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100 Greatest Films of All Time - Sight and Sound
In 2012, Sight and Sound got 846 critics and 358 directors to vote for the top 100 greatest films of all time... this was the list they ended up with... IT'S ALL A DREAM. Like and Subscribe.
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Sight & Sound magazine - 80th birthday
Sight & Sound magazine - 80th birthday. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribetotheBFI. Subscribe to Sight & Sound today: http://bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/subscribe Sight & Sound magazine celebrates its 80th birthday with... • the unveiling of both a digital edition (for desktop and tablet) and a digital archive, featuring 80 years' worth of issues of both S&S and its long-running sister title the Monthly Film Bulletin -- an unrivalled archive of film commentary and criticism. Find out more here: http://bfi.org.uk/digital-edition-archive • a major redesign of the magazine, with more pages, more sections, more columns and a wider remit, from the business of film to artists' movies: http://bfi.org.uk/news/sight-sound-september-2012-issue • the announcement of its celebrated once-a-decade poll of the Greatest Films of All Time: http://bfi.org.uk/sightsoundpoll2012 Watch more on the BFI Player: http://player.bfi.org.uk/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BFI Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BritishFilmInstitute Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+britishfilminstitute/
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Sight & Sound magazine trailer
'Putting words to the pictures': a trailer made for our 80th birthday celebrations.
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Porn Magazine | NYU Tisch 2018 Summer Sight & Sound Filmmaking Final
Professor: Christopher Goutman One of my very first films. It's not perfect but does mean something to me.
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Sight & Sound Ten Greatest Films of All Time
Sight & Sound magazine has announced the long-awaited results of its once-a-decade poll of critics to determine the Greatest Films of All Time. 846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors have voted and the 50-year reign of Citizen Kane is over. Our critics' poll has a new number one. You can see the Top 10 in our season at BFI Southbank, which runs from 1 September - 9 October 2012. Book tickets: http://bit.ly/TCw88G Explore the full list: http://bit.ly/NDbPsV
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Sight and Sound's Greatest Films of all times
My Tribute Montage of Sight & Sound 2012 Poll - Critics' Top 250 Films.
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Thin Lizzy    (Sight & Sound  in Concert)
Pete Drummond in 1983 introduces Thin Lizzy (Farewell Tour Thunder & Lightning.)
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Finding It Again | NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking - Final
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Two people see each other from across the room and "find it again." This project was made for NYU's Sight and Sound: Filmmaking class as a final project. Finding It Again Direction and Music by Peter Mancuso Choreography and Performances by Elizabeth Katz and David Ossman Photography by Harvey Kingsley-Elton Assistant Camera Work by Brian Koch and Olivia Posner
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NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking - Project 6: Interaction
A black and white silent short film. Prof. David K. Irving Fall 2018 Directed and edited by Alyssa Tumale Camera by Jordan Mailes Starring Michael Consuelos and Jad Jacob
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Sight & Sound March 2019 issue: Barbara Stanwyck special
Pouring equal parts noir and blanc, with a dash of femme fatale and a twist of ingénue, our March issue raises a glass to the enigmatic Barbara Stanwyck, one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors. Inviting us through the astonishing trajectory of Stanwyck’s career is Molly Haskell, who starts the story with Stanwyck dancing for the Ziegfeld Follies as a 1920s flapper girl, making a name for herself in racy pre-Code films and then flourishing with directors like Frank Capra, Fritz Lang and Douglas Sirk into the 50s. Dipping into her key performances in The Lady Eve, Baby Face and more, Haskell dissects Stanwyck’s mercurial on-screen presence. Plus Barry Jenkins on bringing James Baldwin to the screen with If Beale Street Could Talk, Nadine Labaki on how she shot Capernaum in Beirut, and Lee Changdong talks Burning, Murakami and millennials. Read more about it, get a copy or subscribe here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/march-2019-issue
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Sight & Sound: the June 2018 issue
Hair metal or college rock? Multiplex or cult cinema? What side are you on? Our June issue overturns the clichés of 1980s America – the high-concept spectacle and cartoonish action film, the flag-waving and corporate swagger – looking closer instead at a cinematic anti-pantheon of films profoundly committed to the oblique angle, the real thing, the downbeat tone, focussed on marginal lives at the sharp end of Reaganonics. Nick Pinkerton explores the obverse side of Reaganism’s patriotic bluster and hollow optimism across 12 choice films by the likes of Dennis Hopper, Penelope Spheeris, Alan Rudolph, Joyce Chopra, Bill Sherwood, Joan Micklin Silver and Albert Brooks, made in a low-key, personal register more reminiscent of the character-driven films of 70s New Hollywood, and typically focused on marginal lives at the sharp end of Reaganonics. (You can catch all 12 this month at BFI Southbank.) Anne Billson probes the low-budget genre upstarts that breached the façade of 80s corporate cinema; and on our website (see below) Christina Newland considers the darkness on the edge of adulthood for the independent movie teenager. Also in this issue: Lucrecia Martel on Zama, Louise Brooks and Pandora’s Box, Marion Cotillard, Jeune Femme, Jean Rollin, Rachel Rossin, sleep in cinema… Read more: http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/june-2018-issue
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Motionless in White - Sight of Sound Magazine : Exclusive Interview
Exclusive interview with Ricky Horror of Motionless in White before their show at the Sherman Theater.
