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Oracle Siebel Open UI Developer's Handbook [2016 Edition] | Video Trailer
The promotional trailer for Oracle Siebel Open UI Developer's Handbook [2016 Edition] Oracle Siebel CRM is one of the world's leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suites and used by many of the world's top organisations. Introduced in 2012, Siebel Open UI provides developers with new, previously unavailable opportunities to customize the Siebel user interface. Based on web standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and with its own API, the Siebel Open UI framework is fully extensible and allows Siebel technicians to create a rich user experience on all browser and device combinations. http://www.p8tech.com/Oracle-Siebel-Open-UI-Developer-Book-eBook.html
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Siebel Hub Teaser 3 - Alex Hansal of Siebel Essentials
Alex Hansal, creator of the Siebel Essentials Blog and author of the most authoritative books about Oracle Siebel CRM chats about the opportunity to work with Bruce Daley and Richard Napier on the Siebel Hub web project. The Siebel Hub aims to be the single source for content, jobs, videos, community and more for Siebel CRM.
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Oracle Siebel mobc3 for Carrefour 1
Oracle Siebel mobc3 Customer Experience demo for the retail sector (Carrefour)
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Order to Cash(O2C) flow in Oracle Applications
This is a short Presentation about Order to Cash Flow (O2C) in Oracle Application.In this I will \cover complete flow from Order Creation (in Order management) , Ship Confirm (Oracle Shipping) to Invoice Creation ( Oracle Receivables). Points that I will discuss are 1. Sales Order Creation ( Order Header and Line). 2. Book Order, plus Workflow Navigation 3. Pick Release. 4. Ship Confirm( Including ITS). 5. Auto Invoice. 6. Invoice in Oracle Receivables.
Oracle Data Integrator Essentials Tutorial: Running EDQ | packtpub.com
Part of 'Oracle Data Integrator Essentials' video series. For the full Course visit: http://www.packtpub.com/oracle-data-integrator-essentials-video/video?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video-description&utm_campaign=yt-odiessential Understand how to run EDQ with the help of an example. • Open EDQ director • View the Palette components • Run EDQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the latest in Big Data and Business Intelligence video tutorials, please visit: http://www.packtpub.com/books/video?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video-description&utm_campaign=yt-odiessential Find us on Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/Packtvideo Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/packtvideo
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High Level flow from Order Management to Service Contract
This Short webcast is about High Level flow from Order Management to Service Contract
Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture
Tom Siebel is Chairman of First Virtual Group, a diversified holding company with interests in commercial real estate, agribusiness, global investment management, and philanthropy. Siebel was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Siebel Systems, which merged with Oracle Corporation in January 2006. Founded in 1993, Siebel Systems became a global leader in application software with more than 8,000 employees in 32 countries, over 4,500 corporate customers, and annual revenue in excess of $2 billion. Prior to Siebel Systems, Siebel served as CEO of Gain Technology and held various management positions at Oracle. He is a frequent industry spokesman and the author of three books, including Taking Care of eBusiness and Cyber Rules, published by Doubleday, and Virtual Selling, published by the Free Press. Siebel is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received a BA in history, an MBA, a MS in computer science, and a PhD with honors in Engineering.
