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Runes of magic - Rogue/scout SOLO Cyclops Lair
Hey! This is my first video, so dont say anything :D Subscibe!
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Runes of Magic - GRAFU HM Solo - Full run by Magicjoy
Full run solo Grafu HM. Server PvE : Solas / Guild : OMGT (OhMyGoodToy) Classes used : Rogue/Mage (Stuff used for the run at the end of the video)
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Runes of Magic - Twohander - Scout and Rogue Gear and TP as of 8/22/16
Just a quick vid of all my unbuffed (no title) stats and gear. Also thought i'd throw in a TP update for fun and so ppl can see what skills are like when maxed at 98 with new cap. BTW my physical attack cenedril pet is at lvl 90 which gives me 8,910 flat pattk.
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Runes of Magic - Varanas Nightmare solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin, server Cath PL
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Runes of Magic - Scout/Rogue Highlights - Ice Blade Plateau
Scout/Rogue is ridiculous...lol
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Runes of Magic:  [HowTo]  Burn CORRECTLY as Rogue/Mage
Hello rogue/mages! Spam your "Attack" button during burns. You know what, any time you are targetting something that you are killing, spam the attack button. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENCHANTED THROW ON. Now that we've gotten the basic bitch out of the room, we will move onto more general things like your skill rotation, which is mainly based off wound attack. If your target has is missing a BLEED debuff, and/or a GREVIOUS WOUND debuff (bleed comes from shadowstab/blindspot/sneak attack. grevious comes from low blow) first apply the debuff on the target by using the missing debuff's skill. Then use wound attack. Continue spamming your attack skill until you can use wound attack again. TL;DR: Check target for bleed and grevious wound. If neither are there, use the right skill to get those debuffs on the target. Then use wound attack. During this time you should be spamming your Attack skill. Spam attack the whole fight while using wound attack and applying the debuffs whenever they run out. If you are experiencing problems like packet loss and high ping, I highly recommend trying the 30 day free trial. http://goo.gl/N9OMlk -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/i1own0u
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Runes of Magic - Kawak's Tomb solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin Server Cath Guild Turkspower
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Runes of Magic - Scout/Rogue - Hall of Earth - TwoHander
Quick Hall of Earth run. Haven't really scouted in HoE that much. I'll be good eventually
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Runes of Magic - SIEGE WAR : Pewpewkittens vs Ragequit (April 29th, 2013) [Rogue/Mage]
was quick, 13 badges, good siege. 11 days left if i get 13 badges till ironblood :3 -- www.twitch.tv/i1own0u/c/2219094 www.tinyurl.com/bbsaddons my addons and macros
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Runes of Magic - Rogue/Mage - Hall of Earth - TwoHander
More quick hall of earth runs :) I had fun playing scout but rogue is a lot easier and i felt lazy so i decided to teach them how to rogue :)
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Runes of Magic - RoM - Rogue/Priest - Schurke/Priester - lvl 35 PvP  * HD *
not really skilled but a lot of fun :D my first video Downloadlink High Quali http://rapidshare.com/files/283513590/RoM_-_RoguePriest_-_lvl_35_PvP.rar enjoy it Runes of Magic RoM Rogue Priest Schurke Priester lvl 35 PvP HD
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Runes of Magic: Knight/Rogue Tanking Concept??
