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Jeffrey Masson: Does "humane meat" exist?
Bestselling author of many books on animals, Jeffrey Masson, discusses the concept of humane meat. This is a short excerpt from GET HEALTHY NOW YELLOW DVD set, documenting the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2011. Full details at: https://secure2.vegsource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=73&products_id=488
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how upload a database to phpmyadmin -- how to solve ** No database selected error ** #1046 fixed
This video gives a comprehensive step by step approach to bypass the fatal "No database selected" #1046 error while trying to import your database into phpmyadmin using xampp
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I EXIST - Sorrow On Hill 105
"Sorrow On Hill 105" off From Darkness. Get the new album from I Exist here: AUS: http://www.resistrecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=7053 USA: http://www.indiemerch.com/prostheticrecords/band/i-exist MERCH: http://iexistmusic.com http://facebook.com/iexistcbr http://resistrecords.com http://prostheticrecords.com
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Люфт главной пары катушки. Настройка и проверка. Daiwa, Shimano
https://vk.com/proreels (группа VK, подписываемся) http://www.plat.co.jp/shop/catalog/default.php - покупка шайб Part number 190709 - 0.05мм (Real four 11x15.5 mm) Part number 190402 - 0.02мм (Real four 11x15.5 mm) Part number 190137 - 0.05мм (для Daiwa и shimano 7x10 mm) Part number 190510 - 0.02мм (для Daiwa и shimano 7x10 mm) http://www.dx.com/s/Digital+150mm+Caliper - измерение толщины шайб
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I EXIST - Lightning Curse
"Lightning Curse" off From Darkness. Get the new album from I Exist here: AUS: http://www.resistrecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=7053 USA: http://www.indiemerch.com/prostheticrecords/band/i-exist MERCH: http://iexistmusic.com http://facebook.com/iexistcbr http://resistrecords.com http://prostheticrecords.com
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Расширение конфигурации 1С для поиска автозапчастей аналогов по кроссам (TecDoc, Emex, Exist) Online
Расширение для 1С 8.3 Управление Торговлей 11 и Управление Нашей Фирмой 1.6. https://1module.ru/TopCat/index.php?SECTION_ID=372 Доступ к PartsApi (TecDoc, Emex, Exist...) Online оплачивается отдельно напрямую, цена на 1 сентября 2018 года – 900 р/мес. Без ограничений по количеству запросов.
209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence
Every time you get upset about something small, just remember this. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC Robotix Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. STILLS Pleiades (Seven Sisters) in the Taurus Constellation ronniechua / Thinkstock.com Pleiades Star Cluster Astrobobo / Thinkstock.com Milky Way Bar Stocktrek Images / Thinkstock Andromeda Galaxy Astrobobo / Thinkstock.com Blue Moon somchaisom / Thinkstock.com ISS006-E-40544 / NASA.gov http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/station/crew-6/html/iss006e40544.html Moon / NASA.gov http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA14021 Neptune / NASA.gov http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/display.cfm?Category=Planets&IM_ID=15663 Uranus / NASA.gov http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA17306 Saturn / NASA.gov http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA11141 Jupiter / NASA.gov http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/juno/multimedia/pia02873.html Mars / NASA.gov http://mars.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/?ImageID=2633 Venus / NASA.gov http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA00257 Mercury Globe / NASA.gov http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/messenger/multimedia/messenger_orbit_image20111130_1.html Mercury as Never Seen Before / NASA.gov http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/display.cfm?IM_ID=7543 THE BLUE MARBLE / NASA.gov http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=57723 North America satellite orthographic / Wikimedia Commons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:North_America_satellite_orthographic.jpg Earthrise / NASA.gov http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/earthday_gallery/index_noaccess.html TWINKLE, TWINKLE LITTLE EARTH / NASA.gov http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=83296 VIDEO NASA | Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun / NASA Goddard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFT7ATLQQx8 SOURCES http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/vis/a000000/a004100/a004119/dist.0570.jpg http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/details.cgi?aid=4119 http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Solar_system_scale-2.jpg http://www.universetoday.com/115672/you-could-fit-all-the-planets-between-the-earth-and-the-moon/ http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/index.cfm http://astronomycentral.co.uk/astronomy-the-size-of-stuff/ https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/display.cfm?IM_ID=188 http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_1249.html#.VJHtlycqOHg http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/newsreleases/newsrelease20131112/ http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=52392 http://astronomycentral.co.uk/astronomy-the-size-of-stuff/ http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25207-largest-ever-yellow-star-is-1300-times-bigger-than-sun.html https://books.google.com/books?id=7SbN3iyoNf0C&pg=PA391&lpg=PA391&dq=1R+%3D+6.955+km+solar+radii&source=bl&ots=6JMJ6KR0S0&sig=O_4EVmvx9bi8K9uYrH52pp2fYdU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=qxqSVO24O8m4ogTd5YCYAw&ved=0CDcQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=1R%20%3D%206.955%20km%20solar%20radii&f=false http://iopscience.iop.org/0004-637X/743/2/135/ http://www.aanda.org/index.php?option=com_article&access=bibcode&Itemid=129&bibcode=2007A%2526A...474..229BFUL http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2012A&A...540L..12W http://earthsky.org/space/does-our-sun-reside-in-a-spiral-arm-of-the-milky-way-galaxy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmWNs4QrshY http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2004/07/image/a/warn/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/03/hubble-space-telescope-ultraviolet-10000-galaxies-photo_n_5440225.html http://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/exoplanet-exploration/ http://www.space.com/17001-how-big-is-the-sun-size-of-the-sun.html http://www.space.com/19915-milky-way-galaxy.html http://www.universetoday.com/75691/how-big-is-the-milky-way/ BASED ON THIS BUZZFEED POST: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-universe-is-scary GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeed www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedpop www.youtube.com/cnnbuzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
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10 Badass Machine You Need to See
10 Badass Machine You Need to See 10 Insane Machine You Need to know ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Chain Trencher http://nextrencher.com/en/c/nextrencher-3 2. Lake Cleaning Machine http://www.aquarius-systems.com/ 3. Wirtgen WR250 https://www.wirtgen.de/en/products/cold-recyclers-soil-stabilizers/cold-recyclers-soil-stabilizers/wr250.php https://www.wirtgen-group.com/china/en/news-media/press-releases/wirtgen-china/wr-250.html 4. Fendt IDEAL https://ideal.fendt.com/en/index.html https://www.fendt.com/int/fendt-ideal.html 5. Fendt Cutter https://www.fendt.com/uk/cutter-highlights.html 5. Fendt Twister Tedders https://www.fendt.com/int/twister-highlights.html 6. Fractum breaker http://fractum.com/ https://www.mining-technology.com/contractors/crushers/fractum/ 7. Bobcat Sand Cleaner  https://www.bobcat.com/eu/attachments/sand-cleaner/specs-options 8. PNEUMATIC SEED DRILL http://www.maschio.co.uk/products/seed-drills/ 9. WATER PUMP http://www.marazzipompe.it/about-us/?lang=en 10. MONSTER 770 http://www.maschio.com/catalog/product/monster-770/en_GB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION-TTI Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts Google Plus:-https://plus.google.com/+TOP10INFORMATION10 Twitter:-https://twitter.com/TopTenInfor SUBSCRIBE:-https://goo.gl/F6pHMw INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/top_10_information/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT Me for Copyright Related issues, Credit addition and deletion: we will solve your issue within few hours https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/
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I EXIST - Heal Me In Smoke
"Heal Me In Smoke" off From Darkness. Get the new album from I Exist here: AUS: http://www.resistrecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=7053 USA: http://store.prostheticrecords.com/products/search?q=from+darkness MERCH: http://iexistmusic.com http://facebook.com/iexistcbr http://resistrecords.com http://prostheticrecords.com
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PHP Dynamic Select/Option From MySQL Table
In this video I will illustrate how to create a dynamic Select/Option structure from a MySQL table using PHP.