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Flick lit – 100 novels about cinema in Sight & Sound August 2018
In our August 2018 issue, Sight & Sound contributors pick the 100 greatest novels and short stories about filmmaking, from Hollywood to Bollywood, Auster to Wurlitzer. Plus an interview with critic, screenwriter and director Paul Schrader, who talks about his new crisis-of-faith film First Reformed; Harold Pinter’s phenomenal screenplays; Daniel Kokotajlo’s Jehova’s Witness drama Apostasy… and much more. Read more about the issue, buy a copy or subscribe here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/august-2018-issue
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Laying out "Sight & Sound" in the 1950s | BFI
Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribetotheBFI. This video of Penelope Houston laying out Sight and Sound with her deputy Peter John Dyer in 1960 might be puzzling to anyone not ancient enough to remember pre-digital publishing methods. Putting Sight and Sound together 60 years ago was very much a manual labour for the editors. (Read more below) Check out Sight & Sound here: http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine Watch more on the BFI Player: http://player.bfi.org.uk/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BFI Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BritishFilmInstitute Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+britishfilminstitute/ Typescripts were corrected and edited – and there was no means of duplicating them except for the original carbon-paper copy made in the typewriter. They were then handed to the gentleman from the Kent Paper Company, who would call in at least once a day. Typeset in metal type, the galley proofs would be delivered in a couple of days. These – visible hanging on the wall in the pictures – were around two feet long and comprised the text of each article in a single continuous column. One copy had to be proof-read and returned for correction. At the same time the original stills were systematically marked up on the back to indicate selection and size; and in turn these would be made into metal printing blocks and proofed on random sheets. When the proofs were in the real work began. They were carefully cut to size and shape and then gummed to dummy pages, using Gripfix, a wonderful thick adhesive, now forgotten, which had the texture of frozen lard, smelled of almonds and came in a specially fitted aluminium canister with a well for the spatula which was the only means of applying it. (In its final years, the canister was plastic.) It is impossible now to imagine how we made it all fit, page by page, to arrive at the exact number at our disposal (it grew from 32 to 64, plus cover). There was a lot of re-editing, to shorten paragraphs by a line or two, or to avoid an orphan last line running over to the next column or page. The Kent Paper Company loyally turned the messy paste-ups into the finished magazine. Sight and Sound acquired an official designer, John Harmer, at the end of 1958, but the video shows that Penelope was still plying the Gripfix two years after this. David Robinson was Editor of the Monthly Film Bulletin and Deputy to Penelope Houston at Sight and Sound from 1957 to 1958.
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Parallel Action - NYU Sight and Sound Film
Prompt: silent film, black and white, exterior location, use parallel action - intercut between two or more different locations in the course of two or more unfolding lines of action Starring: Anthony Muccigrossi as window cleaner Ivan Greene as businessman Written, directed and edited by: Felicia Sobhani Director of Photography: Gabby Piamonte Assistant Camera: Joshua Sturm Assistant Director: Maurice Wright
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Sleep Walk | NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking Final
Featuring the instrumental "Sleep Walk" written and performed by Santo and Johnny. Fall 2018 Prof. David K. Irving Directed and Edited by Alyssa Tumale CREW Jad Jacob Michael Consuelos George Dickinson STARRING George Fear Phil Cappadora Nicole Rae Jones Thank you to all involved!
