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4 Basic Dancehall Steps | Reggae Dancehall
Watch more How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506048-4-Basic-Dancehall-Steps-Reggae-Dancehall So right now, Damian is going to show you the basic dance all steps. What basic dance all steps is all about moving the whole body. Trying to catch the rhythm of the music and the beat and just moving, just catching the vibe. Feeling the vibe of the music. So here he goes, he's like swagging it out with his shoulders. He's moving his feet. There you go just basic dance all steps, just to warm up and to get into the vibe of the music. Well for me basically, basic dance all steps is just feeling the vibe of the music. Just bounce, you don't really have to do much. Just bounce in your spot. Just feel the vibe, listen to the music. You know what I mean? And just get right into it and it just, just bounce. You know what I mean, just rock? And just lean and just, you don't really have to do much. You know what I mean, just basically get in the vibe of the music. If you're not a dancer, just move your head. Catch the rhythm and rock.
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Reggae Dance Moves for Men : Variations of the Chaplin Reggae Dance Move
Learn how to vary the Chaplin reggae dance move with expert reggae dancing advice in this free online dance lesson and choreography video clip. Expert: Safi Thomas & Ray Davis Bio: Safi A. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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How To Dance RAGGA - Episode 25 - Learn RAGGA with Jeny Lively
How To Dance RAGGA - Learn this exclusive RAGGA Tutorial by Belgian Dancer-Choreographer Jeny Lively. Check out our other Dance Tutorials on www.MOVEOFTHEWEEK.tv, the Belgian Dancers Web-TV
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How To Dance - DANCEHALL TUTORIAL | Beginner Routine/Choreography (Reggae) #dancedown
Learn this beginner dancehall routine from the creators of Dancehall Funk, Lorenzo & Dionne! This TUTORIAL will teach you how to do combine all the dancehall moves you've learned into one routine step-by-step. Subscribe for more dancehall tutorial videos like how to 'Wine', 'Jiggy', and more! To watch all of the Dancehall Funk Tutorials, go to the playlist here: http://full.sc/XumQef For more information on Dancehall Funk, visit their website: http://dancehallfunk.com **Let us know what Tutorial you'd like to see next** WEBSITE - http://www.dancetutorialslive.com Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com #WODNetwork Similar to: Reggae Dance, Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj, Dancehall Groove, Wine, Dutty Wine, Sean Kingston, Jamaican Dance, Music Video, Dagger, How To Groove, Club Dancing, How To Dance Smooth, Soca DanceTutorialsLIVE is dedicated to providing the best online tutorials in all styles of dance. We bring you the BEST instructors from around the world to break down their choreography, moves, and more. We are always taking your tutorial requests and helping you grow as a dancer! #DanceTutorialsLIVE #Dancedown #Learn2dance LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/Sub2DANCETUTORIALSLIVE WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: http://bit.ly/DANCETUTORIALSLIVETopVideos ▶ FOLLOW US: http://instagram.com/EpicDanceVideos About DANCE TUTORIALS LIVE: Dance Tutorials Live is a YouTube channel dedicated to free choreography breakdowns and how-to's for all styles of dance! How To Dance - DANCEHALL TUTORIAL | Beginner Routine/Choreography (Reggae) #dancedown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_BYl0U9zns
Reggae Dancing in Jamaica
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Reggae Dancehall workout by Keaira LaShae
This is a Reggae Dance workout! This is for fitness and dance purposes only! Hope you enjoy! Connect with me a: facebook/twitter/instagram: @KeairaLaShae
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How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall : Demonstration of Reggae Dancehall Dances
Learn how to dance to reggae dancehall with expert advice on dance moves and skills in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Safi A. Thomas Contact: www.bdanyc.com Bio: Safi A. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Style Dance reggae - Yamaha Genos
Styl własnej roboty, reszta to improwizacja. Życzę miłego odbioru.
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How to Do the Butterfly | Reggae Dancehall
Watch more How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506074-How-to-Do-the-Butterfly-Reggae-Dancehall Right now we are going to bring to you a next fun dance hall dance called the butterfly its a female dance so slim sexy is going to demonstrate how the butterfly is done. So first we are going to start with the right leg we are going to use the right leg and bring the right leg in and out also make sure you rotate your hips because the hips is going to rotate your leg in which direction now we are going to add the other leg add the other leg then put it together butterfly you are moving the leg in and out in and out butterfly okay you can do it on one leg as well make sure you are move and rotate those hips at the same because that's what makes your leg move butterfly. Alright so you can bring it down low and wind with it and turn around and you can also step on your toe point your tip toe while your doing it and keep winding its a fun female dance adding your little style with it butterfly butterfly its a very popular dance hall dance.
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3 Easy Dancehall Moves | Reggae Dancehall
Watch more How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506049-3-Easy-Dancehall-Moves-Reggae-Dancehall Woman: Okay. So right now Daemon is going to demonstrate some easy dance hall moves. We're going to do the Bogo, the Rockaway, and the Signal De Plane. So right now what he's doing is the Rockaway. It's all about the shoulders just moving right to left, that's it just swagging it right to left. And you can add your own style to it, too. And like we said earlier, it's all about catching the rhythm of the music, moving with the dance hall beat. Just rock with it, rock, and rock with it. Daemon: Just rock your shoulders back, and kind of slightly lean to the rock, rock, and rock. Woman: So the Bogo is with some arm extensions, I mean you're going to just move your arms in a circular motion like a bicycle, extend the arms, there you go. And lean back with it. Simple dance hall moves. You can't forget the trigger finger, too. Add the trigger finger. Daemon: Yeah. Woman: Lean back with it. Bogo. Signal Da plane, you're going to cross the arms, Signal Da Plane. Cross. So you're going to wave, wave the arms, and bring them back. Simple dance hall moves.