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The Science Of Racism
Why are some people racist, but others are not? Follow Natalia on Twitter: https://twitter.com/natalia13reagan Read More: The Surprising Science of Race and Racism http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/30/racism-race-explained-science-anthropologist_n_7687842.html “What causes racism? And what can be done to overcome our nation's legacy of intolerance and hatred?” Weathering: stress and heart disease in African American women living in Chicago. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16394211 “Researchers have suggested that lifelong chronic and cumulative exposure to social and economic stressors is associated with early onset of chronic illness in African American women.” The Myth of Race http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674417311 “Biological races do not exist—and never have.” Genetic Variation and Human Evolution http://www.ashg.org/education/pdf/geneticvariation.pdf “The past two decades have witnessed an explosion of human genetic data.” ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Julia Wilde on Twitter https://twitter.com/julia_sci DNews on Facebook https://facebook.com/DiscoveryNews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com Download the TestTube App: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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7 College Courses You Won't Believe Actually Exist
Can I please major in Maple Syrup? Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ffV404 Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1ilcE7k Share on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ffV4x5 Credits: https://archive.org/details/0383_Surfing_14_05_02_00 https://archive.org/details/0591_Of_Town_and_Country_22_44_02_00 https://archive.org/details/0873_Using_Trees_Part_Three_of_a_Series_01_00_45_21 https://archive.org/details/0982_How_We_Get_Sugar_01_01_04_01 https://archive.org/details/Breakfas1939 https://archive.org/details/Journeyt1967 https://archive.org/details/Maintain1947 https://archive.org/details/0512_That_Junior_Miss_Spirit_03_01_00_05 Maple Syrup http://www.flickr.com/photos/dougletterman/2378947630/sizes/l/ Pancakes http://www.flickr.com/photos/frostnova/781571392/sizes/l/ Bicycles http://www.flickr.com/photos/royluck/9430758853/sizes/l/ Branches http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevepj2009/3275863459/sizes/l/ Girl http://www.flickr.com/photos/waltstoneburner/4654181942/sizes/l/ Cupid & Psyche http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5901978209/sizes/l/ Four Views of Aphrodite http://www.flickr.com/photos/kjfnjy/5966510582/sizes/l/ Hero & his Lady http://www.flickr.com/photos/orinrobertjohn/1555851256/sizes/l/ Helen of Troy Busk at the V&A http://www.flickr.com/photos/dullhunk/2900415771/sizes/l/ Hug http://www.flickr.com/photos/musinsect/6659992971/sizes/l/ Sources: http://www.alfred.edu/honors/archive.cfm http://physics.bard.edu/courses/ http://catalog.oberlin.edu/preview_course_nopop.php?catoid=22&coid=39686 http://courses.cornell.edu/preview_course_nopop.php?catoid=12&coid=95399 http://www.skidmore.edu/fye/scribner/courses/sex-ancient-city.php http://my.sa.ucsb.edu/Catalog/Current/ CollegesDepartments/ls-intro/envst.aspx?DeptTab=Courses http://www.chc.edu/Undergraduate/Student_Life/Service_Learning/Courses/ http://www.usatodayeducate.com/staging/index.php/ campuslife/top-10-easiest-and-most-unusual-college-courses http://www.seventeen.com/college/advice/ten-coolest-college-classes#slide-4 http://www.fastweb.com/student-life/articles/3848-20-bizarre-college-courses%22
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The Verdict of Battle
http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674416871 Slaughter in battle was once seen as a legitimate way to settle disputes. When pitched battles ceased to exist, the law of victory gave way to the rule of unbridled force. In THE VERDICT OF BATTLE James Whitman explains why ritualized violence was more effective in ending carnage, and why humanitarian laws that view war as evil have led to longer, more barbaric conflicts.
Обзор новинок на 04.2018 от компании Звезда
В сегодняшнем видеоролике мы рассмотрим несколько новинок от компании «Звезда» 1) Модель в 350-ом масштабе российской атомной подводной лодки «Юрий Долгорукий» проекта «Борей», новинкой можно назвать лишь условно, в коробке лежит тот же пластик что и в модели подводной лодки «Владимир Мономах», отличие лишь в декалях. Артикул ZV-9061. https://modelsworld.ru/shop/product41172.php 2) Модель танка в масштабе 1/72 немецкий средний танк PZ.IV-H, абсолютно новая модель. Артикул ZV-5017. https://modelsworld.ru/shop/product41168.php 3) Набор миниатюр в масштабе 1/35 Российские современные танкисты в боевом защитном костюме 6Б15 «Ковбой», абсолютно новая разработка, очень хорошее дополнение к таким моделям как: танк «Армата», «МСТА», «Терминатор» и Т-90. Артикул ZV-3684. https://modelsworld.ru/shop/product41171.php 4) Набор военно-исторической миниатюры в масштабе 1/72 «Немецкие бронебойщики» - новая разработка. Артикул ZV-6216. https://modelsworld.ru/shop/product40960.php 5) Набор военно-исторической миниатюры в масштабе 1/72 «Немецкие снайперы» - новая разработка. Артикул ZV-6217. https://modelsworld.ru/shop/product41169.php
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Fix #1046 - No database selected
how to fix ERROR : #1046 - No database selected MySQL said: Documentation #1046 - No database selected
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Adding products|Image Upload|Defining Eloquent Relationship:Ecommerce Website in Laravel #3
In this video we will continue our ecommerce project. We will create Interface where admin can add products with featured image and categories. Find Code on: https://github.com/webdevmatics Html template: https://github.com/webdevmatics/ecom-template Please Like and Subscribe (if you haven't done already ). This will really boost my confidence and encourage me to make more videos. Thanks. Twitter: https://twitter.com/webdevmatics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webdevmatics
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Shopping Cart with PHP and MySQL - Updating Quantity and Saving Orders
In this video, I will demo how to Update Quantity and Saving Orders in Shopping Cart with PHP and MySQL To download all sources code for this demo please pay for me $5 at my PayPal Account: [email protected] You can see programming languages book reviews and buy Books Online at http://learningprogramming.net/ You also can buy my apps in http://codecanyon.net/user/octopuscodes/portfolio
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Web Server: Enable Directory Listing / Directory Browsing with .htaccess & create files with no name
Web Servers hide the contents of folders by default. If there’s no index.html or index.php file, it will show a "403 Forbidden" error. That means that the folder exists, but you don’t have access to it. Different from a "404 Not Found" error, meaning no such folder exists. If you want to see the files inside all folders, you need to put this .htaccess file in the directory you want to enable Download htaccess zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/qm398c6l99xl8o8/htaccess+File+Inside.zip UnZip it and it should work. (This is if you’re having trouble creating files with no name, only an extension) ➤Create .htaccess file -Open notepad (or other text editor) -Save a blank file called ".htaccess" (no filename just an extension) -Make sure you change the "Save as Type" dropdown from "Text Document *.txt" to "All files" -Use ftp software to copy the .htaccess file to your web server -You might need to "Show hidden files" in order to see it ➤Configuring htaccess ➨"Options +Indexes" -Adding this enables the list of files in the folder -Capitalization doesn’t matter -You can comment out lines with a hashtag/number sign (#) ➨"IndexOptions FancyIndexing" -This changes the display ➨"Options -Indexes" -this hides the listings. Add a new .htaccess file in a subfolder to disable directory listing in that folder and keep it active in the containing folder ➨"DirectoryIndex 1.txt" -This sets the default page to load instead of index.html or index.php (as long as 1.txt exists) ➨"IndexIgnore *.txt *.doc" -This excludes any files with the extension txt & doc from the list -They’re still accessible by direct URL, but just won’t show up if directory listing is enabled More Detailed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsaaVCB55dQ
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Solution : phpmyadmin.pma_table_uiprefs doesn't exist - Updated Link in Description
Working Link https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/blob/master/sql/create_tables.sql This video shows how to solve phpmyadmin.pma_table_uiprefs doesn't exist error. Download create_table.sql from below link https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/blob/master/sql/create_tables.sql
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The People's Car
http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674050914 In THE PEOPLE'S CAR: A GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE, Bernhard Rieger reveals how a car commissioned by Hitler and designed by Ferdinand Porsche became a global commodity on a par with Coca-Cola. The Beetle's success hinged on its uncanny ability to capture the imaginations of executives, engineers, advertisers, car collectors, suburbanites, hippies, and everyday drivers across nations and cultures.