K/R Discussion here (Useful Info in later posts): http://board.us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/board272-runes-of-magic-us/board284-gameplay/board285-multi-class-discussions/85940-knight-rogue-possibly-good/#post659860 If you wanna skip all the boring concept, the Video Demonstration is at 5:46. So I've been tinkering with a K/R and even though everyone says it sucks, I believe that this class is highly underestimated. Shield Swap Macro /use Shield Name /cast Skill Name /run _,_,ts=GetBagCount() for i=1,ts do ii,_,n=GetBagItemInfo(i) if n=="Offhand Sword" then offh=ii elseif n=="Mainhand Sword" then mh = ii end end /run EquipItem(17, offh)
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Runes of Magic - Scout/Rogue - TwoHander - Madro Troll Nest Hard Mode Full
I keep getting told that Scout/Rogue is not good in endgame instances. So i felt i had to prove them all wrong. Here is PROOF that S/R is an endgame dps combo! goml
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Ice Blade Plateau - Scout/Rogue - Runes of Magic 2-5 - Happy end
Ice Blade Plateau - Meseta de Filogélido Scout/Rogue - Runes of Magic. Zhero. Ibergard. Es tiempo de explos, y aquí una pequeña demostración. Vídeo con final feliz. s/r explo/pica Enjoy it! :)
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Runes of Magic - Crypt of Eternity (Easy Mode Full) [Rogue/Mage]
* ITS FINALLY NOT MUTED * If you're a rogue, and used to solo'ing, its your typical hide and use invis pots where you can't hide. Let us fear for the people who are claustrophobic... in hard mode all the pets and players will be extremely close together... Bosses 3 and 5 seemed to be super tanky, and other than those two, burns are pretty simple. Key things to note: AS A ROGUE, ALWAYS USE EVASION AND DODGE CAPE TO MAXIMIZE SURVIVABILITY DURING BURN! 1st Boss (Adur): Use seren before getting into aggro range. 2nd Boss (Khalakli): If you don't burn fast enough, he will cast DoT's that do % damage and will persist to hurt you even after he dies. Have PPots ready if you cannot burn 3rd Boss (Mosfetto): There are little ruffles on the ground that cause damage (and stun...?). He is also a bit tanky so be prepared to candy if you need an extra 4s to live. 4th Boss (Katbalbus): This boss also has % based DoTs (maybe avoidable?) but I think he is pretty burnable. After 4th boss, I recommend killing the mobs on the bridge one at a time by shadow prison'ing and combo'ing it to death. 5th boss (Thallsus): This boss is also pretty tanky. I did mess up my burn, but I feel like candy or serenstum may come in handy if you screw up as bad as I did. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/i1own0u 108400 108500
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Runes of Magic: Druid/Rogue PVP
Just something to show how d/r looks like on battlefield. Server: Macantacht EU
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Runes of Magic - Blowing up CoE   Scout / Rogue
A boring night few months ago...
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Runes of Magic Grotto of Horror(easy) Druid/rogue solo 1st Boss
Soloed Aggregate of Desperation (goh ez) for fun as D/r in my mage gear. US server Govinda Music: Sound Adventures - Horses Of The Apocalypse I own none of the content in this video. No copyright infringement intended.
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Runes of Magic Rogue Max Talent
Łotr (Rogue) Full pt
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Runes of Magic - Champion/Rogue DPS - Taren
~ Racka ~ CH/R/M/P/W ~ Artemis ~ Pewpewkittens ~ Quick kill of taren lol - Forgot to put imprisonment pulse (aoe) at beginning of fight .. would've gained an extra 5 - 6mil + extra damage on scruitinzer - Lost target at beginning -_- ~ Subscribe and like for more videos :) ~
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Runes of Magic Rogue PvP
Please watch in HD. I'm Rogue/Priest Level 25 / 25. The server I'm playing on is Cogadh(DE), im wearing full Yolta.RS and two t2 daggers.
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Runes of magic - Rogue/scout SOLO DOD 1st boss
Hey! Welcome to watch my second video! :)
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Runes Of Magic - Zurhidon Stronghold - Mage/rogue 72/60
ZS run as mage/rogue 72/60. Server Smacht. unbuffed stats: 9,2k mdmg, 45,6k matt, 60,6k hp and 72% crit rate. I don't own rights for music. Plz like, subscribe, comment thx
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Runes of Magic - 55 Rogue Mage Solo
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Runes of Magic:  [HowTo] Use Cooldowns Effectively as Rogue/Mage
Simply put, use your buffs in this order: (IF YOU ARE MUSIC, START PLAYING IT BEFORE ROTATION. YOU CAN USE UP TO 3 BUFFS WHILE MUSIC IS PLAYING) Caviar Sandwich Informer Unknown Choice (from warnocken arena) strong stimulant extinction potion (or deadly potion) unknown choice assassins rage illusion blade dance ironblood will varanas nightmare cape (aoth strike cape) If you are experiencing problems like packet loss and high ping, I highly recommend trying the 30 day free trial. http://goo.gl/N9OMlk -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/i1own0u
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Runes of magic - Rogue power !
Duo ..
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Runes of Magic: Knight/Rogue Damage Reduction
Level 69 K/R with 15K Mdef vs a level 95 M/Wd with 116k mattk using flame spam.
