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The Dark Side Of Harajuku Style You Haven't Seen Yet | Style Out There | Refinery29

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On this episode of Style Out There, our host, Connie Wang, takes us to Tokyo to meet the individuals pioneering the Harajuku subculture of Kawaii, more specifically Yami Kawaii. This style of fashion accentuates cuteness while incorporating symbols that represent death. Watch this episode of Style Out There to delve deeper into this morbid trend in Tokyo! ABOUT SERIES In fashion, what's seen on the streets is just as important as what goes down the runway. R29's Style Out There takes a look at the drastically different subcultures around the world, examining the myriad influences that color what we wear — and why. ABOUT REFINERY29 Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. http://refinery29.com/ RELATED CONTENT What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like https://youtube.com/watch?v=WblNctc3ys0 India's Transgender Community: The Hijra https://youtube.com/watch?v=mgw7M-JAB... How Korean Couples Do PDA https://youtube.com/watch?v=knYb8E9ohCw SEE MORE REFINERY29 VIDEOS http://refinery29.com/video SUBSCRIBE TO REFINERY29 Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: https://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/refinery29/ TALENT Follow Connie Wang on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/conconwang/
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Text Comments (10704)
Refinery29 (7 months ago)
What is your go-to style? Comment below!
Jin (19 days ago)
Everything https://tetsugo.com
foxy girl (1 month ago)
Juliet Kalashnikoff (2 months ago)
+James Latief you know a lot about institionalisation . Care to share ? 😊
lily YT (2 months ago)
Refinery29 plain
B1ack Dahlia 😐 I know that feeling
Failing Fate (8 hours ago)
0:09 literally me no lie
dsie (9 hours ago)
i feel like the line spoken by the interviewer, "it feels bad to hide who you are, right?" kind of manages to sum up a lot of this style and the drive that lies behind it- at least regarding what i understood from this video. maybe it's about accepting and embracing the fact that you cope with depression or suicidal thoughts, and showing it to people- kind of pushing them to acknowledge your existence. they don't entirely define you as a person but are still a big part of you and your troubles so you want them to show in that "yami" part of the fashion. the "kawaii" part could be your usual preference, your therapy, or a way to package the "yami" in a more public friendly and almost ironic way, like the illustrator said. i still don't know how i feel about the menhara character but i do think it's may be more like... a form of self-expression and maybe representation than the glorification of suicidal thoughts. if it had been a completely dark character, it might not have seemed like glorification, but bc of the "kawaii" element it seems like it's being taken lightly. it might not be healthy but they're kind of trying to say that yes, they aren't healthy. i just hope the community interacts with each other positively and keeps one another safe :,)
MemeLord 500 (9 hours ago)
1:09 well hello there <3
MemeLord 500 (9 hours ago)
0:00-0:04 best joke i could find in the video ^_^
MemeLord 500 (9 hours ago)
0:07 and here i thought us americans were edgy with anime but here comes this
Greg Dahlen (12 hours ago)
i suppose i fear old age, sickness and death. altho other people have gotten through it so i probably will, too
Llama (13 hours ago)
That intro is a big mood tbh
EmmasWorld (18 hours ago)
Um I got this weird ad of these 4 Japanese people eating alot of food. I honestly don't know what that was but it's entertaining. It was like a tv show or something
AlphaMei (22 hours ago)
Pain will almost always be covered with beauty
ღD.vaღ (1 day ago)
That little girl is good at lying shiit i would have told her straight up that she looks like a weeb
suck my tits (14 hours ago)
shes japanese,,,,,
Severus Snape (1 day ago)
I have mixed feelings about this, I want to die but I don't like cute things. ̶I̶̶'̶̶m̶̶ ̶̶j̶̶u̶̶s̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶k̶̶i̶̶d̶̶d̶̶i̶̶n̶̶g̶̶ pls don't send me suicide hotlines
salty apples (1 day ago)
What part Japan is that
JULIE YU (1 day ago)
We gotta send some therapists and those workers to help cuz this triggered me especially their stories
5:24 I have that exact same phone case. The strawberry milk phone case that says yummy on it
F D (1 day ago)
This persons are asking for attention. Die it's easy stop drinking liquid diet in 7 or 10 days stop eating die in 2 weeks . Simple......😶
Fishy Dreams (2 days ago)
Splatoon fashion be like
Pancake (2 days ago)
” ’I want to die’ “ *”oh”*
Megan Tillis (2 days ago)
They shouldve chosen an ex emo kid or something lmao. She doesnt understand the style at all.
galaxy Inc (2 days ago)
The guy with a mask on passing at 1:52 looked really handsome
The National Meme (2 days ago)
literally me
Enkhzul Erdeneshoo (2 days ago)
I love cats too. 😃
Maggie Mothe (2 days ago)
Stop being so stupid and ignorant. If it makes you uncomfortable it isnt meant for you. This style is for people who are so constantly surrounded by their own demons and angry/dark thoughts that those things seem natural for us, the pink cute kawaii lacey frilley shit is for us to cheer up. Clothing.makes us happy. Stop acting like its some big fucking mystery why people mix cute and macabre shit together
Demetris Sheppard (3 days ago)
I wish they could just talk about it! Because they are just dressing up the darkness! You can’t heal unless you address it for what it is the rawness of the pain! It’s so sad I hope that there will be a break though with those issues
Demetris Sheppard (3 days ago)
She said sex suicide baby? But what does that even mean!? And why did it make her happy?
