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Method Man - P.L.O. Style (HD)
Method Man - P.L.O. Style from the album Tical [1994]
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P.L.O. Style - Method Man
Album Tical year 1994
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Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Frankenstein Remix) DOPE!
taken from "Live From New York (The Remix Album)" produced by frankenstein in 98
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Method Man Talks "P.L.O. Style" | @SamaanAshrawi
Method Man (of the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan) briefly discusses the origins of his song "P.L.O. Style." Meth explains that where he grew up, in Staten Island, many residents identified with the images coming out of the First Intifada in Palestine. "We was fightin' for our freedom, too," he says. The phrase "P.L.O. Style" comes up several times in 90s hip-hop, mainly from members of Wu-Tang Clan, but also on Mobb Deep's "I'm Going Out."
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💛Plo Style 2018 LoFi💛 Wu-Tang
💛 Lofi Remix, please share, like and follow-your support 😍 means the worl🌎 PLo Style 2018 LoFi Remix-stay connected📲 for more🔭 ☁️️ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/xztho-plenus/plo-style-2018-sc-itb-83 *PROMO USE ONLY* #rapper #rap #hiphop #music #soundcloud #producer #fashion #artist #love #singer #youtube #rapmusic #art #beats #trap #hiphopmusic #hiphopart #like #dj #nyc #got #jcole #drake #jcoleart #hiphopculture #dance #rnb #newyork #igot #bhfyp
Method Man - PLO Style (Jump Bail Remix)
Method Man - PLO Style (Jump Bail Remix) - Wu Tang Clan - Full Cycle 2005
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Method Man - PLO Style [Gese Remix]
https://www.facebook.com/HipHopRepair Dope Remix by Beatsmith Gese from Spain. Follow his SC: https://soundcloud.com/gesee
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Method Man P L O  Style Pete Rock's 90% Of Me Remix
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Method Man feat. Carlton Fisk - P.L.O. Style
Album: Tical Year: 1994 Track: 9 Track Produced By: RZA Track Co-Produced By: Method Man Samples: None Lyrics: [Chorus:] P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style... [Verse One: Method Man] Here comes the ruckus, the motherfuckin' ruckus Thousands of cut-throats and purse-snatchin' fucks Straight from the brain, I'll be givin' you the pain, anger Comin' from the 36th Chamber, Bang! Tical, hittin' with the Buddha-Fist style Shotgun slammin' in your chestpiece, plow! Brain, is blown all over the terrain Like a man without no arms you can't hang Time for a change of the guard You've been arrested for lyric fraud now you hard For real, check it, I pull strings like B.B. King on guitar I'm the true fist of the North Star! [Verse Two: Carlton Fisk, Method Man] Ooooooooh! What a tangled web we weave When first we practice to decieve Guns be clickin', runnin' with my clan we be stickin' Whatever, my street family stays together Represent what I invent, killa hill Resident, rest in peace to my nigga Two Cent The street life is the only life I know I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O... Iranian thoughts and cover like an Arabian Grab a nigga on the spot and put a nine to his cranium I..can't...get no satisfaction, niggas won't be lastin' Long, unless they get protaction, for real Strong, comin' with my clan so what's happenin' Commercial rap, hate it with a passion The M-E-T-H-O-D got me drinkin' O.E. all night in a M.P.V. Just maxin', lookin' for hoes, you know relaxin' Bitches know the hour it be time for some action P.L.O., peace to that nigga Barryano Word up, let's take him to the bridge, Verrazano [Chorus]
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Wu-Tang Clan - Unreleased Tape (Full Album)