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Work Rihanna Reggae Dance  (Keaira LaShae)
I'm a new mommy but I still like to dance! Lol.. Baby went to sleep so I decided to freestyle to Work by Rihanna! Sign up for FREE so I can text message you when new videos come out: http://vipmessage.co/teamlashae Follow my Periscope and Instagram: @KeairaLaShae Visit KeairaLaShae.com for more info on ME!
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Sexy Reggae Dance Workout | Beginner Friendly
(NO ASMR in this video) I hope you guys receive the benefits of this beginner friendly dance workout routine. If there are any positions that you cannot reach with ease, go to the extent that is right for you. I would advise watching the video one time through first and then following along the second time :) Also, I will have many different shooting styles. I sometimes don't like talking because it can take away from the feel of the video but I will also explore future videos where I am talking and giving instructions of each position and movement once my microphone set comes in. I will also use different genres of music for those that may not be interested in just one specific type. I will also do a majority of videos with HEELS OFF so to get into the positions better for you but the purpose of this video was to simply feel sexy, be distracted from actually feeling like you're working out and feel more burn in the legs wearing heels since the positions are fairly moderate. Thank you for watching! Enjoy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Discount Codes: WomensBest.com (All WomensBest products!) "fatima10" BPI Sports (All BPI Sports products!) "FATIMAKO" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K E E P . I N . T O U C H . W I T H . M E :) S N A P C H A T: FatimaKojima T W I T T E R: @FatimaKojima I N S T A G R A M: @FatimaKojima Q & A: FatimaKojima.tumblr.com/ask BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G E T . T O . K N O W . M E :) TMI TAG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDGVj... 50 Random Facts Tag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAmHS... My Current At Home Workout Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOKs9... My Life Since Post Concussion Syndrome Vlog 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTz7i... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A B O U T . M E :) Hi my KojiBears ❤ I'm Fatima ☺ Aside from being a youtuber, I am an fitness fanatic! with aspirations to become a certified personal trainer. I am also a model/promotional model, love animals, Netflix & Hulu is life & I'm obsessed with tea, candles, incense & hats lol. I hope you enjoy the content I bring to you here on my channel and appreciate all of the love and support you all have given to me. God bless! ღ Quran 2:195 | Luke 6:35 ღ Thank you for watching! and make sure to: ツrate ツcomment ツsubscribe
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Styles Reggae Dance
Styles demonstrates some classic Reggae dance moves
Jamaican Reggae Dancehall Routine - By: Dance Xpressionz Part 1
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNpPlzde6Bo
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Support djeasyPromos (Donation Link) https://www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37g Download full mix here .. http://tinyurl.com/om22q5w Visit Store For Mixtapes http://tinyurl.com/o73abhy Donation Link .. https://www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37g Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/b/111476533297353006047/+djeasyy mixx consist of classic old school music and classic riddims (█▬█ █ ▀█▀ subscribe, █▬█ █ ▀█▀ like & comment)))) http://www.youtube.com/user/djeasymixmaster - check out my other channel https://www.facebook.com/wootydjsandfans - like my fan page https://twitter.com/djeasyy - follow me on twitter https://www.facebook.com/DJEASYY - join me on Facebook EMAIL : [email protected] SKYPE : djeasy77 BBM : 75021275 __________________________________________________ (((FOR PROMO USE ONLY))) Tracklist Wild Fire – Dennis Bro Feel the Rhythm - Sugar Minott Country living - The Mighty Diamonds Proud to be black - crucial Robbie Baby be true - Caroll Thompson Girly Girly - Sophia George Steppin it hotter this year - Ini Kamoze Dangerous - Conroy Smith Stress – Ini Kamoze Sweet reggae music - Nitty Gritty Wings of love - Trevor Sparks Trickster - Johnny Osbourne Bless me - Garnett Silk Debi Debi girl - peter metro & Sister Charmaine Bun and Chesse - clement irie & Robert French Bad boy - Courtney melody Pass the tu cheng peng - Frankie Paul Zungguzungguguzungguzeng – yellowman Down in Jamaica - Red fox Under mi sleng teng - wayne smith Pumkin belly - tenor saw Call the police - john wayne Buddy bye - Johnny Osbourne Eagle feathers - nicodemus Magic moment - Leroy gibsons Jump up - admiral bailey Bam bam - tiger Cassonova - frankie paul Respect due - little twitch Champion sound - colin roach Discuss dem man - little john Get up stand up and rock - shabba ranks Greatest gal lover - Daddy Lizard & Anthony Malvo Nowhere better than yard - admiral bailey Bye bye love - Trevor sparks Let’s give it a try - Gregory Isaacs Fresh - shabba ranks X rated country - admiral bailey Duck dance - red dragon Bounce - flourgon Bad boy chaka - chaka demus Dibi dibi girl - Daddy lizard More reality - ninjaman Cover me - tinger stewart & ninjaman Her love is burning - pliers Its over now - wayne wonder Got to be there - hopeton james Roughest hat man - Guyanese Run around girl - chuck turner Samfie girl - Leroy gibsons Young lover - cocoa tea Turn on di heat - Eccleton Jarret 95% black & 5% white – Sluggy Ranks Burn nose - Gregory peck Give me the reggae - captain barkey Go back whey you come from - johnny Osbourne Why - junior tucker Feelings - sanchez Face it - wayne wonder Gillian – terror fabulous Wear yu size - Lt stitchie Politician – Admiral bailey Champion bubbler - pinchers What one dance can do instrumental No work on Sunday - tenor saw World best lover - Tonto irie Rub a dub - johnny Osbourne One hundred sexy girl – Yellowman Cool down – sugar minott Gwaan metro - peter metro Standing in his way - owen gray One dance wont do - Audrey hall Bandelero - pinchers Gundelero – mad cobra I’m the toughest - cocoa tea Rudeboys in town - tony rebel Win or loose - Luciano Friends for life - dennis brown Your stuff - pinchers Love jah - everton blender Fill us with your mercy – garnett silk Truly – pam hall Trust in god - original African Come and talk to me - singing melody & captain barkey Live right - Anthony red rose Sparkles - ken booth Give me sweet loving - dennis brown Still on top of the world - glen ricks Greetings - half pint Under pressure - super cat No stop say so - little john Theres no me - Michael palmer Indian lady - conroy smith Herb man hustling - sugar minott Mix me down - tony tuff Ganja smuggling - eek-a-mouse
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Reggae Dancehall Foundation | LATONYA STYLE | Dance Jamaica Academy
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REGGAE-PSY ◉ Paranormal Attack - Dancehall Style (Brain Hunters Remix)
♫ Paranormal Attack - Dancehall Style (Brain Hunters Remix) ◉ Download ➜ https://toneden.io/brain-hunters-1/post/paranormal-attack-dancehall-style-brain-hunters-rmxteaser-out-soon ◉ Help Us 170K Subscribers: https://goo.gl/h4ectk Artist Social Links: ∇ Follow Brain Hunters: ◉ https://soundcloud.com/djbrainhunters ◉ https://facebook.com/djbrainhunters ◉ https://twitter.com/djbrainhunters ◉ https://instagram.com/djbrainhunters ◉ https://youtube.com/channel/UCqeq-GgAKp11O535zzPUXYA ◉ http://brainhunterszone.com ∇ Follow Paranormal Attack: ◉ https://soundcloud.com/paranormalattack ◉ https://facebook.com/paranormalattackmusic ◉ https://twitter.com/djxangaii ◉ https://instagram.com/paranormalattack ◉ https://youtube.com/paranormalattack ◉ https://paranormalattackmusic.com ◉ THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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Jamaican Reggae Dancehall Routine - By: Dance Xpressionz Part 2
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D1nMoAnmfE SONGS: Shabba Ranks - Trailer Load A Girls, POPCAAN - When Mi Party, ELEPHANT MAN- DASH WAT
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Reggae Air Horn (Dancehall Style)
Don't forget to subscribe. Three blast reggaeton horn.
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Best Reggae Hits of All Time | Classic Reggae and Dancehall Mix
Jet Star is proud to present the official 'Reggae Hits Collection' continuous DJ mix. Featuring some of the biggest, baddest and best Reggae and Dancehall tunes including: 00:00 Barrington Levy - 'Here I Come' 02:01 Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder - 'Movie Star' 04:50 Garnet Silk - 'Watch Over Our Shoulders' 07:20 Beres Hammond - '100% Of Love' 09:36 Frankie Paul - 'Sara' 11:53 Capleton - 'No. 1 On The Look Good Chart' 13:20 Chaka Demus & Pliers - 'World a Girlz' 14:36 Cutty Ranks - 'Grizzle' 16:57 Beenie Man - 'Ole Dawg' 19:24 Buju Banton & Beres Hammond - 'Who Say (Big Man Don’t Cry)' 22:12 Sanchez - 'Give It A Chance' 25:13 Dennis Brown - 'Wild Fire' 29:36 Freddie McGregor - 'Searching' 31:35 Lloyd Brown - 'Sharing The Night Together' 34:25 Dennis Brown - 'Beautiful Morning' 36:31 Gregory Isaacs - 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' 39:39 Jah Cure - 'Jamaica' 42:54 Kofi - 'Black Pride' Visit the Jet Star website - https://jetstar.co.uk Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/JetStarMusic Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JetStarRecords/
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Dancehall Reggae Classics DJ Mix - DJ Rocky Styles - Baltimore - DMV
Thanks for watching. Please rate, like, comment, favorite or share this video. Book DJ Rocky Styles for your next event. https://www.facebook.com/rockystylez https://www.twitter.com/djrockystyles https://www.instagram.com/djrockystyles https://www.djrockystyles.com
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SOCA 2016 - MEGAMIX HD - 100% CARIBBEAN HITS: Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub
SOCA 2016 - VIDEO HIT MEGA MIX - 100% CARIBBEAN HITS: All The Best Soca, Reggae, Dance hall, Dub. All the Hits! Tracklist: 01. RECARDO DRUE "Bet" - 0:00 02. SEKON STA "Drink Anthem" - 4:00 03. KING BUBBA "Whole Night" - 7:10 04. PROBLEM CHILD "For All Ah Dem" - 10:01 05. RAVI B & SHALL MARSHALL "Dutty" - 15:01 06. FARMER NAPPY "Bambabilambilambam" - 17:55 07. TEDDYSON JOHN FT BUNJI GARLIN "Allez" - 20:54 08. PREEDY "Pelty Waist" - 24:45 09. KES "People" - 27:50 10. AARON DUCAN "Can You Feel It" - 31:16 11. THIRD BASS "Bum Bum" - 34:43 12. CHUCK GORDON "From The Heart" - 37:51
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musica reggae - dance - techno - System- FRESH SYSTEM 'YOU AND ME'
musica reggae dance techno
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NEW REGGAE 2018 - Reggae Mix - Best Reggae Popular Songs 2018 (Best Dance Music)
NEW REGGAE 2018 - Reggae Mix - Best Reggae Popular Songs 2018 (Best Dance Music) Thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBCRIBE, Like & Share my video if you enjoy it! Have a nice day! © Follow Channel Reggae Music Youtube → https://goo.gl/hPS6Wz ♫ Reggae Music Playlist: https://goo.gl/Pqru3K ♫ New Channel Mix 1: https://goo.gl/XYq1Tk ♫ New Channel Mix 2: https://goo.gl/vZrXf3 ♫ New Channel Mix 3: https://goo.gl/o4G9K5 ♫ New Video: https://youtu.be/GV5JZwsDbVo ♫ New Playlist: https://goo.gl/wJzDkc ♫ New Playlist: https://goo.gl/FLtmxw ♫ Reggae Music Mix: https://youtu.be/r1FEvz6ohfM 🔔 CONTACT US: [email protected] 🚫 If you have any problem with copyright issues, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything, or question please write to me in email.
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Work Rihanna REGGAE DANCE WORKOUT (Keaira LaShae)
Get my fitness DVD here: http://keairalashae.com/shop/dance-move-werk-dvd/?mc_eid=%5BUNIQID%5D&mc_cid=4dd5cb48d9 MANY OF YOU REQUESTED "WORK" by Rihanna as a dance workout, so HERE IT IS!! Hope you enjoy! Sign up to MOVE: http://ifyoucanmove.com (FREE 7 DAY TRIAL) DVDs coming soon!!! For more info: http://keairalashae.com Click here to sign up for FREE V.I.P text messages from ME: http://vipmessage.co/teamlashae
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Jay Will Reggae Dance DVD
Its All About Dancing: A Jamaican Dance-u-mentary. Reveals dancehall culture in its truest form. Filmed in the country where dancehall began, this DVD incorporates the best of the local dancehall selectors, DJ's and dancers, almost all of whom are native to Jamaica including Ding Dong, the host. Other star performers featured are: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Voicemail, Macka Diamond, Tony Matterhorn, Bogle, John Hype, Latesha, Kiyo and more. Together in one documentary, all the key figures of dancehall explain the style, history, language and their personal definitions of dancehall culture. Directed by Jason "Jay Will" Williams and produced by Carleene Samuels, It's All About Dancing is an eye-catching documentary that entertains viewers by showing the essence of dancehall through interviews and candid monologues inter-spliced with improvisational dance sequences that can teach anyone the basics of the cross-cultural, multigenerational, phenomenon called dancehall.
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2013.10.09 @名古屋FLEX CHISATO(NAKED) CHAMMY HWAM AYA(HONEYWAXX) AYA(MARANIHA) Hey guys what's up?? I'm a dancer in Japan. I'm ganna show you guys up about my dance. If you guys curious it, just hit me up! http://ameblo.jp/honeywaxxayaaya/ http://www.honeywaxxaya.com http://www.facebook.com/aya.niimi.98 http://twitter.com/#!/honeywaxxaya Since "Honey Waxx" has formed, I have been tring a large number of dancing competitions, club events and fashion shows in Japan especially Nagoya city. Also, I have joined back dancing of artists, music videos and in some magazines. I'm particular about my dance style. In 2008, I have launched into "Jelly doll" which is own clothes brand.
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How to Do the Pepper Seed | Reggae Dancehall
Watch more How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506054-How-to-Do-the-Pepper-Seed-Reggae-Dancehall So right now Damion is going to demonstrate how to do the pepper seed. So this.. this is the pepper seed right here, so you rocking your shoulders from left to right as well as the legs, simple.. It's simple move is something kind a like the world dance but is said with pepper seed you know you don't extend your arms. Shoulder, shoulder move, Pepper seed, bring it low, pepper seed, all the shoulders just show the movements, so is right, left and double back, right, left double, at the legs routine, Damion where a pepper seed come from? A pepper seed you know Adina comes, well i said our heart right and heart is part of the pepper is a seed, so then is a pepper seed, Pepper seed, pepper seed. So what the pepper seed you come move up, upward it, up go up bring a low, there you go, then move advance level, slog it out, pepper seed.
