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Shibuya, Tokyo Street Fashion Shop Tour

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This week's State of Japan features one of my spots for shopping, the city of Shibuya. Famous for "The Scramble", Shibuya boasts some of the best spots for fashion in Tokyo and arguably the world. Sorry for the delay, but an official State of Japan will be available soon! Check out the tour and let me know in the comments where you would like me to go next! Don't forget to subscribe for updates on Japanese Street Culture, style tips, The MRKT pick-ups, brand reviews, The Casual Business, contests, and much more+ Keep the convo going in the comments and on my website and SNS networks below. http://www.TheCasual.co http://instagram.com/ReggieCasual http://twitter.com/ReggieCasual http://www.periscope.tv/reggiecasual
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Text Comments (122)
Angel A. Acevedo (1 month ago)
Thanks for this Reggie. Making a list for our trip in October. Any non-negotiable places you suggest in TOKYO or OSAKA that we MUST 100% visit??
MVD (2 months ago)
Hey dude,where can u find thr rarest vans collection in japa???
Ken Car-Michael (3 months ago)
U shouldve filmed inside the stores guy.
H2R (4 months ago)
Samurai champloo ost
Im in love with your channel and videos I love Japanese streetwear fashion I can't wait to go there next month!!!!
Clorox Bleach (6 months ago)
Black man walking the streets of japan👌🏾
Samudra Puma (6 months ago)
you know you a Samurai Champloo fan when you're singin along to the song
LOADEDUP TV (6 months ago)
LOADEDUP TV is basically about FASHION. Please visit my channel and subscribe. 1 like this comment:9 views 3 like this comment :30 views 10 like this comment :307 views
Mostafa Hussien (7 months ago)
I also wrote that...https://allelez.com/hikarie-roof-top/
Estera Kowalczyk (7 months ago)
Trisha Alice (8 months ago)
Show us some thrift stores there in Japan 😍
jonas kongsro (8 months ago)
again with the fire backpack, need to get me one of those
Master Ding dong (9 months ago)
Watch your ass..keisatsu is watching you.. Take it from the former ruller. Dazeeeee. Lmfao.
Yo ur video is lit and I think that this guy is going to go far in the you tube game check him out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHGXLCy48ZoFBU5KaeNkWQ
How To Make Sushi (11 months ago)
shame you didnt film inside...
Tri Poloski (7 months ago)
Most if not all shops wouldn’t allow to film inside of the shop
Hii, I'm Fatema I just discovered your channel by Shannon's. Love it
jose villalobos (11 months ago)
Hey bro whats ur ig
joeplasma beats (11 months ago)
things i love about this channel? THE MUSIC (Nujabes), JAPAN, AND THE CONTENT!
Lee Yi (11 months ago)
Love Marui!
Fat boy gone Slim (1 year ago)
Best channel on yt
Edward Paik (1 year ago)
ID on the shoulder/body bag? Thank you!
ドモmikizuki (1 year ago)
your style are so Dope... Hypebeasts are lame tbh HAHAHA
Eddie Suarez (1 year ago)
Props for rockin that LA
LaLaTangerine (1 year ago)
Adrian Jones (1 year ago)
midi kronica : intro music right???
Oman Tanzzy (1 year ago)
Check out my chanel for japan's hidden places of tokyo!
Vikram Singh (1 year ago)
Lol you didn't so any of the stores from inside
ymlxl (1 year ago)
dope video!
Tionanima (1 year ago)
How did you get that mixed framerate look through out the video ? ( @ 7:59, the camera movement is smooth but the head turning is at a lower frame rate for example)
Tionanima (11 months ago)
appreciate it.
Beyond The Kicks (1 year ago)
Tionanima i think its the camera stabilisation
Beyond The Kicks (1 year ago)
Tionanima you convert it in premiere or your editing software
Leo (1 year ago)
Just went to shibuya today, thanks to this video I knew where I was going lol
Josh B39 (1 year ago)
On this video you was watchinh everywhere all the time while you was speaking XD I was like, is he nervous or something?
ABD/AZIZ (1 year ago)
Dude you're a cool host! Looking forward to more videos. But its a little too bright haha but still dope!
