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Why do we kiss under mistletoe? - Carlos Reif
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-do-we-kiss-under-mistletoe-carlos-reif The sight of mistletoe may either send you scurrying or, if you have your eye on someone, awaiting an opportunity beneath its snow-white berries. But how did the festive tradition of kissing under mistletoe come about? Carlos Reif explains how this long-lived custom intertwines the mythology and biology of this intriguing plant. Lesson by Carlos Reif, animation by CUB Animation.
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Kissing Girls under the Mistletoe in Public
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Mistletoe Kissing Prank
Unsuspecting college students are put on the spot when their commitment to the mistletoe tradition is tested. Special thanks to all those who took our survey :) Kaitlin Snow (Bait) Nate Turley (Bait): https://www.facebook.com/nateturleyguitarlessons/?pnref=story Shane Rickard (Camera) Britney Lavatai (Sound) Corey Crowfoot (Camera) Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Mistletoe Kissing Contraption
It's a Christmas miracle! The Mistletoe Kissing Contraption actually worked. Watch the additional footage: http://youtu.be/_6_FKhJ6elE Watch the meaning behind "pool boy": http://youtu.be/SKOGi2Yg_nY Watch our latest video: http://bit.ly/HugsForADollar -------Let's Connect!------- Follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/BlakesTwitter Like Dat Facebook: http://bit.ly/BlakesFacebook Follow Our Tumblr: http://bit.ly/BlakesTumblr Get On Instagram: http://bit.ly/BlakesInstagram ---------------------------------- Please Share, Subscribe, and Like this video for more! It helps a lot. Any inquiries, email [email protected]
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Kissing Under The Mistletoe Prank
Unsuspecting strangers are surprised with a mistletoes over their heads. Email: [email protected]
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Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016
Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016 Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016 Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016 Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016 Hallmark The Mistletoe Promise 2016
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2015 Ogden High School Mistletoe
What would you do if a mysterious piece of mistletoe hung over you at school? This is what happened to Ogden High students 2k15.
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Snowing Mistletoe Kissing Prank
People in Arizona are surprised with snow and a kiss under the mistletoe. Email: [email protected]
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We hit the streets of Vancouver with a mistletoe to see how many people we could get to kiss. Watch what happened last week when we surprise dogs with treats: http://youtu.be/_CTtP4mxIlA SUBSCRIBE!! Main channel: http://youtube.com/spandyandy/ Vlog channel: http://youtube.com/spandyandyvlogs/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/spandyandy/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/spandyandyfanpage/ Instagram: http://instragram.com/spandyandy/ @spandyandy
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Merry Vlogmas - Mistletoe Magic | Season 1 Episode 5
On this special "Vlogmas" episode of "Our House", Anson and Mia get caught eating the Christmas caramels. Robbie teaches how to use mistletoe to increase your romance this holiday season. Dad also vlogmas with a secret caroling confession. You would think everyone in Working with Lemons like to sing... Part 1 of 2 of "Merry Vlogmas -Mistletoe Magic" Join our family friendly web series / tv series this week. We try to be funny and tell you absolutely true embellished stories about our family and working on YouTube music videos. For more behind the scenes of Our House and Working with Lemons, music videos, you can follow us on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/workingwithlemons/ We go live every Friday at 3:00 pm Utah Time! #vlogmas #familyfriendly #christmas2018
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Why Do People Kiss Under Mistletoe at Christmas?
Mistletoe has long been the trigger of awkward holiday encounters between unsuspecting people who get caught standing under the hanging bough. How did mistletoe become synonymous with Christmas kissing? The Druids started it. Mistletoe, a hemi-parasitic plant that grows on trees, was considered a cure-all with special properties. In the Aeneid, the hero brings a bough thought to be mistletoe to the underworld. But the earliest mention of mistletoe's romantic powers was by Roman natural historian Pliny the Elder, who scoffed at the Druids of the 1st Century A.D. for believing that "mistletoe, taken in drink, will impart fecundity to all animals that are barren." It wasn't until the 18th or 19th centuries that the British started hanging mistletoe as part of Christmas celebrations. In an 1820 story, Washington Irving described Christmas decorations that included "the mistletoe, with its white berries, hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids." In 1836‚s The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens paints a scene of mass sub-mistletoe kissing: Young women "screamed and struggled, and ran into corners, and did everything but leave the room, until∑ they all at once found it useless to resist any longer and submitted to be kissed with a good grace." Mistletoe was supposed to bring luck to two people who kissed underneath it and bad luck to those who didn't. Some say proper etiquette is to pick a berry off your mistletoe for every kiss and stop when all the berries are gone. Just don't eat them: Some species of mistletoe are poisonous.
