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Fake vs. original Samsung EVO 32Gb Micro SD Card

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Short comparsion of a fake and an original Samsung EVO 32Gb micro SD cards. Don't forget to watch in HD!
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Mario T. (4 months ago)
This video is highly misleading. CN just means that it was made for Chinese market. KR for Korean etc. If you test the card and its capacity is low or the read/write speed are much much slower than the declared value, then yes, you've got yourself a fake one. Otherwise, if you have CN card you just got a version for a Chinese market. Use it and enjoy. And no matter what letters you get, make regular backups. All cards die at some point.
Dip Narayan TV (4 months ago)
Can i see my card product made in taiwan real or fake?
Weareonenation303 (5 months ago)
That fake is obvious. Poor printing quality and different number font on the card.
killer boy (6 months ago)
dye will come off if u scratch it
killer boy (6 months ago)
pekingpup (8 months ago)
Ones that end in CN are not necessarily fake. I have bought some directly from the JD.com official store, and they were genuine.
Subhajit Basak (9 months ago)
Both is fake
zero disturbed (9 months ago)
Si dice al final del código en ves de kr dice eu ?
Badger Queen (9 months ago)
Oh my God! I had buy a fake one! I recently found a file which I try to remove but it can't. Its file name is UUUUU.UU. I think it was virus.
x xx (11 months ago)
Fcking chinese Micro SD Card
the Ivan (1 year ago)
Where you buy the fakr sd. Post the link
TaylorFan🐍🐍 (8 months ago)
It's original if it is came from Taiwan, Philippines and Korea... much better if it is in the Philippines.
M Saran (1 year ago)
How to solve the problems in fake SD card
thlenga pachuau (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/qb3Terxy8vY Watch this guys... Becareful
SuN AiD (1 year ago)
Which is best 32 GB.SanDisk,Toshiba, Samsung,Sony,Trancecent.Who is very best???. please comment for me😃
Spooky (1 year ago)
SanDisk, sorry for late comment
Shalev53 (1 year ago)
There are many fake items being sold on aliexpress. If they are not fake they are factory rejects that (I guess) those that work in the factory or their relatives/friends simply collect them (for free) and put them up for sale.
Kunal Kumar (1 year ago)
One of the best high speed Samsung memory card https://www.gearbest.com/memory-cards/pp_279099.html?vip=2841228 . Buy it
Văn Luận Nguyễn (1 year ago)
Oh. My card is a product Made in Philippines. I think it's real :)
Dharmendra Jadhav (1 year ago)
me too
Abhilash Empire (1 year ago)
What is the best 32gb memory card
Joe (1 year ago)
You need to get a Original China ( CN ) and Korean ( KR ) version to compare with these cos they are both from different countries.
sergeevspredator (1 year ago)
there's an app to test if it's fake or not, "SD insight"
Arun K (1 year ago)
Both the cards are fake ?
Péter Balázs (1 year ago)
No, the right one is original
Cal (2 years ago)
many thanks
Syed Ahbabullah (2 years ago)
thanks man
CHANDRA PRAKASH (2 years ago)
my had buy one fake memory card by mistake so can you make one video for do work fake memory card like original
Gabrielle Szilágyi (2 years ago)
Szia Péter! Sokat keresgetek ebben a témában, de senki nem tud nekem segíteni. Nekem van Samsung EVO SDHC 32 Gb - os kártyám, viszont a hátoldalán ez áll: " Made in Phillippines ". Sajnos koreait sehol nem tudok venni. Ez eredeti - e vagy csak a koreai a jó ?
SodaWolf1 (2 years ago)
My 128GB card is fake, thank you for making this video. I'm glad I didn't buy the card, or use it for anything as I could have lost all of my data.
Flávio Rocha Faria (2 years ago)
chrcoluk (2 years ago)
my sd card ends in EU not KR or CN I think it is really hard for people to spot if fake based on packaging alone, but I did test the card using that tool and is no errors, is a 128 gig evo+ card.
Welcome to UX (2 years ago)
very informative, awesome explained.