Wu-Tang Clan - Unreleased Tape - Label: Not On Label - Released: 2019 1. Wu-Tang Clan - It's Murdah 2. Wu-Tang Clan - Sunshower 3. Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang 4. Wu-Tang Clan - Which Way Is Up 5. Wu-Tang Clan - Your On 6. Wu-Tang Clan - Takin Heads Off 7. Wu-Tang Clan - I Get Down For My Crown 8. Wu-Tang Clan - Common Denominator 9. Wu-Tang Clan - St. Ides Commercial 10. Cappadonna - Taking Drastic Measures 11. Method Man - Box In Hand 12. Method Man - Evil Streets (Remix) 13. Raekwon - The Emblem 14. Raekwon - Wizdom Body (Original Version) 15. Ghostface Killah - Flowers (Original Ver 17. Gravediggaz - Reincarnation Of Freud 18. Masta Killa - Throwback 19. Killah Priest - People 20. Inspectah Deck - Rap Burglars 21. Sunz Of Man - Let's All Agree 22. Sunz Of Man - Move Away 23. Dark Skinned Assassin - The Horror 24. Timbo King - Flame Throwerz 25. The RZA - Cash Rules Seeds Power U Bonus Track 26. Cappadonna - Black Boy (Horror Weed Remix) 27. Raekwon - Clinetelle Kids (Armed & Dangerous Remix) 28. Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy Things 29. Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Jump Bail Mix) 30. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Shogun Remix) 31. Wu-Tang Clan - Pinky Ring (Shaolin Symphony Remix)
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Method Man - PLO Style x A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight #DJRootsRemix
Releasing this from the vault in observance of the 25th Anniversary of two of the BEST Hip Hop albums ever!!! "November 9 may as well be a day of observance for Hip-Hop Heads. With A Tribe Called Quest’s third album Midnight Marauders and Wu-Tang Clan’s debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) both dropping on that day 25 years ago" https://ambrosiaforheads.com/2018/11/the-perfect-day-in-hip-hop-when-wu-tang-a-tribe-called-quest-dropped-2-classic-albums/ #AT1MusicGroup #DJRootsMix #DJRootsRemix #Queens #CT #Bronx #Brooklyn #Harlem #StatenIsland #Connecticut #Hartford #Waterbury #Danbury #Bridgeport #Newhaven #grimyhiphop #TheBreakfastClub #WSHH #Shade45 #Hot97 #Power1041 #hot937 #trueheads #mixtapes #datpiff NOTE: We do not own the rights to the content used in this remix INSTAGRAM: www.instagram/orblew www.instagram/AT1MusicGroup SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/AT1MG FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AT1MG www.facebook.com/deejayroots
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Method Man - PLO Style - Neumos - 2013
Method Man Concert in Seattle, Washington at Neumos February 26, 2013.
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Method Man-PLO Style
Album:Tical Year:1994 Lyrics:Chorus: P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style, Buddha monks with the Owls P.L.O. style... Verse One: Method Man Here comes the ruckus, the motherfucking ruckus Thousands of cut-throats and crumb-snatching fuckers Straight from the brain, I'll be givin you the pain, anger Coming from the 36th Chamber, Bang! Tical, hitting with the Buddha-Fist style Shotgun slamming in your chest piece, plow! Brain, is blown all over the terrain Like a man without no arms you can't hang Time for a change of the guard You've been arrested for lyric fraud now you barred For real, check it, I pull strings like B.B. King on guitar I'm the true fist of the North Star! Verse Two: Carlton Fisk, Method Man Ooooooooh! What a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive Guns be clicking, running with my clan we be sticking Whatever, my street family stays together Represent what I invent, Killah Hill Resident, rest in peace to my nigga Two Cent The street life is the only life I know I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O... Iranian thoughts are covered like an Arabian Grab the nigga who on the spot and put a nine to his cranium I..can't...get no satisfaction, niggas won't be lasting Long, unless they get protection, for real Strong, coming with my clan so what's happening Commercial rap, hate it with a passion The M-E-T-H-O-D got me drinking O.E. all night in a M.P.V. Just maxing, looking for hoes, you know relaxing Bitches know the hour it be time for some action P.L.O., peace to that nigga Barryano Word up, let's take him to the bridge, Verrazano Chorus (Under Copyright By Def Jam Recordings)
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Method Man - P.L.O. STYLE Wu-Tang remix DJ Dremond