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Runes of magic - rogue / druid leveling
Runes of magic first and foremost is an amazing free to download free to play online mmo and though i'm still a new player i have to say that it beats alot of other subscribed based mmos out there. It does resemble wow alot when comes to ui and gameplay mechanics which is a good thing in my modest opinion , everything feels natural and when put together it works amazingly well, animation is smooth, combat is well paced and satisfying, graphics are good but not heavy. Overall it feels i will be spending some more time on this one in the weeks and maybe months to come. Nerwyn - female elven rogue (lvl17) druid (lvl15), questing in silverspring zone Programs used : vegas 9, minimal editing , mostly video speed up and texts Music : Three days grace 1. Time of dying 2. Get out alive
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Runes of Magic:  Scout / Rogue (Grotto of Horror Hard)
Hey guys, another scout video to complement my scout/mage video. Scout/rogue is essentially a debuffer... one of the more useful scout combos nowadays. It increases recieved damage on the target by up to 12%, aswell as reducing the target's pdef/mdef by up to 16%. My point of this video is to illustrate how broken the scout class in comparison to the other endgame DPS' that are viable currently. Scouts need a massive overhaul. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/i1own0u
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Runes of Magic - Pillars of Morfan - Rogue/Warrior
Messing around on Rogue/Warrior. Most specific skills level 50, and warrior 62 so room for improvement. Forgot to record last :(
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RoM Guide to Rogue/Scout
All you need to know when playing as a rogue/scout including skills, equipment and macros.
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Runes of Magic Mage Rogue.wmv
Mage/Rogue some short action
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Runes of Magic - Warrior/Rogue Gameplay
RUNES OF MAGIC: Brief gameplay of my Warrior/Rogue on the Reni Server Music: Crossroads by Bone Thugz n Harmony
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Runes of Magic Nawia Tomeczkoo Scout/Rogue BOW dps
https://ideone.com/8eUYXA Give me more attack speed buffs.
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Rogue/Priest Pvp Runes of magic
Rogue/Priest lvl 20/18 in Karros Canyon. Unfortunately no sound.
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runes of magic warrior/rogue 87 @ kolanda
17.14m damage as w/r t12 +16 87lvl 2h axe "Lifelessness" 126k physical attack ub (with title) 28464 ub str
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Runes of Magic - Pillars of Morfan - Rogue/Mage Bosses 2-5
Forgot to record first boss.
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Runes of magic: Best rogue Pvp
Better Version here: http://www.blip.tv/file/4012192 I AM THE BEST EVER!!! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!! Name: Dlonthegreat Server: Grimdal
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Runes of Magic- Scout/Rogue killing final boss in cyclops
Me and 5 more level 50s killing main boss in cyclops
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Runes of magic - Rogue/scout solo KS bosses
Heya! this is my third video! :D Subscribe!
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Runes of Magic: Knight/Rogue DoD 1st Boss Solo (Normal)
Taking my K/R and learning more about proper solo rotation. I tried doing my aggro rotation but doing so proved fatal as there was always a 3-4 second gap where the boss did not have the threaten debuff. Cutting the boss's attack by over over 50% helps alot. With the new dps rotation, I'm able to keep a near constant threaten on the boss. Also, I almost died near the end due to me not paying attention to the fact that enhanced armor can run out lol.
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Runes Of Magic - Champion/rogue 55/40 in Malatina!
Showing Champ's skills and dmg ^^ i just record only clearing parts because rest of minigame is just boring. Server: Smacht, stats: 21k hp, 11k patt 5,3k dmg.
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Runes of magic - Champion gear as - 17/12/15
~ Racka ~ CH/R/P/M/W ~ Mithras ~ Pewpewkittens ~ What needs improvement: #1 Tier 8 - 9 runes on all pieces #2 Tier 8 all pieces and tier 9 chest/legs #3 OD Horbans pants/belt - OD Khalakli helm - OD HOE set (current hoe set borrowed lol) #4 Upgrade level 82 earring to recent earrings #5 Upgrade stats to new recent stats on nearly all pieces #6 +20 2h hammer - +20 khalakli set #7 WTB a shit tonne of diamonds/gold ~ Subscribe for more video ! :) ~
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Runes of Magic rogue knight
Runes of Magic rogue knight..
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Runes of Magic - Scout/Rogue - Grinding speed
A little demonstration off of Scout/Rogue's grinding style/speed, mobs are 19-23ish Realm: Macantacht Character: Varomaton Guild: Rovio Song: Children of Bodom - Downfall
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Runes of Magic - Garmel (3rd boss CoB) solo by Rogue/Warden
Vithalin, server Cath
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