RP Fact (2 years ago)
thank for help it helped me
Raquel Hervias (2 years ago)
Man, thanks for the review! What a relief!! I just bought one from Lazada.
János Filler (2 years ago)
Jó videó, köszi az infókat!
Francisco F. (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Leo Lion (2 years ago)
buy from trusted app or website. we should all know by now that AliExpress and the likes thereof have been proven to have tons of fake and cheap products. don't waste your money and time
PussMag (2 years ago)
how to ID the fake one? avoid cheapness, it ain't cost $10 or $15, if it does, it's 95% fake.
Jeung Oh (2 years ago)
These damn con artist manufacturers should be condemned. Just stop buying China made products online. Once you buy it, you could be stuck with it. You buy it from a store, at least you can return it. Problem with consumers is they are drawn into the cheap price although they should already know the risk, they still take the risk. The quote you get what you pay for isn't even that anymore, it's if you're cheap, you'll get ripped off. Just pay more at a retail store, at least you're guaranteed to not be stuck with the item if it was fake. The effort to ship back stuff from purchases online is already a loss of your time.
Yggdrasill4 (2 years ago)
Is amazon a reliable source to get genuine cards, I just ordered a 128gb 95MB/s samsung pro for my s7.
chrcoluk (2 years ago)
should be providing if direct from amazon, not a 3rd party seller.
music vibes (2 years ago)
u r ryt i purchase by flipkart this memory card its totaly fake not work on Samsung g5
BimBim Ruiz (2 years ago)
My advise don't have to trusted any bargain sales of major branded names micro SD card on eBay or amazon that any of them are obviously counterfeit, if you've found Samsung or Sony micro sd card above 32-128 gb on bargain sale worth below $10-$20 that are fake, that would be better you can buy original micro SD card at any authorized retail stores to protect yourself from counterfeit, last night I've talked with the expert sales agent from samsung authorized dealer at Best Buy Canada about Samsung SD card on eBay, cause I don't feel comfortable to buy sd card on eBay or amazon, besides your personal data files information aren't safe on counterfeit SD card from corrupting files. It is a good deal price on eBay but your data files it will ended up corrupted files, For now I'm happy got my original micro SD card 128 GB from bestbuy it's expensive!👍😎😜
FakeBook (2 years ago)
so basically if Rear side is written in Chinese it is fake, if it's written in Korean it is original. damn.... hard to tell
Árpád Hegedüs (2 years ago)
büdös kínaiak! :)
Saffron T (2 years ago)
I have one which says made in Philippines but has fake 'made in' sticker on the back so if anyone has a Philippines one I think it's fake ://
Karaoke TechGuy (2 years ago)
Saffron T I don't think so, many manufacturers including Samsung and Fujitsu made their storage unit in the Philippines now recently it was made in Malaysia and Korea.
maria m (2 years ago)
hello thank you for this video. really helpful. i bought mine and it says made in Philippines? is it original or fake?
Karaoke TechGuy (2 years ago)
maria m Original
Konrad Mazur (2 years ago)
I purchased a counterfeit Samsung EVO 128Gb SD card from ebay about 8 months ago; Today I learned that it is a fake card with only 8Gb. When you reach the 8Gb capacity then the card will no longer save video or picture files; they just become corrupt and your device will not be able to read it. The seller who sold the card to me is no longer a registered ebay seller, so therefore I'm out of luck. Getting help from ebay is like tripping over a cordless telephone... Impossible. Best advice that I can give is don't buy from ebay.
chrcoluk (2 years ago)
128 from samsung are only on evo+ not evo, so that will be a quick way of knowing, for evo max size is 64gig
pstuddy (2 years ago)
how would we know if they used the real image for their fake product or not?
Teisju (2 years ago)
Most of the 128Gb cards or eBay are fake sadly, but there are some that are legit. An effective way is by looking at the edge of the samsung cards, if it is white it's very likely it's genuine, if it's black it's fake. All genuine Samsung evo that I've seen have a white edge.
Bryan Paul Quinto (2 years ago)
at 1:01 of the video:: fake:cn - china // original:kr - korea??? hahaha!!