Detroit, Mi. producer and DJ Dremond coming hard on the beat straight out of the MPC raw Wu-Tang remix
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Method Man feat. Carlton Fisk & Liun - P.L.O. Style (by Daily Beats)
Method Man, Liun, Carlton Fisk, This beat was produced by Daily Beats, U.S.A. Rap, Staten Island Rap, Neuperlach Rap, Münchner Hip Hop, German Rap, NPL 83 Rapper, Music, NPL Rap, Musik
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Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Remix)
Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Remix) Production : D.ko & Mastoc Production Musical : D.ko Dj/Scratch : Mastoc https://soundcloud.com/user-931432800
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Method Man feat. Carlton Fisk & Liun - P.L.O. Style (Acapella 101 BPM)
Method Man, Liun, Carlton Fisk, Rap, Hip Hop, Staten Island Rap, Wu Tang, Rap Acapella 101 BPM, German Hip Hop, Münchner Rap, Neuperlach Rap (NPL 83), U.S.A. Rap, Deutscher Rap
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Method Man - plo style
from mefs first album 'Tical', real rap, for more hip-hop check out my channel
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Method Man - P.L.O. Style (Instrumental)
Instrumental: 'P.L.O. Style' perteneciente a Tical (1994), album de Method Man. Considerado el MC más relevante del grupo Wu-Tang Clan. Faltan los beats de 'Tical', 'What The Blood Clot?', 'Mr. Sandman' y 'Stimulation'. Tracklist: Tical Biscuits Bring The Pain All I Need What The Blood Clot? Meth Vs Chef Sub Crazy Release Yo' Delf P.L.O. Style I Get My Thang In Action Mr. Sandman Stimulation Method Man (Remix) Subido sin ánimo de lucro, simplemente para compartir este excelente material. https://www.discogs.com/Method-Man-Tical/release/139743 Enjoy it!
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Method Man - PLO Style (Ride Remix)
Made in FL Studio
Wu Tang Clan - Winter Warz
You Heard Of The Rasp Before But Kept Waitin For The Sun Of Song, I Keep DanceHalls Strong Beats Never Worthy Of My Cause, I Prolong Extravangza, Time Sits Still No Propoganda, Be Wary Of The Skill As I Bring Forth The Music, Make Love To Your Eardrum Dedicated To Rap Nigga Beware Of The Fearsome Lebanon Don, Malcolm X Beat Threat CD Massacre, Murder To Cassette I Blow The Shop Up, You Ain't Seen Nuttin Yet One Man Ran, Tryin To Get Away From It Put Your Bifocal On, Watch Me A-Cometh Into Your Chamber Like Freddy Enter Dream Discombumberate Your Technique And Your Scheme Four Course Applause, Like A Black Dat To Dat You're Stuck On Stupid Like I'm Stuck On The Map Nowhere To Go Except Next Show Bro Entertainin Motherfuckers Can't Stop O In Battlin, You Don't Want Me To Start Tattlin All Upon The Stage Cause Y'all Snakes Keep Rattlin Bitch, You Ain't Got Nothin On The Rich Every Other Day My Whole Dress Code Switch So Just In Case You Want To Clock Me Like Sherry All Y'all Crab Bitches Ain't Got To Worry Can't Get A Nigga Like Don Dime A Dozen Even If I'm Smoked Out I Can't Be Scoped Out I'm Too Iii, I Represent Park Hill See My Face On The Twenty Dollar Bill Cash It In, And Get Ten Dollars Back The Fat LP With Cappachino On The Wax Pass It In Your Think, Put Valve Up To Twelve Put All The Other LP's Back On The Shelf And Smoke A Blunt, And Dial 9-1-7 - 1-6-0-4-9-3-11 And You Could Get Long Dick Hip-Hop Affection I Damage Any MC Who Step In My Direction I'm Staten Island's Best Son Fuck what You Heard Niggaz Still Talkin That Shit Is Absurd My Repotoire, Is U.S.S.R. P.L.O. Style Got Thrown Out The Car And Ran Over, By The Method Man Jeep Divine Can't Define My Style Is So Deep Like Pussy, My Low Cut Fade Stay Bushy Like A Porcupine, I Part Backs Like A Spine Cut You Like A Blunt And Reconstruct Your Design I Know You Want To Diss Me, But I Can Read Your Mind Cuz You Weak In The Knees, Like SWV Tryin To Get A Title Like Wu Killa Bee Kid Change Your Habit, You Know I'm Friends With The Abbott Me And RZA Ridin Name Printed In The Tablet Under Vets, We Paid Our Debts For Mad Years Hibernate The Sound, And Now We Out Like Beers And Blunt Power, Born Physically Power Speakin The Truth In The Song Be The Pro-Black Teachin !!!
