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EGYPT - Hurghada- Red Sea Diving - 2017 - GoPro

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RealMarv (1 year ago)
Very nice video 😋..keep it going ..I also uploaded a video about Egypt would be nice if you could watch it 😊
Mickey01502 (1 year ago)
hice movie, is this with colour filter? for red or green water?
Mirguat's Productions (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching. There's no filter on the GoPro. The red filter made the image too red
Doddy Juniar Pribadi (1 year ago)
happy diving in Egypt, so have fun
Loci (1 year ago)
Jonathan, i'm literally blown away! Always blessed to see videos that has work behind them! Earned a sub from me ;) (a fellow "filmmaker")
Marco Prenner (1 year ago)
Reale cool Movie 👌i give you a Abo,Look also my Channel with GoPro Videos

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