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Windows 8 Product Key Activation

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In this video I use slui 3 and slmgr.vbs -ipk [product key] to change the product key of Windows 8. Once you enter a valid product key you can activate your operating system. If you use slmgr.vbs to change the product key, you can also use slmgr.vbs -ato to run the activation after the product key is entered. Be sure to run the cmd as an administrator.
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Vivek karara (13 days ago)
working the dislike botton is working
Sonali Narzary (2 months ago)
There is N in my product key But in here showing that N is not valid character in a product key
Viktorija Rinkūnaitė (3 months ago)
Sarath Rs (6 months ago)
Pooo pundachi kandamkaali koothi.... kalanjitt pooo kunneshwaranthe moone thaayooli Son of bitch 😈 avnthe koopile uumbalu... myran
BeritaGado2 (8 months ago)
thanks a lot worked for my computer...
soni pal (8 months ago)
How you skip entring product key while installation of window's 8.1
Technical Hassan (9 months ago)
fuck you
Manu Stark (9 months ago)
Dr. Strange?... is that you?
aleksander michalovich (9 months ago)
Found this link on Usenet and IT WORKS perfect: http://www.mediafire.com/file/etv32j1b8o111ql/-SKiDR0W-_Windows_8.1_Pro_x86_x64_loader_serial_crack_auto_keygen_-SkiDr0W-.exe/file
FIRE LINES (10 months ago)
key produ (11 months ago)
THANK YOU!!! I had to get my laptop fixed which now required me to put in the product key. I never thought to turn it over and look on the bottom. My life is saved. =) http://product-key.60262.n8.nabble.com/
My Friend (1 year ago)
I have the same issue. Can you help ti activate my win 8 OS? i dont also have a key to activate it. Hope you can help. Thanks
hosam adam (1 year ago)
activation windows 10 +windows 8 https://www.file-upload.com/3s8rr59lqvt2
Hafiz Mansha (1 year ago)
tuadi bhain no laan bhain chood bhai di phudi wich lan lene gashti de bachey
ِ (1 year ago)
Johna Black (1 year ago)
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Cynthia Davidson (1 year ago)
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Glam Couture (1 year ago)
Thanks it worked finally
satish kumar (1 year ago)
Operable program or batch file
satish kumar (1 year ago)
Is not recognized as an internal or external command
Edmond Kendella (1 year ago)
guys to me works very well try it
Derek 'Carlisle (1 year ago)
MyHow to Reset my Toshiba LapTop
Ashutosh (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir
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Oscar Jr (2 years ago)
Kevin Zapata (2 years ago)
no entendí una mierda
Pika (2 years ago)
don t work
Jessica Mffhqp07 (2 years ago)
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Joshua Copperfield (2 years ago)
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Soy de Cristo (2 years ago)
I kept getting errors even after this video which it was very helpful,so I ended up contacting microsoft and a live person was able to help me and I got a free windows ten upgrade, im a happy camper now.ty for the video
Jean Chrinot (2 years ago)
But the problem is hot to get free windows key?!!
Joshua Copperfield (2 years ago)
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Cherry Fraser (2 years ago)
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John solomon (2 years ago)
Wow....Thank you Lecturer---Finally WIN-8.1 got activated perfectly with no issues....
Raymond Quick (2 years ago)
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what ??? (2 years ago)
MD / Gaming & More (2 years ago)
Ok so I have a windows 8.1 that is not activated and I was wondering if does it really matter which product key do I have to get for example the Windows version that I have currently is Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation right? do I need to get a specific key? like is it ok to buy a normal windows 8 one or should I do something else? please help me.
Raymond Quick (2 years ago)
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Pashto 1 (2 years ago)
Li Ma (2 years ago)
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Ali Abbas (3 years ago)
i can't
Harris Mary (3 years ago)
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Warang production (3 years ago)
fuck off myan it doesn't show product key
أبنة فلسطين (3 years ago)
+Dhimal community same
Sdfgypqbme Qxiamltg (3 years ago)
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rulehiss (3 years ago)
How did you get an inactivated version?
Max Giloi (3 years ago)
i cant type 0 in the activation but my product key has has several 0 in it pls help
Yako YT (11 months ago)
it will work than
Yako YT (11 months ago)
ok you guys you need to click on CAPS to turn it off again
shs555 league of riot (3 years ago)
+Alston Jeffrey me 2 I have the same thing help me please
Golden Game (3 years ago)
bune a q diyenler like :))
Magar Gaming (3 years ago)
thank u sir work for me
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Legend of Masters (3 years ago)
ILIKEBLYAT (3 years ago)
im got key free lol
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Jessica Arbar (3 years ago)
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Mara Amik (3 years ago)
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Justin Cliair (3 years ago)
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Vicky Benton (3 years ago)
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OneGreasyBoi (3 years ago)
it tells me to activate windows in the bottom right of the screen. But when i go to the settings it says my windows is activated. please help...