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Never Shout Never - Exclusive Interview with Sight of Sound Magazine
I had the chance to talk with the whole band for a few minutes backstage in Camden. I give them a lot of props for walking all the way to the press area in the pouring rain to do the interview, we even had to cram into a small bathroom to do the interview. Be sure to check the band out all summer on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour and purchase their new album, Sunflower, today.
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XTC - Sight And Sound 1978 (In Concert) [Stereo Sync]
Tracklisting is below this description... YouTube user cisumetihW recently posted 3 tracks from this, but they're in black & white and even as the uploader stated, the quality is not that good. So here's a copy I put together from clips that were once on YouTube, yet after a quick search, all appear to have since vanished apart from one (track 6) But I think people will appreciate that although the footage here is still far from dvd quality, it is in colour and I have synced it to a stereo audio source. I'm not sure if these clips made up the full TV broadcast but they're all I was ever able to find. So crank up the volume and enjoy the set... The Hippodrome, London 9th March 1978 01 Radios In Motion 00:00 02 Cross Wires 02:48 03 Statues Of Liberty 04:53 04 Set Myself On Fire 07.51 05 New Town Animal 11:31 06 All Along The Watchtower 13:15 07 This Is Pop 19:13
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Sight & Sound September 2018: the BlacKkKlansman interview
In our September issue, Spike Lee discusses BlacKkKlansman – the unlikely tale of an African-American police officer who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan – Hollywood’s history of racism, the importance of love and hate in his work, and how the violent protests of modern-day far right thugs gave his film its ending. Plus the indomitable Joan Crawford, Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War, Mark Cousins on Orson Welles, the Mission: Impossible series, Marlene Dietrich and Von Sternberg, Idris Elba… and much more. In print and digital from 6 August 2018. Log in / sign up: http://sightandsounddigital.bfi.org.uk/ Subscribe: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/sight-sound-magazine-subscriptions Buy a print edition: https://shop.bfi.org.uk/sight-sound-september-2018.html
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Interview : Cody Hanson of Hinder - Sight of Sound Magazine
I had the chance to sit down with Cody Hanson before the show at the Sands Event Center to talk about the current tour, Welcome to the Freakshow, and to just have a few laughs. Be sure to head over to Sight of Sound Magazine for full show coverage including exclusive photos and more!
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The Gardeners | NYU Sight & Sound Film 2018
Project 4: Parallel Action Professor Nick Tanis Sight & Sound Film Fall 2018 NYU TISCH
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Sight & Sound November 2018: Steve McQueen on Widows
Our November issue comes equipped for a robbery, as we sit down with Steve McQueen to discuss his latest film Widows, a thriller that updates Lynda La Plante’s hit 1980s TV series about a group of women planning a heist in Thatcher-era London. McQueen’s thrilling film moves the action to present-day Chicago, with a brilliant Viola Davis leading an ensemble cast that includes Daniel Kaluuya, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Brian Tyree Henry and Robert Duvall. Also in our November 2018 issue: Panos Cosmatos on Nicolas Cage and Mandy, Joseph McBride on Orson Welles and The Other Side of the Wind, Sandi Tan on Shirkers and lost dreams, and our Deep Focus season on the French fantastique in cinema. In print and digital from 8 October 2018. Read more / get the issue here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/november-2018-issue
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Sight & Sound: the July 2018 issue
In our July 2018 issue we celebrate the irrepressible Agnès Varda. Working at the vanguard of world cinema for over six decades, the artist and filmmaker has been a major influence on moving-image culture, from the French New Wave to far beyond. Our writers discuss the key aspects of her brilliantly idiosyncratic career, from her overlooked role as a pioneer of post-war French cinema to her visual style and linguistic inventiveness, from her self-portraits and playful screen persona to the references to histories of art, photography and film that run throughout her work. Plus a debrief on this year’s memorable Cannes festival, the anti-authoritarian Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, Debra Granik’s Leave No Trace, Manny Farber, Rupert Everett’s The Happy Prince, Budd Boetticher… and much more. Read more/login/buy an issue/subscribe: http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/july-2018-issue
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I See Stars - Sight of Sound Magazine : Exclusive Interview
Sight of Sound Magazine had the chance to sit down with Devin Oliver, lead singer of I See Stars, immediately following the band's set at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown PA. Despite delivering an incredible show that night Devin still had enough energy left to talk with us and we really appreciated that. Having covered the band this summer multiple times on Warped Tour it was great to finally sit down and talk about how quickly the band has been gaining popularity.