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Folklore, Myth and Magic - Mistletoe, Golden Sickles and Druids
Mistletoe is very rare in Ayrshire. In legend the Druids highly valued it and cut it with a gold sickle to preserve its potency and it was caught in a sheet as it lost its power if it touched the earth. It remains green in winter and it was thought that the energy of the tree resided in the mistletoe until spring.
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Karliene - Mistletoe
Mistletoe is Available Now: iTunes: https://apple.co/2UAKMCW Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RQ5yNk Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bp6mf7d6vv6pxarf6vsyiuzg37u&tid=song-Txzajbzweviuoicmfcaccbt3psq&hl=en Stream: Apple Music: https://apple.co/2UAKMCW Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2rukzsw Deezer: https://bit.ly/2QonYbh Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Karliene and receive some awesome, exclusive rewards including early access to tracks, free downloads, videos, interviews, artwork chit chats and more. Follow Me: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KarlieneMusic?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarlieneMusic Get Free Music and get in touch: http://karliene.com/ SUBSCRIBE : https://www.youtube.com/user/heartofsnow23 Mistletoe Written by Karliene Reynolds (2018) -- | LYRICS |-- Christmas candles burning in the window Flicker and illuminate your eyes Here we stand again beneath the mistletoe So grateful that you're here and that you're mine Kiss me, my love, Tonight we are together Always my love This Christmas and forever more Love isn't a gift tied in a scarlet bow Christmas isn't something one can buy It's you and I together 'neath the mistletoe It's memories of candles in your eyes Kiss me, my love, Tonight we are together Always my love This Christmas and forever more
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Mistletoe & Magic 2016
Texas East Gymnastics Optional team performance at Mistletoe & Magic
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Christmas Carols  by Mistletoe Magic
Christmas Carols by Mistletoe Magic,group from the Goa Medical College. at All Goa Carol Singing Contest 2018 , organised by Betalbatim Cricket Club.
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Moonlight & Mistletoe - Tonight (8/7c)
A young woman who left the year-round holiday party of 'Santaville' -- where her dad reigns as the resident St. Nick -- for a life in corporate America, returns to her roots to find that her father's business is in dire straits. What begins as a simple effort to pull her dad out of debt ends up rekindling his daughter's belief in the magic of Christmas.
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2015 Mistletoe & Magic
Texas East Gymnastics Optional team performs and Mistletoe & Magic
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Mistletoe Magic PlayStationHome
Disclaimer.. Just mates having a ball making movies..
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Mistletoe and Magic 2009 BSCENE Magazine Tyler Texas BSCENETV
Mistletoe and Magic 2009 BSCENE Magazine Tyler Texas BSCENETV
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Mistletoe Magic
Mistletoe Magic in Rye, NY
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ALBUM-CHRISTMAS MEMORIES LYRICS It must have been the mistletoe The lazy fire the falling snow The magic in the frosty air That feeling everywhere It must have been the pretty lights That glistened in the silent night It may be just the stars so bright That shined above you Our first Christmas More than we'd be dreaming of Ah Saint Nicholas had his fingers crossed That we would fall in love! It could have been the holiday The midnight ride upon sleigh The countryside all dressed in white The crazy snowball fight! It could have been the steeplebell That wrapped us up in its spell It only took one kiss to know It must have been the mistletoe! Our first Christmas more than we'd be dreaming of Ah St. Nicholas must have know that kiss Would lead to all of this!! It must have been the mistletoe The lazy fire the falling snow The magic in the frosty air That made me love you! On Christmas eve our wish came true That I would fall in love with you It only took one kiss to know It must have been the mistletoe! It must have been the mistletoe! It must have been the mistletoe
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NKOTB - HOB Boston - Magic Mistletoe part 2 (high res)
"It's Magic!" is seriously my new "Jazz Hands!" It was that good.
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NKOTB Mistletoe Magic w/ Jordan Knight @ HOB
NKOTB Mistletoe Magic w/ Jordan Knight @ HOB
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SCUNNER "Mistletoe magic"
Wham bam thank you glam its a Scunner Xmas grand slam. A joyous gift from us to you. a festive doff of the cap to the 70s. All Tony Visconti drums and Bolan guitars. Enjoy and share the vibe.