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Method Man - P.L.O. Style - REMIX  [ Prod. Guillota ] ###
FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/elmarionetistayguillota/
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Method Man - PLO Style (HK remix)
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Method Man - P L O Style Instrumental
PLO!!!! Daaaaaamn i lookin' for Mr. Sandman instrumental!!
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P.L.O sTyLe method man
P.L.O mob clothing design 2020 WU-TANG
Method Man Vs. MF Doom - (PLO Style Vs. ??? ) Remixed by Knobwrangler
One day I was listening to the incredibly awesometastic productions of MF Doom, when I stumble upon a project that I beleive he made, mixing some of his instrumentals, along with some of Wu-Tang's finest classic vocals. I believe that Mr Doom was inebriated at the time, because they were beatmatched terribly. I beleive one of these were an original concoction of his. The rest are some I put together. These are parts of a whole, which was a mix I did for a hip hop show. I hope you enjoy these little gems of goody goodness. Thank you for supporting my work.
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Shoalin jazz - PLO Style
The Shaolin Jazz Project by DJ 2-Tone Jones. Coming to Amsterdam by the end of August 2013
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ARTIE FICE PRODUCTION   PLO STYLE / Wu Tang / The Mission Instrumental
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MF DOOM Method Man & Carlton Fisk - PLO Style (MF Remix)
MF Doom VS Wu-Tang 36 Chambers of Doom 7. Method Man & Carlton Fisk - PLO Style (MF Remix)
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Wu Tang Style (13 Chambers of Death) Prod by Da Unholy Priest
01 - 13th Chamber Intro 02 - Ghetto Apostles (Shabazz the Disciple) 03 - House of Flying Daggers (Wu-Tang Clan) 04 - Verbal Slaughter (Wu-Tang) 05 - Death be the Penalty (Shabazz the Disciple) 06 - Love Session (Ghostface Killah) 07 - Deadly Venoms (Wu-Tang) Tiger Style 08 - The Kingdom is Thine (Gravediggaz) 08 - PLO Style (Method Man) 09 - Bizarre (U-GOD) 10 - Fame - (GZA) 11 - Inmates to the Fire (Sunz of Man) 12 - Brooklyn Zoo (Ol' Dirty Bastard) 13 - Inspectah Deck (REC) Bonus Track - Criminology Cuban Lynx
Method Man P.L.O. Style - (I. Sheik remix)
remixed and produced by I. Sheik @i_sheik
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Method Man: P.L.O. Style Instrumental
I love this beat
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Wu-Tang Clan - Bring Da Ruckus
Album: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Year: 1993 Track: 1 Track Produced By: RZA Samples: "Synthetic Substitution" as performed by Melvin Bliss & Dialogue from the motion picture Shaolin & Wu Tang & Dialogue from the motion picture Ten Tigers from Kwangtung Lyrics: [Intro:] Shaolin shadowboxing, and the Wu-Tang sword style If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style [Chorus: RZA] Bring da motherfuckin ruckus Bring da motherfuckin ruckus Bring da mother, bring da motherfuckin ruckus Bring da motherfuckin ruckus [Verse One: Ghostface Killah] Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse My glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk Aw shit, Wu-Tang Clan spark the wicks an' However, I master the trick just like Nixon Causin terror, quick damage ya whole era Hardrocks is locked the fuck up, or found shot P.L.O. style, hazardous, cause I wreck this dangerous I blow sparks like Waco, Texas [Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef] I watch my back like I'm locked down, hardcore Hittin sound, watch me act bugged, and tear it down A literate type asshole, songs goin