The Top 10 Flat Earth Arguments Debunked
In this video we debunk the 10 most common arguments in favour of the flat Earth model that we see. The flat Earth debate has really flared up in recent months with a great deal of misinformation floating about, so we decided to refute a portion of it. It is worth noting that there will be arguments that we haven't addressed, but due to the sheer number of flat Earth arguments that exist it is unrealistic to expect this video to debunk every flat Earth argument. It is designed to debunk the arguments we picked (weird that I feel I have to point this out). P.S a few times during recording we accidentally said "if the sun was flat" that is just a slip of the tongue as it had been a long recording day, I can confirm we did mean to say Earth. Sorry about that! References Catalog of Flat Earth Claims & Refutations - https://flatearthinsanity.blogspot.com.au/2016/11/catalog-of-flat-earth-claims-refutations.html Behold: NASA’s first image of the whole Earth in decades - https://qz.com/458826/behold-nasas-first-image-in-decades-of-the-whole-earth/ The earth pictured by Hayabusa - http://www.isas.jaxa.jp/e/snews/2004/0519_new.shtml Terra Orbit Coverage Illustration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZVDuJXGpSg Top 10 Ways to Know the Earth is Not Flat - http://www.smarterthanthat.com/astronomy/top-10-ways-to-know-the-earth-is-not-flat/ The Blue Marble - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Marble THE BLUE MARBLE FROM APOLLO 17 - https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view.php?id=55418 Refraction of Light - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR-8ZRCHCXI Atmospheric refraction - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_refraction Looming and similar refraction phenomena - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looming_and_similar_refraction_phenomena Explained: Observations of Canigou, Curvature of the Earth & Atmospheric Refraction - https://www.metabunk.org/explained-observations-of-canigou-curvature-of-the-earth-atmospheric-refraction.t8688/ Gravity - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity#Tests Tests of general relativity - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_general_relativity#Perihelion_precession_of_Mercury Halley’s comet - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halley%27s_Comet Differences between gravitational and electromagnetic radiation -- http://www.tapir.caltech.edu/~teviet/Waves/differences.html The electric universe theory debunked - http://neutrinodreaming.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/electric-universe-theory-debunked.html Is gravity just electromagnetic attraction? - https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/120163/is-gravity-just-electromagnetic-attraction International space station livestream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzMQza8xZCc Gravity Might Destroy The Possibility of Electromagnetic Symmetry in The Universe - http://www.sciencealert.com/magnetic-monopoles-aren-t-just-hiding-gravity-means-they-might-not-exist-at-all Electric universe - http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Electric_Universe How do birds fly? - https://askabiologist.asu.edu/how-do-birds-fly Explained: Why flying isn't impossible on a globe - https://www.metabunk.org/explained-why-flying-isnt-impossible-on-a-globe.t7971/ Explained: Why a Spirit Level on a Plane Does Not Show Curvature "Corrections" - https://www.metabunk.org/explained-why-a-spirit-level-on-a-plane-does-not-show-curvature-corrections.t8741/ Flat Earth Debunk Visualization - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uexZbunD7Jg Crepuscular angles and the flat idea - https://www.metabunk.org/crepuscular-angles-and-the-flat-idea.t7360/ Star trails from the southern hemisphere - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-VWJHRN7cw Polaris star rotation night sky star trials timelapse - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVTLDtaQSL8 Crux (Southern Cross) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crux Sigma Octantis - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigma_Octantis Pole Star - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pole_star Does the North Star ever move? - http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/north-star-movement How Polaris proves the Earth is Round - http://debunkingflatearth.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/debunking-flat-earth-how-polaris-proves.html Can you see the Southern Cross in the northern hemisphere? - http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2010/06/17/2929420.htm Debunked: Rivers flow uphill - https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-rivers-flow-uphill.t7783/ Flights over Antarctica - http://www.antarcticaflights.com.au/ Thanks for watching! Subscribe for regular videos! Like this video and share it around! Follow us on Facebook - (https://www.facebook.com/therationalchannel/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel) Also follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/YouTube_TRC) Thanks again for watching - R & J
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ayye gettin hte ladies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO SONG/PINK GUY - FURR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M34OyoBsXUk OUTRO SONG/PINK GUY - UBER PUSSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPaXb1zFwCM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY IMVU http://www.imvu.com/catalog/web_mypage.php?user=161012018
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Парсер сайта Exist.ru для УТ 10.3
По артикулу запчасти находит информацию о товаре, сроках и условиях поставки. Так же находит заменители и аналоги. От компании "Первый Модуль" http://1module.ru/TopCat/index.php?SECTION_ID=372&ELEMENT_ID=5118
51: Upload Files and Images to Website in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | Image Upload
Upload Files and Images to Website in PHP | PHP Tutorial | Learn PHP Programming | Image Upload. In this PHP tutorial I will show how to easily upload images and files to a website using PHP. We will also learn how to add error handlers specific to uploading such as file size and file type. ➤ GET ACCESS TO MY LESSON MATERIAL HERE! First of all, thank you for all the support you have given me! I am really glad to have such an awesome community on my channel. It motivates me to continue creating and uploading content! So thank you! I am now using Patreon to share improved and updated lesson material, and for a small fee you can access all the material. I have worked hard, and done my best to help you understand what I teach. I hope you will find it helpful :) Material for this lesson: https://www.patreon.com/posts/php-51-download-15783159
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Top 10 Gas to Electric Car Conversion Projects (Engine to Motor Swaps)
What do you think is the best way to upgrade an already great car? Add spoilers and lower the suspension? Maybe throw in new tech and re-do the trimming? No, in our days the ultimate way to pimp a ride is to replace its engine with an electric motor! What can you get from this modification? First of all, that incredible feeling of quick acceleration from instant torque, silent cabin, low maintenance, no need for gasoline, and lastly access to the inner cities with restrictions for ICE cars. In this episode we will show you the top 10 most interesting engine swaps, that reimagined already great cars and turned them into all-electric marvels of modern automaking. Cars featured in this video: Kreisel Hammer: kreiselelectric.com/en/blog/kreisel-electric-and-arnold-schwarzenegger-present-the-worlds-first-electrified-hummer-h1 Kreisel Hammer is the only off-road electric vehicle developed on the basis of Hammer H1. It is a prototype that will be not mass produced and will be build demand. Kreisel Gwagen: kreiselelectric.com/en/projects/electric-g-class/ Externally the electric G-class from Kreisel differs only in detail and on the inside you will be getting the same level of luxury and comfort. 1960 VW Beatle by Zelectric: zelectricmotors.com While Zelectric has a lot of cars in their lineup of electrified vehicles, their specialty is VW Beetles of 1958-1967 model years. Jeep Wrangler Electric: cad4x.kaist.ac.kr Jeep JK Wrangler Electric is a completely electric ATV developed by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. BMW EV West: evwest.com/catalog/press.php EV West is the US based company that specializes in retail of electric car parts, components, conversion kits, and charging station solutions for your Electric Vehicle or EV Conversion. Zombie 222: bloodshedmotors.com Zombie 222, is the pinnacle of Bloodshed Motors mechanical genius and it is a modified 1968 Mustang Fastback. Kreisel Evex 910E: kreiselelectric.com/en/projects/kreisel-evex-910e Kreisel Electric is the Austrian company that specializes in e-mobility, battery technology and electric powertrains. One of their most valued prototypes is Kreisel Evex 910E, which is a converted 1960 Porshe 910. Jaguar E-Type Zero: media.jaguar.com/en-us/news/2017/09/electric-jaguar-e-type-zero-debuts-jaguar-land-rover-tech-fest Jaguar came up with a reminiscently designed E-type Zero, probably attempting to hook old timers and make them want to own an electric classic. This Jaguar is a reconfigured E-type Series 1.5 sports roadster of the 1968 model year Genovation GXE: genovationcars.com When designing the Genovation, engineers were tasked to change perception of EVs. We cannot but agree that they have already succeeded with that task. Zelectric's all-electric Porsche 911 Targa: zelectricmotors.com Just like with all of their builds, Zelectric is trying to avoid making any modifications to the cars they are remodeling, so this beautiful 1973 Porsche 911 Targa remains as vintage as they come.
