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1932 and 1936 National Style-O Resonator guitars
Here I am comparing two National guitars from 1932 and 1936. More info: http://www.mk-guitar.com/blog/2012/02/07/national-style-o-1932-and-1936-double-power/
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Mark Knopfler - Romeo and Juliet (National Style Resonator-1937)
If you like the National Guitar and "Romeo and Juliet", we think you'll like this. Mark and John are with Steve Phillips, who first introduced Mark to the National... Enjoy...
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Norman's Rare Guitars - Guitar of the Day: 1929 National Style 4 Tri-Cone
Guitar of the Day: 1929 National Style 4 Round Neck Tri-Cone! Store manager, Mark Agnesi, showing you this beautiful #NationalGuitar here at ‪#NormansRareGuitars‬. For any questions you may have or price inquires please give us a call at 818-344-8300. So what do you guys think of this cool #guitar‬?
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Vintage resonator National guitars - Tricone, Style O, Triolian, slide guitar bottleneck delta blues
Bob Gjika shares his beautiful, extremely well-preserved Vintage 1928 National Tricone guitar, 1929 National Style O guitar, 1932 National Triolian guitar, plays some bottleneck slide guitar, talks about the role of resonator guitars, John Dopyera, blues guitar, history of National resonator guitars delta blues www.gjikaamplification.com Resophonic guitars, resophonic guitar, resonator guitar, natioanl guitar, Bottleneck slide guitar, Blues guitar guitar, guitars, resonator, national resonator, tricone, triolian, style O, delta blues, blues guitar, vintage guitars, vintage guitar, resophonic, 1928, 1929, 1932, bottleneck slide guitar, blues guitars, resonator blues guitar.. all that.
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2005 National Style N Etched resonator guitar
Read all about it at: https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/2015/11/2005-national-style-n-etched-resonator.html
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National Resonator Guitars: Single Cone vs. Tricone
http://www.soundpure.com/p/national-nrp-tricone-cutaway-steel-guitar-w-slimline-pickup/12625 http://www.soundpure.com/p/national-resorocket-steel-resophonic-guitar-villex-slimline/12329 In this video, SoundPure Acoustic Guitar Expert, Robinson Earle, demonstrates the differences between National Guitars single and tricone resonators. The ResoRocket is one of our newly designed single resonator guitars.  This model incorporates a redesigned coverplate pattern to complement the distinctive Tricone-style grill work. The upper bout has been modified for easier access to the higher frets. The NRP Tricone borrows many of its features from our single cone NRP guitar. The body is made from thin-gauge steel and has a formed back. A mahogany neck clears 12 frets to the body and features an unbound ebony fretboard complete with inlaid mother-of-pearl position markers. Tuners are vintage-style engraved, open gear. Both of these guitars are available for SoundPure’s Try-Before-You-Buy Program, so if you want to hear how they sound with your gear, shoot us an email at [email protected], or call us anytime at 919.682.5552. Thanks for watching!
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National Style 0 12 Fret Brass Resonator Guitar, The Acoustic Centre.
National Style 0 12 Fret Brass Resonator Guitar, The Acoustic Centre. Best enjoyed with headphones or good speakers! https://www.acousticcentre.com.au/products/style-0-12-fret-brass-body-wcase All film and content by Josh Owen for The Acoustic Centre. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joshyowen1/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/joshowenband/ NATIONAL STYLE 0 12 FRET BRASS RESONATOR The flagship model, the Style O recreates the look and feel of the original 1930's single resonator guitars.This brass bodied instrument is polished to a mirror-like shine, nickel plated, and finally etched with the distinctive Hawaiian palm tree design.The maple neck is finished in a traditional sunburst. An ivoroid bound ebony fretboard and vintage-style engraved tuners complete the look of this timeless classic. Includes a National hard case.
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National Style O resonator
What a ripper.
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National style O 1934 vintage Resonator at The Fellowship of Acoustics
For more info on this guitar check out our website: https://www.tfoa.eu/en/shop-newarrivals?0= If you like what you see please take a moment to like and share this video! You can also follow us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TFOA-for-Fine-Vintage-Rare-guitars/184625334920049?fref=ts Or check our Instagram: https://instagram.com/thefellowshipofacoustics/ Any feedback or other questions? Comment below or send us a message!
National Style "O" Deluxe Acoustic Centre TV.