1Z0-202 Exam Dumps | Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Dumps PDF
1Z0-202 Exam Dumps Questions | Instant Download: https://www.justcerts.com/oracle/1Z0-202-practice-questions.html Two commonly used Preparation Methods for Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 exams: The candidates preparing for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam usually opt for the following two preparation techniques: • Study Guides • Video Tutorials Study guides are used by the students because these books contain detailed knowledge about every single topic that the students appearing for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam, might be asked in the Exam. Although, study guides are detailed but their lengthy nature makes them tiresome, dull and dreary for the students preparing for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam. Conversely, these students prefer to use video lessons as preparation tools. Video lessons are more interactive and less boring when compared to study guides. This does not imply that the students must do away with study guides and focus only on video lectures. If the students want to ace the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam, they must use and benefit from both the methods. The students usually make the mistake of underestimating the practice tests and not going through them. Resultantly, they feel anxious before appearing for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam as they have no idea what might be asked of them in the Exam. Even statistics have shown that majority of the students who fail the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam are not poorly prepared. They fail mainly due to the high anxiety levels that they experience. If students go through the practice exams thoroughly, they can eliminates this anxiety completely. Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam – Vital and crucial for the candidates The Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam are difficult to clear but they are vital and crucial for the candidates because: these Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam, enable them to attain respectable, challenging jobs to build-up their careers. Instructions for Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam preparation A few instructions that the students preparing for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam must be mindful of, are as follows: The candidates must necessarily be well-informed about the syllabus. The candidates can clear the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 exam in the first shot, only via determined efforts and practice on their part. Internet research can be used to find relevant preparation material for the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam. JustCerts choice The candidates should show prudence and should select the JustCerts which offers the best the Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 exams preparation material. Other points to be noted are given below: The candidates are allowed to search any Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam on the JustCerts. The candidates can always remain aware of the latest updates because this JustCerts constantly gets updated. The JustCerts defends its customer-related information via the antivirus McAfee. The candidates can share their experience with the JustCerts via commenting. They can also view the previous comments posted by customers who had gained familiarity with the JustCerts. The information thus collected, is then used to make changes to the JustCerts, if considered compulsory. The JustCerts provides for a Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam sample. The aim of the JustCertsis to ensure that the JustCerts being sold to its customers, is exactly identical to the one that was originally marketed to them for sale. The JustCerts's usefulness for the customers The JustCerts is useful for its customers because: The JustCerts pays back the sum paid as Oracle Siebel 8 Consultant Certified Expert 1Z0-202 Exam fee. The amount of the fee is paid back only to those candidates who did not clear the exam but informed the JustCerts of about their failure, within a sixty days duration. The JustCerts provides useful professional assistance and guidance for the candidate's future. The JustCerts offers price cuts and up to 30% discount to the regular purchasers.
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Oracle Pricing (How To Create Buy One Get One Free And One With Discount  Modifier)
How To Create Buy One Get One Free And One With Discount Modifier. كيفية تفعيل شراء قطعة تأخذ الثانية مجانا وأخري بتخفيض 50 بالمائة علي أوريكال Oracle Advanced Pricing,
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Adjusting Internet Explorer Settings for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management
This Performance Architects How To discusses how to set Microsoft Internet Explorer setting for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management including Oracle Hyperion Workspace Planning and Oracle Hyperion Planning.
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RopeFree CRM - Siebel iPhone App
Demonstration of the RopeFree CRM application brought to you by Software Bugs Unlimited. RopeFree is an iPhone app that connects to various CRM systems such as Siebel and provides a superior native iPhone experience. Imagine being able to access your Contacts from anywhere in the world, and being able to scroll, and search through them quickly. Take advantage of the features of smartphones and use the GPS and calling features.
Tom Siebel, C3 IoT | AWS re:Invent 2017
Tom Siebel, CEO, C3 IoT | AWS re:Invent 2017
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Oracle Press author Michael Lairson at Oracle Open World 2010
Michael Lairson speaks about his book Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards
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CRM Visualization Siebel Tom Sawyer Integration Demo
Public Sector Demo of visualization tools using Siebel Public Sector 8.22 and Tom Sawyer
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Siebel Alliances
Steve Garnett Intro
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Getting Started with Oracle Policy Automation
Things I wish I had known when I started using Oracle Policy Automation, part one...some basic tips and not-so basic concepts that I wish somone had explained to me. There are lots of them, so I put them in a book...avaiilable from P8 Tech http://od-ed.com/Wg92Y
Connect Siebel and Salesforce
This quick video shows how to use the Jitterbit Siebel Connector to connect to Salesforce.
