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Steel Panther - Gloryhole with lyrics

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Album: All You Can Eat 2014 All You Can Eat is the fourth studio album by the metal band Steel Panther, released on April 1, 2014 on the band's own Open E Music label via Kobalt Label Services. The album was officially announced September 2013. The first single from the album is "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World". The second single, "The Burden of Being Wonderful", was released January 21, 2014. The third single, "Gloryhole", was released in April 2014 on Steel Panther's VEVO channel. On March 26, 2014 the album was leaked online and available for downloading on various websites, most likely after being streamed by the German tabloid Bild. The online stream was approved by Steel Panther. Michael Starr - lead vocals, backing vocals Satchel - lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, backing vocals Lexxi Foxxx - bass guitar, backing vocals Stix Zadinia - drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals
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Text Comments (111)
Epic song!!!!
LP D'A (4 months ago)
Beautiful lyrics
valeira100 (5 months ago)
Lexxi !!!
E Hill (6 months ago)
I don't think I *want* to know the lyrics
Shane McCoy (7 months ago)
ABSOLUTE degeneracy.
sukanya dutta (7 months ago)
One of the BEST glam metal!!!!
gluesniffer2 (8 months ago)
Support your local glory holes today :)
FilhoDoMidoriya (1 year ago)
Winx e melhor kemy
ROCK AND ROLL (1 year ago)
the lyrics are so.......awesome.....
Luke 2C76 (1 year ago)
This band is genius
Skyler Knuckles (1 year ago)
Skyler Knuckles (1 year ago)
i sang this in class once
Jensen Roark (1 month ago)
Skyler Knuckles I sung it In my church quior
Annette Melnychuk (8 months ago)
Skyler Knuckles No Way
Brandon2940 (1 year ago)
Skyler Knuckles What happened?
DUSTERDUDE238 (1 year ago)
HA HA HA HA, Kewl! ;)
DUSTERDUDE238 (1 year ago)
somehow I can picture Steven Tyler singing this HA HA HA.
John Walters (2 years ago)
guys would be a lot happier if they lived by this rule
camille pelisson (2 years ago)
nice lyrics x)
Felipe Sousa (2 years ago)
camille pelisson 😁 ofensivo
Fanni Gyori (2 years ago)
teljesen meg vagyok lepve, hogy magyar ember töltötte fel ezt... :D
Annette Melnychuk (2 years ago)
dream about virgin tits
Brandon2940 (1 year ago)
Gonne blow my load at the Gloyhole....
Anton Lundstedt (1 year ago)
... while the beast greases up my pole
Metalweirdomemeboi2000 (2 years ago)
I just started to listen to these guys and they are awesome.
Annette Melnychuk (2 years ago)
Ben Nicol So did I
GAEL BEASTBOY (2 years ago)
it's sounds good funny but the vids they make its way 2 stupid they need 2 chill my opinion but good job man
David Savage (2 years ago)
IF I could ape Steel Panthers and get away with it I would. COMPLETELY ORIGINAL SHIT!!! The looks of Hair Metal, the lyrics of Rucka Rucka ali style (cheesy, explicit, hilarious yet offensive), and kickass guitar riffs.
Beth Whitman (2 years ago)
I have steel panther songs on my mp3
Beth Whitman (2 years ago)
human male (3 years ago)
hail satan
Barnabás Tóth (3 years ago)
Jó látni hogy más magyar is szereti a Steel Panthert :D
Fanni Gyori (2 years ago)
erősen egyetértek :D
peter fabian (2 years ago)
+Barnabás Tóth ohh igen :D
Angel Noose (3 years ago)
This reminds me of a RedTube video I saw one time.
Sammy Park (5 months ago)
Dude i remember one time it sent me to a pornsite just to listen to this
The One (2 years ago)
+Angel Noose with Tommy Lee or Attila the Hun
PriestOfFilm (3 years ago)
+Angel Noose yeah ... 'one' time :P
Inez Van Der Steen (3 years ago)
Does anyone know a band that sounds similar, but has better lyrics (lyrics such as early Fall Out Boy, early P!atd, Green Day etc.)?
Unskilled Slash (8 months ago)
you clearly don't get the joke. they're crude on purpose
5dirtyCubans (3 years ago)
+Inez Van Der Steen the bands they are similar to in sound basically all send the same message as SP
Aaron Barnes (3 years ago)
I like hip hop amd drum.and bass but these guys are legends 😅
jamiehayman (3 years ago)
This is banging, what a tune!