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Reggae Dancehall Christmas Classic Mix by Djeasy
FREE DOWNLOAD http://bit.ly/ReggaeDancehallChristmas Some of Reggae Favorite classic Christmas songs inna grand mix Subscribe To My Channel Here http://tinyurl.com/ZJeasySubscribe Support djeasy(Donation Link) https://www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37g Visit Store For Mixtapes http://tinyurl.com/djeasypromos Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+DjeasyMark (((█▬█ █ ▀█▀ subscribe, █▬█ █ ▀█▀ like & comment)))) WEBSITE :http://www.djeasypromos.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/djeasyy- check out my other channel https://www.facebook.com/wootydjsandfans - like my fan page https://twitter.com/djeasyy - follow me on twitter https://www.facebook.com/DJEASYY - join me on Facebook https://soundcloud.com/djeasyyy - check soundcloud for your downloaded mixes EMAIL : [email protected] EMAIL : [email protected] SKYPE : djeasy77 CONTACT ME 📞 +330782799541 __________________________________________________ (((FOR PROMO USE ONLY))) TRACKLIST Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham - Warm Jamaican Christmas Chrissy d & Richie Stephens - Little Drummer Girl Kashief Lindo - Silver Bells Richie Davis - Driving Home For Christmas John Holt - Blue Christmas Beres Hammond - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Kofi - Reggae Christmas Frankie Paul - Oh, Holy Night Eek-A-Mouse - The Night Before Christmas Maxi Priest - Merry Christmas Baby Kashief Lindo - Someday At Christmas peter hunnigale - Last Christmas Dean Fraser - Holiday Medley Pam Hall - Winter Wonderland John Holt - Happy X-Mas Eddie Lovette - Silver Bells Medley Trevor Sparks - Christmas Time Nikeshia Lindo - Joy To The World Little John - It's Christmas Time (only in download copy) Nitty Gritty - We Three Kings (only in download copy) Frankie Paul - Merry Christmas (only in download copy) Paul Tubbs - Old Fashioned Christmas Freddie McGregor - Reggae Christmas John Holt - White Christmas Anthony Malvo - Reggae Christmas Kashief Lindo - Seasons Greetings Barrington Levy - Flash My Dread Cocoa Tea - Christmas Medley Richie Stephens & Neville Lindo - Merry Christmas Beres Hammond - the Christmas Song Leeroy Mafia - Little Christmas Tree Horace Andy - The First Noel The Christmas Album - Feliz Navidad I, Ray / Jacob Miller - 05_All I Want for Ismas Gregory Isaacs - The Christmas Song Leroy Mafia - Lonely This Christmas Yellowman - Where Is Santa? Don Carlos - Jingle Bells Fiona - Give Love On Christmas Day Yellowman - We Wish You A Reggae Christmas Pablo Black - Silent Night Jerry Harris - Reggae Christmas Time Michigan & Smiley - Drummer Boy Nikesia Lindo - Comfort And Joy Luciano - Christmas Is Here Carlene Davis - When A Child Is Born june lodge - joy to the world Michelle Gordon - All I Want For Christmas Is You Jacob Miller - 06_On the Twelve Day of Ismas Kashief Lindo - Christmas Together Johnny Clarke - I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus Michael Palmer - Happy Merry Christmas King Ledgi & Super C - Joy to the World Freddie McGregor - Everyday Is Christmas Eddie Lovette - Here Comes Santa Claus Barrington Levy - I Saw Mommy Kiss A Dreadlocks Freddie Mcgregor - O Come All Ye Faithful Culture - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Tamara Marshall - Do You Hear What I Hear? Beres Hammond - Starting Today Jacob Miller & Ray I - Wish You A Merry Christmas Little Kirk - Gee Whiz (only in download copy) Sanchez - Christmas in the Air Jacob Miller & Ray I - Silver Bells Nast to Santa C Lovindeer - It's Christmas Time Again Mikey Spice - The Christmas Song
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Reggae Dance - California Central Coast Style
The setting: San Luis Obispo Friday afternoon gathering at the Mission Plaza sponsored by the SLO Downtown Association. The band : Resination. A TGIF gathering in Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo always leads to a great street dance party and street dancing always makes people happy. It's a treasure to witness and be a part of the shared joy this ancient form of human celebration and a historically based key to transendcence. Moving the body to sound is a key to transcendence as well as health and well being. That conclusion gradually became clarified over the past few months while I've been shooting and editing video of people street dancing to live bands playing in a variety of popular styles - rock, country, world fusion, reggae, blues, etc. What I've noticed is that those dancers are experiencing a depth of pleasure and peace beyond what you're likely to see from any other art forms. Many play their bodies like musical instruments and show great joy, in fact, ecstasy in doing so. That is true whether they're dancing solo, with a partner or in a larger group. Some dancers close their eyes and seem to merge their beings with their bodies to the point that their ecstasy becomes prayerful even in a public party setting. As a composer who has worked with dancers all my life I sense this connection between sound and body movement as one of the deepest that humans are capable of. And that's why dancing to music has been part of all cultures since time immemorial; humans know that intuitively. So it's worth remembering that moving to sound is a key to transcendence, not the only key but easily one of the most accessible. Any doubts? Watch this video.
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Pauline & Jerome's Wedding Dance (Reggae Style)
http://changingcourse.com/go?p=Jerome46&w=cc Live your passion!....Couple add a jamaican twist to their first dance. Cute and entertaining.
