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Ash Charizard Finally Returns!! [Pokemon Battle Frontier] In Hindi
Like, Share & Subscribe us for The Battle Factory is Ash's next destination—if he can find it, that is. He and his friends have become lost, but they see snow and an Articuno flying overhead, followed by a plane in distress. The group winds up at a Pokémon Center, where Scott gives them a ride to the Battle Factory. There they meet Noland, who's not just the Factory Head but also a bit of a mechanical mastermind, and the pilot of the plane they saw last night. Ash can pick which of Noland's Pokémon he wants to battle. Noland has befriended an Articuno whom he helped once, and he takes Max and Pikachu up in his plane to fly with the Legendary Pokémon. Team Rocket wants Articuno for themselves, and they show up in their own plane to steal it. It's no match for Articuno, who quickly sends them on their way. Impressed, Ash decides he wants to battle Articuno. What's more, he wants to battle it with Charizard! It looks like this is shaping up to be quite a match...more Pokemon Videos in Hindi
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Pokemon Advanced Battle Ash Snorunt Evolves Into Glalie!! In Hindi
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Pokemon Ash Charizard Returns To Battle Gary!! English Dub
Outside, Ash and company are discussing strategy. Brock notes that Gary has no particular type preference, just like his grandfather, and that he keeps rotating his Pokémon. Ash confirms this, and says that he has been that way for as long as he has known him. As Brock reaffirms that his team-building strategy will be crucial, Ash sees a shadow flying overhead. Once again, the Flamethrower greeting is a dead giveaway that it is Charizard, having arrived from Charicific Valley after a late-night request to Liza by Brock. Just as Ash is greeting Charizard, Gary appears. After a brief greeting, the two stare each other down until Professor Oak appears to break the silence, surprising both. Delia also appears, herself and Professor Oak having arrived to watch the Silver Conference live instead of on TV. Professor Oak advises the two to lighten up before moving onto other matters: having received a lot of new Pokémon data, Professor Oak updates the Pokédexes for both Ash and Gary. Though Misty and Brock are excited about the new Pokédex data and what they can learn from it, Gary stares at his Pokédex intently before leaving. Misty and Brock also remind Ash to prepare their strategy, so they, too, also leave, but not before Delia gives Ash some encouraging words.
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Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Returns Full Final Scene [Ash Saves Mewtwo!!] #1 in Hindi
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Pokemon Ash's Rival Paul vs Champion Cynthia! Full Battle In Hindi
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Pokemon Ash and Brock Vs Gym Remodelers!! Battle Frontier in HINDI
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Pokemon Torkoal vs Steelix!! Ash Catches Torkoal In Hindi
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Pokemon Ash vs Mandy (Krabby Evolves!!) Indigo League Battle In Hindi
After registering for the Indigo Plateau Conference, Ash learns that he must first pass through four preliminary battles on four unique battlefields (Grass, Water, Ice, and Rock) to qualify for battling inside the Indigo Stadium. The lady at the registry has Ash go through a random selection, and he is assigned to battle on the Water field later that day against a Trainer named Mandi. Since he is assigned to the Water field, Ash plans to rely on Squirtle for the battle, but Misty suggests that it might not be enough. The group runs into Gary, who is battling on the Ice field. He mockingly wishes Ash luck as he wants to be the one to defeat him, and he walks away laughing with his cheerleaders. At that moment, Ash receives a call from Professor Oak, who suggests he swap out one of his Pokémon. Ash decides to have Krabby sent through to boost his team. Misty is worried because Ash had never used Krabby before, but Ash is confident in the Pokémon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is posing as a news crew and unsuccessfully trying to find rare Pokémon to steal. Ash's battle on the Water field soon begins, and he starts off with Krabby, while Mandi uses an Exeggutor. Krabby jumps into the pool, but Exeggutor uses Psychic to create a whirlpool, revealing Krabby's hiding space. Mandi then orders an Egg Bomb, knocking Krabby into the whirlpool and preventing it from using any attacks. Ash tries to recall Krabby, but the whirlpool prevents him from doing so. Suddenly, Krabby escapes from the vortex, and Ash orders it to use Vice Grip on Exeggutor's leaves, stopping its attacks. Hanging on tightly, Krabby uses Leer to immobilize Exeggutor, and its Stomp attack knocks it out. As it stands triumphant over Exeggutor, Krabby suddenly evolves into Kingler. Mandi, still confident, sends out his second Pokémon, a Seadra. Seadra uses Agility to dodge Kingler's Water Gun, but Kingler manages to slow it down with Bubble and then knocks Seadra out with Crabhammer. Mandi remains undaunted as he sends out his last Pokémon, a Golbat. Brock becomes worried, since Kingler is weak against Flying attacks. Misty suggests that Ash should switch to Pikachu, but Ash stands by his Pokémon. Golbat manages to evade Kingler's attacks, dealing a great amount of damage in the process. Ash then orders Kingler to use Hyper Beam. Kingler's shot hits Golbat dead-on, knocking it out and winning Ash his first Indigo League victory. Mandi is astounded by his defeat, with the commentator confirming that Ash successfully used only one Pokémon for the entire match. Misty and Brock watch on in shock as Ash jumps around, overexcited by his first win.
