreover, women during this era were also not allowed to bathe openly with the men. They would often swim in cabanas, bathing machines which kept them separated from rest of the crowd. Their costumes also included gloves, and shawls and extra weight was added to the hem of the gown to prevent from floating up and showing their legs. The #Swimsuit design evolved in the mid 19th century, though like the previous suits the new ones covered most of the female figure. The long gowns were now altered with paletot dresses and Turkish pants created with heavy flannel fabric. The Bathing Machine was still popular and helped modest Victorian women to maintain their privacy while enjoying at the beach. There was a major transition in #BeachwearFashion during the late 19th century when women started wearing knee length dresses. Puffed sleeved wool dresses were worn over drawers and the look was accessorized with bows, ribbons and sailor collars. It was not until 1915 when women started taking part in swimming as a sport, there was a disappearance of heavy fabric for creating #BathingSuits. 1920 saw the arrival of the first one piece swimwear, which were covered shorts and began to show more flesh. Vintage #BathingSuits in 20th century were available in a variety of colors and designs and women now wore them without any hassle. The bathing suits that we are familiar with were not created before the mid 20th century. Since then, Swimsuits and bikinis have kept on evolving and a plethora of different styles and cuts are available today.
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Life Perspective | THE WHERE, WHAT AND HOW OF PLUS SIZE CLOTHING THE WHERE, WHAT AND HOW OF PLUS SIZE CLOTHING. “Size doesn’t matter” “It’s good to be curvy” “Black is life” etc. the things you usually get instead of compliments. Not that these notions aren’t true, just that little more direct compliments would play a better role. You cannot change every men’s opinion, but you can certainly change what they look at. This isn’t a motivating or weight reduction blog, just some plus size clothing ideas. So first of all, let us start with the question “Where?” Where would you find a fabric that is not set up on a 36-24-36 mannequin? The answer to this would be ‘All’ or ‘H & M’. Stores where you could find your sunflower dress, without getting it altered from the sides. Plus Size Clothing For Young WomenThese stores are filled with plus size clothing ideas. Moreover, you won’t feel you have entered an ‘ALL BLACK’ world. There would be pink, yellow and blue, along with baby pink and sky blue. These stores are a treat to your eyes. NOW, COMING TO THE NEXT QUESTION, “WHAT?” What kind of clothes should you prefer? As the store name suggests, ‘all’. You won’t like to cut of certain fashion, just because it doesn’t go with your size. Of course, you might want to take care of few things, but not wearing shorts until your thigh gap decreases isn’t the answer.You must dress according to your curves and of course there are parameters of what would look nice and what would not. You can buy a Navy-Blue Collar-T shirt or a knee-length summer dress but pay attention to the sleeve patterns. This is where your readings about plus size clothing ideas would come in picture. Which brings us to our next question “How?” How do I style myself? It is easy, when you have a perfectly toned arms and legs, and your waist is one that can be showed off, but the business becomes a little tricky, when it comes to non-barbie bodies. So, let us first start with the colors. Black would be your first choice, then darker shade of any other color and only in the end you would put your finger on that sky-bluetrench dress. I would say, if your aim is to look thin, you must go with the darker shades, especially black. But if that’s not what you are looking for, instead you want to try your hands-on variety of fashion outfits, then you could prefer any color, along with few additions and subtractions. Now we move on to sleeve patterns. You can use shrugs, in case of sleeveless dresses, just to make it more appealable. Otherwise, there are variety of sleeve patterns that would go with your updated fashion quotient. Long and 3/4th sleeves are the most preferable. Trumpet, Cuff and circular Flounce are 3 of many types of long sleeves, that would add to your booklet of plus size clothing tips. It covers the area of our arms, which helps in deleting the thought of ‘not uploading a picture because your arms look big.’ Then we have neck cut patterns. Aligned shoulder pattern, would work as charm. Then we have the normal collar pattern, which also would be preferable over ordinary oval shaped neck cut. A little of deep cut kind of neck pattern, also is a choice. Top most choice in any plus size clothing ideas would be to go with a collar pattern. Collar’s are never out of vogue and they help in giving a definite shape to your shoulder line.One more pattern, that can be added to this list, is the turtle neck pattern. The only thing with this pattern is, that not every type of plus size body type can carry this pattern well. It might suit some of us, it might not look so nice on some of us. And it is certainly not marked in the top 10 plus size clothing idea’s list. Then comes the length of the clothing you prefer to wear. Well, pencil cut dresses or skirts aren’t a good choice, nor is slim fit jeans. But that doesn’t mean you can drop the options of wearing short dress and skirts. Skater and Shirt dresses would work nice, and for the skirts, Tiered kind, in long ones and Bell- shaped in short ones, would work. There are certainly variety of D’s and S’s that you could wear according to your shape. The only work that has to be done is that it is not extremely fit from the waist area. Hence, keeping in mind the main three main questions, the booklet of plus size clothing ideas is filled now. So, the next time you visit the stores, better see that the mannequin has your seasoned outfits and colors that are pleasing to eyes. And of not, make sure to give the store your plus size clothing tips.
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