The Style O Deluxe is an enhanced version of our most popular model, the Style O. A hand-engraved wriggle pattern, with double cut lines, borders the body and coverplate. Position markers have been upgraded to mother-of-pearl diamonds. The neck material has been upgraded to figured maple with an engraved ivoroid headstock overlay and matching heel cap. Tuners are vintage-style engraved, open gear. Headstock Style Slotted Headstock Logo Engraved Headstock Overlay Ivoroid Tuners National Brand Nut Material Bone Fretboard Ebony Fretboard Binding Ivoroid Fretboard Markers Mother of Perl Fretwire W-.106 H.039 Resonator 9.5" Hand Spun Bridge Type Maple Biscuit Neck Material Figured Maple Top Material Brass Side Material Brass Back Material Brass Upper Bout Width 10.25" Lower Bout Width 14.00" Overall Length 38.75" Depth Of Body 3.125" Width at Nut 1.825" Width at 12th 2.3" Scale Length 25" Weight 8 lbs 14 oz Hardshell Case Included
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National Resonator Guitars: Wood Body vs. Steel Body
http://www.soundpure.com/p/national-resorocket-steel-resophonic-guitar-villex-slimline/12329 http://www.soundpure.com/p/national-el-trovador-w-hot-plate/12764 In this video, SoundPure Acoustic Guitar Expert, Robinson Earle, demonstrates the differences between National Guitars wood and steel body resonators. The ResoRocket is one of our newly designed single resonator guitars.  This model incorporates a redesigned coverplate pattern to complement the distinctive Tricone-style grill work. The upper bout has been modified for easier access to the higher frets. The El Trovador guitar features a large, 4" deep body constructed of mahogany. The body is bound in multi-layer celluloid, with a matching purfling border around the coverplate. A wood soundwell houses the resonator. An ebony fretboard is mated to a solid mahogany neck, capped with a rosewood headstock overlay. Both of these guitars are available for SoundPure’s Try-Before-You-Buy Program, so if you want to hear how they sound with your gear, shoot us an email at [email protected], or call us anytime at 919.682.5552. Thanks for watching!
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1931 National Style N Resonator Guitar
This is a 1931 National Style N Resonator Guitar as demonstrated by Bryan with The Renaissance Cartel. http://www.reverbnation.com/therenaissancecartel
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National Guitar Vintage Style O Shootout, Learn About Resonators
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi All, Well, I just happened to have a few Vintage National Style O's in my shop recently, so I thought I'd go through and both talk about and play each one. Each one is a little different as far as material used, so I did this to see if you can hear some of the differences. I also talk about some historical features of the Style O progression. Feel free to contact us to discuss Vintage National guitars, we're the worlds largest buyer and seller of them. Also, check out and visit our Pickin Parlor where we have many videos, vintage photos, and more. You can join and upload your own videos, write blogs, and meet some great reso fans from around the world. Call or email Lenny, 805-964-3343 [email protected] Cheers, Lenny
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1932 National Style "N" resonator guitar
1932 National Style N resonator guitar. Open G tuning. This National guitar has an all-brass body. Some had a mix of different metals.
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National Guitar NRP vs Triolian Nut Demo, Learn About Resonator Guitars
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hello my friends. In this demo, I compare the sound of two National Reso-Phonic guitars. The NRP normally comes with a mahogany neck and ebony nut. The Triolian normally comes with a maple neck and bone nut. What i did was outfit both guitars with both bone and ebony nuts to see if there is a tonal difference in just the nut material. Use your ears, the answer is at the end. These guitars and many more are in stock ready to ship. We are the worlds largest National Guitar dealer, both new and vintage! Feel free to call me to discuss or purchase these models. 805-884-0050 [email protected] Cheers, Lenny G.
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National Style O Concert Resonator Ukulele Palm Tree Etched @ SUS
http://www.southernukulelestore.co.uk/Product/2823/National-Style-O-Deluxe-Concert-Resonator-Palm-Tree-etched-20504 A very special National resonator is this one; not only does it have the rasping edge to the sound which makes the sound of a resonator so unique and special, but it has such a beautifully etched body. This model is an upgrade on the standard Style O because of the hand cut wriggle line around the body, which stabilised the uke against the fabric of your clothing to stop it sliding off, and the MOP Diamond shaped inlays on the fretboard. If you really intend to get down and dirty in the Delta, this is the perfect tool for the job. Blues and Hot Jazz will just never sound better! Spec: Tuners Grover 4 B Nut Material Bone Fretboard Ebony Fretboard Binding Ivoroid Fretboard Markers Mother of Pearl Fretwire W-.053 H.031 Resonator 5.875" Hand Spun Bridge Type Maple Biscuit Neck Material Mahogany Top Material Brass Side Material Brass Back Material Brass Upper Bout Width 5.5" Lower Bout Width 7.125" Overall Length 23" Depth Of Body 2.375" Width at Nut 1.375" Width at 12th 1.812" Scale Length 15" Weight 2 lbs 6 oz Hardshell Case Included
Style 1 Tricone Demo
Lewis Cohen visiting Dave King Acoustics' workshop and demonstrating a National Respohonic Style 1 Tricone, In stock now at: http://daveking-acoustics.co.uk/
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National Style 1 Tricone Replicon Resonator, The Acoustic Centre.