Mobile Solutions for Banking.wmv
This video shows the advanced thinking and freedom to experiment of KPMG consultants. This software was in production long before Siebel had even 15 employees, SAP had no CRM product, and Saleforce.com wasn't yet an idea. Come to think of it, the term CRM hadn't even been coined yet. The Smithsonian Institute included this software in the permanent collection of exponents of technological innovation, at the National Museum of American History. Microbanker gave one of its annual awards to American National (our first client). Here are a few links: http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/UnionBanCal-Corporation-Company-History.html http://books.google.com/books?id=cgcAAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA68&lpg=PA68&dq=%22mobile+solutions+for+banking%22&source=bl&ots=ZTJh1oaVy3&sig=cJqHtBvEPJejTR_qYmjFNk0DnwY&hl=en&ei=52t6TbiwK8OMrQH76-HlBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CEAQ6AEwATg8#v=onepage&q=%22mobile%20solutions%20for%20banking%22&f=false http://www.questia.com/googleScholar.qst?docId=5000523015 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Can You Be Sure Your Place Is Clean? Floorcare Equipment Servicing by The Vacuum Center" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqj7UoSGD_c -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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CRM - What is it?  More than Software CRM Thinking applies to EVERY business
CRM - "Customer Relationship Management" - was coined by Tom Siebel. While there are many videos, articles and books, I believe the formative concept has been lost. In this short video you will learn an earlier way thinking of CRM - and how it applies to every business. More than software, it is a foundational principle for thinking about your customers. (Be sure to click on 'CC' button if you don't see captions)
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1Z0-527 – Oracle Exam CRM On Demand Test Essentials Questions
For more information on Oracle 1Z0-527 Practice Test Questions Please Visit: https://www.Pass-Guaranteed.com/1Z0-527.htm What am I going to be tested for? The Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials (1Z0-527) exam is designed for individual who possess a strong foundation and expertise in selling or implementing Oracle’s CRM On Demand solutions. This certification exam covers topics such as: Company Administration, Visibility and Access Control, User Setup, Forecast Administration, Team Sharing, Customizing Fields, Customizing Page Layouts, Assignment Rules and Workflows. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended. Which are some of the topics of the 1Z0-527 On Demand Essentials exam? Test Topic 1: Introduction to the Company Administrator Role Questions (Exam Coverage 25%) Test Topic 2: 1Z0-527 Company Administration Questions (Exam Coverage 21%) Test Topic 3: Visibility and Access Exam Control Questions (Exam Coverage 14%) Test Topic 4: Manager Test Visibility Questions (Exam Coverage 15%) Test Topic 5: Role Test Setup Questions (Exam Coverage 20%) Who can attend to the Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials test? The Oracle CRM On Demand Implementation Specialist certification recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. This certification differentiates OPN members in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. This certification helps the OPN member’s partner organization qualify for the Oracle CRM On Demand Specialization. Can you give me some in-depth information on the 1Z0-527 exam topics? • 1Z0-527 Books of Business • Customizing Test Fields • Customizing Exam Page Layouts • Extending the Application • Product Administration • Forecast Questions Administration • Creating Assignment Rules • 1Z0-527 Team Sharing • Creating Workflow What’s the 1Z0-527 passing score and duration? The duration of this exam is 150 minutes (78 questions) and a minimum passing score of 62%.
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How to connect Excel to Oracle with VBA
This video will show you how can you connect to a Oracle database and read data into your Excel sheet using VBA programming. Source Code: https://github.com/woolfool/ExcelConnectToOracle
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TEDxBerkeley - David Ewing Duncan - BioBabel
David Ewing Duncan is an award-winning, best-selling author of seven books published in 19 languages; he is a journalist and a television, radio and film producer and correspondent. His most recent book is the bestseller Experimental Man: What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world. He is the Chief Correspondent of public radio's Biotech Nation; and a columnist for Fortune. He is the Director of the Center of Life Science Policy at UC Berkeley. He has been a commentator on NPR's Morning Edition, and a contributing editor for Wired, Discover and Conde Nast Portfolio. David writes for The New York Times, National Geographic, Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other publications. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Top Benefits Of Using Address Book Software
View more details at http://yourgreatsystem.com/gaming
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Implementing a Case Management Solution with Oracle Technologies | Leon Smiers
Oracle ACE Leon Smiers, a solution architect with Capgemini and the author of "Oracle Case Management Solutions" (2015, CRC Press) delivers a brief overview of the various Oracle on-prem and cloud technologies that can be used in a case management solution.
