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Black Guy & Fat Dude, Ep. 2: Bathroom Politics

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The Big Game Hunters present "Bathroom Politics," the second episode of their web series, "Black Guy & Fat Dude." In this adventure, Black Guy teaches Fat Dude about the infamous glory hole. Directed by Scott Brown Camera by David Morrison Featuring Will Gough
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LifeTrek (9 years ago)
Like a turnstyle -- lmao!
nuclearspike (9 years ago)
bizarro world, I wasn't sure what to think but it was funny... so you succeeded.
YellowTexasRose90 (9 years ago)
SIck , Sick Humor ... I love it !
Split Film Productions (9 years ago)
Awesome! Creeps me out as always! But makes me laugh! :)
imraw17 (9 years ago)
wow hahaha black guy stealing the tv.
Stoned By The Medusa (9 years ago)
bgh-styled toilet humor, nice! that duo have big potential

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