The World of Mathematical Reality
http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674284388 In his first book, A Mathematician's Lament, Paul Lockhart outlined how we introduce math to students in the wrong way. Now, in Measurement, he explains how math should be done. With plain English and pictures, he makes complex ideas about shape and motion intuitive and graspable, and offers a solution to math phobia by introducing us to math as an artful way of thinking and living.
TWIN FLAMES- 12/4/17 MESSAGE- Oh! How the Tables Have Turned!
For a personal session with me: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=13995867&action=addCart&clear=1&id=389168 Find me on Facebook as well here: https://www.facebook.com/AwakenedWarrioress1111
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Ajax Live Data Search using Jquery PHP MySql
PHP AJAX Live Search, Ajax Live Search With PHP and MySQL, Live search in php using jquery ajax without reloading page, How To Integrate Live Search In PHP And MySQL With JQuery, Ajax Live Search - PHP Tutorial, Ajax Search Box in PHP and MySQL, mysql - Livesearch php and ajax, How To Create Ajax Search Using PHP Jquery and Mysql. Source code - http://www.webslesson.info/2016/03/ajax-live-data-search-using-jquery-php-mysql.html
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PHP Tutorials: jQuery: Get Data from MySQL Database without Refreshing
Want more? Explore the library at https://www.codecourse.com/lessons Official site https://www.codecourse.com Twitter https://twitter.com/teamcodecourse
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Поиск запчастей на Carpis.ru
Как работает поиск автозапчастей на сайте Carpis.ru Оправить запрос можно здесь: http://carpis.ru/disassembly/zapros.php
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Pink Mermaid Shell Acrylic Nails
♕❤☆.....OPEN ME!!.....☆❤♕ MADAM GLAM GEL POLISH: https://madamglam.com/?utm_source=yt-sbn ♕❤☆.....Links To My Most Asked Questions.....☆❤♕ STILETTO TIPS: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/FREESHIPPING-STILETTO-GROOVE-NATURAL-FRENCH-NAIL-TIPS-500-tip-bag/809803_2042119838.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.VPHAcg SQUARE TIPS: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/500X-Acrylic-French-Half-False-Nail-Art-Manicures-DIY-Tips-Clear-White-Natural-/361408904831?var=&hash=item5425a63e7f:m:m2axJBCgq82r3RSdA5_IkVg E-FILE: https://www.footcareathome.co.uk/collections/saeyang-micro-motor-nail-drills-1/products/saeyang-k35-mains-powered-micro-motor-nail-drill ORGANIC ACRYLIC BRUSH SIZE 8: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Organic-Nail-Products-Brush-PINCEL-KOLINSKY-8-A-ALUMINIO-ORG91158-/272227265806 CUTICLE CLEANING BIT: https://todacusa.com/onlinestore/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=81&products_id=464&osCsid=15e987c5fb3b02aa69f499f5a027cdc2 SMOOTH TOP DRILL BIT: https://todacusa.com/onlinestore/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=47_48&products_id=581&osCsid=15e987c5fb3b02aa69f499f5a027cdc2 ROUND TOP DRILL BIT: https://todacusa.com/onlinestore/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=54_55&products_id=540&osCsid=15e987c5fb3b02aa69f499f5a027cdc2 CONE DRILL BIT: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-PCS-Red-Base-Carbide-Drill-Bit-Nails-3-32-Stainless-Steel-Handle-Cutter-For-Manicure/32783667774.html?spm=2114.13010708.0.0.ilXJAY VALENTINO BEAUTY PURE DUST COLLECTOR: http://www.nailharmonyuk.co.uk/product-details/20/133/2307/other/valentino/3-in-1-valentino-filter-system.htm NAIL LAMP: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/UVLED-SUN2-48W-Professional-UV-LED-Lamp-Nail-Dryer-Nail-Polish-Dryer-Machine-Curing-all-Gels/32653802991.html?spm=2114.13010708.0.0.9KZXVA ACRYLIC SYSTEM I USE: https://www.naio-nails.co.uk/ ♕❤☆.....Coupons.....☆❤♕ Madam Glam Gel Polish 30% Off Code Is: SOPHIEF30 Tones Website 15% Off: SOPHIES Born Pretty Store 10% Off Worldwide Discount Code Is: SPBW10 ♕❤☆.....My Disclaimer.....☆❤♕ All The Products Used In This Footage Were Either Brought By Me Or Given To Me As Gifts Or Swap Items. I Am NOT!! Getting Paid Any Money For Promoting Any Products Shown In My Videos. ♕❤☆.....Music Used.....☆❤♕ All Music Used Is Produced By One Of The Following Artists Kevin MacLeod Dan O Songs NCS Music Bass Rebel Pixel Music & Music From The YouTube Library ♕❤☆.....Filming Products.....☆❤♕ DAYLIGHT COMPANY LED SLIMLINE LAMP x2: https://uk.daylightcompany.com/table-... SONY CX-405 CAMCORDER: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/cameras-... EDITING SOFTWARE: http://filmora.wondershare.com/
Часть 1 Автозапчасти как бизнес. Программы и знания, необходимые менеджеру по подбору автозапчастей
Как и обещал, начинаем курс обучения специалистов менеджеров по подбору автозапчастей. Эта часть вводная, в ней я расскажу вам о программах, о некоторых фишках, которые помогут вам в вашей нелегкой работе по побдору запчастей для автомобиля. #TECDOC. Программы и знания, необходимые менеджеру по подбору автозапчастей Ссылка для скачивания TECDOC: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5581069 Сторонние сайты для подбора запчастей: exist.ru emex.ru spb.afora.ru ⓂⒶⓍ ⒶⓂⒾⓇⒶⓍ МОЙ ЛИЧНЫЙ ВИДЕО БЛОГ 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 YOUTUBE КАНАЛ "MAX AMIRAX" (МАКС АМИРАКС) СОЗДАН -ДЛЯ ЦЕНИТЕЛЕЙ ХОРОШЕЙ МУЗЫКИ, ДЛЯ ВЕБ-ДИЗАЙНЕРОВ, ДЛЯ ВЕРСТАЛЬЩИКОВ, ДЛЯ АВТОЛЮБИТЕЛЕЙ, ДЛЯ DIY СПЕЦИАЛИСТОВ И ПРОСТО ХОРОШИХ ЛЮДЕЙ!!!!!!!!!! #КАЖДЫЙ #ДЕНЬ #НОВАЯ #МУЗЫКА! #КАЖДЫЙ #ДЕНЬ #НОВЫЙ #ХИТ! #КАЖДЫЙ #ДЕНЬ #НОВЫЙ #ТРЕНД! #КАЖДЫЙ #ДЕНЬ #НОВЫЙ #ТУТОРИАЛ! ВЫ ОТКРЫТЫ И ЦЕЛЕУСТРЕМЛЕННЫ!? - ТОГДА ВКЛЮЧАЙТЕ МОЙ КАНАЛ И НАСЛАЖДАЙТЕСЬ МУЗЫКАЛЬНОЙ #ВОЛНОЙ НА ВЕСЬ ДЕНЬ! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 СОЦИАЛЬНЫЕ СЕТИ: 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 http://instagram.com/maxamirax http://vk.com/maxamirax http://zio.by - СОЗДАНИЕ САЙТОВ, ИНТЕРНЕТ-МАГАЗИНОВ, ЮТУБ КАНАЛОВ (КОММЕРЧЕСКИЕ ВОПРОСЫ В ДИРЕКТ @MAXAMIRAX ИЛИ EMAIL:[email protected] http://instagram.com/zio.by http://instagram.com/g.o.m.e.l 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ И СТАВЬТЕ ЛАЙКИ!) ПРИЯТНОГО ВАМ ПРОСМОТРА И ПРОСЛУШИВАНИЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #менеджер #профессия #обучение #навык #опыт #подбор #авто #работа #для #иномарок #продажа #запчастей #бизнес #гараже #план #выгодно #продавать #открыть #магазин #текдок #выбор #база #автобизнес #заказ #успеха #программы #автозапчасти #легковые #автомобили #хитрости #кроссов #запчасти #секреты #ли #tecdoc #exist
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Secrets of Gas giant planet Jupiter (Hindi) | jupiter Planet Documentary in hindi