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Pokemon Ash Pidgeotto Evolves Into Pidgeot!! In Hindi
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Pokemon Finally Brock Impresed A Girl!! Queen Lucy (Battle Frontier) In Hindi
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Pokemon Ash Treecko Evolves Into Grovyle In Hindi
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Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Returns Last Scene (Farewell Mewtwo!)#2 In Hindi
This Is The Final or the last part of Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Returns in Hindi
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Pokemon Ash Squirtle vs Macy Quilava Johto League Battle In Hindi
Pokemon Episode 267 In HINDI The match begins with Macey's Slugma against Ash's Totodile. Totodile's Water Gun manages to see through Slugma's Double Team, leading Macey to switch it out very quickly. For her next Pokémon she chooses an Electabuzz, to which Ash counters with Phanpy. When Electabuzz's Thunderbolt proves ineffective, she switches back to Slugma, but Phanpy's Takedown finished it off! As her third Pokémon she goes with Quilava, who surprises Phanpy with its Flame Wheel! Phanpy is no match for it, and takes Phanpy out of the picture. Macy switches out for her Electabuzz against Totodile, who gets taken out with one ThunderPunch. Only Squirtle remains, who comes close to defeat at the hands of Electabuzz's Iron Tail. While in mid-air, Squirtle fires a Water Gun and uses Skull Bash to defeat Electabuzz. Quilava is Macey's last hope, and it manages to get Squirtle on its back. Just as it charges in, Squirtle launches a Hydro Pump to take Quilava out for good, giving Ash his first victory!
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Pokemon Ash Taillow Finally evolves Into Swellow! In Hindi
Ash and James begin the final round, but they are interrupted by a freak tornado in the middle of the field that blocks their path to the ring. Ash sends Taillow into the swirling wind, and its determination causes it to evolve into Swellow. Swellow snags the ring and leaves the tornado, with Dustox on its tail. Swellow punts the ring onto the goal, and James is dragged away sobbing by Team Rocket.
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[Pokemon Battle Ash] Charizard vs Electabuzz Orange League In Hindi
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Pokemon XY Mega Evolution Special Episode 1- Mega Blastoise vs Mega Charizard X in Hindi
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Pokemon Ash Lapras Finally Returns!! [To Meet Ash] In Hindi
The professor runs out to the pier and sets up a sonar dish and a laptop. She tells her waiting Lanturn to sound off sonar waves. Soon the gang catches up to the professor, Brock expressing his feelings until she tells him to be quiet, since she has to listen to the sonar. Soon the laptop picks up a few readings and the professor tells Lanturn to come up now. Ash asks the professor what she's doing, which the professor replies that she's studying the Lapras group that migrated here. All of a sudden, a whole group of Lapras pop up from under the water. The gang is amazed at the sight. However one Lapras in particular seems to know Ash. Ash is a little confused at first, but remembers that this Lapras is his. A lot older now though, but it sure is the same Lapras from Orange Islands. The professor is a amazed herself about Ash's Lapras, which Ash explains the whole thing on how he got Lapras. All the while away, Team Rocket sees the Lapras group and plans to snatch them. The gang and the Professor, who's name is Narumi go in the house for now. She explains her line of work in studying Lapras, mainly she's working on their communication. She knows that one of them is the leader, as it makes a different sound, and one happens to be the "mother". She has a few recordings of the Lapras talking which she plays. After a moment, Ash's Lapras calls to him. Everyone checks out what might be wrong from the balcony. Apparently all Lapras wants to do is spend some time with Ash, after all, it's been a long time since they last saw each other. Ash goes to Lapras and hops on. Lapras goes a little too fast than what Ash was used to, but he easily adjusts. Lapras makes a few jumps before riding along a large wave.
