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2013: A year in Review

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A little bit late whoops! But thank you all for an amazing 2013! I've had such an amazing year and have accomplished so much that i didn't think I could so here is a little compilation video. I hope to make a lot of of amazing crazy beautiful videos in 2014 so please subscribe retweet and do all the fun things. Twitter: http://twitter.com/cristinaviseu Facebook: http://facebook.com/hellomintplus Instagram: http://instagram.com/cristinaviseu Blog: http://mintpl.us
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Text Comments (13)
morinomusume (4 years ago)
nights in cyberia (5 years ago)
the visuals 0.0
Ashlynn C (5 years ago)
That was just amazing. Wow. 
Bystander Guy (5 years ago)
Love your video! Just wondering, have u done a video on colour correcting/grading? I love the look you give to the montage! (as well as the editing!)
Kimu (5 years ago)
Loved it!
trizzy666 (5 years ago)
Everything you make is freakin magic amazeballs I've been a subscriber since you were peachd0ll and I always get so excited when I see a new video from you!!
Andrew Pearson (5 years ago)
So, was that a year in review video or just a f'n piece of awesomeness?  BRB, going to watch it a few more times :)
Senpai Squad (5 years ago)
SleepyShuu (5 years ago)
How come everything you do is so beautiful! <3
Sachie (5 years ago)
Aw that was lovely <33
SouZQ (5 years ago)
Aww the Ginger bread house lol.
Tammy (5 years ago)
gorgeous video! what camera do you use to film? ^_^
BlissfulAngie (5 years ago)
Such a cute video.

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