Crm Tips_ Einfuehrung In Das Customer Relationship Management (Crm)
How can i change my career to sap? How to learn sap - crm? module in hyderabad city? I want siebel crm? 8.0 configuration book plz send me? What are the carrier options in crm? tool clarify ? Good insititutes for crm? training in sec-bad? Hey, i am using microsoft crm?, i would like to know the job opportunities of the crm? We are integrting siebel with oracle brm on aia. need some technical help? Which platform is clarify crm? most suited to work on-j2ee or .net? Sap? how it works? Can you answer these simple questions? I wont develop crm? software , what should i know about crm? ? Sem 4 elective which subject to choose? Regarding sap crm? 7.0 software download on pc? Simple lead tracking software?
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How to do Manual Invoice Entry in Oracle Accounts Payable - Oracle R12 Financial New Features
http://www.itconvergence.com/workshops - A video tutorial on Manual Invoice Entry in Oracle AP - Oracle Payables. This Tutorial includes: how to do manual invoice entry in R12 oracle payables. .For more information check out our series of tutorials on the R12 Financials new features. For more info on Oracle R12 Financials New Features Workshop - http://www.itconvergence.com/portal/page?_pageid=995,10071375&_dad=portal...
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Cloud CX Innovations @ Oracle Open World
Cloud CX Innovations @ Oracle Open World Follow us @crmitsolutions, #OOW15, #CRMITatOOW15
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An Auto-Join Network of Internet of Things Devices with a Java SE Embedded Lookup Service
This tutorial provides a coding and design example of an auto-join network of Internet of Things sensors and devices capable of dynamically locating remote services through a lookup service, using an advanced discovery process based on Java SE Embedded technology on a nearby wireless gateway. The lookup service returns Java objects that can be used by services and devices to register themselves so they can be found by client applications. Embedded client applications can use the lookup service to retrieve a Java proxy object to the service to call service requests in a secure fashion with proper authentication and encryption. Authors: Hinkmond Wong Hinkmond Wong is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff with the Java Embedded group and has been working at former Sun Microsystems, Inc., now Oracle for over 19 years. He was the specification lead for the Java Community Process (JCP) Java Specification Requests (JSRs) 36, 46, 218, and 219, Java ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC) and Foundation Profile. He holds a B.S.E in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and an M.S.E in computer engineering from Santa Clara University. Hinkmond's interests include working on proof-of-concept projects using Java Embedded technologies networked to back-end data center services. His recent projects include investigating IoT Bluetooth healthcare devices connecting to embedded gateway devices using Java Embedded technology and connecting to back-end middleware big data analytics software. He is the author of the book titled "Developing Jini Applications Using J2ME Technology". View more trainings by Hinkmond Wong at https://www.parleys.com/author/hinkmond-wong-1 Benjamin Wesson Benjamin Wesson is currently the Vice President of Product Management for Java Embedded and the Internet of Things at Oracle. He brings over 18-years of experience to this role having previously: run Product Management for IoT at SAP Labs, launched the Dexterra mobile middleware platform and managed the Salesforce Force.com Platform. Prior to Salesforce, Benjamin held a variety of Product Management and Software Development roles at PeopleSoft (Oracle), Siebel (Oracle) and other companies. You can follow Benjamin on twitter @benjaminwesson and on LinkedIn at linkd.in/benjaminwesson. View more trainings by Benjamin Wesson at https://www.parleys.com/author/benjamin-wesson Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
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Oracle Architecture in less than 10 minutes
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - I assume that it's the "I like!" votes that keep this video at or near the top when you search on "oracle". Thank you to all. S. Faroult View on www.konagora.com where Youtube is blocked. Full transcript (with some screenshots) available for a small fee at http://stores.lulu.com/konagora/. A pretty reckless description of what happens when you start Oracle and when you execute a statement. If you're a developer, it could influence how you code. If you're a junior DBA, or would be junior DBA, I hope it will help you make sense of some parts of the "Concepts" manual.