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Kissing!!~under the mistletoe~
Kissing under mistletoe at Christmas According to a custom of Christmas cheer, any two people who meet under a hanging of mistletoe are obliged to kiss. The custom is of Scandinavian origin.[14] In Norse mythology, Baldr was a god of vegetation. His mother Frigga, prompted by a prophetic dream, made every plant, animal and inanimate object promise not to harm him. But Frigga overlooked the mistletoe plant — and the mischievous god Loki took advantage of this oversight, tricking the blind god Höðr into killing Baldr with a spear fashioned from mistletoe. Baldr's death brought winter into the world, until the gods restored him to life. Frigga declared the mistletoe sacred, ordering that from now on it should bring love rather than death into the world. Happily complying with Frigga's wishes, any two people passing under the plant from now on would celebrate Baldr's resurrection by kissing under the mistletoe. Medicinal use Available clinical evidence does not support claims of anti-cancer effect for mistletoe extract; quality of life and other outcomes measures have likewise shown no or weak improvement in rigorous trials. Mistletoe leaves and young twigs are used by herbalists, and it is popular in Europe, especially in Germany, for treating circulatory and respiratory system problems.An old Christian tradition said that mistletoe was once a tree and furnished the wood of the Cross. After the Crucifixion, the plant shriveled and became dwarfed to a parasitic vine. In Romanian traditions, mistletoe (vâsc in Romanian) is considered a source of good fortune. The medical and the supposed magical properties of the plant are still used, especially in rural areas. A popular myth says that mistletoe was cut with a gold sickle and it lost its power if it fell and touched the ground. This is a confusion with the Holly 'holy' Tree, the most sacred tree of the druids (after the Oak) due to both plants being green all year, having colorful fruits and sharing similar history of winter months. Getafix, the druid in the Asterix comics, was often seen up trees collecting mistletoe for his magic potion. Mistletoe is commonly used as a Christmas decoration, though such use was rarely alluded to until the 18th century.Viscum album is used in Europe whereas Phoradendron serotinum is used in North America. According to custom, the mistletoe must not touch the ground between its cutting and its removal as the last of Christmas greens at Candlemas; it may remain hanging through the year, often to preserve the house from lightning or fire, until it was replaced the following Christmas Eve.. The tradition has spread throughout the English-speaking world but is largely unknown in the rest of Europe. The appearance and nature of the fruit's content (viscin) is very similar to or suggestive of human semen and this has strengthened its pagan connections.Mistletoe (Phoradendron flavescens) is the state floral emblem for the state of Oklahoma. The state did not have an official flower, leaving mistletoe as the assumed state flower until the Oklahoma Rose was designated as such in 2004. # State floral emblem: Mistletoe # State flower: Oklahoma Rose Oklahoma is the 28th most populous and 20th-largest state. The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people",[5] and is known informally by its nickname, The Sooner State. Formed by the combination of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory on November 16, 1907, Oklahoma was the 46th state to enter the union. Its residents are known as Oklahomans, and its capital and largest city is Oklahoma City.Part of the Bible Belt, widespread belief in evangelical Christianity makes it one of the most politically conservative states, though Oklahoma has more voters registered with the Democratic Party than with any other party.[14]
Mistletoe and Magic
Mistletoe and Magic written and performed by indie singer/songwriter Tammy Edwards © 2015
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Magic and the Mistletoe
The poem "Magic and the Mistletoe" is a celebration of your indomitable spirit and hope for blessings and eternal love, this Christmas season. Come, read along with me, and enjoy the season of love this Christmas. Would you like to request a poem? Write a comment or contact me on my website and I will do my best to put it up here for you. You can buy my books at http://shop.manicsylph.com/ For more poetry visit my website http://manicsylph.com/ Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/manicsylph Instagram https://www.instagram.com/manicsylph Facebook https://www.facebook.com/manicsylphwrites/ Tumblr https://manicsylph.tumblr.com/ Pinterest https://in.pinterest.com/manicsylph/ Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17849105.Mona_Soorma (Pictures used are my own and from pixabay.com under Creative Commons CC0 licence. Music from youtube audio library.)
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Mistletoe and Magic
Sending Christmas Greetings from My House to Yours. May all things be bright with You and Your Family and your Friends. Enjoy the video and the music.
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Merry Christmas - mistletoe
A little christmas magic under the mistletoe?
