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Glory Hole

134 ratings | 183701 views
A man finds a mysterious glory hole in the wall of a bathroom stall. www.moonheadmovies.com
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Text Comments (23)
Lizbeth V (3 months ago)
Weird side of YouTube
the gaming doggo (20 days ago)
DUSTERDUDE238 (3 months ago)
Love, BITES!
antony kulik (4 months ago)
TheDavizio (2 years ago)
dumbest video i've ever seen!
Carie Beattie (4 years ago)
Really funny . crazy . love it
Brandon Wu (4 years ago)
Good work! 
dyork071989 (4 years ago)
I will never get that 14 minutes back...
Billz tha great (5 years ago)
That's fucking gay and your all weirdos
The taller guy makes  some very perceptive remarks.  For example, he says that there's no real difference between a man's mouth and a woman's mouth.  Therefore, if you wish to believe that you're being  sucked by a woman then you are being sucked by a woman, even if you're being sucked by a man.  As he rightly says, "It's all in the mind".  This should be compulsory viewing for all teenagers and, particularly, all homophobes.
Chris Connelly (5 years ago)
Well that's 15 minutes I'll never get back.
Adam Lynch (5 years ago)
Robert Gottshall (5 years ago)
You gives a shit! Let them starve!
Dominique Webb (5 years ago)
He never learned
Isabel Pietri (5 years ago)
TaffyRaphie (6 years ago)
Renee and John, as in Descartes and Locke?
Kazeem Abudu (6 years ago)
I really like this. Some of the dialogue and sound was off but overall, great idea.
newVHS (6 years ago)
Matthew Dollar (6 years ago)
9:25 was a pretty brilliant shot. This was righteous no doubt
tremonti5 (6 years ago)
Got a good laugh out of this. Sound was so so but the writing was great.
Kaylor Coons (6 years ago)
it's like fucking a changeling
od1exx (6 years ago)
i, like thomas edison, am a risktaker - lmao, good work guys!
lastcool (6 years ago)
Awesome film! Laughed my ass off. Good work guys

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