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The Class Ceiling: Sight & Sound October 2018 issue trailer
What happens to working class talent in British cinema? Our October cover story looks at cinema’s Class Ceiling. Plus Mike Leigh on Peterloo, Gaspar Noe on Climax, Desiree Akhavan on The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Kogonada on Columbus, Chloé Zhao on The Rider, Bart Layton on American Animals, the comic genius of Elaine May, Jackie Chan, LFF highlights and much more. Read more, buy an issue, subscribe: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/october-2018-issue
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ROOTED - NYU Sight and Sound
Sight and Sound Film - Final Project, Fall 2016 Kanbar Institute of Film and Television NYU Tisch School of the Arts Original Score by Aidan Petershack
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David Cook - Sight of Sound Magazine : Exclusive Interview
I had the chance to sit down with David Cook before his performance at the Musikfest Cafe to talk about his triumphant return to touring, his new album (due sometime soon), touring in general, writing music, and more! Be sure to head over to Sight of Sound Magazine to check out the full review and photo gallery from that night.
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LIFTOFF - #4: Off-Screen Sounds - NYU Sight & Sound: Filmmaking
Prompt: Off-Screen Sounds NYU Sight & Sound: Filmmaking
Parallel Action - Sight & Sound: Filmmaking NYU Fall 2018
Project #4 Produced by Crewmero Numero Uno Directed by: Karol Nowak Cinematographer: Erik Rosenblum Assistant Camera: Leo Pernia Swing Crew: Amanda Gomez-Rivera Starring Ryan Dunn Claire Nowak Magnus Sundberg
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In This Moment - Sight of Sound Magazine : Exclusive Interview
I had the chance to talk with the guys of In This Moment before their show at the Sherman Theater on November 8th. We had to rush the interview a bit because they had to get to the meet and greet for their fans but it was great to finally meet the guys in person. Sight of Sound Magazine has covered them a few times this year and the band has begun to follow my photography as a result. Be sure to head over to Sight of Sound Magazine to see our exclusive gallery from the show and get out to a show on the HellPop Tour.
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My Ode to Kermode - A poem. (Mark Kermode the film critic) , sight and sound magazine
Disclaimer: No offence is meant, this is done in good humour, hastily, and with bad grammar no doubt. An Ode to Kermode. Mark Kermode the film critic. I decided to write a poem about him one day, so i did. Here it is above. Tags : Mark Kermode, Mark kermodes top ten , mark kernodes top 10 movies. sight and sound.mark kermode
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Filter - Sight of Sound Magazine Exclusive Interview
We had the chance to sit down with Richard Patrick and Jonathan Radtke from Fitler before their performance at the Chameleon Club. We discussed their prior tour with Stone Temple Pilots, the success of the new album, and had a lengthy conversation about the incident in Denver amongst other things. The band is currently out on a headline tour in support of their new album, "The Sun Comes Out Tonight." Their new single from the album, "Surprise," is available to radio nationwide so be sure to request that today through your local rock radio. Be sure to check out Sight of Sound Magazine for our exclusive photos and review of Filter's performance at the Chameleon Club : http://sightofsoundmagazine.com/2013/10/20/filter-2/
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Sorry to Bother You: Boots Riley in Sight & Sound December 2018
With a straightened tie and a white collar, our December issue is off to work, as we take a look at the most wildly inventive, urgently vital debut feature of the year, Boots Riley’s fabulous absurdist comedy Sorry to Bother You. Kaleem Aftab sits down with Riley for a long, lively and highly entertaining interview to discuss the film, in which Lakeith Stanfield stars as Cassius ‘Cash’ Green, a laidback underachiever living in a garage who suddenly gains rapid promotion at a telemarketing firm after he discovers he can dramatically increase his sales by affecting a ‘white voice’ on the telephone. Also in this issue: 9 to 5 and the Hollywood workplace film, the Coen brothers on The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Hosoda Mamoru on Mirai, Sebastian Lelio on Disobedience, Nuri Bilge Ceylan on The Wild Pear Tree, Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan on Wildlife, Shoplifters, Suspiria and more… In print and digital from 5 November 2018. Read more, get an issue and subscribe here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/december-2018-issue
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The Decision | NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking - Voice-Over
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! A man recounts a strange dream involving a lighter and a knife. This project was made for NYU's Sight and Sound: Filmmaking class as a black and white film focusing on voice-over. The Decision Written and Directed by Peter Mancuso Photography by Harvey Kingsley-Elton Assistant Camera Work by Brian Koch and Olivia Posner Starring Jimmy Berry and Sophia Huebschman
Views: 267 PUMP Productions
NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking Project I: The Shot | GHOSTS
My first project in Sight & Sound Filmmaking - The Shot. The objective is to show a place and it's significance to a story of our own fabrication.