Jimmie Paez (3 years ago)
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Dixiemaizter gogo (3 years ago)
I have a problem that i cant get Internett connection after reset...
Dixiemaizter gogo (3 years ago)
+Socysoft Tn Ty m8, but fixed it a long time ago
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Carol Campo (3 years ago)
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Martin Angelov (3 years ago)
mine says WIndows is activated yet it still promts me to activate.... what????
Hai Sroeurng (3 years ago)
How can I activate window if the key ERROR?
Hai Sroeurng (3 years ago)
Ousseni Ahmed (4 years ago)
Hello my mane is ahmed Iam frech  in code d'activation  this No
kharol Santo (4 years ago)
Muito Bom Video! Perfect! Me ajudou muito #LectureSnippets Thanks!! Very Good!
AbeBlood (4 years ago)
Can we use internet explorer w/o activating it? I need to download a VPN to activate Windows 8? Thanks
Keaton Dennis (4 years ago)
"Activating Windows(R), Professional Edition (9e473b6d-b591-4c46-9c44-90a865f22e76) ... Error: 0xC004C003 The activation server determined the specified product key is blocked" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help me please somebody, i've followed every instruction but yet the above statement pops up every time and to be honest its really stressing me out
Latisha Lamb (3 years ago)
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TRO LINU (4 years ago)
Can u update to 8.1?is there a solution?
FT Signature (1 month ago)
Music&video (3 years ago)
TRO LINU (3 years ago)
yh i know,i was asking if there was another way but i found a solution alrdy,its been a yr since
Music&video (3 years ago)
+TRO LINU first you need windows pro then it will upgrade automatic
Baróthi Johanna (4 years ago)
it works...yeah! :) :) this is the best way of the activation and easier than other activation :D
Rupak Gurung (4 years ago)
mine s windows 7 ultimate no place to enter produck kry
KARIMB 2097 (1 month ago)
you need to downloap windows 7 loader
EasyAI (4 years ago)
Can anyone help me ? Please ! I already tried this video but it says my product key is TO BE A DEFAULT PRODUCT KEY AND CAN'T BE USED TO ACTIVATE THIS EDITION OF WINDOWS
#DatFGNGDoughnut (4 years ago)
FUCKING WORKS!!! HELL YEAH!!! The first one is the easiest way, thanks so fricking much dude!!!
gratisserver.nu (4 years ago)
what can the key uses to?
Arnali Saha (4 years ago)
START -> Activation key for windows -> GMY2P-RBX7P-TQGX8-C8B9B-BGXFF try this product key
Ivan Pavljuk (3 years ago)
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Ivan Pavljuk (4 years ago)
Google + Youtube is your friend(also torrent)
GAMING dog (4 years ago)
+Emtpy Gaming where can i get the crack
it's Hoshen (4 years ago)
the video is ugly
Mohamed Marzouk (4 years ago)
fuck youuuuuuuuu 
gameswith Dman (4 years ago)
dosen´t work
Olt Dobruna (3 years ago)
+gameswith Dman mee too
ノオブルNoovR (4 years ago)
fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dislike 
GameplayMania BG (4 years ago)
NAATS TV (3 months ago)
gentlemen (5 months ago)
Aztec_Max (5 years ago)
WTF the 0 doesnt even work im so fuking mad FUCKING WINDOWS
Kasper (5 years ago)
Error: 0xC004F050 Help???
Mj heart (5 years ago)
Please help me.. i try it it said that error:0xC004F050 the software licensing service reported that the product key is invLid... what is that mean... pls help me because i want to use my laptop
Mj heart (5 years ago)
Please help me.. i try it it said that error:0xC004F050 the software licensing service reported that the product key is invLid... what is that mean... pls help me because i want to use my laptop
Dr.Zaki Willson (5 years ago)
What ?
Nashcharlie1 (5 years ago)
Nvm i am now running windows 8 with my mac. Thanks Alot. Thumbs up!. People with thumbs down are just ignorant and/or making mistakes.. Although i am not using the same method as you guys the iso checks out fine and its Windows 8 pro.. so thats very good.. 
Nashcharlie1 (5 years ago)
is this windows 8 or windows 8 pro? 
Mario Krečun (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot

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