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CRM for Microsoft Outlook | Managing Duplicates and Conflicts During Synchronization
This video tutorial applies to Rel 11 through Rel 13. It shows you how to manage conflicts and duplicates that you may experience during synchronization between Oracle Sales Cloud and Outlook.
bpmNEXT 2013: KPI Risk Assessment
Manoj Das, Oracle In many scenarios, such as in Call Center, business users want to be alerted if a KPI threshold has not yet been violated but is at risk because the KPI has been trending up. Oracle BPM's BAM Composer allows non-technical business users to create temporal BAM queries including trending measures. Through simple point-click selection in a browser window, BAM Composer automatically generates the complex CQL statement implementing the business query. It also supports creation of mashups combining strategic BI data with operational BAM data and external sources. Manoj is Vice President of Product Management at Oracle, responsible for Oracle's BPM Suite of products including BPM, BAM, and Business Rules. He is a co-author of "Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 -- A Hands-On Tutorial", the soon to be published "Oracle BPM Suite 11g Handbook", and other books. Manoj has a BS in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and MBA from UC Berkeley. He has held senior Product Management, Development Management, and Product Development positions at Oracle, Siebel, Mentor Graphics, and others.
Oracle Training - Accounts Payable in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (1080p - HD)
http://www.i-oracle.com/ - Oracle Training and Tutorials - Learn how to enter and pay an invoice in Oracle Applications E-Business Suite R12. Use the R12 interface to also match the invoice to a Purchase Order, validate and approve the invoice. View Subledger Accounting (SLA) transactions, view invoice details. And many more.
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Siebel Clinical (CTMS) iHelp Overview
Learn more about iHelp, an interactive and context-sensitive user documentation system that comes with Siebel CTMS. -- Have you ever found yourself stuck on a task in Siebel Clinical, Oracle's Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)? Or, have your organization's users ever complained about forgetting how to perform a task? Although you may already have a comprehensive user guide, it's probably quite lengthy (perhaps over 300 pages!) and cumbersome to use. Wouldn't it be nice if Siebel Clinical had a guide built right into the application that could provide step-by-step instructions and tips exactly when and where you need them? Enter iHelp. iHelp is an interactive and context-sensitive user documentation system that comes with Siebel Clinical. That's right -- if you have Siebel Clinical, you already have iHelp. From quick pointers to full sets of instructions, iHelp can guide you through the steps in real-time. The level of detail is entirely up to you -- each organization has the power to create iHelp content that is 100% relevant to their users' needs. No more getting stuck! Join BioPharm Systems' Param Singh, vice president of clinical trial management solutions, and Richard Gavan, CTMS consultant, for this free one-hour webinar and demonstration in which they will: -- Provide a general overview of iHelp -- Discuss ways companies like yours are currently using the feature -- Share useful methods of deploying iHelp content -- Explain the basics of iHelp administration and development Training one or two users to develop content in iHelp could help the rest of your users become experts in Siebel Clinical, minimizing your need for refresher training, reference materials, and user support. Register to learn more! To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.biopharm.com or https://cc.readytalk.com/r/k5zuw3g6ybuy. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BioPharmSystems Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BioPharmSystems LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/biopharm-systems-inc Google+: https://plus.google.com/104105608638786200757
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PeopleMaps within Oracle CRM On Demand - Overview
An overview of PeopleMaps within Oracle CRM On Demand. PeopleMaps enables salespeople to close deals 30 times faster by getting warm introductions to all of their prospects, prioritize their pipeline using PeopleMaps Lead Ranking, harness the power of Network Effects by leveraging Organization-Wide Contact Sharing, and discover their Key Connectors who can help them build their networks.
