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What Kind of FASHION is Popular in Japan Right Now?

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♡ DOWNLOAD LOVE NIKKI HERE: iOS http://neva.ly/LoveNikki_SharlainJapaniOS Android http://neva.ly/LoveNikki_SharlainJapanAndroid ♡ TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: 1. Download Love Nikki on your phone 2. Leave a comment with your Love Nikki username & tell me how you would describe your own fashion style! ★ I will choose 30 winners 2 days from when I post this video and message you through YouTube (leave your email, insta or twitter in the comment if you would prefer me to message you there!) GOOD LUCK! Thank you to Love Nikki for working together with me on this video & supporting my channel ♡
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Text Comments (1490)
LauraP (1 month ago)
7:30 answer: In at least one year we will have that fashion. 😂 Hi from the third world!
LauraP (1 month ago)
Out of topic, the day you post this video is my birthday. 😊
シMinacchiii (1 month ago)
ugh potatoes (1 month ago)
Honestly just want to go to Japan to go shopping 🤣🤣
ai i (2 months ago)
This was really helpful and fun to watch 💖✨👍 tysvm 😁
Meme Queme (2 months ago)
Do you know know where I could find one of those sweaters with the fur sleeves?? I've been googling them for 20 minutes and I can't find a thing :(
Holly D L (2 months ago)
oh my gosh love nikki that is my favourite app!!
Jessica Golden (3 months ago)
are skirts in style?
paola pineda (3 months ago)
Jessica Golden duh
pbj sandwiches (3 months ago)
I've had that game but it's so hard I couldn't pass one level where u go to the ninjas castle and I was on the last fairy n I couldn't get it so I deleted the game. If u download this game u have to be SUPER Committed and Don't rush to beat all the levels in the end u have to collect a suit and some u cant buy and have to go to a mystery gift the NEVERRR give u what u need
Pita chan (3 months ago)
Jokes on you I'm already addicted to ln I'm v6 level 60? I think lol
taehyung's taesook (4 months ago)
Wareesha Khan (4 months ago)
I have that game it is Pretty good
Sophia Mathes (5 months ago)
I'm already addicted to that game lol
Rift Wrath (5 months ago)
I love the basic style in Japan it's extra without being extra
Desiree 9 (5 months ago)
Omg I'm so addicted to the game been playing for 250 days only missed two day and I cried when I do😭😭😭
Melanie Procter (6 months ago)
I would be ok leg size for the trousers as I'm only 5ft 3in, 29in legs lol, I liked the jumper with ears 😀😀💖
AT Ish here (6 months ago)
I have this game >//~//<
Roxane W. (7 months ago)
Roxane weber
Ines p. (7 months ago)
Love this game so much
Kris Duran (7 months ago)
I love that game.
sarilove123 (7 months ago)
The graphics in this game are beautiful! My love nikki username is Saranki and my style is pretty eclectic, I love fashion and dress how I feel any particular day. But if I had to label it I would describe my style as girly boho chic. I love feminine maxi dresses, bell sleeves, bangles, and off the shoulder tops!
Jani - Chan (7 months ago)
Yuno lv 38 Style: Fairy kei 🍡🌸
이재인 (7 months ago)
noooooo, you mentioned love nikki and my face dropped im currently playing this. had to comment even though it was back in January
hepsabaptron00 (7 months ago)
That isn't fake fur. It is fake shearling. Maybe do a bit of research first. Title sounded good but the content has been boring or just wrong.
hepsabaptron00 (7 months ago)
Nearly four minutes was an advert. Too much
pandaloves17 (7 months ago)
I'm behind a month but ahhh I play love Nikki!! It's so addictive
SailorHoneybee (7 months ago)
You mentioned the pant legs being too short, are there not seamstresses that could lengthen them or is it not cost effective?