National Style 1 Tricone Replicon Resonator, The Acoustic Centre. Best enjoyed with headphones or good speakers! https://www.acousticcentre.com.au/products/national-style-1-tricone-replicon-resonator-guitar All film and content by Josh Owen for The Acoustic Centre. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joshyowen1/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/joshowenband/ National Style 1 Tricone Replicon Resonator Guitar Each Replicon begins its life as a Style 1 Tricone. The guitar then goes through a distress and ageing process. The entire instrument is pre-aged and worn individually by hand for the same authentic look and feel of it's vintage 1930's counterpart, resulting in an instrument that looks and feels like it's been played for 75+ years. This guitar is currently not on Nationals standard model list but dont worry as we have custom ordered this one for your playing pleasure. Includes a National hard case.
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National Guitar Bench Talk #3 HOW TO SWAP CONES resonator
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi All, here's my third Bench Talk installment. In this video I show you how to go about swapping your single cone in this case with a new HOT ROD cone from National Reso-Phonic. We are the worlds largest National Dealer, both new National Reso-Phonic and vintage National guitars. Visit our Pickin Parlor and view over 180 videos of Nationals. Call us at 805-884-0050 email [email protected] Cheers, Lenny
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Bench Talk #9 Learn About How To Install Slimline Pickup on National Guitar style
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi All, Welcome to NationalGuitar.com's Bench Talk Series. in #9, I show you how to install a NRP Slimline pickup to any resonator style guitar. This pickup is available here at Vintage Nationals. Call 805-884-0050, [email protected] or just click the link above to visit us. We are the worlds largest seller of Vintage National guitars, and also sell National Reso-Phonic, Republic, Recording King, and our own HOT ROD STEEL guitars! Cheers, Lenny
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National Style 3 Single Cone Demo
Lewis Cohen demonstrates a National Resophonic Style 3 Single Cone guitar available now at www.daveking-acoustics.co.uk
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National Style O Weathered Steel Resonator Guitar, The Acoustic Centre.
National Style O Weathered Steel Resonator Guitar, The Acoustic Centre. Best enjoyed with headphones or good speakers! https://www.acousticcentre.com.au/products/national-style-o-weathered-steel-resonator-guitar All film and content by Josh Owen for The Acoustic Centre. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joshyowen1/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/joshowenbNational Style O Weathered Steel Resonator Guitar New to Nationals lineup the Steel body Style O brings a weathered look like no other. Each body undergoes a hand patina process giving a unique look to each and every one. Etched with that famous scene depicting the allure of the Aloha Isles. The Steel body Style “O” is similar to National’s flagship Brass body but brings with it a Vintage vibe from the 30's. Just like the original, today’s Steel Style “O” features a maple neck finished in a vintage hand rubbed toner and capped by an unbound ebony fretboard topped by vintage-style engraved tuners. Thanks to both its look and sound, the Weathered Steel Style “O” remains a timeless classic. This is only the 10TH one ever made, making it a rare bird indeed. Comes in a National hard case.