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Pokemon Charizard Chills! Charizard Ash ki Baat Sunein Lagaan!  In Hindi
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Pokemon Movie Mewtwo ka badla [Mewtwo Killed Ash!] Emotional Last Scene in Hindi
Mewtwo ka badla is the hindi name of Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back. A scientist has found a way to genetically clone one of the Pokemon named Mew. His invention is named Mewtwo. Mewtwo then clones other Pokemons on his own. Sort of a revolt of the Poki. Each Pokemon has a different kind of power. The hero, Ash Ketcham ventures with his friends to the villain's island, where battles take place between lots of different kinds of and their clones.
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Pokemon Ash Phanphy Evolves Into Donphan! Battle Frontier In Hindi
Before the group can celebrate, Team Rocket's mecha gets back up saying that things aren't finished yet. Ash tells Phanpy to go attack and protect Pikachu and Elekid, but is sent flying back by the mecha's fist. The force of the punch however, causes such a strain on Phanpy that it begins to glow white... Brock realizes what is happened, and is proved right when the light clears and Phanpy has evolved into Donphan! May checks this new Pokémon on her Pokédex, as Ash looks over his newly evolved friend. Donphan uses a high powered Rollout on the mecha, sending it toppling over. May is amazed at Donphan's power, before Donphan opens its mouth and fires off a powerful Hyper Beam attack. The new attack rips straight through the mech, causing it to explode and for Team Rocket to be sent blasting off for the third and final time. The episode ends with the group, along with Donphan and Pikachu, waving goodbye to the newly healed Elekid who has add all of its excess and overbearing power taken out of it.
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Pokemon DP - Ash Starly Evolves into Staravia!!  In Hindi
Ash attempts to train his Starly. However, it ends up being captured by Team Rocket along with other bird Pokémon. After perfecting Aerial Ace, it evolves into Staravia.
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Pokemon Ash vs Volkner (Pikachu vs Electivire) 8th Sinnoh Gym Battle in Hindi
Ash has Pikachu begin with Quick Attack and Electivire counters with Fire Punch. Pikachu dodges and uses Thunderbolt, however Electivire takes no damage. Volkner commands an Ice Punch, and Pikachu dodges again and uses another Thunderbolt but to no avail. Dawn asks Flint what's happening, and Flint explains that Electivire has the Ability Motor Drive which absorbs all Electric-type attacks used against it and renders them useless. Realizing that Electric attacks won't work Ash orders an Iron Tail, however Electivire quickly dodges and starts to run around the battlefield at high speed. Volkner tells Ash that Motor Drive takes all the power from Electric attacks and uses it to increase Electivire's speed before ordering a Fire Punch. Pikachu tries to dodge but Electivire is too fast and Fire Punch scores a direct-hit. Brock and Flint note that Ash is in a tricky position, as going up close puts it in danger from Fire Punch and Ice Punch and it can't attack from far away due to Thunderbolt having no effect on Electivire. Electivire is then told to use Ice Punch and it hits, however luck is on Ash's side as Pikachu's Static Ability is triggered, paralyzing Electivire. When Electivire retracts its arm away it notices the static on its arm as does Volkner. Realizing what that just was, Volkner orders Ice Punch. Electivire then tries to run up and hit Pikachu with Ice Punch, however the paralysis stops it and Pikachu dodges. Another Ice Punch is attempted, however Pikachu uses Iron Tail to counter and when the attacks meet, Electivire receives another dose of static leaving it stumbling. Another Ice Punch is commanded by Volkner, but Ash, knowing that Electivire is now far slower than before, commands another Iron Tail which hits Electivire in the face and knocks it out, giving Ash the victory. Volkner recalls Electivire and notes that he is enjoying this battle, while Flint notes that Volkner is just warming up.