Yume Suzuki (7 months ago)
This is a message from Rina Suzuki: I don't know if it too late but anyway. Username - Nikki Suzuki Style - casual, I like to wear something comfortable, but still look cute!
juliaa (7 months ago)
Yess! Wide pants are in my country right now, the sports fashion are also a thing here
IamBiancaX (8 months ago)
I'm so obsessed with this game!! My nickname is BiancaCx and my style is usually a bit sporty but can also be feminine. Love this video as always<3
Angelina Wang (8 months ago)
Love Nikki is a really fun game and i am already beginning to get addicted to it. I have only had it for a single day and this is day two XD.
petitecherie (8 months ago)
Catching up on your channel! I had my clinical psychology exams but now I have a week off to enjoy myself :) Good luck with your move! Big Hugs from Ottawa, ON!
shiro ana (8 months ago)
nickname is shiro ana and my instagram is shiroana the game looks quite cute ^^
bearandbutter (8 months ago)
Username: Lynn Style: black white and denim
Mia Santos (8 months ago)
The game/app is not available in my country. :(
ANGEL D.G. (8 months ago)
Angel DG relaxed lol
Ashner Shatov (8 months ago)
Absolutely loving this mobile game!! My Love Nikki username is Amber Aurumo ID:100427477 :) I'd say my everyday fashion style is cool but comfortable...also black aesthetic :DDD Twitter: @AnonTendency
cour coeur (8 months ago)
I feel like ive been rocking the soft goth look for several years...i just love chromatic colors.
BunnyFett (8 months ago)
Any more left to give away?
rikavanderhofstad (8 months ago)
sweet~ like apple pie! one of my fav songs :>
Rachelmaxie (8 months ago)
Hey Sharla, what’s your ID for Love Nikki? I would love to follow your progress :) Any other subscribers are welcome too, I would love to make new friend :D My ID is: 105998405
jade2dragon (8 months ago)
Rachelmaxie my ID is 106187171 I’m happy to make friends too
Francesca Coppedè (8 months ago)
Those wide pants are super popular here in Italy as well (they're supposed to be short tho), such as all those fluffy jackets, ruffles everywhere and pastel colours *u* Love you 💕
Nina Brixen (8 months ago)
Harriet Shearsmith (8 months ago)
I seriously need to up my fashion game!
BunnyFett (8 months ago)
Natalie Penna (8 months ago)
This is going to sound weird and unbelievable, but I took creative textiles in school and I made a sweater with fake fur on it and my teacher told me that it was really bad and no one would buy it. I was just ahead of my time by like 16 years!
Jennifer Kekich (8 months ago)
My love nikki nickname is Jenn. My style is super casual, I wear a lot of leggings and long tops to cover my butt. When I wear jeans I usually wear a 3/4 sleeves raglan shirt or just a band t-shirt.
lalalena (8 months ago)
My country has been always wearing the same clothes for 10 years (Germany) it's hard to find some really nice clothes. I wish we had stores like the ones in Harajuku. 🙆🏻🌸🙍
Abby Bell (8 months ago)
My user name is Elenora. I would describe my style is casual and kind of biker-like.
My Simplistic Pleasures (8 months ago)
I actually downloaded Love Nikki. It looks interesting!~ My username is: Rynoko My style changes around a lot, mostly because of seasons, but I love to be comfortable. I like cute stuff, but I wear black too... Black is easy to pair with other stuff. I like loose, flowy feminine clothing. Accents are great... lace and what not. Other days, I wear jeans and a t-shirt. Since it's winter, I wear lots of accessories: hats, jackets and scarves. Mainly, right now: layers, comfort and warmth is what I've been going for.
NaJHaikezeh (8 months ago)
Those plaid dresses ❤️❤️
Sarah Hlt (8 months ago)
i love j fashion <3
ByTGM (8 months ago)
Does anyone know the song at 7:08?