Views: 529 Malhaar Gupte
Content Magazine Sight and Sound Issue Photo Shoot
Shooting for the Sight and Sounds Issue 8.1 Content Magazine Photography by Paul Ferradas Model Sabrina Smith with Stars Model Management Makeup Janice Daoud Makeup assist @arebellayousif Hair Andrian Leah with Umbrella Salon Stylist Michelle Rivert Jewelry/Accessory designer @atzidesigns Prop Stlist Danielle Wallis
Views: 95 Paul Ferradas
New Beat Fund - Exclusive Sight of Sound Magazine Interview
I had the chance to talk with 2 of the members of New Beat Fund before they opened for Blink-182 at the Sands Event Center on September 12th. Pardon the background noise, we did the interview in a hallway just outside of the venue so our microphone equipment picked up a little ambient sound. These guys were cool dudes talk to, be sure to check them out on tour now with Blink and with 3OH!3 this fall.
Views: 170 Matt Christine
A Sight & Sound Film - NYU Sight & Sound
NYU Sight & Sound parody of NYU Sight & Sound films. Prof. David Irving.
Views: 877 Marc Merrill
A girl in solitude contemplates life, death, and the meaning of existence. Mono No Aware means "the empathy of all things". I made this film because I wanted to express what has been in my mind for the past month.
Views: 655 Noah Kim
Moses Update #3 - Sight & Sound Theatres
Josh Enck, director of Moses, Sight & Sound's newest production gives a sneak peak of Mount Sinai, new costumes and animal training! This update includes sneak peaks at some of the special effects for the plaques, a look at the burning bush, some footage from the new Moses commercial, new media effects (including rear projection) and a more in-depth look at the pieces currently being built in the scene shop. Tickets and more information are available at http://www.sight-sound.com
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Moses Update #2 - Sight & Sound Theatres
Josh Enck, director of Moses, Sight & Sound's newest production reveals more behind-the-scenes glimpses of the effects, set pieces and other details that are going to make this show unforgettable! This update includes sneak peaks at some of the special effects for the plaques, a look at the burning bush, some footage from the new Moses commercial, new media effects (including rear projection) and a more in-depth look at the pieces currently being built in the scene shop. Tickets and more information are available at http://www.sight-sound.com
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Framed | NYU Sight & Sound Filmmaking - Lighting for Movement
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! A woman slowly realizes that she is trapped inside of a film. This project was made for NYU's Sight and Sound: Filmmaking class as a silent black and white film focusing on lighting for movement. Framed Directed by Peter Mancuso Photography by Harvey Kingsley-Elton Assistant Camera Work by Brian Koch and Olivia Posner Starring Kate Shaw
Views: 356 PUMP Productions
Chris Hartwell's Movie Bucket List - Sight & Sound Movies
On this episode of Sight & Sound Movies, film professor and the Hart Beat's, Chris Hartwell, stops by to give us the 'Movie Bucket List' that he believes every film fan should see. Feel free to join the Sight & Sound Facebook group. Come chat music, movies, and TV with us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1972409419661246/ SUPPORT SIGHT & SOUND BY PICKING UP ONE OF OUR SHIRTS AT: http://sightsoundpod.com Subscribe to the Sight & Sound YouTube channel for more podcasts and videos: http://www.youtube.com/c/sightsoundpod iTunes feed: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sight-sound/id1163615076?mt=2 Find us on social media, @sightsoundpod on Twitter and Instagram Like us on Facebook, just search Sight & Sound Shoot us an email - [email protected] Jaye Williams Twitter - @jayewilliams Instagram - @jayewilliams Ryan Snelling Twitter - @whatupsnell Instagram - @whatupsnell
