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Top 5 Things to do in Tokyo | japan-guide.com

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The top 5 things to experience in Japan's capital. Learn more about Tokyo: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2164.html - Video Credits - Videographer & Narrator: Andrew Marston Producer: Stefan Schauwecker Intro Music: Tony Uhm
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Mark Denniss (1 year ago)
Perfect. I'm off to Japan this weekend for 10 days visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I've just watched your videos covering these areas which are very insightful and very helpful!
Nico (1 year ago)
I also would like to know how the trip was and if ten days was enough time. I'm taking a trip there next month
nobledonkey17 (1 year ago)
how was the trip? me and a friend are planning a trip for next year.....was 10 days enough time?
Binh Lan Anh (1 year ago)
Mark Denniss I
Angela Carruthers (1 year ago)
Huỳnh Tấn Hùng (1 year ago)
Mark Denniss ii
Delia Hogan (4 days ago)
demonofdeath19 (6 days ago)
i took a trip to Japan in march for 2 weeks, and I felt like it was so little time haha. Someone who likes the culture, the history, and the food I felt like I didn't even scratch the surface. I hope to be back soon.
George Eroes (10 days ago)
annoying sounds
Mark Shelly (11 days ago)
Great guide! Heading to Japan in 2 weeks. Very exciting.
lorenpunk83 (12 days ago)
@1:12 Dick head
Agile Fast (1 month ago)
Boo... Touristy for my liking.
Arjun Joshi (2 months ago)
Okumura Daisuke (2 months ago)
I'm very glad and like people here who say wanna come to Japan or love Japan! As a Japanese, I'm very happy to see your comments. I definitely show my hospitality to you all if you come to Japan!!
Henry Sing (1 month ago)
I have a lay over flight for 19hours coming up in this Summer.. looking what to do in those lay over...any comments will be help... thanks
gateofbabylon (2 months ago)
+Okumura Daisuke no problem. I'm learning nihongo myself so I always mistake wa and ha . I'll be in japan in two days so see you there!
Okumura Daisuke (2 months ago)
+gateofbabylon lol sorry I was going to say show hospitality!lol Thank you for correcting my mistake!
gateofbabylon (2 months ago)
>hospitalize from the world hospital, it sounds like you want to beat us up and send us to the hospital :p
MR&MRS Smith (2 months ago)
Hi there! Great video, I like your website too - just one question - where are the streets in the video from 0:50-1:05 located? Thank you for all! 🙏
MR&MRS Smith (2 months ago)
japan-guide.com thank you! ☺️🙏
japan-guide.com (2 months ago)
0:50 - Kagurazaka 0:56 - Omoideyokocho (Shinjuku) 0:59 - Takeshitadori (Harajuku) 1:01 - Kagurazaka 1:04 - Harajuku Station
anime fan girl 101 (2 months ago)
What u recommend to do in Tokyo in December around Christmas and new years
japan-guide.com (2 months ago)
There many unique events around this time as well as some holiday closures that might be of interest to you. Here are the specifics: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2276.html
Mr Green (2 months ago)
Building up courage to travel to Tokyo with my crippling social anxiety.
Olya M (25 days ago)
You can do it!
djdag2000 -ev (3 months ago)
Planning a solo trip to Tokyo and Kyoto in October. Great info, thanks!
japan-guide.com (3 months ago)
Have a great trip!
a23 (4 months ago)
Thinking about doing a 2 month Asia trip and Tokyo is definitely on the list! Thank you for the input!
Olivier Asanji (4 months ago)
Am just excited to be in Tokyo in some days to come waiting for the approval of my visa
Luke Feistamel (4 months ago)
Why is it that everyone who loves Japan is a huge nerd?
Luke Feistamel (4 months ago)
Visit the Unit 731 museum.
Staggs Crossing (4 months ago)
Great suggestions! We’d add teamLab’s new Digital Art Museum. Take a virtual tour here: https://youtu.be/IJlyDujZSfM
maipful (4 months ago)
I love Tokyo! I was there for a couple of weeks, and i want to go back as soon as possible. greetings from Finland
GoogooGaagaa Channel (4 months ago)
If you go with baby, visit Thomasland at Fuji-Q, at the side of Mount Fuji, beautiful view and exciting playground https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTC2aUdD0jY&t=114s
KINO JAPAN (5 months ago)
Thank u for coming to Japan! Love ur style and editting!
