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Pokemon Soul Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke - Highlights! | PART 9

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Text Comments (139)
TheCrazyNinja (2 days ago)
Why are the the Gym Leaders schoolgirls?
the game project (4 days ago)
Fabrice F. (4 days ago)
Every Gym Leader in this episode were schoolgirls.. was every Gym Leader before one?
Fabrice F. (3 days ago)
+Vinicius Pimentel yea i know what a randomizer is so I thought every trainer is another one so not ALL gym leaders are schoolgirls but idk rangers or somethin like dat Thx
Vinicius Pimentel (3 days ago)
Yes... The randomizer changes the trainer classes around (not every trainer individually) So every gym leader have changed to schoolgirls
Athesies (5 days ago)
Abra has a very solid 105 special attack, plus steelix's special defence isnt impressive at all, kinda bad actually
MadHatt3r (5 days ago)
If mr donut girl dies i die
Jordan Mewhorter (6 days ago)
How did the random deoxys have psycho boost. We need to be talking about this
Corsaric 1219 (6 days ago)
Wait your chicken tender had 3 pokemon??!?
cringe op 3064 (7 days ago)
Where is Splatoon 2
cringe op 3064 (7 days ago)
You said you would do Splatoon 2 when you did the global test-fire
cringe op 3064 (7 days ago)
Where is Splatoon 2
fair mead (7 days ago)
Wait wait wait how is a dunspares height 4,11 wtf....
Bolita (7 days ago)
Bradley Kee (7 days ago)
Hey scykoh they are making a live action Aladdin movie next year are you going to see it
WuuW ツ (8 days ago)
Scykoh is the best youtuber ever :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Oscar Hoegler (8 days ago)
You don’t get to be champion without knowing how to spam full restores!
rehash brown (8 days ago)
But but but scykoh it's been a week since pokepark 😭 hope your okay an not in crud jeez that'd be bad 😂❤️
Blood Sy (8 days ago)
I know its a nuzlock But can you fight red with only 5 full restores? Or maybe none? I beaten him with no healing just major grinding
LinkMarioKirby (8 days ago)
I want a Nuzlocke support hack that slows the game a bit when you take a big hit/faint. It would also remove the music when you enter a PKMN Center while a Pokemon is fainted.
Zach Stohel (8 days ago)
I just finished watching this and I so want to do it, but I can’t find a reliable rom and emulator please tell me how you do it!!!!!
GrissiniAssassini (8 days ago)
Condoslime (8 days ago)
Happy birthday scykoh
Thom (8 days ago)
Hello everyone, i am a huge pokemon fan and i really want to play this game randomizer too but i really dont know how can someone tell me the link to the download and the gba he is using (or maybe him self)
Rudy12345 mc (9 days ago)
Trey C (9 days ago)
"Wormadam is weak to dying so let's go kill him" 😂😂😂
Emaad Gafoor (9 days ago)
Emaad Gafoor (9 days ago)
1 increase in a stat, such as atk +1 from metal claw increases by 50%
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
Emaad Gafoor he was talking about a 10% chance to get the increase
Typical Ukraine (9 days ago)
14:05 haha, I can see my awful joke here.
R.I.P Bidoo
PK Sonikal (9 days ago)
It's nice to see small Youtubers this optimistic. Keep it up, man. Wish you were more popular. I always laugh at your videos, they're so funny. You shall never stop.
Barry Banter (9 days ago)
Was that slowking seig heiling
Pay attention to the cringy ivirus4 guy in chat.
Lik Mai Cok (9 days ago)
You are stupid
angelo van haren (9 days ago)
the end of the beginning
J0sh DeS (9 days ago)
12:47 hi youtube
Daniel Haras (10 days ago)
>Skips Latias >Catches Dunsparce instead
Jesper0707 951 (10 days ago)
Abra has an absurdly high sp. atk at 105 for a first stage pokemon, as well as 90 speed, however everything else is shit. It's enough to kill Bidoo though.
James Austen (10 days ago)
19:27, accurate
brandon hasko (10 days ago)
Love your vids dude! I'm in college and saw you came out with a new video so I decided to put you on projector with all my friends and they are hooked!
Strauss (10 days ago)
At 6:59 I appreciate the pun.
Eliana Gelsi (10 days ago)
nightfallsw YOU MADE IT!
