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Pokemon XYZ | Theme Song | Cartoon Network

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Here is the theme song to Pokemon XYZ! CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/1ANQpOe About Pokémon: The show follows the quest of the main character, Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon Master in training, as he and a small group of friends travel around the fictitious world of Pokémon along with their Pokémon partners. Connect with Pokémon Online: Visit Pokemon WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/11tsPCy Like Pokemon on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZyndtB Follow Pokemon on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/13n0G31 About Cartoon Network: Welcome to the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Follow Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF Pokemon XYZ | Theme Song | Cartoon Network http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (1211)
Remy Golden (8 hours ago)
Love this theme song OMG!!!! Instagram me @billybillybopbop if you do to
Nawaal Abukar (14 hours ago)
Gotta ash. Ketchum all
Surf Surfing (2 days ago)
Best season other than the 1st. Best theme imo. 1st theme was too dramatic, but iconic being the 1st.
Not as good as Japanese Intro version
Rakif Ahmed (8 days ago)
Not much of an intro if it's 0:30 seconds long
Rakif Ahmed (8 days ago)
Umbreon05 (10 days ago)
I MISS XY AND XYZ BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ *whispers* Bring it back... T-T
Trần Thị Như Cúc (11 days ago)
I like japan better
Spartaximus (12 days ago)
The anime should've ended with XYZ. It was the best season of the anime. Sun and Moon and SAM: Ultra Adventures are rubbish.
Really Random (15 days ago)
Why did you get rid of ikuz
Pokemon gangster 63 (16 days ago)
DarknessOblivion (20 days ago)
Much better than Sun And Moon
Jamy Sanchez-Palacios (21 days ago)
So cool song ever is the world 🌎
NNevaehTTheDinosauRR (21 days ago)
we will remember this show in OUR hearts
Cozmic Gaming (22 days ago)
Miriam Olalde (24 days ago)
I stand tall cause I know I’m a winner Pokémon Pokémon gotta catch them all
Miriam Olalde (24 days ago)
I sub
Jax (27 days ago)
In my opinion the Japanese version is waaaaaayyy better than this
Pixelplayz YT (1 month ago)
I miss that its now only the series T_T T_T T_T T_T
Best theme song ever 2018 still
Neo Matthew Matheos (1 month ago)
I love this theme but the first season theme is just classic
Nannels Sia (1 month ago)
if this music had more nostalgia i think that’s how how you say it i think this song would be better than pokemon sun and moon
KHAJA The genius (1 month ago)
Best song in my life
MattacksRC (1 month ago)
What Did they have trent reznor write this Pokemon theme?
Octoling Oscar (1 month ago)
Just a part from the opening song of Pokémon: Volcanion and Mechanical Marvel
dolphinKid1 (1 month ago)
Xyz was a lot better than sun and moon
InzaneGamer YT (1 month ago)
Best theme ever?
Mrsuitman Gaming (1 month ago)
SunDaGamer 74 (1 month ago)
The Japanese Theme was better
SMSG4 - Games (2 months ago)
Lryics: I stand tall, because I know I’m a winner. Knock me down I’ll just get up again, you’ve met your match, yeah, I’m no beginner, Pokémon, Pokémon, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! (I stand tall because I know I’m a winner....) Pokémon, Pokémon, GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!
SMSG4 - Games (2 months ago)
Nice! I really admire this! :D
armin artlert (2 months ago)
I wish this series didnt have to end
hi hi of thot patrol (2 months ago)
This and ultra sun and moon's theme are my favorite theme songs by far.
SugaTooth (2 months ago)
I miss this series.
Julian Guerrero (2 months ago)
Best them song ever for pokemon
Justin V. (2 months ago)
Nothing beats the original
Bts army, Broken (2 months ago)
Let’s be honest the Japanese version was better
Equestria girls 262 (2 months ago)
I prefer xy
Sam C. (2 months ago)
I prefer this to the Japanese version
Peter Standen (2 months ago)
[intro] I stand tall 'cause I know I'm a winner Knock me down, I'll just get up again You've met your match yeah I'm no beginner Pokemon, Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all! I stand tall 'cause I know I'm a winner Pokemon, Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all! [drums outro]
YTOfficialMD ROBLOX (2 months ago)
Eye of Cthulu (2 months ago)
This one kind of shows how mature Ash now.
stephanie West-houck (2 months ago)
Dbs is better 😇
Radical raddish (2 months ago)
"Just one fight lasting for 50 minutes, we didn't care this time please buy our games. It's been awhile since ones had some charm in it. First thirds great but then it gets weirder. Shadow stalks, pika talks (seems like alcohol!)"-jello apocalypse
Matthew Arenson (2 months ago)
Why'd you sell this!