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Steve Gibbons Band – Tulane - BBC ‘Sight and Sound’, Nov 1977
Ninth song (lyrics by Chuck Berry below) from concert recorded at the Golders Green Hippodrome, with personnel list of: Steve Gibbons – Lead Vocal Bob Wilson – Guitar Dave Carroll – Guitar Trevor Burton – Bass Guitar Bob Lamb – Drums Tulane and Johnny opened a novelty shop Back under the counter, was the cream of the crop Everything was clickin' and the business was good 'Til one day, lo and behold, an officer stood Johnny jumped the counter but he stumbled and fell But Tulane made it over Johnny as he yelled Go ahead on, Tulane, he can't catch up with you Go Tulane, he ain't man enough for you Go Tulane, use all the speed you got Go Tulane, you know you need a lot Go Tulane, he's laggin' behind Go 'head on, Tulane go head on Go by your father's house and tell him business is slow And see if he will loan us something, soon as he hits the dough Put the cat out in the hall and rumple up the room Go by Doctor Keller's, tell him you swallowed some perfume Tell him we need him quick, 'cuz he may have to testify That you been sick all day and that's a perfect alibi Go ahead on, Tulane, he can't catch up with you Go Tulane, he ain't man enough for you Go Tulane, use all the speed you got Go Tulane, you know you need a lot Go Tulane, he's laggin' behind Go 'head on, Tulane go head on Go, let Danny drive in case you run into the Man Back by the shop and git the stuff and hide it in the van Go back by your father's, get the money for the bail And bring it down and bail me out this rotten, funky jail We gotta get a lawyer in the click of politics Somebody who can win the thing or get the thing fix
Views: 6594 Keith741
The Flash: You Cruise, You Lose! - NYU Sight & Sound: Studio
A homage to the legendary 1960s Batman TV Show, an NYU Sight and Sound: Studio. Thanks to everyone involved in making the project!
Views: 1192 Harvey Kingsley-Elton
Brixton's 'Sight & Sound' - Part II
Part two of our four part video series documenting our trip and two-night 'Sight & Sound' event with Juxtapoz Magazine during SXSW. Song Credit: together Pangea "Offer" Coachwhips "You Gonna Get It"
Views: 1342 Brixton
Once Upon A Time in Anatolia - Sight&Sound Interview with Nuri Bilge Ceylan ( English)
Geoff Andrew interviews with Nuri Bilge Ceylan, director of the movie Once Upon a Time In Anatolia, for Sight & Sound Magazine of British Film Institude. The movie is the co-winner of the second most prestigious award, the Grand Prix of 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Subscribe to Nuri Bilge Ceylan: https://goo.gl/pTzW2y Follow NBC Film on Twitter: https://goo.gl/3dXXaT Like NBC Film on Facebook: https://goo.gl/5JAchv Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Turkish: Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da) is a 2011 Turkish drama film, co-written and directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan based on the true experience of one of the film's writers, telling the story of a group of men who search for a dead body on the Anatolian steppe. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on September 23, 2011.The film received the Cannes Film Festival's second most prestigious award, the Grand Prix, in a shared win with the film The Kid with a Bike by the Dardenne brothers. Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan Writers: Ebru Ceylan, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Ercan Kesal Stars: Yılmaz Erdoğan, Muhammet Uzuner, Taner Birsel Genre: Drama, Crime
Views: 10126 Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Sight and Sound interview with Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender
http://michael-fassbender-online.net/ Sight and Sounds talks to Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender at the 55th BFI London Film Festival prior to the Gala screening of Shame http://www.bfi.org.uk/live/video/744
Views: 24206 MFO Images and Videos