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Oracle Press author Michael Lairson at Oracle Open World 2010.flv
Catch Michael Lairson at Oracle OpenWorld '10 as he discusses how his new book, Oracle CRM On Demand Dashboards, can help you build better, more useful reports
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How to Easily Copy, Migrate, and Archive Oracle Clinical Studies and Global Libraries
Learn how to copy, migrate, and archive Oracle Clinical studies and global libraries, as well as refresh study patient data with Accel-Copy. -- Is your clinical systems production environment bloated with studies that should be archived? Do you long for an easy way to create and refresh a training environment? Are you struggling with the complexities of migrating studies to a new environment? Does your clinical team desire the power of diagnosing production issues in a test environment without having to involve a database administrator? Look no further. Accel-Copy can do all this and more! BioPharm Systems has developed Accel-Copy to be a versatile tool that allows your clinical environment to be managed by your clinical team more effectively. Out of the box, the application provides the following features and benefits: Database Management • Migrate select global library domains/studies • Archive studies/global library to an archival instance Support and Training Functionality • Refresh studies or parts of studies from production to development or QA • Refresh patient data/discrepancies from production to development or QA • Create/refresh training instance studies or parts of studies Clinical Administration and Configuration • Synchronize reference code lists among environments • Refresh sites and investigators among environments without replication • Manage organization units, regions, programs, and projects across environments from a single source Data Quality • Perform field by field comparisons of database data before and after a migration/upgrade • Copy global library domains from production to QA • Copy a new study to production from QA The application is fully documented, validated, and GxP compliant. To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.biopharm.com or https://cc.readytalk.com/r/lgelz9jfs64u. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BioPharmSystems Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BioPharmSystems LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/biopharm-systems-inc Google+: https://plus.google.com/104105608638786200757
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Connect Excel to Oracle Database
How to connect an Oracle Database to Microsoft Excel. https://www.elance.com/s/edtemb/
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Scaling for Success with Oracle E-Business Suite Configurator
Do you have large or numerous Oracle Configurator models? Are you worried that your site may not scale or that end users may find your deployed models too slow? If so, Karen Fontaine, Senior Principal Product Manager and Marco Del Seta, Director, detail how Oracle achieves a high-performing, highly scalable and available deployment for Oracle Configurator in Oracle E-Business Suite 12c. Key topics include how to balance loading with model management, plan your model structure, and understand trade-offs in UI design and rule creation. This material was presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.
Siebel Assignment Manager - Calendar Appointments
http://www.ondemand-education.com a short flyby video about Calendar Appointments generated by Siebel Assignment Manager and the ABS. Suitable for audiences familiar with Siebel and Siebel Tools.
How to configure PowerExchange oracle CDC with Log Miner   Part 3
This video walks you through all the necessary steps on how to configure and start the PWX Logger process to implement Oracle CDC with LogMiner.
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Oracle Clinical Add-On Solution
Learn about Accel-Copy, a solution for copying, migrating, and archiving Oracle Clinical studies and global libraries, as well as refreshing study patient data -- Most of the companies that have seen Accel-Copy understand the value it provides and the productivity boost it gives to teams that work with Oracle Clinical. We invite you to experience it for yourself, too. Please join BioPharm Systems' Michelle Engler, the creator of Accel-Copy, for a free one-hour webinar, in which she will discuss and demonstrate the features and benefits of this time-saving solution meant for companies that: -- Need to archive studies in their clinical systems production environment -- Long for an easy way to create and refresh a training environment -- Struggle with the complexities of migrating studies to a new environment -- Desire the power of diagnosing production issues in a test environment without having to involve a database administrator To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.biopharm.com or https://cc.readytalk.com/r/2v9j6mqme6w2. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BioPharmSystems Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BioPharmSystems LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/biopharm-systems-inc Google+: https://plus.google.com/104105608638786200757
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Oracle SCM Order Management RMA with Receipt Setups Video Tutorial
Oracle ERP SCM Order Management RMA with Receipt Setup Video Tutorial Free Watch Download. Oracle Order Management RMA with Receipt Step by Step Setups Live Videos. For More Tutorials Login To http://www.oibin.com
202 Go Ugly Early Legends and Losers Unlocked | Legends & Losers Podcast