Anubhav singh (2 years ago)
Thnxx for helping
personal confuser. (2 years ago)
i love your accent (:
personal confuser. (2 years ago)
also thanks for the video haha.
Felix R (2 years ago)
is CN for China and KR for Korea?
akash majumdar (2 years ago)
SandytoesCruiser (2 years ago)
On the original package there isn't a "foiled" sticker. Could they BOTH be Fake? Originals have a white edge - Made in Korea Fakes have Black edge - made in Taiwan Fakes have a sticker on the card
ZMan1471 (2 years ago)
is there software for android that can help you test your sd card?
AMA (2 years ago)
Speed Test using "A1 SD Bench". and also copy several files to it and see if it is close to the actual GB. (usually 28gb for a 32gb card)
Tech Jwala (2 years ago)
Why shopping site give original memory card flipkart or Amazon . Why one ?
Tech Jwala (2 years ago)
Why shopping site give original memory card flipkart or Amazon . Why one ?
Sergio Sanchez (2 years ago)
my memory is all the same like the korean one,,,,but it´s form Philipines,,,is it original or is considered a fake?
Sergio Sanchez (2 years ago)
+zher rodolf forro thanks
zher rodolf forro (2 years ago)
its original sir i also have that
0ddMonk3y (2 years ago)
Are the real ones made in Philippines?
zher rodolf forro (2 years ago)
yes there new batches from Ph
fckjws (2 years ago)
Szia Péter! jó videó, köszi. Az írási sebesség nagyon lassúnak tűnik az eredetin. Mi okozhatja ezt?
Matthijs _ (2 years ago)
but if you buy It from amazon its 100% not fake?
Matthijs _ (2 years ago)
+Steve Benitah I bought it from amazon and it is not fake thx!
Steve Benitah (2 years ago)
Make sure it is sold by Amazon and not a third party.
Fawzan Fawzi (2 years ago)
WOW, is the writing speed of the original card really 10 MB/Sec? but it is UHS-1.
Joe King (2 years ago)
the minimum is 10mb/secand that's guaranteed but it is usually more than that, the max could be as much as 60 or 80mb/sec
Dr Hanmer (2 years ago)
Thanks mate
김재원 (2 years ago)
That real sd is korean version
SARTHAK kumar (3 years ago)
i just bought this fake one from ebay..can you help and tell me how can i claim my money back
Kristian Justice (1 year ago)
Look what I just found. It's for 9.99 USD from USA warehouse (no tax and fast shipping) http://www.gearbest.com/memory-cards/pp_28060.html?wid=44&lkid=10875484 Sweet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY9fjv4Bw-k
one1 (2 years ago)
I have same card that you describe it is fake, but it works fine. Also it has gold ticket on package that prove its orginal. In yoyr demo there is no gold ticket
Mark Tony (3 years ago)
+SARTHAK kumar http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/H2testw.shtml
SARTHAK kumar (3 years ago)
it is working but the file transfer is taking ages to complete
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+SARTHAK kumar Hi, bad to hear that. First you sould contact with the seller. If it is not working or any other reason, you can click to return this item. Good luck.
Steve Steve (3 years ago)
hi milyen progival tesztelted oket le?!
Tiger Scrin (2 years ago)
Elvileg akkor ez enyémnek is eredetinek kéne lennie Philippines ez van a hátoldalán de a széleik fehérek.
Steve Steve (3 years ago)
+Péter Balázs Köszi :)
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+Mister ID Steve Szia, a h2testw nevu kis progival. udv
OldPekar (3 years ago)
tnx4info, Peter!
Yeferson Aguirre (3 years ago)
good and thank you friend
supersonicwings (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting this videos. There's a lot of fakes out there and this is the best video to differentiate the original and fakes.