Keith Boles (3 days ago)
One does not see depression expressed like this in the US. It's sad that these kids and adults cant get the help they need.
Mahboyenzo (4 days ago)
Barbora Fejfarova (4 days ago)
My style is my personal mix of rock-ish and cute thinks with some goth lolita elements. It just means I am wearing what I want. When I feel it, I wear baggy clothes, sometimes I have mood for skirt, Knee high socks and some cute shirt. Than I wear two ponytails and some other things. I wear mostly black. And I feel like this is what I feel. This style is not just nonsense.
Kate ? (4 days ago)
personally I don't think a noose hanging in your bedroom is cute or anything near it for that matter suicide is a very serious thing and making an outfit and an aesthetic out of it isn't right
BTS is my shiteu (4 days ago)
lmao i remember watching some of this on snapchat
I was doing this before I even knew what it is
Nene Stylez (5 days ago)
M Kay so where is their website 👀. Cus theres a cute bunny rabbit sweater i want.
Rosé Ayaka candy (5 days ago)
for those saying this is glamorizing mental illnesses no it isn't, this is to make people aware in japan. in japan this is still a very taboo thing here no one really talks about it so please stop. and for those who are saying this is aesthetic and etc please stop and be respectful i understand some people like gore stuff but still this is different even when it comes to gore it helps people with illnesses deal with things. idk if this makes sense maybe i'll fix it .
swan 98 (5 days ago)
When mental illnesses become a fashion trend...sad.
jaggillarpanic! (5 days ago)
That badge at the start is literally me fml😔👀⚖️🗡️
:re (5 days ago)
some how i got recommended this. i wanna die
Charles M. Burns (5 days ago)
Great, Keep going!
aisyah putri (5 days ago)
10,000,000 gone
Rasan-kun 絶望 (5 days ago)
"I want to die" same.
Rosé Ayaka candy (5 days ago)
are you serious or just saying that
Juan Fierro Nunez (6 days ago)
If people want to off themselves we should fucking let them, there's waaaay to many of us on Earth and it's just natural selection getting rid of the weak ones.
Purple Guy (6 days ago)
He using his character to get out of that abuse. Kinda like me just I’m not abused I role play as a escape from my stress.
Raju Loksom (6 days ago)
I feel so happy as well going to a cat cafe because I freaking love Cats
hanin nasser (7 days ago)
Honestly this is my aesthetic 😂[ not in an offensive way]
Scott Gust (7 days ago)
You published hateful comments calling 120db "racist and anti migrant"? These wiman have been raped and murdered by the thousands in Europe by migrants and you mock them...you are the face of malice and hate, you are the facist natzis!
sana Mehmood (7 days ago)
I still don't get it😕
Jayden Mendoza (8 days ago)
You could really hear the pain in Hanayo’s voice as she spoke. I’m glad she wants her fans to reconsider, and think of a failed attempt as a second chance at life.
Kat Brelinska (8 days ago)
Japanese are lost. Wrong turn.
Kotifilosofi (9 days ago)
I was first kind of against this, it seemed to me like they're just making other people's problems into a trend and money-maker. But I think I kind of get the trend now. Cuteness makes mental illnesses easier to approach in Japan where mental issues are still a huge taboo. I think that guy who created the character suffering from mental illnesses and the girl who talks openly about her issues are real heroes. They might have huge influence on well-being of future generations of Japan.
darth _shader (9 days ago)
What I think this style is says is basically "in every cute thing in the world but it also has a lot of dark things included in it" Or is there more?
Aha hAa! (9 days ago)
Aaa i know i might be a bit late to the party, but where can i find the syringe necklace? Its so cute ;-;
RoboSkull (9 days ago)
Actually, South Korea has the highest suicide rate I think.....
•oof lisseth• - (9 days ago)
How come he was moving in the mirror but not the vid itself
Jacob Rose (9 days ago)
Kawaii is cute, but they keep saying kowai. Kowai means scary
Anna Lyn Phillips (8 days ago)
Jacob Rose that's just how they pronounce it dumbass
Jessica Vera (9 days ago)
What is Hanayo’s Instagram ??
master chief (10 days ago)
Niceee 👌
Poyraz Güzel (10 days ago)
I can sense the deep anger and darkness in this shit :D god dmn it freaked me out
Follow Jess (10 days ago)
I just dont like it when she says kawaii as if it means something diffrent from cute, there the same word just in a diffrent laungage. it just sounds like she doesnt know what it means.
Vineivy Gaming (10 days ago)
Doki Doki Literature Club
äesthetic chim (10 days ago)
That’s so cute what does it say? I want to die. I want to die-?.