Get the latest episodes by email: www.legendsandlosers.com/free Get the book Play Bigger on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Play-Bigger-Dreamers-Innovators-Dominate/dp/0062407619/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485715097&sr=8-1&keywords=play+bigger+book On Episode 183, multi-time Silicon Valley CEO Jay Larson joined Christopher Lochhead in a dialogue that left many impressions. An executive admired by a lot of people in the marketing sphere, he said some amazing tidbits that until now Christopher looks back on. Today, the host mulls over some of the most resounding words left by the CEO of red-hot company Optimizely—to go ugly early. "In the sage words of Jay Larson, when you have bad news, go ugly early." - Christopher Lochhead Jay Larson - Getting to the Ugly Early This advice is exactly the opposite of what most people would think when they have bad news waiting to be unveiled. Anyone can be guilty of delaying the inevitable, be it a CEO or a politician. When there's bad news and they have to go on TV, they would most probably go on about things that may not be relevant to the real issue. They meander around and try to remind people about how great they are before dropping the bomb. Undermining Yourself When you fall prey to the bad news and don't put it right on the table, you communicate to everybody that you're not on top of it. You fail to be professional, unable to show that you have a grasp of the facts. It doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO of a company or a leader of any kind. Not dealing with and resolving a bad news upfront mean undercutting your power. Facing the Ugly Head-on Dishing out the good news before the bad is a disservice to both you and your constituents. This doesn’t help address the problem at all, and it reflects badly on your leadership skills and ability to manage a business situation. By being honest with the status of your business, you will be braver in fixing the problem, and so will everyone around you. So go ugly early. Listen and download to the episode now! Bio / Links: Jay Larson started in sales in Oracle and Siebel. He became Head of WW Field ops at Mercury Interactive, Head of Sales at SuccessFactors, President of Jive, CEO of Birst. And now, the CEO of red-hot Optimizely. https://www.linkedin.com/in/larsonjay/ https://www.optimizely.com
Christina and E-Commerce Since the Beginning of the Interne
http://accenture.com/us-en/pages/index.aspx http://oracle.com/index.html Two of these books were written by Tom Siebel, one of the earliest pioneers in CRM software. Christina has been in the IT field since 1996 and has been a consultant at Accenture and Oracle in Reston, VA. Establishing Internet presence (branding) and the infrastructure (hardware and software) to support it for global brands, government agencies, healthcare and telecommunications.
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Has mass media turned us into label mongers? | Bassam Salem | TEDxSaltLakeCity
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. How do you envision someone from the Middle East? Bassam would like to show you how the media you're exposed to is affecting your perception of, well, everything. And maybe not in a beneficial way. Hear Bassam share his idea on how we can change the way we interact with our media and each other in a way that allows for far more "truth" to be present. Bassam was born in Egypt, lived in France and England as a child, and immigrated to the US at age 13 as a foreign student. He attended the University of Utah where he completed three degrees in Computer Science as well as an MBA. He started his professional career at a young age, programming professionally at 15, completing his first Master’s degree at 21, and awarded his first patent at 28. Bassam is currently Chief Business Officer at publicly-traded software company inContact where he leads the company’s customer and enterprise operations. During his 4-year tenure with the company, its market capitalization has grown from under $100 million to nearly $600 million. Prior to inContact, Bassam was with many leading-edge technology companies such as Omniture (acquired by Adobe), Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle), IBM, and Phillips Electronics. Bassam is passionate about helping and mentoring others and sits on a number of civic, non- profit, and start-up technology boards. He feels grateful to be able to call Park City, Utah his adopted hometown but enjoys international travel. Bassam writes frequently on both his personal blog and industry journals covering a broad range of topics from self-improvement to personal finance to business management. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Hints and Tips for Tailoring CDS
This video provides hints and tips about how to tailor the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Customer Data Services Pack. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
PREVIEW [Oracle BI Applications: Delivering Value Through Rapid Implementation]
WATCH ENTIRE SESSION AT http://hub.am/1eVBwP3 ... Providing actionable business intelligence across the enterprise to enable informed decision-making and streamlined business processes is an obtainable goal. Join team members from Oracle and KPI Partners for this virtual event that helps provide the basic foundation and understanding you need in order to know where to start, how to select trusted advisors, how to form your team, how to set user expectations, and what pitfalls to avoid. Guests Simon Miller and William Hutchinson have recently authored a new book within the Oracle Press series titled 'Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: Deliver Value Through Rapid Implementations'. Their book serves as a guide to anyone who has been touched by an Oracle BI Applications purchase and implementation, including CXOs, business managers, functional end users, implementers, IT support, and data warehouse professionals. With over 25 years of experience, Simon and Will can help provide perspective into several areas: -Why you would consider purchasing a pre-built analytic application? -The challenges and risks of building a data warehouse from scratch -Are Oracle BI Applications applicable for your needs? -What