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NATIONAL Reso Rocket vs REPUBLIC Highway 61 Resonator Comparison
GUITAR LESSON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di4BQEx2HVM MUSIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfFParB6FOQ I reached the finish line with my new resonator - the National Reso Rocket. Granted it is very different from the Republic Highway 61, mostly because of the body size I thought it would be a good idea to put the next to each other. To help people decide whether they need to spend the extra 2500 dollars for a National or they are perfectly satisfied with the Republic. The Highway 61 has an angry sound to me, most likely due to the body size while the Reso Rocket feels more warm to my ears. You decide which one you prefer! Check us out on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/blueswillisbruceband/ Listen to our music: https://blueswillismusic.wixsite.com/blueswillis
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National style "0" Resonator Guitar & El Bastardo - "There's a train you can't step out of"
a easy version from 2013 El Bastardo album "Wood & Steel" Enjoy www.elbastardo-outlawpicker.com www.honky-tonk.it
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FINE RESOPHONIC Guitars | NATIONAL Style Resonator & Dobros Part 01
CustomGuitarVideo.com Eric Clapton plays Fine Resophonic NATIONAL Style Resonator guitars. They are among the best handmade Custom Resonator Guitars on the planet. Michael Lewis (Paris, France) built guitars for Eric Clapton, Michael Messer, Robbie McIntosh (Norah Jones) and Louisiana Red. He is one of the most sought after restoration experts for vintage National Guitars. This is part one of the famous video documentary of Gourmet Guitars.
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FINE RESOPHONIC Guitars | NATIONAL Style Resonator & Dobros Part 02
CustomGuitarVideo.com Eric Clapton plays Fine Resophonic NATIONAL Style Resonator guitars. They are among the best handmade Custom Resonator Guitars on the planet. This is true shop-talk. In the second sequel of this documentary, Michael Lewis explains how he got started to make his own cones and why he uses laminates for the bodies. He also gets into great detail about the differences in cut-out f-holes and rolled f-holes.
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Jonathan Stout "Georgia on My Mind" - 2012 National Style 1 Tricone in German Silver
Dedicated to Don Young, one of the founders of National Resophonic Guitars, who just passed away. Don is one of the people who resurrected the resonator guitar, and made it possible have new instruments based on the 1920's and 1930's classics that are as good as, and in some cases better than the originals. While not usually thought of as jazz instruments, Nationals make astoundingly good acoustic jazz guitars, as evidenced by people like Oscar Aleman and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, as well as modern day players like John Reynolds, Greg Ruby, or Dave Ricketts. www.campusfive.com www.campusfive.com/swingguitarblog
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National Resophonic Resolectric Electric Resonator Guitar In Sunburst
http://www.fullersguitar.com http://www.facebook.com/fullersguitar
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1930 all-steel National Style O
A wee jam on this all steel National resonator guitar. Standard tuning. What is the importance of stating that the guitar is all steel ? Well, this Style "O" guitar model was made from 1930 until around 1941/42 and all were nickel-plated brass bodies, other than the ones made in 1930. The very earliest Style O's were actually made from German Silver - 3-piece bodies, and a Tricone neck (different shaped headstock, fancier woods etc). They did not have any engraving or sandblasted scenes - as a result, they have also been known as Style N guitars (not to be confused with later Style N guitars that were made from circa 1932-1933 with squared-off headstocks and pearloid headstock overlays - see one of my other recent videos). Soon after, still in early 1930, a few of these same guitars appeared with ultra-rare "Lightning Bolt" etched patterns. The Lightning Bolt ones are ultra rare. After that, National must have tooled up for production and had 2-piece bodies pressed for them (a front and sides, and separate back soldered together around the back edges) and moved to nickel-plated steel bodies, for the next 500 guitars or so. After that, towards the end of 1930, National seemed to experiment with combining different metals for the bodies (German Silver, Brass, Steel, and even copper !) - perhaps experimenting to see how this may change/improve the sound, or perhaps for basic production reasons (whatever was at hand, or what soldered together easier). I have a Style O that is all steel other than it has a brass (or German Silver) back. I also had an all brass bodied Style O but it had a German Silver coverplate and tailpiece. They all sound different. Some people prefer the all brass bodied Nationals, some prefer the all steel sound of the Duolian painted model. An all-steel Style O gives the cool shiny plated look but with the super cool steel-bodied brash/bang growl that Duolians are famous for. It's all personal taste really.
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How to Choose & Learn About National Resonator Guitars
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hello friends, in this video I try and show the differences in the various models and answer the most common questions about choosing which National guitar to buy. Visit our site and check out the Pickin Parlor to see many video demos of various models. Enjoy! Lenny
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Learn About National Resonator Guitar Bench Talk #1 "Style O"
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi Friends, well, here is my first installment of Bench Talk. I'll be going over various issues associated w National resonator Guitars. This one shows what happens when you don't do a good job of packing a National guitar. Hope you enjoy it, many more to come in the series. Call or email me to discuss buying a National Guitar, 805-884-0050 [email protected] Cheers, Lenny
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National Resophonic 14 Fret Style O
Demo of a NRP 14 Fret Style O, in stock at Dave King Acoustics. Come and try it out for yourself!