Henry Chau (6 months ago)
Really interesting video with a lot of good information
Dimitris Loner (6 months ago)
Great video Is it a good idea to buy a nano sim card in tokyo Thanks
japan-guide.com (6 months ago)
If you need mobile data, yes this would be helpful. You can also get Sim cards and wifi emitters at the airport.
william yeh (6 months ago)
what mode of transportation did you take to go to these places? where did you stay? Thanks.
japan-guide.com (6 months ago)
It's convenient to take public transportation to all of these locations.
Badia (6 months ago)
Thank you very much! I live in Tokyo for one month and now I have an idea what to do on my days off 😉
el malan malan (6 months ago)
Tokyo is too overcrowded i recommend Osaka instead.
davis motomiya (7 months ago)
OH BUT definitely go to Golden Gai for those who have never been. It’s sooo dope ! I went with my close friend n some Japanese girl we met and we got reallyyyy drunk there lol. We were on our 2nd bar n had 3 more to go to and I was already lit haha. Soo much fun . There’s this one specific bar that I recommend there , I forgot the name but there’s a guy who looks like a Japanese Wayne’sWorld inside and has a sci-fi/ horror themed bar inside . It’s sick ! He’s cool as hell too
davis motomiya (7 months ago)
@2:13 that maid cafe suckssss! I been there 2 years ago n they fool u by having all these “super pretty girls” on their ad but in reality they were just... average :\ I mean did have somewhat fun
Swift_Arsonist (7 months ago)
Im finding it hard to get a tokyo tour that can pick us up at sheraton grande hotel tokyo. anyone stayed at that hotel before?
Stephen Burke (7 months ago)
Wonderful video. I’m going to Tokyo next week for the first time, thanks so much for giving us an idea of what to expect!
giorgi ggg (8 months ago)
excelent, but where is Ginza?
pepsi sisu2 (8 months ago)
b nf (8 months ago)
Your channel and website (japan-guide.com) are great! There's no doubt that you gonna be more famous among tourists around 2020!
Tomo life TV (8 months ago)
Please eat Yakitori in Tokyo. https://youtu.be/LzQzHqEhsTg
Luis Funes (10 months ago)
Already did all thi..
tez (10 months ago)
Barış Aygün (10 months ago)
where is in Shibuya for lookout ? This point is free ? I want shoot photo :)
Barış Aygün (10 months ago)
japan-guide.com arigato tomorrow i will be in shibuya ✌️
japan-guide.com (10 months ago)
There is a view of the famous pedestrian crossing on the second floor of Shibuya Station near the Hachiko exit. Hope that helps!
Dayna Hart (11 months ago)
I was in Japan last year for 10 days and I did everything on this list and I'm so glad I did. Japan is an amazing country and 10 days is definatly not enough time. I will definatly be visiting again.
Okumura Daisuke (2 months ago)
I'm Japanese. looking forward to your next trip! Your comment makes me happy(^^)
Barton Seven (11 months ago)
I was only able to spend about a day and a half in Japan (YEARS ago when I was in the air force), and had to leave early due to a family emergency. I remember thinking how nice most people were that I met. From the girls in the kimono shop (we didn't understand each other's language, but they helped me pick out the kimono and sash), to the yakisoba restaurant, to the customer service at the airport....everyone was so nice. Watching this video, and your others as well, has rekindled my desire to take my wife to Japan and see some of the things I saw, and some others that I didn't get a chance to see. I want to show my her the beauty of Japan first hand. Excellent videos....very informative!
Rener De Castro (11 months ago)
Oh thanks. I was wondering where to go and what to do in Shinjuku, since I'll be staying there with my parents this August. And thanks for recommending Meiji Shrine.
Spook (11 months ago)
Rener De Castro same!! I’m so excited
Andrea Soto (11 months ago)
Thanks for the great info! Clear, fun to watch and great ideas. Can you please give us ideas to where to go with kids? young ones
dizkoteck (11 months ago)
In Tokyo now after months of watching YouTube travel channels. Shibuya and Shinjuku sucks. It’s a bunch of drunk kids and sad depressed looking prostitutes dressed as maids holding up signs of their cost for the night with their high school aged pimps watching them
LTUGeimeris (1 year ago)
Been to Tokyo for like 10 days recently with a friend and have been able to visit most of these places on the list and much more, I think we did pretty good job.