Please watch: "Rhea Moon of Saturn in hindi | Saturn's Dirty Snowball" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP_Dnky6BG8 --~-- In this video we will learn about the Fifth planet of our solar system that's " Gas giant planet Jupiter " . what are the basic information about the Jupiter some facts and figures and many of the secrets of that planet are discussed in this video. so watch this video and enjoy the facts of the gas giant Jupiter. jupiter planet documentary in hindi and jupiter planet in hindi Credits :- gelelio By H. J. Detouche - http://www.astro.unipd.it/insap6/mainPage.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6985328 Galileo probe, Io and Jupiter. By NASA - http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/display.cfm?IM_ID=2071 (image link)http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA18176 (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=408298 Artist's impression of the Galileo spacecraft (1989–2003). Artist's description: "The Galileo Probe leaves the Orbiter some 180 days before the encounter. Digital painting for NASA Ames." By Don Davis - Donald Davis' official site., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1684350 Artist's impression of the probe's entry into Jupiter's atmosphere By NASAArtwork by Ken Hodges - http://ails.arc.nasa.gov/Images/newimages/JPEGs/highres/AC81-0174.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39549426 Southern storms of Jupiter By NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles - https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA21641.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59319993 A transparent image of the Juno spacecraft. By National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - Juno Mission to Jupiter (2010 Artist's Concept) at the official NASA website., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41408653 This cut-away illustrates a model of the interior of Jupiter, with a rocky core overlaid by a deep layer of liquid metallic hydrogen. By Kelvinsong - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31764016 By NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/ASI/INAF/JIRAM - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA21033.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51070960 The movement of Jupiter's counter-rotating cloud bands. This looping animation maps the planet's exterior onto a cylindrical projection. By NASA/JPL/University of Arizona - From http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA02863, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=616873 Inner Descent Module of the Galileo Probe and its entry-sequence into Jupiter's atmosphere. By NASA / Ames Research Center - http://ails.arc.nasa.gov/ails/?v=list&st=1&page=387&o=386&h=0, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8375507 Statue of Aryabhata on the grounds of IUCAA, Pune By Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1266822 And all other images are taken from pixabay www.pixabay.com and music is taken from Youtube music library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music thank you friends for watching this video and please help us to grow our channel. please like share and subscribe our channel.
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अद्भुत मंगल ग्रह | The Secrets Of Red Planet Mars (Hindi) | Mars planet Documentrary in hindi
अद्भुत मंगल ग्रह | The Secrets Of Red Planet Mars (Hindi) | Mars planet Documentrary in hindi #documentrylibrary in video is we will learn about our fourth planet that's called mars. it's also called red planet and there are many of the mysteries related to mars and we also talk about them. and we also know about some facts and figures about planet mars. planet mars in hindi and space in hindi Image Credits 1) By NASA (image modified by Jcpag2012) - Images found in NASA, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39785451 2) land-Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2140269 3) polar ice-By NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4496369 4) ice-By NASA/JPL/MSSS -Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16837197 5) crater-By NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona - Catalog page · Full-res (JPEG · TIFF), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18356440 6) mons-By Image by NASA, modifications by Seddon - Edited version of File: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5551353 7) valles- Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21364747 8) atmosphere-By NASA - http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/gallery/Mars__atmosphere.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=753960 9) methane-By NASA/JPL-Caltech - http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/images/methane-source-mars-rover-curiosity-pia19088-full.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37351813 10) viking-By "Roel van der Hoorn (Van der Hoorn)" - Own work based on images in the NASA Viking image archive, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5796686 11) phobos-By NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10368, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5191977 12) deimos-By NASA/JPL-caltech/University of Arizona - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6213773 13) panorama-By NASA/JPL - http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20050420a.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=259514 14) spacecraft-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA04244 (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=407192 15) spacecraft1-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/multimedia/pia09943.html (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45997427 16) nasa-By Les Bossinas of NASA Lewis Research Center, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4970616 17) mars-By Ittiz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8571382 18) mars-By Ittiz at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32796713 19) mars-By Daein Ballard - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2204265 20) mars-By Daein Ballard - The original image was uploaded on en.wikipedia as en:Image:MarsTransitionV.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=939978 21) canyon-By Pescaiolo - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3646089 22) everest-By Carsten.nebel - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3494027 23) phobos-By NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10367, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43413444 24) isro-By Indian Space Research Organisation - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14977400 25) spirit-By NASA/JPL/Cornell - Catalog page · Full-res (JPEG · TIFF), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18356604 26) artist cocept-By NASA - http://marsprogram.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/images/?ImageID=3504, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15307691 27) phonix-By NASA/JPL/UA/Lockheed Martin, Corby Waste - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA09344, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2359111 28) polar lander-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/pictures/solar/mplartist.html (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=635035 29) orbiter-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=390903 30) lander-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=390903 31) oppertunity-Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=465848 32) spacex-By U.S. Air Force -Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28739891
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John Robbins: Don't Choose Despair
This is an excerpt from the talk of bestselling author John Robbins at the 2011 Healthy Lifestyle Expo. To get the full copy of John's talk along with 12 more hours of fascinating talks from top health experts, check out the VegSource store at: https://secure2.vegsource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=73&products_id=488
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Man Alive by Patrick Morley
