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Glory Hole Etiquette

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An in-depth look at how to NOT present yourself when going to an adult bookstore glory hole.
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Text Comments (52)
jo son (3 months ago)
Someone indeed got their  PHD degree , with this Subject and never been BLOWN away !.
Ryan Pinnix (3 months ago)
my name ryan i love glory hole
cuui jb (3 months ago)
Funny its a glory hole not a peeping hole
DUSTERDUDE238 (3 months ago)
the guy on the other side of the GH reminds me of Ed Grimly from early SNL
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
Make a 2018 one ;)
Ethan Bloomfield (8 months ago)
Not sure if funny or not
George Dobbs (11 months ago)
Where are they at in Tolleson Az
John Walters (2 years ago)
if you don't want to be bothered just go in one without a hole......
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
John Walters I wanted to see
Hector Lalalala (2 years ago)
I had soooo much fun in the adult theaters
victor arredondo (3 months ago)
Where is this place
Hector Lalalala (2 years ago)
any adult theaters. Many guys go in there to have a quickie
Tom Gallier (2 years ago)
Lighting McQueen (2 years ago)
lmao... hi I'm Bob!
J j601 (5 months ago)
Lighting McQueen u is nice 👍🏻
BianchiRoadshow (2 years ago)
My penis gets really really hard sometimes.
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
BianchiRoadshow wow
Edward Flowers (8 months ago)
Martin Del Carpio (3 years ago)
smouthdudesmooth (4 years ago)
I got to say this was funny, whoever didn't think so, needs to relax
Frogwell (4 years ago)
I've never been to one but I'm guessing that there's a "no looking through the hole" rule or talking.
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
uxserdvghbjl some gag in the hole and walk away.
Norman Brown (5 years ago)
tshorse (5 years ago)
wow, really pathetic and not funny at all. 
hunterfisher1216 (5 years ago)
I'm in the weird part of YouTube again...
Donald Stafford (5 years ago)
manly its jay sex metings google glory hole listings in your aria there blogs that have them and never ask for the glory hole look for it most imploys dont know there, there
Donald Stafford (5 years ago)
is there real Glory Holes in usa a bisnis would get shut down and is it elegal to jake off in the booths in usa theres cams inevery both u will go to jail
eddyvideostar (1 year ago)
Donald: The bigger crime would be being innocent -- but not having the wherewithal or being coherent enough along with proper spelling and grammar to bail yourself out.
R.K. Phifer (5 years ago)
have fun with your playstation,i'll be getting my dick sucked at the gloryhole
Kadeem Jr (5 years ago)
wallaceglenn (5 years ago)
i can fap too this lolz
Richard O' Neill (5 years ago)
lol I love the voice in the hole!
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
Richard O' Neill sounds like my uncle Wtf!
Ron Johnson (6 years ago)
Been going to Adult Arcades off & on since college. Have visited them in 8-10 states in the US and have NEVER had any trouble as a result of the surveillance cams. You are not going to see yourself on youtube or be blackmailed. The primary reason is so the management can see who's actually paying & who's just loitering. And I agree with the guy who said, "If you're not looking for a blowjob, then use a booth that does not have a glory hole." Duh!!
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
Ron Johnson are these still around?
Tyler Bassett (6 years ago)
that was a guy? oh my god -__-
Clarence Polk (6 years ago)
This is what happens to people when they are not able to find attractive women in their area. This proves to be a danger considering that there are far to many single men and not enough women. It is indeed as if they come to places like this and get turned out just by seeing them come through the hole. That is why I broke out the PS2 and all 20 games, I have one PS3 game plus 2 games on layaway. I will not be able to get the PS3 console until after christmas.
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
Clarence Polk its ok
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
Clarence Polk have you gone to one before ?
ThalamusMinimus (6 years ago)
Just wear a mask, starting at least a block from the place.
Clarence Polk (7 years ago)
I have a question for everyone who has posted on here. I wonder, do any of these people ever feel paranoid about being watched? Not just by other perverts through the holes but with hidden cameras. Every time I go to a sex shop in my hometown, the first thing I see is a sign that says " 24 hour surviellence camera. Where else aside from the registers are the cameras hidden? I don't want to be on camera and I'm straight. Most of the porn websites have what look like unauthorized clips.
bafmd (7 years ago)
if you don't want the suck off, pick a booth with no hole. sheeesh.
exeuroweenie (7 years ago)
I was just,erm,enlightened as to what glory hole meant by a gay coworker.It's fucking hilarious,we both agreed.
ninefivesuited (7 years ago)
Her Uncle Jeffery died when he stuck his dick thought a glory hole and someone used a razor and cut it off. I guess he wasn't watching channel 4.
SteelStreet2.0 steelmax (8 months ago)
ninefivesuited aw
MediaWatchDawg (7 years ago)
"That's not really 'none' of your business, sir." Musta been a correspondence dental school.
map78520 (7 years ago)
so lame - just suck it!
thetruegents (8 years ago)
what the hell?
loverlei79 (8 years ago)
Jenine Urquhart (8 years ago)
The eye in the hle really creeped me out. Lol.
geminidaprince84 (2 years ago)
jcrodick (8 years ago)
Wow. Facial expressions are perfect.

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