Elliott Magee (10 days ago)
When’s the next episode of poke Park
Owen Dawg (10 days ago)
>thinks a non-stab Earthquake from a Raikou will OHKO an Umbreon >thinks a super-effective Magma Storm from a line well known for its high special attack that's also 5 levels higher than his Steelix will do under half
ItsToastu (10 days ago)
*Weak to dying*
Luiz Carlos Lemos (10 days ago)
"Abra missed a regular number of Magma Storms" - PokeaimMD
Soopie Doopie (10 days ago)
Wut emulator does he use???
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
Soopie Doopie DeSMuMe
Westin Newberg (10 days ago)
10/10 evil laugh
Elated Foxytdm (10 days ago)
X3 deaths not again
Elated Foxytdm (10 days ago)
dear scykoh LEARN TO NOT JINX THINGS rip steelix
Elated Foxytdm (10 days ago)
What’s the chance of geting two 10% attack boosts Me: 20% just do 10+10 ether that or 5%
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
It’s 1% 10%x10%
Gru from despacito (10 days ago)
Excuse me what the fucc
SomberGames (10 days ago)
10:50, now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
[EMP] PrimoEmperor (10 days ago)
It’s gonna be super funny if he gets to Red cause he’s probably gonna have 6 Magikarps XD
Banananana (10 days ago)
Spoiler alert he beats Red
Skullar Yu Tendo (10 days ago)
Continue the game and beat (whoever his/her name is) ontop of Mt. Silver. .3. (It's Red in a non-randomizer but we don't know who it is yet in the randomizer)
Julio Miguel (10 days ago)
Spoiler alert pay attention to chat in the last battle
Alexander Williams (10 days ago)
Yes we do. He already streamed the last 🅱episode on Twitch and uploaded it on YouTube. Watch it.
Esteban Rivera (10 days ago)
So close! Don't go dying now
SoketRocket (10 days ago)
Steamed Fams (10 days ago)
Hey guys massive legend here
Kinzley (10 days ago)
Everyone knows - you just don't fuckle with Shuckle.
Why nuptup?
EnclaveTesla (10 days ago)
Anyone else excited for bidoof coming to Pokemon go?
João Nuno (10 days ago)
Can someone explain me this dunsparce meme on the channel? I mean duns is quite a troll poke but is there any other reason for all this duns hype (like did he win scykho the game in another nuzlocke or something?)
João Nuno (10 days ago)
+Alexander Williams ha ok. The truth was a lot more simple then I expect
Alexander Williams (10 days ago)
It's not even a meme. Scykoh just really likes Dunsparce.
Sophisticated Goat (10 days ago)
RIP Groozmoic Grumbearmour, the true MVP. He shall be missed sincerely.
Nathan White (10 days ago)
Hi Kuningasmursu at 21:27
David Jameson (10 days ago)
17:35 - What point is there in creating rules / exceptions if you are able to arbitrarily change them mid-challenge? That Dunsparce is a breach of the encounter rules of a Nuzlocke, and should be released.
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
David Jameson that’s fair
David Jameson (3 days ago)
A clause does not apply to all subsequent games unless specified. Since the Dunsparce Clause is not inherent to randomizers or Nuzlockes, it would need to be stated at the start of this adventure to be legitimate.
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
Although it was originally that he had to use the master ball to catch it
Andrew Ely (3 days ago)
David Jameson dunsparce clause was set in his Black randomizer I believe
David Jameson (3 days ago)
Clauses should be set prior to the adventure / challenge starting. If you can set rules mid-adventure, then there's no strict ruleset to abide by.
Nook (10 days ago)
Wait hold up Bidoo had Sturdy why did Magma Storm OHKO-
Nook (9 days ago)
Big oof :(
Daniel Haras (10 days ago)
Gen 4's sturdy was only against OHKO Moves,the Focus Sash aspect was added later on in gen 5
FearsomeWar (10 days ago)
In Gen 4, Sturdy only protected against OHKO moves. It didn't get the Sturdy-like buff until Gen 5.
Roadkill 2223 (10 days ago)
Damaged himself with confusion I think?
Sarah (10 days ago)
bidoo: *grasswhistles the whistling part from “big enough”* me: haaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
victikirby15 (10 days ago)
Abra’s base SpAtk is 105
Toodle (10 days ago)
Why are they all schoolgirls?
shadow40k0 (10 days ago)
CAN TACKLE EVEN BE A TM? also will one hit KO moves not work on a higher level pokemon?