http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/catalog.php?isbn=9781601423863 Over the last four decades, I've met one-on-one with thousands of men. Most of them know that Jesus promised "a rich and satisfying life" (John 10:10), but too many are confused about what that looks like. In fact, I'd estimate that 90 percent of Christian men lead lukewarm, stagnant, defeated lives—and they hate it. No man should have to settle for half alive. You can become the man God created you to be. You can experience a powerful life transformed by Christ. -Patrick Morley Praise for Man Alive: "I've talked to tens of thousands of men who feel beat down and knocked around for bad decisions they've made. Some of these guys feel like such failures, they can't even imagine a heavenly Father who loves them unconditionally. To each of these men I say, you need to hear the truth and brother-to-brother encouragement that Patrick Morley delivers in Man Alive!" —Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, founder of Financial Peace University
Top 10 Craziest Ends to Civilizations As We Know It
Unless you’ve been living under a large rock (or, for that matter, a fallen meteoroid) for the majority of your life, you’re probably uncomfortably aware that humanity, as a whole, just doesn’t seem to be too confident about its ongoing survival. Let’s face it: here on Earth we spend a wildly disproportionate amount of time worrying about all sorts of cataclysmic events blowing us all to Kingdom Come, ranging from ancient Mayan calendars, to zombies or robots gone wrong, all the way up to international wars, global warming and unfortunate cosmic collisions. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 → → GET A T-SHIRT - http://shop.spreadshirt.com/toptenz →Top 10 Objects That Were Clearly Invented Just to Annoy Physics: https://youtu.be/0MVGeRa-vLo →Simon's VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqt8j7DfPmveJp3UOk9XTg Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 CIVILIZATIONS That MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED https://youtu.be/J7N25qyU-48?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Top 10 Times the World Almost Ended (from nuclear bombs) https://youtu.be/d5niaRCbQO0?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKNxJ-0WBuO_bl54ynbD6o- Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-craziest-ends-to-civilizations-as-we-know-it.php Coming up: 10. Super-diseases 9. Geomagnetic Reversal 8. Ecological Disaster 7. Hypercane 6. Coronial Mass Ejection 5. Megatsunami/Supervolcano 4. Biotechnology Disaster 3. Gulf Stream Shutdown 2. Methane Burps 1. Nanotechnology Crisis Source/Further reading: http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Antibiotic_resistant_bacteria http://www.sciencedaily.com/articles/g/geomagnetic_reversal.htm http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=30308 http://books.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=12507#description http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2000/mega_tsunami.shtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supervolcano http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2005/jul/25/gm.food http://web.archive.org/web/20140308035139/http://www.science.org.au:80/nova/newscientist/082ns_002.htm http://www.energybulletin.net/node/3647 http://www.crnano.org/PR-IOP.htm
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OpenShift Commons Briefing #31: Services, linking & Catalogs in Kubernetes and Openshift
Making it easier to link services in OpenShift, within a project/namespace or across projects, as well as linking OpenShift services to other services in your data center or the public cloud is an important ongoing objective. The Kubernetes services model is at the core of this effort. The upstream work in the Kubernetes and Origin community will then feed into OpenShift. The goal is to make it easier to find and consume services in a consistent manner, as well as to make it easier to link services to deployments. This then serves as the basis for publishing catalogs of predefined services and enabling service consumption metering and billing. This session will give a progress report on our efforts and outline the tasks ahead. Anyone interested in helping us build out this functionality in OpenShift 3 and looking for a place to contribute is encouraged to attend. Related Trello Card: https://trello.com/c/oLWi6AHf/167-service-catalog-catalog For the latest information on OpenShift 3.1 and available briefings, please visit http://commons.openshift.org or subscribe to the OpenShift Blog (https://blog.openshift.com). The OpenShift Commons exists to provide a platform for customers, partners, developers and other open source technology initiatives to collaborate, share and accelerate the pace of innovation and adoption of OpenShift globally. The OpenShift Commons represents a new open collaborative community model designed to facilitate communication and sharing of best practices, feedback and development across the many open source initiatives that integrate with OpenShift. The best way to get involved is to join the conversation today at http://commons.openshift.org
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satan & demons - Part 1 - The Fall of satan
Get the DVD series FREE at http://www.getalifemedia.net/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=31 Pastor Billy Crone Does satan really exist? Are there really demons? The answer is YES. This five part study, part of the Discipleship 102 series, takes you from the fall of satan and his angels (demons) to what they've been up to all these years including what they do today to mislead not only the unbelieving but also the Christian. This study looks at five things, The Fall of satan, An Army of demons, demons Influence Through The World, demons Influence Through The Flesh and Putting on the Armor of God to prepare you for the spiritual warfare that exists today. satan and his demons are actively working to lead you away from the word of God to get you to act like the world and lead you down a path of destruction. Yes, they ARE real and this study will you show you how to recognize their influences and keep you on the spiritual path that leads to peace.
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Hitler's First Speech in Power w. Goebbels Intro 1933 10min
Hitler's first speech in power as Chancellor with an introduction by Goebbels on February 10, 1933 at the Berlin Sports Palace (Sportpalast). As Goebbels mentions, about 20 million people were listening. As Hitler speaks, a short distance away, approximately a third of the Ukrainian population of 27 million is in the process of dying from tuberculosis and starvation. They are in the midst of Stalin's unpublicised Terror-Famine. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor ). The numbers dwarf those discovered in camps like Bergen Belsen at wars end, after the firebombing of Germany, and Germany's economic collapse. Soviet crimes remain largely out of the world's consciousness because of the work of one of histories greatest liar's, Walter Duranty of the New York Times. His pulitzer prize earned for this deception has never been taken away: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Duranty This video is blocked in Germany, Italy and France. In Germany such videos and Vorbehaltsfilme (restricted movies) may only be seen in the presence of governmentally approved educators or political minders. (See page 221 of Ministry of Illusion by Eric Rentschler, the Chair of Harvard's department of German Languages and Literatures http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674576407 ) According to Rentchler, "No official list of these proscribed titles exists; such a list could only demonstrate that the German government considers the populace of its democracy in crucial ways politically immature."