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National Custom Resonator Guitars No 1
Comparison of custom National Style "O" resonator guitars
Views: 135 B Frank
"Man of a constant sorrow" - National style "0" resonator guitar - El Bastardo
HONKY TONK SCHOOL TORINO Italy Check out El Bastardo music on itunes! www.elbastardo-outlawpicker.com
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SLIDE WITH PHIL! Style O (Single-Cone, 14 Fret, Variant 6)
This near mint single-cone (variant 6) resonator with a 16 inch wide and 3 1/3 inch deep nickel plated body weighs just 7.50 lbs. and features a sand blasted Hawaiian scene on back, palm trees on front and a solid area on the sides with two 'rolled' 'f' holes on the top. Single supporting wooden bar (1 1/8 x 5/8 inches) running along length of body and sitting on two smaller pieces of wood, which in turn each sit on circular wooden base. There are two other wooden supports which also sit on wooden bases. Solid maple neck with black-to-clear finish, a nut width of 1 3/4 inches and a deep 'V' profile. Slotted peghead with rear-facing three-in-a-line strip tuners with oval ivory buttons. Headstock face with 'shield' shaped gold and black decal with "Trade Mark" in gold and "National" in red. Serial number impressed into top of headstock. Single bound 'ebonized' maple fretboard with 19 original medium-thin frets (14 clear of the body) and pearl dot position markers. Nickel plated resonator cover with nickel-plated hand rest over 2 9/16 inch diameter center hole secured by nine screws. The cover is beautifully decorated with small diamond shaped "crow feet" cutouts. Single 'swirl' design resonator with wooden bridge on circular ebony base (secured to resonator by single center screw). Trapeze style tailpiece with single strap-button screw fixing and original blue felt protector pad on the underside. Quite simply the finest, all original, best sounding Style 'O' you could ever wish to findŠ strung with D'Addario EJ42 Phosphor Bronze Resophonic 0.16-0.56 strings. Housed in its original three-latch black shaped soft-shell case with purple cloth lining (9.00).
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Steel Guitar Rag (on a 1932 National Style O)
This is my little arrangement on Sylvester Weaver's classic tune. Get the tabs at: http://www.funk-wegener.de/noten.html
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1932 National Style O resonator guitar
Read all about it at: https://jakewildwood.blogspot.com/2018/03/1932-national-style-o-resonator-guitar.html
Views: 175 Jake Wildwood
Bench Talk #10 Learn About a National Style O 1931 Vintage Guitar
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi All, In this installment of my Bench Talk Series on National Guitars, I explore inside a really nice example of a 1931 National Style O. See inside, learn about specific features. See this and many more like it here on Youtube and also on our site. We buy sell trade and consign National guitars and more. Enjoy! This guitar is for sale, call us at 805-884-0050. Cheers, Lenny
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National Custom Resonator Guitar No. 2 / brass vs. German silver / www.bdfrank.com
National resonator tricone guitars / Brass body vs. German silver / custom German silver tricone / bdfrank.com
Views: 153 B Frank
National Reso-Phonic Style O Ukulele
The National Reso-phonic Style O is a veritable time machine when it comes to sound, but with many modern improvements that help it play in tune better than any vintage model could hope to.
Views: 2555 Ukulele
Mark Baker - 'Wagon Wheel' On National's Style O Resonator Ukulele
Singer-Songwriter Mark Baker covers 'Wagon Wheel' on a National Reso-Phonic Style O Ukulele. Please visit Mark Baker online at http://www.markbakermusicaz.com and for inquiries into our guitars please visit http://www.nationalguitars.com
Views: 4750 nationalguitars
Slide guitar playing on the National Reso-Phonic Guitar
Paul Wickham talks about the National Reso-Phonic Dobro guitar and demonstrates the essentials of playing slide. Recorded at Cosmo Music - The Musical Instrument Superstore http://cosmomusic.ca @CosmoMusic
National Tricone Style 2 Wild Rose Square Neck DEMO
http://www.nationalguitar.com/ Hi All, I have here a demo of our National Style 2 Tricone square neck. Available at Vintage Nationals, on the web at NationalGuitar.com. Call Lenny for details, 805-884-0050 Filmed at the Santa Barbara, CA Rose Gardens. Cheers, Lenny
Views: 6233 National Guitar Man
Dust My Broom (By Robert Johnson) on National Resonator Style O
Lucas Montagnier covering Robert Johnson's blues classic "Dust My Broom" on his national resonator Style O.