Hoan Dang (3 years ago)
Can you test speed with crystal disk test. I;m about to buy and use this card to install remix os. The 4k writing speed is the most important thing to use as boot or to copy a hight number of small files like photo album
yinoftheyang (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot for his, really helpful. :)
Sophia Cypria (3 years ago)
All Samsung Genuine SD SDHC SDXC EVO Cards always states MADE IN KOREA Also all the edges around the SD Card should be coloured white if they are coloured black then this is more than likely a replica fake Real Cards have model number Real cards have Serial number Real Cards have made in Korea clearly printed on the back
TaylorFan🐍🐍 (8 months ago)
All of them are original if all of them are working properly... samsung sd cards usually made in the philippines and manufactured in korea then distributed worldwide... i have ones... and it is almost 3 years working properly...never encountered errors... it is made in the Philippines
Scratch Looper (1 year ago)
Who cares original card👍
Dharmendra Jadhav (1 year ago)
mine also stated made in Philippines
EagleZtoTheGrave (2 years ago)
Mine says made in Taiwan...
Who cares (3 years ago)
I have a card's back saying Made in Philippines while there is a sticker with details and 'Manufactured in Korea' written. Is there a possibility that it's fake?
Sophia Cypria (3 years ago)
There are a lot of counterfeit Samsung Cards selling online i.e. most favourite haunt is E-bay the dark Red ones in particular selling for the fraction of the cost are more than likely fake as I read the feedback before I take the plunge. Sellers from Asia China, Singapore, Korea etc
Gonzalo Salinas (2 years ago)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung64GB-EVO-PLUS-Micro-SD-SDHC-SDXC-80MB-s-UHS-I-Class10-TF-/172276156420?hash=item281c758804:g:vVkAAOSwdzVXi5zP do you think that this one is fake? Please, help me :(
Sophia Cypria (3 years ago)
You said that the original is the dark one but when you showed the words on top it stated the dark one is fake and the light one is original so what is what ? please elaborate
Sophia Cypria ດ່ຕຖູ
gustavo villarreal (3 years ago)
ty for the video
shirstru (3 years ago)
For me it's showing 4 KBytes DATA LOST (8 sectors) for 32GB samsung EVO+ card. does this mean a fake card?
Beni Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+shirstru could still be yes.. what did the writing and reading speed tested said? nevertheless.. If you're not going to use the card for its speed qualities, so you should be good.. but if speed is important, then you may be screwed ;) myself.. just got an EVO 512gb sd card.. the package said sdhc :P while the card says SDXC that is more correct.. though testing it on h2testw, it started with 13mb/s speed.. and not the supposedly "upto 48mb/s".. and close 2 hour later its at 8.11mb/s, so definitely speed sucks!... now capacity wise.. I will have to wait 15h+ to know. :P (in 1 hour 42 minutes it has written 49701 MByte... so close to 50gb so far. ;)
SiSiSiUSA (3 years ago)
why do you point to the fake one and say original and point to the original and say fake? You should point to the one what your voice say.
ALi Ta (2 years ago)
he did a voice over things got mixed
Szalay Tamás (3 years ago)
jó vidi .ügyes
Firefox2016 hk (3 years ago)
"Co. Ltd." in Chinese language should be "有限公司" while "株式会社" is japanese language
Marshall1174 (3 years ago)
What's odd is I have the "real" 32GB, and it transfers around 35-50MB/s. The numbers around 10MB/s seem really slow. Are you bottlenecked somewhere in transfer speed on your system? I do a direct write of multiple size files in a folder to the card, and time it in Windows Performance Monitor until the card is physically done moving data based on the bytes/s transfer data (after it says the file is transferred, still some extra time for the full write to occur continues--if the card is pulled out immediately when Windows says "complete", the folder will not be shown on the card.) I'm doing a simple transfer over USB 2.0, as it is no faster using the USB3.0 port with speeds below ~57MB/s--the theoretical USB2.0 max (though I can achieve burst speeds far more than this over USB2.0, as high as 120MB/s, though not with this card).
CousinRomanBellic (3 years ago)
just a note. CN is country code for China so that doesn't necesarly mean it's fake, unless it comes in a Package for Korea or other market. (an easy way to spot the fake sometimes is by scanning the UPC)
pekingpup (8 months ago)
Cards that end in CN can also be genuine. I have bought them from a reputable online store in China, and they were genuine.