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NASA Wants To See If There's Life On One Of Jupiter's Moons
NASA plans to research if life exists on Jupiter's moon Europa. Scientists have long believed an ocean exists under the moon's icy surface. Follow Jasmine Bailey: http://www.twitter.com/jasminenbailey See more at http://www.newsy.com Sources: NASA http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA19048 NASA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__Kf5Ddw_CY NASA http://www.space.com/23939-jupiter-moon-europa-s-water-plume-spied-by-hubble-artist-impression-video.html NASA http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/europa-water-vapor-plume/#.VOi1h7PF8yU NASA http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/water-vapor-over-europa/#.VOjJt7PF8yV NASA http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/video/details.php?id=1344 NASA http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA02590 National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/02/150220-europa-alien-nasa-clipper-plumes-science/ NASA http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA01481 Image via: NASA http://www.nasa.gov/
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Secrets Of Planet Venus  (In Hindi) | planet Venus Planet Documentary in hindi
Please watch: "Rhea Moon of Saturn in hindi | Saturn's Dirty Snowball" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP_Dnky6BG8 --~-- In this video we will learn about the planet Venus and the facts about that planet. why life does not exist on planet Venus and what are the environmental conditions on that planet. and much more things we will learn about that planet. why Venus is called evening star and why it is the hottest planet in our solar system, All the answers you will find in this video... what are the current issues related to the planet Venus and the mysteries related to the planet Venus. This is an Educational Video in Hindi language. credits and attributions for images , videos and music are given below :- Ishtar Terra (Venus) topography By Martin Pauer (Power) - plotted using GMT and gridded VenusTopo719.shape model expansion, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1278488 Color-coded elevation map of Venus, showing the elevated "continents" in yellow: Ishtar Terra at the top and Aphrodite Terra just below the equator to the right. By NASA Ames Reseach Center, U.S Geological Survey and Messachusetts Institute of Technology - http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/poto_gallery/photogallery-venus.html direct link to the picture:ftp://nssdcftp.gsfc.nasa.gov/photo_gallery/hi-res/planetary/venus/pvo_topo_mercator.tiff, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11460252 Venus - Lakshmi Planum and Maxwell Montes By NASA/JPL - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA00241, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1470289 Maat Mons on Venus Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=137058 Venus In-Situ Explorer proposed by NASA's New Frontiers program By NASA - http://newfrontiers.nasa.gov/images/2_06_VENUS_lg.png, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1060582 Venus interacts with the solar wind. Components of the induced magnetosphere are shown. By Venusian_magnetosphere.jpg: Ruslik0derivative work: Alexparent (talk) - Venusian_magnetosphere.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6435191 Composition of the atmosphere of Venus By Junkcharts - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31595105 GreenhouseEffectOnVenus CC BY-SA 3.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2244896 the spacecraft Venera 1 By Armael - Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24411729 the Mariner 1 spacecraft By NASA - Great Images in NASA Description, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=68894 Venus Express in Venus orbit. By Andrzej Mirecki - Self-made with Celestia program with Addon by Jestr, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36934085 and all other images and videos are taken from pixabay www.pixabay.com and music is taken from music library. thanks for watching.. please help us to grow our channel.....please like share and subscribe to our channel
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OpenCart Tutorial Catalog Reviews
OpenCart Tutorial Catalog Reviews)
This video was made by HumanKind Media, and is their property. http://www.humanmedia.org/catalog/home.php. It is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/humankindvideos/videos/914069501962033/ I have posted it here for the sole purpose of the Threshold Singers GoFundMe campaign http://www.gofundme.com/vcfa4ztw, as the video only exists on Facebook and GoFundMe requires a YouTube or Vimeo video.
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Agonoize I am
Unterstützt die Band und kauft euch die CD/ Support the artist und buy the original cd. Agonoize: http://www.agonoize.de CD: http://www.outofline.de/shop_neu/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=10402
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How Familiar Products Looked When They First Appeared
Today you can hardly find someone who hasn’t seen an Apple or Samsung device, that's how quickly they became ingrained in our everyday lives. However, many of the brands you know and love today had different looks when they first appeared. Let’s make a quick jump into the past and see how 22 famous products looked when they were first invented or introduced to the public. Did you know that in the 1600s you had to cleanse contraceptives in milk? TIMESTAMPS The first Apple computer 0:43 The first Ford car 1:23 The first Bosch refrigerator 1:51 The first Samsung TV 2:22 The first Siemens mobile phone 2:45 The first version of Microsoft Windows 3:12 The first IKEA catalog 3:45 The first Canon camera 4:10 The first Lego Toy 4:33 The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle 4:55 The first Starbucks coffee shop 5:24 The first HP laptop 5:49 The first Nivea cream 6:15 The first Sega console 6:41 The first Chanel perfume 7:08 The first Sony video camera 7:39 The first Vogue cover 8:03 The first Philips shaver 8:31 The first Barbie doll 9:05 The first Apple smartphone 9:37 The first Colgate toothpaste 10:06 The first condom 10:28 #firstapple #firstsamsung #lego Preview photo credit: Apple I On display at the Smithsonian: By Ed Uthman - originally posted to Flickr as Apple I Computer, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7180001 Animation is created by Bright Side. SUMMARY - The first ever Apple computer was called Apple I. Steve Jobs sold his VW Microbus, which was the only means of transport he had, to be able to pay for Apple I's creation. The invention was brought into the public eye in 1976 at one of the computer clubs in California. Quickly after that, Apple I went on sale at a price of 666,66 dollars. - The first Samsung TV was a 12-inch black and white model called P-3202. The TV was quite long but looked very neat and stylish. Sales quickly started to pick up, making P-3202 an undeniable market leader of its time. - Siemens started their cell phone production with the model called Mobiltelefon C1, which was launched in 1985. It was made out of metal and had a loudspeaker for headphones. The model was eventually upgraded and improved, and in 1994 new Siemens S1 was produced. - Lego released a whole set of wooden toys back in 1935. The set contained the wooden duck – the first ever Lego toy. It had rolling wheels and a string to move the toy along. The wooden duck is still considered to be one of the most popular toys ever made by Lego. - The first Starbucks was opened in 1971 in downtown Seattle. It's usually called “The Original Starbucks.” Later this cafe moved to 1912 Pike Place, where it's located to this day. - The first cream of this widely known brand was put out to the masses in 1911. It was based on water and oil and smelled like roses and lilies. The creators decided to name their product “Nivea,” which means “snow white” in Latin. The rest of the story is history – the cream won over multiple of fans, including some famous faces, like Marilyn Monroe. - The iconic Chanel No. 5 was launched in 1921 by the outstanding Coco Chanel. Originally, there were ten samples of the upcoming perfume. All of them were introduced to Coco Chanel, and she picked number 5. - The first Vogue issue was published in 1892. It was United States' weekly newspaper and cost around 10 cents. 1892's Vogue targeted upper class and mostly male audience. Now the conception of Vogue changed, and it developed to be one of the most popular women magazines, frequently called “the fashion bible.” - The first ever iPhone came out in 2007 with promising advertisements such as “This is only the beginning” and “Apple reinvents the phone.” Both of them were true. Multiple people waited outside Apple stores for days waiting for the iPhone's launch, and they weren't disappointed. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Tutorial 3c - How to add new items from product catalog | Inventory Scanner X
This video shows you the third option for adding new items. You can simply select items from the common product catalog. All previously entered master data is automatically collected in the product catalog and is available in all inventory lists. Since many of the information already exists, the data fields are filled automatically. Please note: Difference between master data and inventory data Master data information is unique and is shared with all inventory lists in the database. Any modification has effect on all items in all lists. Think of an common product catalog. In contrast, inventory data information refers only to one single inventory list. For that reason, inventory data contains all information that can differ between (multiple) inventory lists. Find more details on our website: http://www.inventoryscanner.de
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Timeless Things That Aren't Really Timeless