FS CliffTheNoob (10 days ago)
Wait where is highlights 8?
wowsternot 123 (10 days ago)
After reading the dictionary every book you read after that is a remix
max2173 (10 days ago)
I'm schoolgirl Max
Princess Luna (10 days ago)
Oh, Scykoh... 'Please don't crit! Oh...I thought Earthquake would do much more...' You're an Umbreon against a Raikou. Umbreon is an incredibly tough Pokemon and Raikou isn't known for its physical power. 'I thought it would just do less than half!' It's an Abra and you were a Steelix. Despite usually not attacking, Abra still has a decent special attack stat.
Peyton Hislop (10 days ago)
+Princess Luna yup totally random
Princess Luna (10 days ago)
These random stats seem pretty accurate for what they're supposed to be on a Pokemon.
Peyton Hislop (10 days ago)
+Nick Marshman naw its jsut random moves
Nick Marshman (10 days ago)
random stats tho
Peyton Hislop (10 days ago)
Yrah and steelix has like no special defense
Meganium (10 days ago)
Goals: LVL 100 Dunsparce with stab Tackle. Max attack, defense, and special defense
VCubing X (7 days ago)
He got level 100 dunsparce with a decent moveset
Meganium (8 days ago)
+Bryce Arnzen Yeah he'd have to choose from either defense stat, but he can at least work to get one of the defense stats a bit higher :/
Bryce Arnzen (9 days ago)
Meganium you can only have 2 stats maxed out at once
frankymass (10 days ago)
« Wormadam is weak to dying so let’s go kill’em. » - Scykoh, 2018
DeathB4Dishonor (8 days ago)
69th like, lmao
minjamonkey (10 days ago)
I just dinged that bell. I really love your vids. Keep it up
NexusSpacey (10 days ago)
next time don't forget the abilities
RORY B-C (10 days ago)
Im super new to the chanel, but i binged all your nuzlockes qnd they are so entertaining
Digital Gamer (10 days ago)
I used to call suicune suicide. don't kick me out of your minecraft server.
Qzhuo (10 days ago)
You're so edgy
Bengineer8 (10 days ago)
/ban @digital Gamer
jen stoops (10 days ago)
Bidoo has max swag!
BassGosple (10 days ago)
ABRA'S BASE SPECIAL IS 105?! No wonder it hit so hard.
Yvh Ethyst (8 days ago)
+Dr. Clashtronought Theres only two gen 1 psychic types still relevant
Dr. Clashtronought (9 days ago)
Fucking Gen 1 Psychic-Types.
FoxGod 22 (10 days ago)
Oh feck abra is the new reaper!
FoxGod 22 (10 days ago)
Oh no! Not schoolgirl Max!
jen stoops (10 days ago)
Why do I find the following minute after you find Probopass so funny!
The Worst Account Ever (10 days ago)
RIP Rayquaza
Super crud!
FoxGod 22 (10 days ago)
Hello there beautiful:)
In Pasta (10 days ago)
Cam Plautz (10 days ago)
5:40 Don't Rawst Berries heal being frozen? EDIT: They don't. Why I think they did
Cam Plautz (10 days ago)
@Nook Also because it's blue and ice is blue.
Nook (10 days ago)
Maybe because it sounds like Frost FRawst Berry
Venemofthe888 (10 days ago)
They heal burns aspear heals a freeze
Ariana Isabella (10 days ago)
I thought they healed burns?
Waluigi (10 days ago)
scykoh whats your favorite color?
苏害The Sohai (10 days ago)
I believe it's orange, he mentioned it in one of his video
Oskar Ricanek (10 days ago)
I just refreshed and saw this. *instantly clicks video* love u scykoh <3
Cammymcl (10 days ago)
This Video is blocked in your country
Oskar Ricanek (10 days ago)
ThePolishPerson (10 days ago)
Tfw the video doesn’t exist EDIT: Now it does
why does this exist (10 days ago)
First like too
why does this exist (10 days ago)
Call Me Rafa (10 days ago)
Not watched video yet but bet it is great Scykoh!
mfix70 (10 days ago)
BossMaster J (10 days ago)
Ooh yeah boii
Doctor 2000 (10 days ago)

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