CousinRomanBellic (3 years ago)
+tomtentp When did I say Samsung doesn't make their cards? I know they do, and they do it in Korea.
tomtentp (3 years ago)
+CousinRomanBellic Yes but for this particular product that should be a sign of warning. I'm pretty sure Samsung make thier own SD Cards, and Samsung is a Korean company known for manufacturing thier own hardware.
CousinRomanBellic (3 years ago)
another note. notice that the first line (not counting 'CE' logo) it has '###R08B###' the 08 stands for the actual capacity of the card.
Call_Me_Mad (3 years ago)
When I see bootleg items on eBay I buy them so I can claim my money back and never return the bootleg item cause of my countries law about no shipping of rip offs..! I love eBay. These seller got what they deserve for.
JP (2 years ago)
+fckjws always test memory cards with a memory card tester.. it will tell you straight away the apps are freeware, just google them, test and then file a return/refund
fckjws (2 years ago)
Just be careful with fake memory cards, you can lose data.
JP (2 years ago)
ebays fine if you are a buyer, you are fully protected... as a seller you are completely screwed, sellers have zero protection, for every seller that scams theres 10 or 100 buyers who scam and worse of all ebay will always side with them... try selling something on ebay and you'll quickly find out how bad it is.. ebay will be completely dead within 5 years, mark my words
Call_Me_Mad (3 years ago)
AxelElRojo (3 years ago)
What's your country?
Mirian Díaz (3 years ago)
Samsung Evo en Amazon: http://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00J29BR3Y?adid=18KQ3WN7VC6QBYS6M6ZK&camp=3598&creative=24794&creativeASIN=B00J29BR3Y&linkCode=as1&tag=amazonia09-21
Chaitanya Shukla (3 years ago)
I recently purchased a EVO from local Samsung showroom , and in India atleast Samsung is selling these cards without SD adaptor.
Firo Baro (3 years ago)
Hi. Nice video. Liked. How do you get your money back with eBay buyer protection? I've ordered an 128gb Samsung Evo sd card for approx. 14$. And i think there is the possibility for it to be fake.
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+Firo Baro Hi, I have bought on aliexpress. I just simply opened a dispute with the message that the capacity of the SD is not valid, then they made the refund. Bye:Peter
Richard Williams (3 years ago)
Just bought another 32gb evo card, it has made in Philippines on the back instead of made in Korea, as is wrote on my known genuine card. The card tested to exactly the same capacity and both read/write speed are the same. Hope this helps anyone who is unsure like I was.
neuraljam (3 years ago)
+cyprezz Thank you, I just wanted to be totally clear on that :-)
cyprezz (3 years ago)
+Tom Dacer  If you are using the sd card adapter that came with it, you are going to get a lot slower speed.  You need to get a micro sd to usb 3.0 adapter to unlock the full potential of the speed of the card.
Tom Dacer (3 years ago)
+Richard Williams what were the speeds? mine, which is also made in the philippines was 17.2 mb/s writing and 30 mb/s writing which surprised me a lot. the speeds on this video was a lot slower
Subham Gupta (3 years ago)
+cyprezz So it true than, made in philippines ones are legit. Sadly I returned it back.
cyprezz (3 years ago)
Yeah it's legitimate as far as performance and longevity is concern. +neuraljam
благодаря Вашему видео,заполучил необычную карту памяти.
István Halla (3 years ago)
Szia Péter! Ez egy nagyon jó videó volt mostmár megbirom külömböztetni az sd kàrtyákat U.I. Te csinálsz magyar videókat mert én értek magyarul de lehet hogy valaki nem de én csak kérdeztem remélem nincs harag :D
István Halla (3 years ago)
+Péter Balázs Ez igaz :)
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+István Halla Szia, Koszonom. Orulok, h hasznos a videom!Altalaban angolul szoktam a videokat kesziteni, igy szelesebb korben terjed.... No meg gyakorlasnak sem utolso... :)udvPeter
Daniel Carrasco Marín (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info. I bought an SD card and a pendrive, and two friends bought a pendrive and a SD card on Aliexpress and never again. All are fake (or at least the most). Now i've bought the SD card on Amazon and is original.