If you know of any other examples of timeless things that aren't really timeless, tell me about them here: http://thenerdwriter.tumblr.com/ask For short thoughts, follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/Sk3b5H WORKS CITED/FURTHER READING: Benjamin Franklin's letter to Joseph Priestley, 1772: http://www.procon.org/view.background-resource.php?resourceID=1474 Robert Kaplan, "The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero" http://www.amazon.com/The-Nothing-that-Is-Natural/dp/0195142373 Nils-Bertil Wallin, "How Was Zero Discovered" http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/about/zero.jsp Hanne Blank, "Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality" http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/straight-hanne-blank/1100641366?ean=9780807044438&isbn=9780807044438&itm=1&usri=straight+the+surprisingly+short+history+of+hetrosexuality Thomas Rogers (interview with Blank) "Why Heterosexuality Didn't Really Exist Until the 19th Century" http://www.alternet.org/why-heterosexuality-didnt-really-exist-until-19th-century Karl-Maria Kertbeny wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl-Maria_Kertbeny Liah Greenfeld, "Mind, Modernity, Madness" http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674072763 Viviana Zelizer, "Pricing the Priceless Child" http://www.amazon.com/Pricing-Priceless-Child-Changing-Children/dp/0691034591 STUFF: Read my latest short story, "The Harbor", here: https://medium.com/@TheeNerdwriter/the-harbor-cc0dd1487816 To buy my first novel, Big City: https://gumroad.com/l/rqDD To buy or listen to my first album, New Disguises: http://strumstick.bandcamp.com/ For business inquiries email: [email protected]
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आखिर सामने आ ही गया Ghost Galaxy | New Super earth Planet Discovered | Isro Venus Mission
Ghost galaxy news- https://goo.gl/A4hrEL there is a ghost galaxy in the depth of the deep space. this ghost galaxy is hiding behind the thick disk of the milky way galaxy. but scientists discovered this small or dwarf galaxy by using the Gaia spacecraft. this galaxy is very dim galaxy and situated behind the zone of avoidance. the new planet called Barnard's star b is found orbiting the banard star. this planet may be a super earth. this planet is near about 6 light years away from us. isro is sending a space mission to the Venus planet. this venus mission is named as the Shukrayaan-1. this mission will be launched after the 2020 Mars mission. google is celebrating the 44 anniversary of the Arecibo message. this message is sent to the m13. in this video, we will talk about all these topics. credits :- exoplanet-barnard-1-v2/ https://www.eso.org/public/videos/exoplanet-barnard-1-v2/ ESO/M. Kornmesser barnard-surface2b-v2-cc1/ https://www.eso.org/public/videos/barnard-surface2b-v2-cc1/ ESO/M. Kornmesser RedDwarfNASA-hue-shifted.jpg By File:RedDwarfNASA.jpg: NASA/Walt FeimerDerivative: - NASA, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3426001 PIA18003-NASA-WISE-StarsNearSun-20140425-2.png By NASA/Penn State University - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA18003 (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32393431 RedDwarfPlanet.jpg By NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI) - Self-made JPEG version of original TIFF image at Hubble website, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1353613 Artist’s_impression_of_the_surface_of_a_super-Earth_orbiting_Barnard’s_Star.jpg By ESO/M. Kornmesser - https://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1837a/, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=74405258 Flying_among_the_closest_stars_to_the_Solar_System_(eso1404d).webm https://www.eso.org/public/videos/eso1404d/ ESO/I. Crossfield/N. Risinger (skysurvey.org) Barnard%27s_Star#/media/File:Barnard%27sStarSize_en.jpg By Marskell, Poppy, User:Richard-59 - Based on Image:Barnard'sStarSize fr.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39653456 potw1619a.jpg ESO. Acknowledgements: Jean-Christophe Lambry eso9920a.jpg Credit:ESO astronomy-lmc/ ESO eso1221b/ ESO. Music: Disasterpeace (http://disasterpeace.com/) eso1536a/ DSS, ESO. Gran_Atractor.jpg By ESA/Hubble Space Telescope & NASA - http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/science/great-attractor.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27905242 5bed52c2b6566 ESO/S. Brunier 5bed52a6adddc Marcus and Gail Davies and Robert Gendler 5bed52e189689 Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) ESO_-_The_Milky_Way_panorama_(by).jpg By ESO/S. Brunier - The Milky Way panorama, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15001611 Milky_way_profile.svg By RJHall at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52696960 Alpha,_Beta_and_Proxima_Centauri_(1).jpg By Skatebiker at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46833562 Artist’s_impression_of_Proxima_Centauri_b_shown_hypothetically_as_an_arid_rocky_super-earth.jpg By ESO/M. Kornmesser - https://www.eso.org/public/images/ann16056a/, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50869082 Arecibo_message.png CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=365105 Music credit :- Martian Cowboy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100349 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ thanks for watching this video please like share and subscribe to our channel #barnardStar #IsroVenusMission
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Secrets Of Ice Giant The Uranus (Hindi) | uranus planet Documentary in hindi
Please watch: "Rhea Moon of Saturn in hindi | Saturn's Dirty Snowball" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP_Dnky6BG8 --~-- In This video we will earn about Our solar system's 7th planet Uranus. Uranus also known as The Ice Giant Planet because Uranus is the coldest planet of our solar system. and also there are so many mysteries related to the ice giant Uranus,we will talk about them also and will discuss about the facts and figures relate to the Uranus. Image and music attribution image of planet Uranus By NASA/JPL-Caltech - http://web.archive.org/web/20090119235457/http://planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov/milestones_show/slide1.html (image link)http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA18182 (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5649239 William Herschel, discoverer of Uranus By Lemuel Francis Abbott - National Portrait Gallery: NPG 98While Commons policy accepts the use of this media, one or more third parties have made copyright claims against Wikimedia Commons in relation to the work from which this is sourced or a purely mechanical reproduction thereof. This may be due to recognition of the "sweat of the brow" doctrine, allowing works to be eligible for protection through skill and labour, and not purely by originality as is the case in the United States (where this website is hosted). These claims may or may not be valid in all jurisdictions.As such, use of this image in the jurisdiction of the claimant or other countries may be regarded as copyright infringement. Please see Commons:When to use the PD-Art tag for more information.See User:Dcoetzee/NPG legal threat for original threat and National Portrait Gallery and Wikimedia Foundation copyright dispute for more information.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=224367 Uranus cloud bands, rings By Hubble Space Telescope - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center - http://www.astronomy.com/asy/default.aspx?c=a&id=1226 : from http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2002/28/image/k/ or http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/1998/35/image/a/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3005934 comparison of Earth and Uranus By NASA (image modified by Jcpag2012) - Images found in NASA, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39785448 interior of Uranus By Uranus-intern-de.png: FrancescoAderivative work: WolfmanSF (talk) - Uranus-intern-de.png, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14583180 Aurorae on Uranus By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57693172 magnetic field of Uranus Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3059141 Uranus's southern hemisphere Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2584532 Uranus in Rings By NASA, ESA, and M. Showalter (SETI Institute) - http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2007/32/image/c/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4236731 moons of Uranus By NASA/JPL - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA01361http://ciclops.org/view/3461/Uranus_-_Montage_of_Uranus_five_largest_satellites, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5490117 Uranus ring system By Ruslik0 - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4194025 Uranus By NASA - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA00143, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1186441 Anders Johan Lexell. By Unknown - Nova Acta Academiae Petropolitanae Tome II, p. 13.Uploaded to the English language Wikipedia in May 2008 by Eisaksso (log)., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4234654 George III By Allan Ramsay - HistoricalPortraits.com, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6694162 Voyager2 By NASA/JPL - http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/display.cfm?IM_ID=2194 (file), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=126674 Voyager2 trajectory By Voyager_2_path.png: *Voyager_Path.jpg: created by NASAderivative work: Xession (talk)derivative work: Hazmat2 (talk) - This file was derived from  Voyager 2 path.png:, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18049770 and all other images are from pixabay www.pixabay.com music is taken from youtube music library please help us to grow our channel. please like share and subscribe to our channel
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