DerpManXbox (3 years ago)
This is lyrical genius you losers
zarkaun96 (4 years ago)
Gotta love the people with shot for brains who take this shit seriously. It's fucking Steel Panther. Take the tampon out and relax!
i have no skin (1 year ago)
shot for brains
Kain Nosgoth (4 years ago)
Oh man, these guys have really done it with THIS one.  I don't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. I like metal as well as most everyone else, and the music is good, but this is way below intelligent standards, even if it's just a fun song. Toilet humor is so outdated today...
Kain Nosgoth (3 years ago)
+john doe I do get it, it's a resurgence of 80's attitude and the party metal scene and all that, I get it.  I'm just not into bubble gum metal bands whose only subject matter is about where they blow their load or who they're or checking out the chick in the other car on the LA freeway while they're doing 95 in a 6o mph zone.  It's been done to death, man.
john doe (3 years ago)
+Kain Nosgoth   ...I find it humorous that you just don't "get it".
5dirtyCubans (3 years ago)
And people who grew up on it named it glam. Who cares what the slang for it is? I am just a bit hurt by that last comment though, i did grow up on a lot of 80's rock and metal. My first live show was the B-52's. I du appreciate the nu scene but i am a music junkie by nature and i like it if it sounds good. You do need to pull the tampon out mate i've been fucking with you since the start i truly don't care what it's called. "a rose by any other name" an such.
Antipodean33 (3 years ago)
+5dirtyCubans You children need to realize this shit was going on well before you were even in your dads bag. I care zero what your generation calls it, our generation fucking invented it and we named it. Now go listen to some "New Metal" or some such crud
5dirtyCubans (3 years ago)
My dad is from the 60's. Dictionaries and people using labels to define things is also before electricity was a thing what's your point? I know you're just  little butthurt you're wrong it's ok we all make mistakes
TheAaronFreeze (4 years ago)
These dudes are so frickin rad
Shane McCoy (7 months ago)
+david defusco count me in.
david defusco (3 years ago)
if I ever hit the lottery big,gonna have huge party with an entire escort agency and STEEL PANTHER live at my house.
Whickham (4 years ago)
chumon1992 (4 years ago)
These guys are hot as fuck. <3 Pure sex
GFX-gaming (4 years ago)
i saw this at download it was amazing they are so freaking funny
simplethunder (4 years ago)
Fuckin steel panther
jake enns (4 years ago)
2009 hair metal.... Feel ashamed
M.A.B (2 years ago)
+Makisma Boeva nope.. how can you say they are a parody band? have listened to their songs??
Makisma Boeva (4 years ago)
You do know that they are parody of the hair and glam metal ,right? Watch their "Death to all but metal" video. Its complete parody of music videos of Twisted Sister.
Breakdown Concert (4 years ago)
The best lyrics ever create* irony. The song is good but the lyrics are very strange O_o
FrozenLavaDragonProd (2 years ago)
+Makisma Boeva What's the name of the punk band?
_Dewey (3 years ago)
jackie davidson (4 years ago)
+foot Kong ninja sex party did a video with steel panther! lol that's how i found steel panther
foot Kong (4 years ago)
+theSlipknotKiller3 Check out ninjasexparty. Its a bit more laid back but still funny.
Breakdown Concert (4 years ago)
The lyrics don't disturb me but I find just them strange. What is the name of the similar band ? cuz I would like to discover another band :)
Bruce Key (4 years ago)
Those dudes (I think there dudes) look like they are the ones doing the sucking and swallowing at the glory holes!! Cut your hair, take off the make-up and start acting like men!! And stop writing teeny-bopper metal, it fuckin sucks!!
Metalweirdomemeboi2000 (2 years ago)
Why are you watching this then if you don't like it
sir Grbac (4 years ago)
+GrayWoIf That guy has a point, Guns N' Roses did change the style, they were something "new" everyone else had somewhat costumes, but they had an empty wallet, they dressed up with what they had, heck, speaking of Axl, he sometimes was running around with only his underwear.
GrayWoIf (4 years ago)
+TheTrainStation  not really go watch the video for Welcome to the Jungle and tell me that Axl wasn't going for the whole Glam look
Chelonia Mydas (4 years ago)
Look up the word 'parody' You miss the point
Mike Pierro (4 years ago)
Lighten up Brucey...it's fun music not meant to be taken seriously...just have fun with it!
Eccleswaslegendary (4 years ago)
:D Love Steel Panther, I guess I'll be buying this Album too now :) Thanks for the Upload
Attila Gyömbér (4 years ago)
You're welcome! :D
Curly Gamer (4 years ago)

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