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Pokemon Brock's Mudkip Evolves into Marshtomp!! in Hindi
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Pokemon Ho-Oh Aur Legendary Trio (Entei,Raikou aur Suicune) Ki Kahani! In Hindi
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Pokemon Bagon Evolves Into Shelgon!! Advanced Challenge In Hindi
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Pokemon Ash Charizard vs Blaine Magmar Full Gym Battle in Hindi
Pokemon Indigo League Episode 59 in HINDI Ash interjects and asks Blaine if he will give him his Volcano Badge as a thanks. Instead, Blaine offers Ash a rematch for the Volcano Badge. With the battlefield destroyed, Ash and Blaine agree to battle one-on-one on the summit of the volcano, Blaine with Magmar, and Ash with Charizard. As the battle begins, both sides trade Flamethrowers, and Magmar counters with a Fire Blast, which Charizard digs in and manages to deflect. Magmar then proceeds to hit Charizard with a Skull Bash, pushing it into a pillar. Charizard begins to fall towards the lava, but it recovers and locks up with Magmar. Magmar then uses Charizard's own momentum against it by flipping it over and pushing the two into the lava. Although Ash calls foul, Blaine reminds him that under the volcano is still part of their agreed-upon battlefield. However, once the two emerge from the lava, Charizard is now the one with the upper hand, having used its flight ability to create an aerial Submission to then finish off Magmar with Seismic Toss. Having won the battle, Ash proceeds to congratulate Charizard and return it, only to be blasted in the face with another Flamethrower. As it turns out, Charizard only obeyed Ash in order to satisfy its competitive streak against Magmar, and nothing more. Still, Ash had earned his Volcano Badge and leaves soon after.
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[Pokemon Battle Ash] Swellow vs Venomoth Hoenn League In Hindi
Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode 36 in HINDI Katie returns Golduck and calls back Venomoth. Ash, confident from their last win, decides not to switch out. However, Corphish is still confused and uses Bubble Beam without being ordered to. Katie orders Venomoth to dodge and use Supersonic on the already-confused Corphish, to no effect and some ridicule by Ash's friends. Ash recalls Corphish so it may recover in its Poké Ball. Noting that Venomoth is a Bug type, and that Flying types would have an advantage, Ash sends out his Swellow. Katie responds by telling Venomoth to use Stun Spore, which Ash counters by telling Swellow to dodge and use Peck. May and Morrison shout support from the stands, and Katie tells Venomoth to use Disable to prevent Swellow from using Peck again. Ash confidently replies that it has other Flying-type attacks, and tells Swellow to use Aerial Ace. Swellow loops around mid-air, and dives straight for Venomoth, smashing into the Bug Pokémon and sending it spiraling down towards the arena's water. Katie quickly responds by telling Venomoth to use Confusion, but Ash quickly counters by telling Swellow to use Quick Attack. Swellow flies through the sonic waves and into Venomoth, sending it straight into the water and out for the count.
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Pokemon Ash Meets Harrison Before Johto League! In Hindi
Pokemon Master Quest Episode 57 in Hindi Ash finds out that Sneasel, Machop and Machoke are interfering with the opening ceremony for the Silver Conference, as they were guarding the ancient fire of the legendary Ho-Oh that was required to light the torch. Then, he meets a trainer named Harrison, who says he's from Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region. Ash and Harrison go to bring the fire & eventually face the guardian Pokémon, including a Sneasel. They first beat Machop and Machoke. Suddenly Team Rocket comes, who wants to catch a Sneasel and make it a part of the team, but they fail again. However, Harrison introduces a Blaziken, which is unknown to others. He defeats a Sneasel with it & catches a Sneasel. Ash and Harrison successfully bring the fire & the opening ceremony starts.