Geraldine şϻίţħ (8 months ago)
App not available in my country 😭
cynthia amezcua (8 months ago)
😭😭😭😭 I'm dying I LOVE Japan's trends rn. it fits in a lot with my semi-pastel vintage style. I own a few fluffy sweaters but California is so warm these days that I only wear them like a whole month out of the year :(
Cynthia C (8 months ago)
i want to know the song names playing in the stores...
chempanda (8 months ago)
Ive been on that app for a while now, but had to quit the app because i have school. It’s a dangerous game.
love anime (8 months ago)
I'm level 20 and this game is fantastic!! I love it❤❤
gothamcityoongi (8 months ago)
Mercedes Guerrero (8 months ago)
Awesome vlogg 💕💕 omgg i love this app had it almost year now🎉 lovee dress up my person have lil Style of punk and kawaii clothes ✨💕 soo much funn can't stop playing 😍✨username is (sadieloves)
Natalie Gabriel (8 months ago)
So many cute outfits!!! I love dress-up games. It's been a while since I've seen one that lets you customize so much! Downloaded the game because I was so excited lol XD My Love Nikki name is Razz Stella I usually dress in a really casual, cutesy style. So, bows, flannels, jeans, a cute shirt with pandas and stuff like that X3 Also, I don't really check my notifications for YouTube... So, is it okay if  you message me on Instagram? (My Insta is @adorbzstellar)
Luna Iho (8 months ago)
Actually harajuku fashion is more for high schoolers lol
Kapitals :/ (8 months ago)
Hi sharla!! My username is Kaoki June, I’ve been playing this game for a few days ever since I watched your video to see if I even liked it to not waste the giveaway and I’ve become obsessed! I’m already on chapter two ❤️ My style is sort of a laid back street style, also I love the 80’s maud scene. Wish I had the confidence in myself when Im making outfits that I never wear haha. Please msg me on Instagram since I’ll probably see your msg a lot faster. Insta ; samhaufler
chikkachinijohannady (8 months ago)
How come you don't get scolded for filming in Harajuku? I once got scolded just for taking a photo of a shoe outside the store. Is it because they thought I was someone from China who would steal their designs?
Ruth_Emma (8 months ago)
My Love Nikki username is Ruth (instagram ruth__emma (two underscores)) and my daily style could be described as 'Casual Princess' but I love too many styles~~
Angelica Cabiles (8 months ago)
Alycia Snow (8 months ago)
BakeNeko and definitely definitely lilith Kingdom lolita style!
Alycia Snow (8 months ago)
Omg ive been playing since the original Vietnamese version...was so estatic when the English version came out...so lucky to be sponsored...so happy to see someone like you play this game!
Hi.. how r u? Hope everything doing great there.. currently I'm addicted to love Nikki ☺️ my username Priscilla & my every day fashion style is casual & feminine also comfortable...
Nanami Black (8 months ago)
I wish America will make pant legs SHORTER!! my gosh even if I find a waist size that’s my size it will end up long!
NaardaxD (8 months ago)
My style is like a cute cake with a little touch of glitter and beer 🤔😬😬😬😬💕💕 my ID: 104365717 ( sorry for my english)
Bian Wuhl (8 months ago)
I'm so obsessed with love Nikki!! My Username is Bian Wuhl! Please contact me via Instagram at @dolly.owo! My style depending on the day, but pastel goth and the more Japanese way of cute including black is a way to describe it!
kristinaBOMB (8 months ago)
Lmao I've been so busy playing Love Nikki since downloading it a week ago that I missed this video!!! I'm not even kidding. Haaaaa butts.
abibumbleB (8 months ago)
My username is Evangeline on LoveNikki! I find it funny because I also was playing LinePlay before and added you 😂 As far as everyday style I'm pretty laid-back and casual, but I also really like crop tops and skirts!
Hannah Hatake (8 months ago)
username: Saphira fashion style: simple & cute also i am absolutely addicted now!! I didn't know this even existed until you showed it in your vid.
Lizette Lok (8 months ago)
The game is not available in singapore :(
nerdpear (8 months ago)
Omg Sharla I wish I was in Japan rn the fashion looks super cute and comfy 😍 omg I hope I get the love Nikki code xD my username on Nikki is Diane Pear! And as for my style I do either cool or cute but also comfy as well :3 As for contact i'd prefer through Instagram @ nerdpear :D
Lunarmoon13 (8 months ago)
My username is Luna Nova and my everyday style is comfy large campus shirts with vs leggings
edo0girl (8 months ago)
Lia Cochran (8 months ago)
So basically the wardrobe from Clueless is in?