TSC Proximity (2 months ago)
Too bad you lost the series to DISNEY XD 😂
ZombieGamerz (2 months ago)
Oh ya boiiii
Cherry Pops Msp (2 months ago)
so much memorties
CrAsh (2 months ago)
BEST THEME (except for maybe the original) too bad it's also probably the shortest one ;-;
Mr. Livestream (2 months ago)
Vinicius Player 123 (3 months ago)
please cartoon network back with XYZ on TV And not only in the version of usa in Brazil also please
Melissa Hernandez (3 months ago)
I'm in love with greninja
G U R T (3 months ago)
Pretty good finale series.
Dinesh Singh (3 months ago)
I like this theme stand tall but full version better
Venom & Diamond (3 months ago)
The movie made this intro good!
Darkspine Sonic (3 months ago)
They should make Pokémon XZ or Pokémon YZ for the 3ds
ابو سراج (3 months ago)
س اج
Sishpoo Nu (3 months ago)
Wow the dub is crap
Astrid Jackson (3 months ago)
Put Pokemon back on cartoon network.
Andamer pokefan (3 months ago)
My favorite since diamond and pearl nd indigo league
Metangy PlaysRB (3 months ago)
Idk y I like this
Natasha Key (3 months ago)
Finally a good theme song yessssss
Skullcross49000 (3 months ago)
Xyz best Pokémon series ever in my opinion
GhostyGengar (3 months ago)
This is my second favorite Pokemon theme. Only outdone by Advanced.
Manish Kumar (3 months ago)
Electrixplayz (3 months ago)
not catchy,
Aniya White (3 months ago)
bearded meme dragon (4 months ago)
thanks for the theme tune this really helps me do homework! thanks again so much!
Trudy Leonard (4 months ago)
The best theme song for the best pokemon series
仔Tony (4 months ago)
Why doesn't Cartoon Network use the music of Japanese theme?
mouth (4 months ago)
Yeah the Japanese one is better but this one still goes hard
David Laking (4 months ago)
ALLAN is BAD???????!!!!!!
mouth (4 months ago)
Won't spoil anything but trust me you're gonna hate him with a passion
Debashree Roy (4 months ago)
Best pokemon theme song , but it should be longer
old school gamer (4 months ago)
Got a catch em all!!
Real (4 months ago)
if you haven't listened to the Japanese opening, you haven't lived yet.
The Super Bro. (4 months ago)
Pokemon,Pokemon GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!! love those parts
The Super Bro. (4 months ago)
Pokemon, Pokemon GOTRA CATCH EM ALL! love those parts!
Volt Clyde (4 months ago)
I like this
asshole nick (4 months ago)
English sound better finland
Killian455 (4 months ago)
The theme and the very very last episode is good other than that I didn't care for this series.
sonic fan 2876 (4 months ago)
The Japanese version was SO MUCH BETTER
gamingwithpikachu (4 months ago)
best theme song in the world
TheTubingClub TYC (4 months ago)
Love this song
J Fer (4 months ago)
Who sang the song?
Galactic Ninja (4 months ago)
What's your favorite pokemon from any gen?
Pyrrha Nikos 51 (4 months ago)
XYZ will be very much missed
DNS DNS (4 months ago)
эм я толь Русский конечно какой знает всех покемонов и переводить умею
Naomi Goulding (4 months ago)
Team r Jesse is nurse joy
Alex Hughes (4 months ago)
Go Ash greninja
poke bey rai (4 months ago)
Pokemon is best this song is unbeatable awesome I love you ash so much i wish I can be in this world pokemon is best
Daredeath 900 (4 months ago)
I kinda prefer the Japanese version but other than that this song’s awesome
Ramakanta Sethia (4 months ago)
Pokomon counter attack game one video
Hannah Sandoval (5 months ago)
Pokemon is not in cn no more than its moving to Disney XD.
poke bey rai (5 months ago)
I love you ash so much i wish I can be in this world pokemon is best oh gosh you are so cool ash I. Love you
Earthysonic (5 months ago)
Love the theme song! Man, Pokemon has the BEST theme songs! I love all of them so much!
Jason Calderon (5 months ago)
2 years in the making...still prefering the japanese version
Pooli Sivamani (5 months ago)
suer ash
the amazing greninja (5 months ago)
I freaking like greninja
Otaku Kimiko (5 months ago)
I like the meaning
Miisaela Perez (5 months ago)
Cool song

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