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One Show's Visit to Mistletoe HQ
One Show in Tenbury Wells The One Show visited us last Christmas on a quest to find out more about the magic of mistletoe. As well as visiting our orchards during harvesting they also took a wonder around Tenbury Wells (The Mistletoe Capital of Britain). Meeting lots of interesting characters along the way.
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Mistletoe Magic 2012
Views: 32 Ezra Sujeevan
Styled Video: Under the Mistletoe
On a very special merry Christmas edition of Shoot for the Style: Calie, Lisa, and Justin tackle the challenge - " Can you create the perfect proposal using the magic of Christmas? " Follow Shoot For The Style: Website: http://shootforthestyle.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/shootforthestyle Instagram: http://instagram.com/shootforthestyle Vendors: Gay's Christmas Tree Farm Windsor Fine Jewelers Brittany Boutique Flowers on Broad Santa Carl Berry Aimee J Simon's Formal Wear Augusta Old Government House Hankal Events Aurora Adeleigh Thistledown Rare Pearl Wedding and Event Design Models: Erin Inglett Aaron
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Mistletoe's white berries fill the room with the magic of christmas
Mistletoe's white berries fill the room with the magic of christmas GETTYMistletoe was the magical medicinal plant of the ancient druidsA sprig of the jolly white-berri... -------------------------------------------- Subscribe & More Videos Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! Note: "News 365" does not own all the material used in this Video. For questions about copyright, sponsorship, advertising, partnership please contact email: [email protected]
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Making and Cutting a Holiday Soap... Mistletoe Magic
A Holiday Soap made with a luscious blend of spruce pine, balsam and holly. Thanks for watching. Please like, subscribe and leave me a comment! Visit my etsy shop at : www.etsy.com/shop/YellowCottageSoapery and facebook and instagram at Yellow Cottage Soapery
More of "Mistletoe Magic" with NKOTB at HOB Boston, MA 12/20/09
More of "Mistletoe Magic" with NKOTB at HOB Boston, MA 12/20/09 Video recorded by me
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Magical Mistletoe
On Allotment Grow How today we take a look at the magical qualities of Mistletoe. Did you know about any of these mentioned in the video? Please remember to like, share, comment and SUBSCRIBE xx
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Mistletoe Magic by Chris Haughey
Learn how to paint these wonderful Christmas ornaments designed by Chris Haughey. Easy to follow instructions include color photos, line drawings and step by step instructions
Views: 247 Chris Haughey
NKOTB Magic Mistletoe Part 1 - Donnie & Danny kisses @ HOB
NKOTB Magic Mistletoe Part 1 - Donnie & Danny kisses @ HOB
Views: 6481 krisfitz7
Mistletoe & Magic Preview Party
Mistletoe & Magic Preview Party
Views: 93 graphics2h3
Global National - Mistletoe stations in Toronto spreading the holiday love
Tue, Dec 4: 'Tis the season for puckering up thanks to the magic of mistletoe. Christina Stevens checks out one busy Toronto street decked out in the holiday plant. For more info, please go to http://www.globalnews.ca
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New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2017   the sons of mistletoe full movie   Hallmark Magic Stocking 2017
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Mistletoe Magic by Lenore Troia
A little holiday music to kiss by...Original song by Lenore Troia
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SPECIAL HOLIDAY READING - Mane 6 Mistletoe Simulator (Romance)
You are a relatively new arrival to Ponyville, but you've made one friend there who's made all the difference. Now, she's coming over to exchange gifts and celebrate! Too bad you've forgotten to take down your mistletoe... Story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/392291/mane-6-mistletoe-simulator Art: https://skyline19.deviantart.com/art/Rarity-under-the-Mistletoe-344663708
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Jesus vs Baldur - The Origins of Mistletoe and Christmas - The Sun God descends into the Underworld
Before Christianity, in Northern Europe, there was the Sun god Baldur. Why do we still hang mistletoe at Christmas? It is a holdover from pre-christian Germanic Paganism. Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? It is to comfort Frigga, the queen of heaven who has lost her favorite son to the mindless violence of ignorance. Karma and Reincarnation https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOEQsAru62zN_aFhZnAG36AX4MGOv1XVV The Shamanic Secret (watch playlist below) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOEQsAru62zMfXKPc77Jk6LWFyjlmgI88 Achieve The Light Body http://Qigong.ThunderWizard.com Vedic Astrology Readings http://www.Astrology.ThunderWizard.com NEW online Course in Master Shamanism! http://www.ThunderShamanism.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms31bEmXqUE http://www.michaelwilliamdenney.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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