Vasily Krushev (1 year ago)
Otaku is more like obsessive fans. It gets negative connotation even in Japan
Rana Yasir (1 year ago)
Swedormie Normie (1 year ago)
When we went to Tokyo I was so excited because we are gonna explore Japan!We had a fun time there,eating,exploring,shopping,and lastly having fun. 🙂
Swedormie Normie (1 year ago)
japan-guide.com Sure did.Was rolling around and jumping and watching the anime...
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Glad you had a good trip!
Swedormie Normie (1 year ago)
Was so fun!!! :D I wonder if you know,how they live in Tokyo. :/
sean craig (1 year ago)
beautiful nation
starla joslin (1 year ago)
thank you i subed (*_*)
Elizabeth Batarilan (1 year ago)
I love going to Japan. I had been twice and your website help me a lot. It's very informative and making its easy for our trip. Thanks😁🇵🇭
Christo (1 year ago)
Every video I watch related to Japan..is so satisfying..and make me visit the country...love Japan..one of the best countries in the world...
Jonxric (1 year ago)
Amazing content! Thank you so much :)
Meiji (1 year ago)
Hahaha my name is Meiji... but I'm not Japanese, I'm Filipino... though people assume I'm Japanese.
Frederic Bierbaum (1 year ago)
1:10 Why does he wear a penis on his head?
Ken narville (1 year ago)
lol it's a kind of hat
DogaTv (1 year ago)
You guys should do another one of these. Youtube's algorithm would love it. :P Top 5 Yokohama? Top 5 Hokkaido? Anyways awesome to see Andrew making videos! :D
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Thanks much! We are actually in the process of making a few more Top 5 videos. I see we think alike.
Nacho Flores (1 year ago)
The most complete and quick review of Tokyo I ever seen in Youtube. I have 4 days left in Tokyo and this Video definitely helps me a lot. Thanks guys. My best wishes from Mexico
Tokyo (1 year ago)
I'm tokyo
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Thanks much! Have a good trip.
Aoki So (1 year ago)
Это весьма познавательно. Превосходно. Жаль лишь, что на российский невозможно переместить :( Я бы весьма желала побывать там. Я весьма очень увлечена Японией и их культурой. Каждый денек узнаю что нибудь полезное) Огромное благодарю за видео) Узнала немало нового))
Airport Info HQ (1 year ago)
1:50 5. Akihabara 2:37 4. Meiji Shrine & Nearby Areas 3:52 3. Shinjuku 5:16 2. Asakusa 6:35 1. Food Thanks for sharing this video.Very Helpful!
channa. yon (3 months ago)
Hebin John (3 months ago)
Japan doesn't have a state religion
channa. yon (3 months ago)
Asakusa is a Temple and Japan is a Buddhist country. u dumbo
BRANDON ZENG (1 year ago)
This videos are good you should do more
Valerie Ang (1 year ago)
Ang suan.long Brandon
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Thanks! Many more in the works.
Levi 123 (1 year ago)
Y'all should try the ikebukero fire station it's a free course that you go to at a fire station and they show u how the earthquake felt with a simulation also escaping a fire induced place. It's a learning experience but really fun too. The earthquake felt strong 👍🏻.
Marian Goldberg (1 year ago)
I shared this on FB. This is excellent!
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Good observations! It's always hard to find the perfect balance of sharing enough information vs too much information.
Marian Goldberg (1 year ago)
Two comments: (1) You should have mentioned that Sensoji was bombed during World II and was completely rebuilt to original specifications. (2) When you say that in 1868 when the Imperial capital was moved from Kyoto to Edo and Edo was renamed Tokyo, you should say what Tokyo means, i.e. "East Capital." Other than that, the video is REALLY GOOD.
John C Meyer (1 year ago)
I would add the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Ghibli Museum to this list.
Just Fine (5 months ago)
What about a day trip to Nakamura?