gold, no doubt and you watch a corny nigga fold Yeah, they fake and all that Carryin gats but yo, my Clan Rollin like forty Macs Now ya act convinced, I guess it makes sense Wu-Tang, yo sewwwwwwwww, represent I wait for one to act up Now I got him backed up Gun to his neck now, react what? And that's one in the chamber Wu-Tang banger, 36 styles of danger [Chorus] [Verse Three: Inspectah Deck] I rip it hardcore, like porno-flick bitches I roll with groups of ghetto bastards with biscuits Check it, my method on the microphone's bangin Wu-Tang slang'll leave your headpiece hangin Bust this, I'm kickin like Segall, Out for Justice The roughness, yes, the rudeness, ruckus Redrum, I verbally assault with the tongue Murder one, my style shot ya knot like a stun-gun I'm hectic, I wreck it with the quickness Set it on the microphone, and competition get blown By this nasty ass nigga with my nigga, the RZA Charged like a bull and got pull like a trigga So bad, stabbin up the pad with the vocab, crab I scream on ya ass like your dad, bring it on... [Chorus] [Verse Four: The Genius/GZA] Yo, I'm more rugged than slaveman boots New recruits, I'm fuckin' up MC troops I break loops, and trample shit, while I stomp! A mudhole in that ass, cause I'm straight out the swamp Creepin up on site, now it's Fright Night My Wu-Tang slang is mad fuckin' dangerous And more deadly than the stroke of an axe Choppin through ya back *swish* Givin bystanders heart-attacks Niggas try to flip, tell me who is him I blow up his fuckin prism Make it a vicious act of terrorism You wanna bring it, so fuck it Come on and bring the ruckus And I provoke niggaz to kick buckets I'm wettin CREAM, I ain't wettin fame Who sellin gain, I'm givin out a deadly game It's not the Russian it's the Wu-Tang crushin Roulette, slip up and get fucked like Suzette Bring da fuckin ruckus... [Chorus] So bring it on...[X7] punk nigga!
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Method Man - PLO Style [King Most's Shaolin Soul Redirection] (@kingmost)
36 Chambers Reloaded It's 3/6 which is the perfect date to drop our latest remix project, we brought together 6 of our favorite artists to reimagine some classics from the Wu-Tang Clan... King Most: https://soundcloud.com/kingmost First Ear: https://soundcloud.com/first-ear / http://firstearmusic.com Free Download: http://firstear.bandcamp.com/album/36-chambers-reloaded Illustration: Cun Shi
Views: 131 First Ear
Method Man - What The Blood Clot (HD)
Method Man - What The Blood Clot from the album Tical [1994]
Views: 555145 Brooklyn Zoo
Method Man feat. Carlton Fisk - P.L.O Style (La Piiave Prod remix)
Views: 52 La Piiave Prod
P.L.O. Style (Prod. by K-BIlly & Hype-Hop) - Method Man Ft. Big L
Beat : K-BIlly & Hype-Hop
Views: 516 K Billy
Methodman - PLO Style - Screwed
Methodman - PLO Style - Screwed
Views: 481 Darius Truxton
Method Man - P.L.O.  Style (Sleepless Remix)
Enjoy! I would appreciate a thumbs up and a sub if you liked it! Thanks! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/felix_sk_29/?hl=de Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/felix-sk-609304318
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Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber
Album: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Year: 1993 Track: 4 Track Produced By: RZA Samples: "Spinning Wheel" as performed by Dr. Lonnie Smith Lyrics: [Intro:] Take that motherfucker GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!! Yeah, good morning to all you motherfuckin notty-headed niggaz Word to the camoflouge large niggaz Bitch niggaz fuckin my body Bring that fuckin meth in here Yo yo yo yo Now we gonna drink some good Nightrain and yo, set it off [Verse One: Raekwon the Chef] Champion gear that I rock, you get your boots knocked Then attack you like a pit that lock shit DOWN As I come and freaks the sound, hardcore but giving you more and more, like ding! Nah shorty, get you open like six packs Killer Bees attack, flippin what, murder one, phat tracks A'ight? I kick it like a Night Flite! Word life, I get that ass while I'm fulla spite! Check the method from Bedrock, cause I rock ya head to bed Just like rockin what? Twin glocks! Shake the ground while my beats just break you down Raw sound, we going to war right now So, yo, bombin We Usually Take All Niggaz Garments Save ya breath before I bomb it [Verse Two: Method Man] I be that insane nigga from the psycho ward I'm on the trigger, plus I got the Wu-Tang sword So how you figure that you can even fuck with mine? Hey, yo, RZA! Hit me with that shit one time! And pull a foul, niggaz save the beef on the cow I'm milkin this ho, this is MY show, tical The FUCK you wanna do? More than Spike Lee's Do I'm like a sniper, hyper off the ginseng root PLO style, buddha monks with the owls So who's the fucking man? Meth-Tical On the chessbox [Verse Three: Inspector Deck] Yo, yeah, yo I leave the mic in body bags, my rap style has The force to leave you lost, like the tribe of Shabazz Murderous material, made by a madman It's the mic wrecker, Inspector, bad man From the bad lands of the killer, rap fanatic Representing with the skill that's iller Dare to compare, get pierced just like an ear The zoo-we-do-wop-bop strictly hardware Armed and geared cause I just broke out the prison Charged by the system - for murdering the rhythm! Now, lo and behold, another deadly episode Bound to catch another fuckin charge when I explode [Verse Four: Ghostface Killer] Slammin a hype-ass verse til ya head burst I ramshack dead in the track, and that's that Rap assassin, fastin, quick to blast and hardrock I ran up in spots like Fort Knox! I'm hot, top notch, Ghost thinks with logic Flashback's how I attacked your whole project I'm raw, I'm rugged and raw! I repeat, if I die My seed'll be ill like me Approachin me, you out of respect, chops ya neck I get vexed, like crashing up a phat-ass Lex' So clear the way, make way, yo! Open the cage Peace, I'm out, jettin like a runaway slave [Verse Five: Prince Rakeem/RZA] Yo Ya gettin stripped from ya garments, boy, run ya jewels While the meth got me open like falopian tubes I bring death to a snake when he least expect Ain't a damn thing changed, boy, Protect Ya Neck Ruler Zig Zag, Zig-Allah jam is fatal Quick to stick my Wu-Tang sword right through ya navel Suspenseful, plus bein bought through my utensil The pencil, I break strong winds up against your Abbot, that run up through your county like the Maverick Caps through the tablets, I gots to make the fabrics [Verse Six: Ol Dirty Bastard] Are you, uh, ah, uh Are you a warrior? Killer? Slicin shit like a samurah The Ol' Dirty Bastard VUNDABAH Ol' Dirty clan of terrorists Comin atcha ass like a sorceress, shootin' that PISS! Niggaz be gettin on my fuckin nerves Rhymes they be kickin make me wanna kick they fuckin ass to the curb I got funky fresh, like the old specialist A carrier, messenger, bury ya This experience is for the whole experience Let it be applied, and THEN DROP THAT SCIENCE [Verse Seven: Genius/GZA] My my my My Clan is thick like plaster Bust ya, slash ya Slit a nigga back like a Dutch Master Killer Style jumped off and Killa, Hill-er I was the thriller in the Ali-Frazier Manilla I came down with phat tracks that combine and interlock Like getting smashed by a cinder block Blaow! Now it's all over Niggaz seeing pink hearts, yellow moons orange stars and green clovers
