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Sand Mountain Chaos - 60mph+
Sand mountain is a 500ft sand dune in central Utah. We put it to the test. Soundtrack is a portion of Lemaitre's Cut to Black, the fair use of this media, pursuant to Title 17, Sec. 107, is for the purpose of criticism, teaching and/or comment and thus does not violate copyright law. Full song available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lemaitre/id411696416
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DEEPEST Hole in the World!!!!! 30 sec freefall SCARY!!!
30+ second drop. Do the math. Located near Dugway Proving Grounds ("Area 52") in Western Utah. They test a lot of top secret stuff underground out there. Banging sound is caused by the rock bouncing off the sides of the hole as it drops. This hole is a few miles away from Dugway's UAV blimp base; the blimp is visible just down the valley from the hole. We dropped a lit bottle rocket in upside down, and we could observe the flash from the report several hundred feet down, so we know it straight for at least that far. What should we drop down next? UPDATE: On June 15, 2012, we lowered a rock on fishing line down the hole. We lowered it more than 3,000 feet down, and had not yet reached the bottom. UPDATE: Our first attempt to lower a camera down failed. The camera broke on the way down (rust from the walls got inside the camera and it stopped working). UPDATE: We purchased a mini low light video camera to drop down the hole. As soon as we get a good weather window, we will find out what is at the bottom! UPDATE: We have video of the bottom of the hole (at least we think it might be the bottom) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT4o5Tn84Qo
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Dropping a Camera down a 1,000ft hole! Into the depths of the "Deepest Hole in the World"
"Deepest Hole in the World" revealed, filmed near dugway military base in the Utah desert. Filmed the morning of July 4, 2013 (the camera time stamp was incorrect). Watch us fill the hole with gas and drop a cannon ball in: https://youtu.be/hw_gfvFsexU 2:40 Hit bottom 3:19 Rock dropped in hole while the camera sits on the bottom of the hole 6:45 Rock dropped in hole while the camera is halfway down the hole 10:18 We walk away from the hole with the line, showing how far down it was See the original hole drop video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILDD9vyNeN0 Watch us shoot a rifle down the pipe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmEnAB2YzQ4 We have no explanation for the lack of objects at the bottom... we have dropped countless rocks, bullets, fireworks, and other stuff down there. Where did it go? Also, seems to me there were some strange albeit faint sounds down there... Our rig consisted of: a mini keychain spy camera, an LED flashlight, Styrofoam (for both padding and floatation, in case we hit water), a pencil (to protect the lens from rock strikes), fishing line, and a power drill (to reel the line back in).
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Redneck Wingsuit Success!  Homemade Wing Suit
Using wind to fly on a mountainside. Getting the balance right was really hard. We considered tethering me with a rope, turning me into a human kite. We decided that had potential for both awesome height and also long falls. What could make this better? The winds focus right on this rock a few times a year, and they are definitely strong enough to fly a human in.
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Epic Wind Storm Ramps Up
Levitating in hurricane force winds on flag rock. There are 100mph winds that focus in on the rock several times a year. The only trick is not getting tossed off the mountain! Soundtrack is a Dirtywurx remix, and is creative commons licensed for public use and is available here: https://soundcloud.com/dirtywurx/sail-awolnation-dirtywurx
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RAW VIDEO: Teen falls off of Chair Lift
Worst nightmare: Young teen's backpack got caught when he was trying to get off the lift, and the operator did not stop the lift until he was hanging 45+ feet above the ground. While hanging, the kid could not breathe at all. Eventually he was able to unbuckle his backpack and fall to the snow below. He survived with minor injuries. This was at Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. Thanks to the Steenbliks for filming this and letting my brother and I post it. Ever had a scary experience on a lift? This incident is hauntingly similar to a recent near fatal accident in New Mexico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zioMFv2_pk
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CLOSE Shave! Cliff Chopper Rescue HD - 1,000ft drop
Rotors inches from the mountain and from the rescuer's head, this Utah Highway Patrol chopper pilot performs and amazing maneuver in order to assist in a search and rescue on Y mountain in Provo. Between the rescuer and the chopper skids was a drop to the canyon bottom.
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RARE Positive Lightning Strike: SPECTACULAR!
Positive stroke lightning is much more powerful than normal lightning. This video and still image illustrate the power of this rare phenomenon. Positive stroke lightning comes from the anvil of a thunderstorm rather than the base. Have you ever seen a bolt this strong?
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PC glitch did THIS to a 1hr fireworks show
Thousands of dollars were spent on hundreds of fireworks, all timed to put on an entertaining 1 hour show. The programming was done wrong, and they all went off at once. The smoke from the show cleared out the neighborhood!
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1,000ft Hole turned into Cannon - Mistake! We blow up the "Deepest Hole in the World"
We turn the "Deepest Hole in the World" into a cannon! Only had a moment to set the torch down and run!! Didn't take long for the fuse to hit the gas. See us drop a camera down the hole here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT4o5Tn84Qo Music: Jump Around by anoopScoop
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SLOW MO Waterslide Accident: Launch and Fall
Shocking 1/4 & 1/8 speed slow mo. This was filmed at a waterpark in Utah on the "Sky Breaker" slide. See the original version for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxAV7VpCX5A
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Baby Pulls Epic Pout Face
He'll be able to get away with anything
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7 Foot Bottle Rocket
While our neighbors are launching dinky little fireworks for new years, we get out the 7 foot homemade rocket w/ LED nose cone. Made from political signs and wrapping paper tubes, this thing spits out 3 foot flames and roars loud enough that people drive from 1/2 mile away to see what we just launched. It comes back down under parachute so that we can do it again. What fun things could we do with a rocket this big?
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Eye Surgery Simulator: Amazing! Modern Breakthroughs in Surgery Training
Eyesi surgery simulator provides new ophthalmologists with realistic experiences while protecting patients from surgery accidents.
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F15 came in way too low, had to punch full throttle to get over the fence. Two kids were standing right under it. They felt the heat of the engine, nearly got blown over, and suffered ear damage. You can see them down the trail past the speed limit sign trying to stay standing. This area is off limits to pedestrians for this reason...
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NEAR DEATH Waterslide Accident: Launch and Fall
See it in SLOW MO at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NXxSFrDGUw I shot this video at Utah's Seven Peaks Waterpark in 2008. It is possible to get going fast enough to completely leave the slip n slide. This kid barely avoided falling to his death. He was a little banged up and freaked out when I talked to him at the bottom. Should they close slides like this? The way the slip n slide works is as follows: it starts out with a gentle downward slope while you are inside a tunnel. Then, right before you emerge from the tunnel, the slide drops suddenly. It is fun to try to get up your speed in the gentle part so that when the drop comes you catch a lot of air. People have gotten hurt at this park before, but to my knowledge it was on another slide and not this one. This kid came pretty close though. He swung his body into the slide as fast as he could in order to get up as much speed as possible. It might not be the world's largest or longest launch, but it was almost enough to cause him to drift over the side rim and fall to his death. In the slo mo version of this video, you can see him hitting his torso on the wall of the slide before landing back down safely. He was really freaked out! Nowadays, many waterslides, like the carnival spirit green thunder, are completely enclosed so that this type of accident is not a possibility. Something like this would be even scarier on the upcoming slide called the Verruckt, at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City.
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Gas Recoil: Firing down the "Deepest Hole in the World"
Thought we would shoot a bullet down the mile deep pipe we found. The gasses compressed and backfired into our faces. Very loud and almost singed our eyebrows!
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