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New Dance style with a twist of Reggae and Rock!! I like to think of it as the best of both worlds. Here's a taste of my two most favorite music's colaborated into one authentic rhythm "Reggae Rock". This videos covers the likes of both audience try it out in your next dance routine. It's very creative, daring, and eye grtabbing! For more NEW and hot dance video releases search for me on YouTube at Dancerboii1. Like it, Comment, and Subscribe!!!!! Everyting Maaaaad!!!!!!!! please go to this link. http://www.facebook.com/Rayrepublic
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Zumba - Reggae Style 1
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Digital Reggae Mix 1985-1990 - Digi Style come Forward . Birth of the digital dancehall
Cosmic Wind Sound System presents- Digital Dancehall selections from the heart of the digital era 85-90. PROPER BASS RESPONSE REQUIRED FOR MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT. Gregory Isaacs - The Ruler 1:04 Bananaman - Soundboy Murder 4:21 Courtney Melody - Modern Girl 8:30 Keeling Beckford - One Away Man 12:40 Little John - Fade Away - 17:40 Shelly Thunder - Kuff 21:00 Horace Ferguson - Sensi Addict 25:47 Jr. Brammer - Rum Bar 29:18 King - Asha - Crank Angle pt 2 33:00 Shinehead - Billie Jean - 35:18 Shinehead - Mama Used to Say 36:49 Nitty Gritty - Long run short ketch 38:56 Al Campbell - Collie Herb 41:29 Pliers - Belly Rat 47:48 King Kong - Try not I 51:20 Keeling Beckford - Movie Star 55:42 Montgomery - Sensimellia 58:50 Tablesaw Juggling. Respect to all Artists and Producers.
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Reggae Drum Lesson: Dancehall Style, Sean Paul, Buju, Yellowman, Shabba, Elephant Man, Super Cat
The dancehall rhythm in its most simple form for drumset. 123 123 12
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African Music - http://africanmusictv.weebly.com/ MUSIC OF AFRICA - SURINAME - AFRICAN MUSIC TV. TheAfricanmusictv is proud to promote this exclusive African Dance - dancehall reggae by Les Wins 973. This is a King Gentle mix from Suriname . All credits to this video goes to the artist. This video is a must watch . All copy rights belongs to the artist and her production management. Follow our website at www.africanmusictv.weebly.com and enjoy a variety of African entertainers from different parts of the world. Portuguese music, Portuguese songs, Mozambique music, Mozambique dance, Kuduro, Kizomba, Zouk love, Zouk mix, Kuduro mis, kwasakwasa, Ndombolo, Latinos Music, Latinos music, African dance, Afro jazz, Cape Verdean dance, Cape Verdean songs, Nigerian music, Cameroon music East African music, dancehall queen, dancehall reggae, P-Square, Wizkid, Iyanya, lynnsha ft fally ipupa, lynnsha ft kalash, lynsha ft kaysha, Kassav, bikutsi Cameroon, and many more. http://africanmusictv.weebly.com/ MORE MUSIC: DVD CEÇA BRANCA, KIDY AMIGO DVD, AFRICAN DANCE,AFRICAN MUSIC TV,YOUTUBE LEJEMEA,YOUTUBE ZE ESPANHOL LA SANTANA, TONY FIKA E LIJEMEA BOA, KIDY E SUZY, CAPE VERDE MUSIC, GAMA MAS, GAMA KENTI KENTI, POWER BOYZ TCHUNA BABY, TUDO BEM QUENTE, MOZAMBIQUE MUSIC, LUANDA ANGOLA, MUSIC OF AFRICA, CAPE VERDE TV AFRO PORTUGUESE MUSIC, SARA TAVERES, AFRICAN MUSIC TV, ALICIOS, AMILEENA, TANZANIAN MUSIC, KENYAN MOVIE, UGANDAN MOVIE, AVRIL KENYA, MPITA NJIA, OLD AFRICAN MUSIC, OGOPA VIDEO, NAIROBI KENYA, AFRICA, FLAVOR SHAKE, WIZID, SOUTH AFRICAN TV SHOWS, UGANDAN MUSIC MIX, AFRICAN MUSIC TV, TANZANIAN MOVIES SWAHILI, KIDUM KENYA, DIAMOND KESHO OGOPA VIDEO, SWAHILI, KENYAN SONGS, TANZANIA, NAMIBIA, EAST AFRICA, MUSIC OF AFRICA (MUSICAL GENRE), HOUSE MUSIC (MUSICAL GENRE), SALSA, NIGERIAN MUSIC, MAMBO, SALSA (DANCE STYLE), REGGATON (MUSICAL GENRE), LATINO (MUSICAL ARTIST), KUDURO (MUSICAL GENRE), RUMBA (MUSICAL GENRE), CUMBIA (MUSICAL GENRE), DANCE MUSIC (MUSICAL GENRE), DANCE-POP (MUSICAL GENRE), FLASH MOB, FLASH MOB DANCE, AFRICA, DANCEHALL (MUSICAL GENRE), KIZOMBA, DANCE, SHAKIRA (MUSICAL ARTIST), ZULU DANCE, CARNIVAL CARIBBEAN, WIZKID (MUSICAL ARTIST), P SQUARE, ZOUK, LADY PONCE,
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Busy Signal - Gyal Yuh Good (Official Video) Reggae Dancehall 2014
Busy Signal - Gyal Yuh Good (Official Video) : Share / Comment / Subscribe / Support : www.ghettoglobalyardvybzent.net
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Dog dancing reggae
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[CS:S] HNY 2010 + Free demos + New Reggae Dancehall Style Test - by NX
Music: Richie Campbell - Evil Cokehead (Agir diss) - Ricardo Campus is a portuguese reggae musician, wish his artist name is Richie Campbell and this song is a diss for another portuguese reggae musician called Agir, wish is a good one too, but they are in conflict xD I didn't know if i should upload it because i was affraid that people wouldn't like the style etc, but i asked eternity and he said that was sick and new, so, Hope you like it! :D Dlink: http://www.file-upload.net/download-2120980/Untitled.mp4.html If you want just the frag scene to be uploaded, say to me.