Views: 417984 damirtennis
Method Man - Tical Review
The Wu-Venture continues as we review TICAL by Method Man. Welcome to The "Classic" Quest Podcast episode 53. HSR, Chris Chrome and Your Lady Friend Bonnie are back for another discussion about music, don't forget to hit the comments with your thoughts. 03:11 General chit chat about Method Man 09:14 Tical 18:59 Biscuits 30:45 Bring The Pain (Ft. Booster) 38:58 All I Need (Ft (Street Life) 45:04 What The Blood Clot (Ft. RZA, Y. Kim) 52:22 Meth Vs. Chef (Ft. Raekwon) 01:00:36 Sub Crazy 01:06:33 Release Yo' Delf (Ft. Blue Raspberry) 01:14:37 P.L.O. Style (Ft. Carlton Fisk) 01:18:50 I Get My Thang In Action 01:24:02 Mr. Sandman (Ft. RZA, Inspectah Deck, Carlton Fisk, Streetlife) 01:32:08 Stimulation (Ft. Blue Raspberry) 01:36:49 Method Man - Remix - Tical album review grade reveal Check out Method Man - Tical on Spotify and do your own review: https://open.spotify.com/album/78Fgb88MY0ECc4GVMejqTg?si=cyFkoa0nRyGKT4614nFQrg Check out the request list! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mfbj7AgM9TaaUpaU2wiIw-8JZ5nEaHWPCOpO4jvhFAI/edit?usp=sharing Download the new HSR album Is This Hip-Hop? now! https://hsr514.bandcamp.com/album/is-this-hip-hop https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/is-this-hip-hop/id1292195731 https://open.spotify.com/album/1Xu6I6lJHUy4aUkYlHPBkg Comment below and feel free to keep in touch: FB: https://www.facebook.com/behindthatsuit/ @BehindThatSuit HSR: FB: https://www.facebook.com/HSR514/ Twitter/IG: @HSR514 Musical Endeavours: https://youtube.com/hsrisnothiphop https://youtube.com/hsr514 Chris Chrome: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/officialxchrome Twitter/IG: @chrischrome93 FB: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisChrome93 Grind to 1000 Subscribers tentative contest rules: - When we hit 1000 subscribers we will hold a random draw. First place wins 100$ Amazon gift card. Second place wins a 50$ Amazon gift card. Third place wins 25$ Amazon gift card. - First, you need to subscribe to the channel. - For every video you like and comment on you will receive an entry into the draw. Entries are limited to one per video. - The comments must be related to either the album or the review, and negative feedback is totally ok by us. - Once we hit 1000 subscribers, we'll make a video announcing the winner. We'll share a screenshot of the lucky comments that were selected. You'll reach out to us with the email address associated with your Amazon account, and we'll send the gift on over. - Anyone who has already commented/liked on a video is automatically entered into the draw. - Then contest ends when we give out the prizes not when we actually hit 1000 subscribers. - It may take a couple of days to give the prizes out once we hit 1000 subscribers. - All terms are subject to change upon further development of the contest
P.L.O. Style!
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Wu-Tang Clan - Straight From The Chamber (2019) Full Mixtape Album
Like & Subscribe to Forever Hip Hop TRACKLIST 1. Intro (00:00) 2. P.L.O Style (00:36) 3. Box In Hand Unreleased Version (03:53) 4. Sandman Freestyle (08:10) 5. Ol Dirty's Back (10:57) 6. Jockin My Style (13:00) 7. Do It 2 Def Freestyle (15:35) 8. Cash Rules Seeds Power U (17:02) 9. GZA & O.D.B Freestyle (19:20) 10. Execution In Autumn (20:54) 11. U God Freestyle (23:58) 12. Method Man Freestyle (26:32) 13. Cappadonna Freestyle (29:31) 14. Settlement (33:47) 15. Ghostface Freestyle (37:38) 16. Mad Izm (40:17) 17. Inspectah Deck & Rza Wake Up Show Freestyle (42:18) 18. I Get Down For My Crown (45:13) Wu-Tang Clan - Straight From The Chamber (2019) Full Mixtape Album
Views: 6906 Forever Hip Hop