Jennifer Jimenez (10 days ago)
I’m like that girl from 7:15
Josef Wassermann (10 days ago)
What happens when you feel society is oppressive. When is taboo to talk about your feelings.
Unicorn Dorkington (10 days ago)
This is actually so inspiring!! I absolutely adore kawaii fashion, so it is so interesting and beautiful seeing these people express themselves to stay happy, and be open about themselves~ Struggling with mental health issues myself, just hearing the message of what they're trying to accomplish just comforted me in a sort of way~ Thank you for making this~ 💜🌸✌🏻🦄
Unicorn Dorkington (10 days ago)
Refinery29 you are so very welcome!! 💜💜💜💜
Refinery29 (10 days ago)
+unicorndorkington Thank YOU for checking out the video!!
Melinda Vermes (10 days ago)
What a hell is their problem?!
Sensual Yoshi (11 days ago)
Ever since I was only a child. Literally 5 to now, im 19, I been wanting to die. I attempted suicide multiple times. I take medications and such. I always get people saying "You are so beautiful and talented but why are you always drawing depressing stuff?" I draw and paint to heal myself. Same way as they dress up for themselves
Kookie and Mochi (11 days ago)
I just thought it was a mix of grunge and pastel, I never really knew the depth of it.
Samsa (11 days ago)
Yami Kawaii does NOT mean sick cute. More like dark cute
Jasmin macLellan (11 days ago)
she said she felt uncomfortable in that outfit but i actually loved it, i would wear that
This is my style now on.
PECAN Thickness (11 days ago)
came here by accident but decided to watch because my daughter is into similar fashion. but I have definitely learned more. I understand her more being this
Rosa Scarlet (12 days ago)
The thing I learned is that Japanese people are cute obsessed. It's good to love cute things but in this way depression, suicide, mental illnesses are ignored.
K F (12 days ago)
looks so wierd, hahahaha but I like 病み可愛い(yamikawaii)
Why Me (12 days ago)
Idk about this whole idea about glorifying depression. But I also believe we shouldn't shun people for being depressed. A good support line needs to be established for people where they can feel comfortable and important.
Tyler Roe (11 days ago)
Exactly! I entirely agree
Horror Fanatic (12 days ago)
This is dead serious, but the clothes are actually really cute.
LOLANIME (12 days ago)
A Japanese person with an unhealthy Powerpuff Girls obsession is no different from a weeb.
kim yung un (12 days ago)
The cutest people on earth. ( Japan )
Beatnik X (12 days ago)
Interesting, I saw a similar analysis of Punk fashion that reached the same conclusions. It'sa cry for help on a collective level.
Ab ab Sid (12 days ago)
I'm saddened by this
silbina Sherpa (12 days ago)
Lol shes got broken screen like mine.. Still using or not!!??.. But damn iam...
epy.crystal Official (12 days ago)
Japan is my favourite country I just lost a little faith in their fashion style.
Nina Danaë (12 days ago)
I want Hanayo’s pink dress. Where could I get one?
Zynthos (13 days ago)
'what does it say?' 'i want to die.' *'oh.'* i would buy that
Harlow Grey (13 days ago)
Pull the stick outta your ass, Connie.
Emma Ozanne (13 days ago)
I live in New Zealand and it's a very small country but we have the highest suicide rate in the world an it's so sad
spooky shistar (13 days ago)
The beginning 😂
kevin santoso (13 days ago)
this is one of the most f*cked up thing i’ve watch
Tomboyhns (13 days ago)
This breaks my heart so much. This is why I have a strong desire to become a missionary in Japan. I want to really get to know these people and help them! It just...makes me so sad!
he he (13 days ago)
Drama everywhere
he he (13 days ago)
Go die then,bye bye
Cierra Lowery (13 days ago)
Reminds me of pastel goth, with different origin
Thousand sand (13 days ago)
Actually, this is the dark side opposite Carry Pamyupamyu.
Jhu Jhu (13 days ago)
Its not hard to kill yourself. Ijs
troll face (13 days ago)
I have been trying to find my aesthetic and this os screaming when i turn 18 i will start dressing like this i am 14 right now I am suffering from depression and no body in my African family thought it was a big deal they always made fun of me and said depression doesn't exist u are just making it up for attention so I feel like i can relate to this style a lot
Kariumu Kalium (13 days ago)
I found my style
TheKoyn (14 days ago)
I completely understand these people. It's an outlet. Let them express themselves
Lisa (14 days ago)
Bobbie Jo Keith (14 days ago)
a doll or a gangster
sannaha Johnson (14 days ago)
Hugs an kiss kiss XOXOXO 💖💖💖💖
remora exocet (14 days ago)
until the end of the report she would have misprononced kawai into kowai. It makes some sense after all.
Tee Jay (14 days ago)
I hope she gets actual help. She said she's trying for her fans and it's no secret that fans can someday turn on you or these people following her may get professional help and stop embracing this yami kawai feeling then what happens to her? She doesn't simply need these clothes this lady needs professionally help before it's too late.

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