Eesa Fredericks (1 year ago)
onitsuka tiger quality is insane
J. T. (1 year ago)
Yup. I walked past the store today and couldn't help but cop some amazing kicks there. Just, wow
joni29 (1 year ago)
BBB (1 year ago)
unknown (1 year ago)
What's the song ?
Isy H (1 year ago)
Hi Izuru Style from Force of Nature
Rachel McCall (1 year ago)
What kind of camera did you use for this video?
TheManOnTheMoon78 (1 year ago)
Song: Hi Izuru Style by Force of Nature
Vanessa ButtuhFly (1 year ago)
SNEAKER STORE!!!???? Do they sell a size 16 US???? My son lives in Sendai!!!!
karl tecson (1 year ago)
bg music title pls
MRGMAN234 (1 year ago)
Did you just say that you did an interview with Supreme? Is there any possibility to that, I would love to, I am currently doing a project where I want to Interview big fashionable brand stores around Shibuya. I live in Kawagoe at the moment, doing my exchange studies at TIU staying here untill August
[email protected] (1 year ago)
Reggie! real question, when are you going to open up your registration on your website? I'm an avid fan of the youtube and I would like to support by being apart of your community on thecasual. I will be visiting in October also, so please don't be a stranger! Patrick C. Ps. I just tried to register, and I believe it's closed :(
THE CASUAL (1 year ago)
[email protected] we'll be sending more invites in May. We'll keep you posted on YouTube
Ekanta Nagi (1 year ago)
Hiji Zuru Style <3
THE CASUAL (1 year ago)
Ekanta Nagi correct!
Ian Beckett (1 year ago)
What brand is the top you're wearing? I'm looking for a similar style since I live in Seattle. Thanks!
duno (1 year ago)
one of the best channels I've ever layed my hype-y and broke ass on, keep up the great work fam, will continue fucking with your lit channel, arigato. (I think?)
Eric Ramos (1 year ago)
Oss Reggie! I'm considering the Street Style Tour hosted on ABnB when I get back in from Sapporo in a few weeks... Hope to catch y'all in Tokyo soon.
Blashtifin (1 year ago)
Does enjoying Japanese streetwear and wanting to live there make me a weaboo?
THE CASUAL (1 year ago)
Blashtifin no
cmtxl (1 year ago)
Hello! How do i go to harajuku for clothing shopping from the train? I have never been to Japan and i'll be heading there the first time next week!
WebVMan (1 year ago)
I've been to a store or two that BLOWZ..... chunks.
WebVMan (1 year ago)
I don't know why, but I just don't like watching videos in 60 FPS. They just look strange to me.
Giorgi lazarevic (1 year ago)
info on backpack?
Frederic Ko (1 year ago)
shibuya is a city???? woawwwh
Star Nine (1 year ago)
Japan was a great trip
Dylan S (1 year ago)
You the real one Reggie. You are the reason why I started taking up Japanese. I just wonder what you do for a living that gives you the opportunity to live in Japan?
Mark Santos (1 year ago)
How much longer will that parcel be open? I'm in Tokyo next week!
Mark Santos (1 year ago)
Sieren Tokiio (1 year ago)
i want to see freaks....he passed the store
the27undertaker (1 year ago)
Awesome video! I can't believe you only have 5k subs
Cas Ket (1 year ago)
Turbo (1 year ago)
so you do a store guide and you cant go inside? more like guide of the store fronts. you fucking idiot
THE CASUAL (1 year ago)
Lol. Why are you so mad? Most stores won't let you go inside with a camera in Japan. Also we like to keep it respectful so we can develop relationships with these vendors... I mean you can be angry but it won't get you far. But thanks for the input! We'll do better next time!
Brendon (1 year ago)
In Tokyo right now I was wondering if u would be willing to meet up and show me around? Just thought I'd ask!!! Thx!!!!
masaki private* tage (1 year ago)
Nice video! It reminds me of my Tokyo memories 🇯🇵
superbolt bolt (1 year ago)
How do you go to rinkan from ragtag?