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Pokemon Ash vs Volkner (Torterra vs Electavire) Full Battle In Hindi
Volkner sends out his first Pokémon, an Electivire and Ash decides to begin with Torterra due to the obvious type-advantage it has over Electivire. Ash starts by ordering a Leaf Storm from Torterra, however Volkner has Electivire use Fire Punch to burn the leaves up. Brock notes that it's just like a Gym Leader to use an attacking move as a defense. Ash tells Torterra to use Leaf Storm again and Electivire again uses Fire Punch to burn the leaves up, however this leaves its midsection exposed and Ash has Torterra use Energy Ball in quick succession and manages to score a direct-hit. Ash then has Torterra use Rock Climb, and the Continent Pokémon slams down its claws into the ground making a rock pillar lift Electivire into the air before charging at it. As Torterra climbs up the pillar, Volkner has Electivire use Ice Punch and the attack makes a clean hit. Torterra being Ground/Grass type, gets frozen quite easily and is blasted back to the ground. The utter power manages to take Torterra out, leaving it unable to battle. Brock realizes that Volkner taught Electivire to use Ice Punch to help it against Ground-type Pokémon like Torterra, while Volkner congratulates Ash on his strategy of using Energy Ball in combination with Leaf Storm. Ash recalls Torterra thanking it for trying its best, and decides to send Pikachu up against Electivire next. Pikachu enters the battlefield and gets ready.
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Pokemon DP Brock Arrive at Sinnoh Region !! In Hindi
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Pokemon Team Rocket Most Saddest Moment!! Goodbye Arbok & Weezing In Hindi
Pokemon Advanced Episode 6 in Hindi Our heroes are headed for Rustboro City, where Ash hopes to have his first real Gym battle in Hoenn. Team Rocket is making their way along the same path when they stumble upon a cage full of Ekans. Jessie is delighted that their work has been done for them and orders Arbok to attack. Arbok can't manage to attack the helpless Ekans, however, because it remembers when it used to be an Ekans. Jessie is sympathetic. James soon makes a similar concession when they find a cage of Koffing that Weezing will not hurt. The cages belong to a poacher named Rico who uses his Fearow and Pupitar to chase off Team Rocket. Team Rocket returns to the scene, now hoping to free the Ekans and Koffing. Things turn dangerous when Rico's Pupitar evolves into a Tyranitar, and Team Rocket is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Pokémon that they love.
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Pokemon Alvida Squirtle  | Ash leaves Squirtle with Squirtle squad | In HINDI
At the end of the day, Ash congratulates his Squirtle. Jenny thanks Ash for letting his Squirtle leave his party and continue leading the Squirtle Squad. Squirtle says goodbye to Pikachu, Misty, and Brock, and then looks at Ash's other Pokémon. Chikorita and Cyndaquil both nod farewell, but as Squirtle holds out its claws to Bulbasaur to shake, Bulbasaur turns away. But then it extends a vine to its long-time friend, shaking solemnly. Jenny heads away on her motorcycle, with the Squirtle Squad riding in the back. As his Squirtle recedes into the distance, an emotional Ash yells that they will always be friends, no matter what. He remembers all the good times they had, from the moment Squirtle expressed its wish to join Ash's team to the present.
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Pokemon Ash Charizard vs Mewtwo's Charizard Full Battle In Hindi
Mewtwo leads Ash and the other Trainers into the stadium part of the fortress and suggests that they should battle Pokémon to see who is the strongest, the clones versus the originals. Ash's Charizard, Corey's Venusaur, and Neesha's Blastoise are no match for Mewtwo's clones. Mewtwo then summons its own specialized Poké Balls, the Clone Balls, and uses them to capture Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, claiming them as its prize. Mewtwo then announces that the other Pokémon will be taken to be cloned. The clones will remain safe on the island while Mewtwo's storms destroy the planet. Mewtwo then sends the Balls after the Pokémon. Immediately, all the Trainers are on the run. Some Pokémon are captured before they realize what's happening, some attempt to outrun the Clone Balls and some attempt to use their attacks to defend themselves. However, it proves to be useless as nearly all the Pokémon end up being captured one by one. Ash deduces that Pokémon inside their Poké Balls should be safe from capture and recalls Bulbasaur and Squirtle. However, it turns out to be no use, as the Clone Balls instead capture the Poké Balls whole with Bulbasaur and Squirtle still inside. Brock suggests carrying the Pokémon away, but while Misty successfully hides Togepi inside her backpack, Psyduck and Vulpix aren't so lucky and are also caught.
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Theme Song In Hindi (Disney XD)
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