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C# Xamarin Android Spinner : Custom - With Images,Text and ItemClick [BaseAdapter]

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SOURCE CODE REFERENCE ?? Browse SOURCE CODE of this and other tutorial : http://camposha.info or request a compressed version in our the SITE's support page. SOURCE REPO : http://camposha.info SUPPORT SITE : http://camposha.info FB Page : https://web.facebook.com/oclemmy/ DESCRIPTION Guys e are determined to continue with tutorials for both Java and C#.We won't discriminate any.We never care too much about the views,as long as it does help someone.Now today we are at Xamarin Android again.This time looking at a Spinner.How to make a custom spinner with images and text.In short this is what we do: 1.Work with Spinner and custom adapter, BaseAdapter. 2.The Spinner shall have images and text. 3. Handle Item Selected events. Cheers. RELATED KEYWORDS: android spinner tutorial,spinner with images and text,custom spinner xamarin,android xamarin custom adapter,baseadapter,itemselected events,onitemclick,custom spinner images text,
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Junior Macias (6 months ago)
Hi @ProgrammingWizards TV, i am new in Xamarin.android and i want to fill up a spinner with some data i receive form an .asmx service i programmed, the point is, i want to get 2 data from there, the ID and the Description...but at the same time i want to show a default option, it could be "nothing selected", just to give u an example...Can u please help me with that...thanks in advance!
Steven Bedoya (1 year ago)
Excelent, very thanks
ProgrammingWizards TV (1 year ago)
You are welcome.
Edoardo Mastrandrea (2 years ago)
How Can i customize the font of the spinner items?

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