should you be aware of when implementing? -How can you extend and make a pre-built BI application your own? -How can Exalytics help with a deployments? -Understanding of the different technical components of Oracle BI Applications -What does Oracle's out-of-the-box BI application include in terms of content? -Attendees will have the opportunity to win a free copy of Simon and Will's new book, 'Oracle Business Intelligence Applications: Deliver Value Through Rapid Implementations'. Join us for the opportunity to see Oracle BI Applications through the eyes of two tenured individuals who have built their careers around explaining what the BI Applications are and how they can help an organization. Guests: Simon Miller is a Master Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, specializing in Oracle's prebuilt BI Applications. Over the past 15 years he has worked exclusively in the BI Technology, Architecture, and Analytics space across North America and parts of Europe. Simon was originally trained on what is now Oracle's prebuilt BI Applications in April 2002. He is responsible for working with one of Oracle's largest customers, supporting both evaluations and implementations of Oracle BI Applications. William Hutchinson is a Master Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, specializing in http://hub.am/1eVBwP3 ... Oracle's BI tools and applications. He has worked in business intelligence and data warehousing for more than 25 years. Will started building data warehouses in 1986, working at Informatica and Siebel, before coming to Oracle as part of the Siebel acquisition. Q&A Session: 01:03: Why did you guys write this book? 02:46: Why such an emphasis on rapid implementation? 04:24: Expand on what the correlation might be between the road map of OBIEE and BI applications and how they intersect with one another? 05:16: Is Informatica still used as an ETL tool for the 11g version? 05:56: Will the new BI apps on the 7.9.6 version for BI Apps work for something like a parts database, specifically metrics such as the probability that a specific part may fail? Is that something analytics applications might be able to tackle? 06:46: Are either of you guys familiar with Advance Collections in financial analytics? 07:15: Within the book does it go into as much detail as defining the metrics within the BI applications? 07:59: How would you summarize the key benefits of choosing an Oracle BI solution over another BI solution (such as Cognos or Business Objects)? 10:06: How long will it typically take to implement out of the box financial analytics? 11:16: Will the presentation be available on the KPI website or YouTube channel? 11:50: What exactly is Exalytics? How does Exalytics aid the Oracle BI applications? 14:09: If you could give a customer one piece of advice before starting implementation of a BI application, what would that piece of advice be?
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How to Create Custom Database Roles in Oracle Clinical and Remote Data Capture (RDC)
Learn how to create new custom database roles in Oracle Clinical and Remote Data Capture (RDC). -- One of the fundamental requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 is controlling user access in clinical trial applications. You do not want to unintentionally give someone access to something he or she should not have. To avoid these situations, Oracle Clinical and Remote Data Capture (RDC) comes with a set of predefined database roles that system administrators can set to enable users to perform specific tasks, yet prevent them from taking actions they are not authorized to take. While the predefined roles serve as a good starting point, it is critical for organizations to decide which roles make sense for the way they do business. In such cases, it may be beneficial to create new custom roles. While this process is not overly complex, it is easy to overlook several aspects that can make all the difference. Perficient’s Tammy Dutkin, director of Clinical Data Management and EDC, demonstrates how organizations can take ownership of their own database roles to ensure they remain compliant. To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.perficient.com/Thought-Leadership/On-Demand-Webinars/2014/Taking-Ownership-of-Custom-Database-Roles-in-Oracle-Clinical-and-RDC Stay on top of Life Sciences technologies by following us here: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Perficient_LS Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Perficient LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/165444 Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Perficient SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/PerficientInc
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Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud Integration
A step-by-step guide on End-to-End Integration between Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud using the integration cloud service. See how we can help you optimize your business - http://www.bcone.com/ Contact us on email: [email protected]
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382nd 1Mby1M Roundtable January 18, 2018: With Bruce Cleveland, Wildcat Venture Partners
During this week’s roundtable, we had as our guest Bruce Cleveland, Founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners, one of the early employees at Oracle, as well as Siebel Systems. Bruce is working on a book on The Traction Gap framework that his firm uses in its venture capital practice. He discussed the methodology at this session. The Lorusso Machine As for the pitches, Steve Lorusso pitched The Lorusso Machine, an energy generator that costs about $1000 for consumer installations. As always, I would very much like to hear about your business, so let me invite you to come and pitch at one of our free 1Mby1M public roundtables: http://1m1m.sramanamitra.com/free-public-roundtables/
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