WebVMan (1 year ago)
Sounds like you're describing improving your fashion sense. LOL
superbolt bolt (1 year ago)
+THE CASUAL thankyou so much
THE CASUAL (1 year ago)
Keep going toward Supreme then turn the corner. Keep going straight and you can't miss it. It's right in front of you. This is assuming you are in the Shibuya location and not Harajuku.
J.P-P .K (1 year ago)
Im going in January, really dope video! I will definitely check out rinkan ☺️
Nehemiah Tang (1 year ago)
Dude, where do u get that single strap backpack?
The Clueless Canadian (1 year ago)
Awesome video! I'm heading to Shibuya this weekend and now I am PUMPED. Will try to vlog inside the stores haha, wish me luck
Allen Delapena (1 year ago)
awesome vid man im always in tokyo but ive never been to shibuya since i thought they pretty much have everything in harajuku. but yeah now ill definitely go to shibuya next time i go to japan.
HXN HXN (1 year ago)
Yoo What messenger bag is that you're wearing? love it bro!
Jorge Jaime (1 year ago)
Jorge Jaime (1 year ago)
ben checks (2 years ago)
do you live in japan
wmcroy3306 (1 year ago)
theren odai Yes
Airynn Alysha (2 years ago)
Osaka please!
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
I would if Osaka was around the corner... Its about 6 hours away by Bullet Train
Sir Stewart (2 years ago)
This video has me pumped about my trip to Shibuya. Can't wait to check out some of these stores and really get the full shopping experience.
Ashish KC (2 years ago)
bro thank you so much for this video. I am going to Japan in 2 weeks and am having trouble planning my trip. So much to do so much to see and only 10 days to do it! Could use any tips and advice that you got
Gaelan Andrade (2 years ago)
what brand and type of hoodie were you wearing? very minimal and dope 👌🏾
Gaelan Andrade (2 years ago)
+Burhan Adler thnx
Burhan Adler (2 years ago)
Born Rich Empire (2 years ago)
I know your fixing things but I wait on Mondays and Wednesday's for your videos and sometimes get nothing hope you drop extra videos for the missed days
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
Getting some together now. Extra videos of course
Joshua Teo (2 years ago)
Song name?
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
hiji zuru style
Goku Son (2 years ago)
Great video thank you! I this was gonna have the contest winner?
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
Video coming out soon. Doing some spring cleaning on the video front. Shorter, better, and more reviews and vlogs.
JFANderful (2 years ago)
you make some of the dopest videos. keep it up please
TheJesusCrysist (2 years ago)
Just sat down to eat dinner after a long day and saw you uploaded a video, sooo stoked. Appreciate all the content!!
holgaholic (2 years ago)
Great vid!
SilenceArtist (2 years ago)
He doesn't work alone!
Latasha Welch (2 years ago)
Ragtag is awesome thift second hand store she Been their too
Latasha Welch (2 years ago)
I'm watching this video with my mom and she is sadden the pacon is closing she got our jackets from there when she visited while in the army
Dirty Mota (2 years ago)
when did the sales started?
Ron Devilindoor (2 years ago)
Damn gotta say this love your videos ! Next Stop harajuku ? hahaha 🙌
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
You know it+
Mundanemichael (2 years ago)
Finally!!! a video showcasing the stores in Shibuya. Been waiting for a video like this.
Eli4Music (2 years ago)
Viliami Koloamatangi (2 years ago)
Enjoyed the video. Wish you went in them though lol. Keep the good work. ✌🏾️🇹🇴🇺🇸
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
Yeah me too. They wouldn't let me.
THE CASUAL (2 years ago)
An official State of Japan will be uploaded soon and I'll be announcing the winner of this weeks contest! Keep it Casual+
Tri Poloski (7 months ago)
Hey Reggie! Would love to see a shopping tour at the almost “tourist-free” heaven of Shimokitazawa!
Ryu (1 year ago)
Lil Asian Vert I've been to both of em. They're basically the same thing lol, it's just the harajuku one is 2 stories and the shibuya one is 1 story
Youki Kato (1 year ago)
Which is the better Bape store? Harajuku or Shibuya?

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