Views: 19385 Nuno "NX" Vieira
reggae dancehall queen dance competition - taipei part 2 the queens 雷鬼挑賽
dance apparent and dance ja presented the 1st asian dancehall queen and king competition in taipei. this video is broken into two parts. this is part 2, the dancehall queens. @danceapparent DanceJA.com my instagram @thisisthebackpackdirector
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Slow Whine Walk Around Tutorial w/ iDA Kelsey (Move 4 of 4) | Reggae Dance Moves @iDanceAcademyLA
Learn The Slow Whine W/ Turn in Person or Via Webcam from iDA Instructor Kelsey Today. http://www.idanceacademy.com Share This Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFp1VjBrAso Make Sure to Subscribe To iDanceAcademyLA to Learn the Next Groove – Egyptian Tutt with iDA Instructor Chris (Move 1 of 4): http://www.youtube.com/user/idanceacademyla?sub_confirmation=1 iDanceAcademy Instructor Kelsey M. teaches you the Slow Whine Walk Around which is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Take your Whining to the next level, and travel with it. Practice hips and feet separately, then combine them to learn it quick! This Move is the Final Part of a 4 Part Series with Kelsey M. Come back next Tuesday for a new set Part 1 – Egyptian Tutt. iDanceAcademy instructors are the top dancers/teachers available in styles such as Twerk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Bachata, Ballet, Ballroom, Choreography, Club Dance, Wedding Dance, Quinceanera, Pole Dance among many other styles. To see all the styles we teach and to meet our instructors, go to: http://www.idanceacademy.com
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Couples night Reggae dance.MP4
Couples Night after the Rock and Roll Dance they had to Reggae Dance!!! October 2010
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Reggae Dance
Views: 6584 Briana Lensegrav
REGGAE JAMAICA - Konshens, Chronixx, Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal & Aidonia [Music Videos]
Music Video Mix Created By MixMaster Jermaine 2014 Promo Use Only!!! Tracklist: Chronixx - Here Comes Trouble (Dub) Busy Signal - Money Flow Greetings KONSHENS - JAH JAH LOVE Gage - Standing Firm Aidonia One Voice (80's Dancehall Style) Worl' Boss (Vybz Kartel) - Represent Portmore Capleton - Critics Noisey Jamaica Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: http://www.youtube.com/noisey Videos, daily editorial and more: http://www.noisey.com Like Noisey on Facebook: http://fb.com/noisey Follow Noisey on Twitter: http://twitter.com/noiseymusic Read our tumblr: http://noiseymusic.tumblr.com Check out our Instagram:http://instagram.com/noisey
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Reggae Dancehall 80s,90s Best of King Jammys(Dancehall Godfather) Mixtape Vol 1 Mix By Djeasy
FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD http://bit.ly/BestofJammysVol1 Legendary Producer King Jammys Best of Hits from the 80s and Early 90s Vol 1 Featuring Artists such as FRANKIE PAUL,SHABBA RANKS,COCOA TEA,ADMIRAL BAILEY,CHAKA DEMUS,SANCHEZ,JOHNNY OSBOURNE,LEROY GIBBONS,ADMIRAL TIBETT,TULLO T,GREGORY ISACCS and lots more Subscribe To My Channel Here http://tinyurl.com/ZJeasySubscribe Support djeasy(Donation Link) https://www.gofundme.com/jkw5a37g Visit Store For Mixtapes http://tinyurl.com/djeasypromos Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+DjeasyMark (((█▬█ █ ▀█▀ subscribe, █▬█ █ ▀█▀ like & comment)))) WEBSITE :http://www.djeasypromos.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/djeasyy- check out my other channel https://www.facebook.com/wootydjsandfans - like my fan page https://twitter.com/djeasyy - follow me on twitter https://www.facebook.com/DJEASYY - join me on Facebook https://soundcloud.com/djeasyyy - check soundcloud for your downloaded mixes EMAIL : [email protected] EMAIL : [email protected] SKYPE : djeasy77 CONTACT ME 📞 +330649993180 __________________________________________________ (((FOR PROMO USE ONLY))) TRACKLIST DJ EASY intro Wayne smith – Under Mi Sleng Teng Johnny Osbourne - Bubby Bye Tenor Saw - Pumpkin Belly John Wayne - Call the Police Chaka Demus - Original Kuff Shabba Ranks - Peeny Peeny Colin Roach - Johnny Too Bad Johnny Osbourne - In The Area Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Teacher Pad Anthony - In Deh Johnny Osbourne - People Are You Ready Leroy Gibbons - Magic Moment Frankie Paul - Cassanova Tiger! Tiger! - Bam Bam Colin Roach - Champion Sound Admiral Bailey - Jump Up Dennis Brown - Tracks Of Life bye by love - trevor sparks let's give it a try - gregory isaacs Home T - Don't Throw It All Away Shabba Ranks - Get Up Stand Up And Rock Admiral Bailey - old time something Frankie Paul - I Know The Score Sanchez - End Of The World Dennis Brown - Material Girl Frankie Paul - Head To Toe Trevor Sparks – wings of love Shabba Ranks - Live Blanket Admiral Bailey - Think Me Did Done Ninjaman - Test the high power Gregory Issaccs - high society lady Frankie Paul - I Want To Rock Super Black - Rambo Admiral Bailey - Top Celebrity Little John - No Gimme No Bun Frankie Paul - Sara Gregory Isaacs - Bits And Pieces Leroy Gibbons - Why Are You Going Away Leroy Gibbons - Samfie Girl Chuck Turner - Run Around Girl Cocoa Tea - Young Lover Eccleton Jarrett - Turn On The Heat Brian and Tony Gold - bullseye Coco Tea home t shabba ranks - who she love Thiller U - have fun Tiger - Bombastic Garnett Silk - Full Us WithYour Mercy Pam Hall - Truly Al Campbell - Ain't Too Proud To Beg Admiral Tibett - Be Mine Tonight Half Pint - Mr. Landlord Dennis Brown - It's Magic John Holt - If I Were A Carpenter Frankie Paul - Kissing In The Moonlight Cocoa Tea - Come Again Frankie Paul - Shame Them Lt. Stitchie - Wear Yuh Size Pinchers - Bandelero Cocoa Tea - I'm The Roughest Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Sound Ronnie Twaites - Mr. Luxuary Yammi Bolo - Isn't She Lovely Bounty Killer - Roots Reality and Culture Cocoa Tea - Crying Time Leroy Gibbons - Lover's Question Johnny Osbourne - Rock It Tonight Tullo T - None A That Shabba Ranks – Love Punanny Bad Major Mackerel - Pretty Looks Done Admiral Bailey - Me Ah The Danger Cocoa Tea - Tune In Sanchez - Here I Am Shabba Ranks - Reality Bounty Killer - Nuh Have No Heart Admiral Bailey - Mi Hot Again Shabba Ranks - Fresh Leroy Gibbons - Four Season Lover Daddy Lizard - Dibbi Dibbi Girl Red Dragon - Duck Dance Chaka Demus - Bad Bad Chaka Flourgon - Bounce Admiral Bailey - Punnany Risto Benji - Gimme Di Money Shabba Ranks - Needle Eye Pum Pum Shabba Ranks – Halli Fi Buddy Johnny P - Bike Back ( Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus - This is we Ninjaman - Border Clash
Views: 474058 Djeasy Mixmaster
REGGAE DANCEHALL MIX 2018 ~ MIXED BY DJ XCLUSIVE G2B - Romain Virgo, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley & More
TOP CH£F RECORDS Presents REGGAE DANCEHALL MIX 2018, Compiled & Mixed by DJ XCLUSIVE G2B. #DJXCLUSIVEG2B #HOTTESTDJ ((Dedication 2 My Listeners, Love the life you live!! Live the life you love!!)) # Please support the channel, DJ work, studio rent, art design and purchase of songs, click here to donate - https://paypal.me/pools/c/82dCxlQP3B Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/XCLUSIVEMUSIC7/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/xclusiveg2b/ Email:[email protected] Telephone: UK. +44 7440120101 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djxclusiveg2b Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJXclusiveG2B/ THIS DJ RECORDING IS STRICTLY FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. All Featured Content Is Monetized By The Respective Copyright Owners & Record Labels.. THIS IS DEDICATED TO ALL MY HOMIES IN AFRICA, JAMAICA, GERMANY, FRANCE, JAPAN, CANADA, U.S.A: CALIFORNIA; LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK: BROOKLYN, BRONX, MANHATTAN, QUEENS, LONG ISLAND & ALL GHETTOS AROUND THE WORLD. 100% KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, FOCUS TOWARDS SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOUR LIFE AND DREAM BIG . ((((((((((The Sky Is The Limit))))))))) PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR FUTURE CD QUALITY RELEASES. GOD BLESS ****************(TRACK LIST)*************** 1.Cheater's Prayer ~ Christopher Martin 2.Stay With Me ~ Romain Virgo 3.Stronger ~ Jah Cure 4.Soul Provider ~ Romain Virgo 5.Love Like Ours ~ Estelle ft. Tarrus Riley 6.My Love ~ Christopher Martin 7.My Kinda Girl ~ Beres Hammond 8.Telephone Love ~ Jah Cure 9.Risk It All ~ Jah Cure ft. Phyllisha Ross 10.Beautiful ~ Damian Marley ft. Bob Brown 11.Mi Love Yuh ~ Popcaan 12.Easy To Love You (Remix) ~ Culan ft. Konshens 13.Body So Good ~ Popcaan 14.Pretty Girl Team ~ Alkaline 15.Number One Freak ~ Popcaan 16.Under The Influence ~ Christopher Martin ft. Chip 17.Free Love ~ Beenie Man 18.Yaadie Fiesta ~ Alkaline 19.Give Me More Love ~ Beenie Man 20.Fine Whine ~ Alkaline 21.No Freak ~ Mavado 22.Ride On Me ~ Alkaline FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: I do not own copyright for this copyrighted material, but under Section 107 United States Copyright Law as noted by the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Act 1976), allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I state here in a good faith that I have made and uploaded here this copy of this copyrighted material completely for the purposes of comment and criticism - i.e. my production of the copy of this copyrighted material and sharing of it here on YouTube in this particular case - is totally non-profit, and that I believe that my production of this copy of this copyrighted material and sharing of it here in YouTube in this particular case can only increase value of this copyrighted material and produce only positive effects for this copyrighted material in its potential market.
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