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BW Adventures in Unova: Pignite's Fighting Spirit | Pokémon | Cartoon Network

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Pignite refuses to give up in Ash's quarterfinal round. Watch more Pokémon on Cartoon Network! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq About Pokémon: The show follows the quest of the main character, Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon Master in training, as he and a small group of friends travel around the fictitious world of Pokémon along with their Pokémon partners. Connect with Pokémon Online: Visit Pokémon WEBSITE http://bit.ly/11tsPCy Like Pokémon on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZyndtB Follow Pokémon on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/13n0G31 About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Incredible Crew, NINJAGO, Legends of Chima and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Follow Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf BW Adventures in Unova: Pignite's Fighting Spirit | Pokémon | Cartoon Network http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (37)
jay Yoshi (15 days ago)
Why ash just evolve ur pignite into emboar geez man and ur snivy evolve it too even oshwaott
Beric Davis (1 month ago)
Hydregion’s lowsest level possible is level 64 so the first time I watched this I was surprised why Pignite didn’t evolve
Fikan19 (2 months ago)
pignite should've evolved in this battle and be the last one standing
ajchatsundei (2 months ago)
How did pignite learn flamethrower!? it's not an emboar so?
Garydenzel Ramoran (2 months ago)
ajchatsundei they can do that to you now cause his a fire type duh
Vaishnavi Vaishu (3 months ago)
ilike pignite somuch
Brenton Taylor (4 months ago)
1 like = 1 prayer to Hydreigon
jeffree sun (5 months ago)
cameron is living to his reputation as a *pushover*
Shelly Alcantara (6 months ago)
Yay pignite
Team Galactic Grunt (8 months ago)
Hydreigon has told me two different stories: Being a total pushover(BW Anime) Being the ultimate troll (BW games)
Rodrick Young (5 months ago)
Team Galactic Grunt so true
Bird of the End (8 months ago)
Let's remember that Hydreigon destroyed most of Ash's team in this battle.
Gracie Gonzales (2 months ago)
Well, none of the pokemon that was defeated by Lucario would've lost if Unfezant actually landed a hit on Riolu. Blame it on her.
Un Known (2 months ago)
DeJuan Edwards No, it only beat two of Ash's team; Boldore and Oshawatt. Riolu/Lucario defeated most of Ash's team; Unfezant, Snivy, and Pikachu.
Simon Miller (4 months ago)
J.J. Veliz I love Hydreigon he’s the best
Bird of the End (8 months ago)
J.J. Veliz (8 months ago)
DeJuan Edwards It is a pseudo legendary after all
Ducktective Duck JR (8 months ago)
This Scene is Where Pignite Should've Evolved Stupid Writers.
Rodrick Young (5 months ago)
Ollio Michaels he should've been emboar ...But I blame the writers too since they scrapped levels back in the first season
gio pro pro (8 months ago)
Ken Rabs (9 months ago)
Jabez Cana (9 months ago)
I hate pignite
Alsn Kazaz (13 days ago)
and i hate you
Colin Oesterle (2 months ago)
Jabez Cana I like tepig I like pignite but I hate embor
King Peanut (8 months ago)
Jabez Cana I love pignite/emboar
Yassin Hassan (10 months ago)
Should've had Surf
American guy (1 year ago)
If Virgil and team eevee are really afraid of fighting hydreigon then he should use that ice type pokemon to beat it
American guy (2 months ago)
Man I haven’t seen new clips of Pokémon since XYZ ended
Gracie Gonzales (2 months ago)
Just be faster before your opponent uses double team. Works on my game.
American guy (2 months ago)
And I recommend trainers to teach most of their Pokémon to use the move double team in order to take on powerful opponents like this one
Gracie Gonzales (3 months ago)
The show doesn't show it, but Virgil probably used Glaceon.
American guy (3 months ago)
Let me guess Virgil used glaceon against hydreigon?
yo_yo_buger (3 years ago)
Guys my favorite in pignite because he looks cool than emboar that why I have a level 100 pignite lol xD
Drago (13 days ago)
yo_yo_buger In My Opinion, IN MY OPINION Pignite is TRASH!!!!
Félix N. Burgos (3 months ago)
yo_yo_buger ecks dee

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