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pokemon movie 3   monster
got the idea from watching the movie and hearing the song plz dont leave a mean comment if u dont like it song: monster by: skillet anime/movie: pokemon movie 3
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amuto all the right moves
this is a song 4 Amu and Ikuto song: All the right moves band/by: One republic anime: shugo chara char.: ikuto and amu I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING
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inuyasha vs sesshomaru monster
inuyasha vs sesshomaru AMV
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i need a doctor eminem Lyrics
i started this at 3am and ended at 5:30am way to fucking long!!! :D lol
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+dirt road+ happy early birthday gift $an@ :)
happy early b-day gift sana :) anime: spongebob move: spongebob movie 1 song: dirt road
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07-Ghost +christmas in hollywood+
omfg i had fun making this lol XD song: christmas in hollywood by: hollywood undead anime: 07-Ghost
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tokyo mew mew - circles
i was watching tokyo mew mew and my bro's computer was next to me with this song on so i muted the sound on the anime and listen and it went very very good to the anime anime: Tokyo mew mew song: circles by: Hollywood undead
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fish hook +everywhere i go+
Its been forever seens i made a video that last video i did was back in dec. of 2010 0.o long time but im alive again anime: fish hook song: everywhere i go by: hollywood undead I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING
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Anime mix +Getting away with murder+
song: getting away with murder by: papa roach edit the intro song/video thing i didnt make i just got it from my bro XP
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Tug a war!
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tokyo mew mew +circles+ re-uploaded
anime tokyo mew mew song circles by hollywood undead i do not own anything just the editing i re-uploaded this because the last 1 no one could see it =/
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one piece +untill the day i die+
i didnt make this my bro did "narto33" and i like to make him made so i take his videos and sometimes his stuff XP
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Speed paint +Panther+
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random shit "my avi"
some random shit that i made again -.- dark and ice belong to me but blood-fang belongs to a friend on deivntart p.s she doesn't know that i made her "not moving" icon move XD and if u tell her ill kick ur ass-.-
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my frist avi.... fail
idk it was my icon on deviantart but then i change it
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speed paint +alone wolf+
idk i got bored and i thought about making a speed paint but i didnt record the outline so i just keep going on from the coloring part
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me singing Girlfriend -just messing around XD-
lol me and Avirl playing around i was singing and i wasnt giving it my all cause i was bored XD
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(AMV) bleach +headstrong+ sony vegas pro 11.0 test
just a test i've worked on for the past 2 days the begging is ganna be my new intro from now on :) also what im ganna start doing is having a small clip from the begging of the new videos and add them to the right bottom of the screen
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jungle emperor leo +hero+
song: hero by: skillet anime/movie: jungle emperor leo I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING just the editing
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phines and ferb +monster remix+
song: monster (remix) anime phines and ferb
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courge the cowardly dog savin me
for my friends b-day Randy nickname ran ran :) hope u like friend it was 3am when i did this it look me an hr so i finshed at 4am but i got tired at the end so i didnt add flashes i was so tired lol so i didnt really care for the ending and flashes anime: courge the cowardly dog song: savin me artist: nickle back i dont own anything
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+saving me+ cody+Bailey zack+woodie
i got the idea by watching the show and of course i had it on mute cause i was listing to this song and i just got the idea
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Anime Mix +mexican heaven+
i do now own anything just the editing song: Mexican heaven by: SPM
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Imvu Stuiped credits hack
got tired of plp making videos of this stuff so im talking about it XD song 1 name: party rock by: lmfao song 2 name: candy land by: botdf= blood on the dance floor
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pokemon breaking the habbit
if u do not like pik's in a video then dont come her cause this video is a pik video and i did not make the piks someone else did on deviantArt.com http://racingwolf.deviantart.com/#top person made the piks song:breaking the habbit by:linkin park anime: pokemon i dont own anything
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