Nina Asfarina (8 months ago)
Yaaay I finally downloaded the app & I love the game!💕 My username is NinaAsfarina & my daily style is simple and casual.🙆💖
SuperfanGirl86 (8 months ago)
My name is Isaku and id like to be contacted by email but tagging me on here is the best choice. My style is emo punk grunge so more comfortable clothing and steel toed boots lol
Tiny FryingPan (8 months ago)
Omg I've been playing love Nikki for a while! It's so fun!💕 Username:Andrea My fashion style in the best way I can describe it is comfy but trendy. A lot of high waisted things, bright/nude colors, lots of deep necklines, but always paired with comfortable black slip ons or sneakers & a oversized hoodie. (Insta is tinyfryingpan)
Tigerlilycoconut (8 months ago)
I downloaded! Username: tigerlily My fashion style is very nerdy
Tigerlilycoconut (8 months ago)
Omg. Why did you have to show this app to us?? Now I’ll be addicted to another game
Arielle (8 months ago)
My love nikki username is Arielle and i would describe my style as pure and cute :)
whitney pete (8 months ago)
Ayseli Lorid.... I dressed her up as the main character in vampire diaries lol, and I usually change her style every week usually colored skin..
whitney pete (8 months ago)
I love that game what's your ID number????
Ruth Miser (8 months ago)
Ironic that when I finally got round to watching this I am playing the game! haha Another thing that is ironic is that I'm addicted to this game but fashion isn't really my thing as I think I have only ever person went out to buy clothes for myself is like 3 times! I normally left mom to buy my clothes! lol My Username is CrimsonRose I guess my main style is my blue sheep PJs haha (not panda like in the game) (I don't get out much since it's such a pain to plan and have to factor in my wheelchair etc... lol) Though in game I love the red Kimonos and that "Night of Shanghai" dress and I recently managed to get this dress in the Mystery House "Bling Leaves" & "Kapok" soo pretty! I also managed to get "Song of Lotus" dress from the Stylist Association section! Too bad since I am so short those long styled dresses would look good on me anyway! lol Always enjoy watching your videos! ^.^ ♥
taiga aisaka16 (8 months ago)
My love nikki name is "Taiga Aisaka" and my fashion style is elegant pure or kawaii/lolita casual !!!
SalmonSuzie (8 months ago)
Love Nikki rules so much. My username is just 'Suzie'... my favourite type of fashion style a mix of alternative/90's grunge! Baggy pants and all that! <3
Katerina (8 months ago)
Why did I take so long to download this game I'm low-key addicted 😂 I think I'm a little late to enter now but thanks for showing us the game!
Mladenka (8 months ago)
The game looks so neat! My nickname is Mladenka. :)
Nicole Swanson (8 months ago)
<3 I love watching you Sharla! Finally going to Japan this year for the first time and watching your videos gets me so excited! My nickname in Love Nikki is Honaka :D (Im not sure if thats the user name? I logged in with Facebook :P My fashion is casual and comfy! Very easy going <3 You are amazing! I can't wait to see your videos in Korea, I will also be going there this year for the first time!
EXO'S personal hoe (8 months ago)
Watching this made ma want to DIE oh god I want to travel to Japan so bad :(
MsZeldasaga (8 months ago)
Yes! I play Love Nikki and I love it.
Sammy Reyes (8 months ago)
My username is SammySparkle My fashion style changes but for the most part I like a casual girly look. I like simple pieces and like to use jewelry to makes nice accents for my outfits :)
Ribbolution Project (8 months ago)
In my store i have some pants long enough for you and that style ^_^ I'd be so happy to watch a video like this once in a while mean i can't go there every year!
voidcanvas (8 months ago)
I just registered. my id is voidcanvas. the game is so adorable ;;;; in real life I am mostly stuck to casual or chic casual clothing since I work in an office.... but in my free time I like more sport/ comfy wear. lately I am into oversized hoodies!
*☆Lovely*♡*Vee☆* (8 months ago)
I'm always looking for new games haha, this one is actually pretty interesting. My username on the game is Lovely Vee and I'd say my style is Boho/Artsy with the occasional punk rocker twist. I like boots, leather, studded clothing, heavy jewelry & piercings ^_^.

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