Marian Goldberg (1 year ago)
The Edo Tokyo Museum is great, but it's in Ryogoku, the sumo wrestling area, and the video does not mention that area at all, likely because it's a little bit out of the Yamanote Line, which the video is using as a guideline for traveling around Tokyo and connecting neighborhoods. Also not mentioned are two trendy neighborhoods: Shimokitazawa and Nakameguro. These too are not along the Yamanote line. Surprisingly, UENO is not in the top five, although that is along the Yamanote Line. Ghibli is a pain to get tickets to, so I'm glad it was not mentioned.
Jorge Ricardo Delou (1 year ago)
Amazing! You practically set my trip to Tokyo in August altogether.
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Glad to hear it was helpful. Have a good trip!
RandyLahey (1 year ago)
A great attraction is the Tokyo National Museum, definitely worth visiting. If I remember correctly it's located in Ueno park.
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
A good pick! Great recommendation.
Maxim Geeroms (1 year ago)
I am a little bit disappointed to not see the Tsukiji Fish Market in the list even though you mention nigiri sushi. For me it is the number 1 attraction Tokyo has to offer, with an unbelievable activity per square meter. Knowing that it will move to Toyosu sooner or later (larger, more hygienic, more organised but likely also a lot less charming), I recommend everyone who's coming to Tokyo to go to the inner market in the morning, before having sushi lunch in one of the many sushi restaurants, which doesn't have to be expensive (please stay away from chain stores). Regarding the observation decks, the World Trade Center close to Hamamatsuchou station and Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden offers a far better view than the Metropolitan Government Building. It is a 360° view, and there are no tourist shops, in contrast to the Government Building. You can even lounge in the sofas while watching the view. Height is approximately the same, they're both at the 40th/45th floor if I remember correctly. Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge,... are better visible from here. It is not free, but 620 yen is definitely worth it and still cheaper than Skytree (which has the best view without a doubt, even though you don't see... Skytree), Tokyo Tower,... Another recommended observation deck is the Bunkyo Civic Center (26th floor, free, 270°) which offers a great view towards the west and the sunset behind Shinjuku and Mount Fuji especially during clear winter months. That being said, nice informative video, I also liked the one on Hakone.
Pixel Peach (7 months ago)
Maxim Geeroms they probably didn’t because the market is closing this year supposedly and it wouldn’t help for future viewers going to japan for the 1st time
projectmayhem94 (1 year ago)
Where in tokyo do you capture that timelapse at the end? I assume it's off a building.
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
projectmayhem94 sadly, tripods are not allowed on the roof.
projectmayhem94 (1 year ago)
thanks, can anyone bring a tripod and film off it?
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Correct! It's from the very top of Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. Here's more info on observation decks around Tokyo: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3057.html and here's some info about Roppongi HIlls specifically that you might find useful: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3031_hills.html
Beatriz De Jesus (1 year ago)
Heading for Japan next week. Thanks for the insight to make the most of the time there. Taking my daughter there for her 21 st. birthday.
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Great idea! Have a good trip and happy birthday to your daughter.
Melbin (1 year ago)
Appreciate the video! hopefully i'll be down in Tokyo later this year :)
Shiro Fong (1 year ago)
Thank you, that was informative.
Luis Funes (1 year ago)
Thank you guys, I was able to plan and enjoy my two vacations in the past two years. Hopefully I'll be back this year again.
Shawn N (1 year ago)
Really informative video! Looking forward to more videos to come. Planning a trip to Japan soon and the website along with the videos have been invaluable.
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Thanks Shawn, hope you have a great trip!
Bellasie (1 year ago)
I just watched all the videos, what a great idea! I can't wait for the ones to come! <3
Keith Foo (1 year ago)
I love Japan! Thanks for an awesome website as well. It's my go to source when planning my trips there :)
Thileephan Sinnarasa (1 year ago)
Japan is such a beautiful country. One of my most memorable trips. Awesome video!
GooseNo123 (1 year ago)
Great video. Your website is already an awesome tool to use when planning a holiday in Japan. These videos will only help more.
Japanese Journey (1 year ago)
Very enjoyable content, I'm looking forward for more! A small heads up: The link in the description is not clickable. You can change that by adding "http://".
japan-guide.com (1 year ago)
Thanks for the heads up! Just changed it.

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