Views: 682 lucas montagnier
Guitar 6 - National, Duolian Resonator Guitar Style O, 1932 - Arlen Roth
EXHIBITION at GRONINGER MUSEUM: The Myth of the Electric Guitar 14 JANUARY 2015 TO 08 MARCH 2015 http://www.groningermuseum.nl/en/exhibition/myth-electric-guitar The exhibition 'The Myth of the Electric Guitar' will show electric guitars that belonged to famous guitarists. The guitars are assembled by collector Luc Henzig - www.tuneyoursound.com. Luc, who collected more than 600 guitars, makes 50 guitars available to the Groninger Museum for this exhibition. Electric guitars that were used by for example Mick Taylor (e.g. Rolling Stones), Joe Bonamassa, Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis) are on display. The exhibition shows on one hand the birth of the electric guitar with the first industrial made guitars in the mid '30 and on the other hand the three major guitar designs: Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul. A selection of mostly artist owned guitars are presented to show the multitude of interpretations of those classic designs. The guitars are accompanied by seven large paintings, made by the German portraitist and expert on rock music Oliver Jordan. This combination will result in an emotional Rock ‘n Roll story. Along with the exhibition a book will be published containing conversations with Luc Henzig and Oliver Jordan. This series of videos allows to make a virtual visit of the exhibition and also allows to hear the instruments presented in the Groninger Museum. The aim of these videos is to present the sound of the guitars and is not a musical showcase of the performing artists. Therefore a minimalistic recording technique has been used without any effects. You will hear the pure sound of the guitar and the associated guitar amplifier. Among others, the following material has been used in the recordings: Gibson, EH-150, 1936 Fender, Harvard 5F10, 1956 Diaz, Classic Twin - 100, 1988 Germino, Classic 45, 2014 Neumann, U87 AI Universal Audio, Solo 610 RME, Fireface UFX Thanks to the artists having contributed their skills and time: Patrick Ben Bachir, Willy Pultz and Christophe Ruppert.
Views: 3658 Luc Henzig
1930's Resonator Guitars - National vs. Dobro..
Reso-regards, everyone!!! Here's four very different resonator guitars, tuned to open C (Vestapol). Just for the fun of it, like a comparison and demo of the various resonator systems and tone difference. One is even not truly a resonator but a "faux-bro" without the internal resonator cone.. All made in the US during the 1930's. In this clip the fiddle-edge Dobro has a biscuit-style single cone installed instead of the original spider-bridge system.. Just a test, more volume and bass!! Now it's back to original again.. The slide is a TRIBOTONE, a truly remarkable slide!!
Views: 385729 BottleneckJohn
Nick Katzman, playing a National style resonator guitar
Nick Katzman is one of the foremost guitarists playing blues, acoustic and electric, on today's music scene. As a youngster he was taught by many of the great old country blues masters such as Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb and Reverend Gary Davis, as well as Stefan Grossman and Rory Block. He has shared the stage with quite a number of world-class acts (including Johnny Winter, Robert Cray, Eric Burdon and the Allman Brothers). He has accompanied many senior American blues artists: Champion Jack Dupree, Carey and Lurie Bell, Louisiana Red, Eb Davis and Katy Webster. He worked, as well, for many years as guitarist and band leader for the New York blues shouter Guitar Crusher.
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National Delphi Reissue Resonator Guitar
Pedal steel guitarist Joel Paterson also plays resonator guitar -- exceedingly well. Joel does want to clear some common misconceptions that are understandably confusing. The resonator guitar is not a dobro, and while it is made out of steel, it is not, per se, a steel guitar, and while Joel plays steel guitar -- exceedingly well -- the steel guitar is NOT a resonator. See more on Gearwire.com.
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National Style 0 (2008) | Elderly Instruments
Based on a c. 1930 resonator guitar, this National Style 0 features a nickel-plated brass body with an etched Hawaiian scene. Give it a listen as Steve Olson demonstrates. More info here: http://bit.ly/2Lqg8ur Contact us directly: http://elderly.com/PHONES.htm Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elderly.instruments
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1939/1940 National Style 0 Resonator (demo by Conway Custom Guitars)
conwaycustom.com.au/ facebook.com/conwaycustom/ instagram.com/conwaycustomguitars/ Gear used: 2x AKG C430 Condenser Microphones Recorded directly into a Soundcraft Ui24r. Edited in Abode Premier and Adobe Audition. Reverb added in Adobe Audition

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