Lokcies (3 years ago)
what if my samsung evo 16gb made from philiphinnes @@
Jay Ar Bagalacsa (2 years ago)
Lokcies They have a manufacturing plant here in the Philippines
Lokcies (3 years ago)
+Andrew jackson thanks,i bought it online,and i was shocked that time when it made from philiphinnes :d
Andrew jackson (3 years ago)
+Strike Farrel I had a 16gb made from Philippines too . read and write speed matches class 10 47MB/s read speed and 15MB/s write speed on my usb3 card reader. Doesn't make sense as fakes usually have much lower read and write speeds and why would a fake seller place philippines of all countries? Did Samsung secretly move some part of manufacture plan to Philippines ? It passed H2testw too . Guess it is real , tests dun lie.
Miia Raven (3 years ago)
I have a fake one purchased from Amazon. 32 GB, got two for the price of one, somehow. Reformatted from the unknown format at it works fine and as fast as a normal Class 10.
Helen Rice (3 years ago)
+Vallera Seran sounds great now but i would be very wary and just return it as it also happened to me, worked fine just like a genuine until it suddenly died on me 1 and a half months since i put it into my phone. absolute waste of money. and that could easily happen to you too
999,999,999 views (3 years ago)
made in philippines is written on it its 32 GB evo plus ush 1
LUL (3 years ago)
+Sushil Singh Try testing it, look it up on google, on how to test micro sd cards
999,999,999 views (3 years ago)
+Sushil Singh made in philippines is written on it its 32 GB evo plus ush 1 is it real or fake?
Aden McKinley (3 years ago)
Hi, What software did you use to test the cards?
cyberang3l (3 years ago)
+Aden McKinley f3 for Linux: https://github.com/AltraMayor/f3
Follow Angela (3 years ago)
+Péter Balázs Thanks for uploading this kind of video. Now I know how to differentiate between fake and original Samsung Evo`s SD cards. :)
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+Aden McKinley Hi, I have used the H2TESTW sw. Just google it!
Mimouni Safir (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I have a fake one on my hands now I got it from ebay ..I wish I see this video before I purchase it. I ll try to get my refund ...
Eric Rebew (3 years ago)
You said that the original barcode ends with "kr." That was a mistake on your part. Original ends in "cn" for anyone confused.
Bik3rboy666 (3 years ago)
+Gamer dude522 all I can tell you is that if you are going to buy it from eBay, better make sure it has a 14 day return policy, also read the feedback from other buyers, they usually leave a negative comment about the SD card being fake or real.
OMA2k (3 years ago)
+IveGotTheGap +Bik3rboy666 I think Samsung manufactures their stuff in both Korea and China, so some will be KR and others CN, both being genuine, so that's not a definitive way of checking for fakes. The best way is checking the cards themselves. The writings are clearly worse quality and with incorrect fonts in the fake one, as seen in the video.
Bik3rboy666 (3 years ago)
+IveGotTheGap No he is right, I got my fake one from ebay yesterday and im hecking it right now and its a fake one wiht the barcode CN...also the price was too good to be true Samsung Evo 128gb for $15 lol. I already contacted the seller and he will issue a refund and ask me not to mail it back just to put the Micro SD in the garbage.
kitou hack (3 years ago)
win nlgaha tba3
jehmin jung (3 years ago)
what are you useing to test the micro sd?
Amritpal Singh (3 years ago)
I have bought 1 from Amazon... The packing shown is some what like the fake one, but the card is having MADE IN KOREA and the serial number printed are similar to Peter's card.. So now how can we be sure which is Original and Which is FAKE.. Also the thing ending with CN is country code for which the product is manufactured or dispatched for .. like CN stands for China and what I've got has IN which stands for INDIA, got it confirmed by Samsung Authorised Store...
Excuse Me (3 years ago)
+Excause Me i got same.. packed same as fake one but made in korea
Excuse Me (3 years ago)
+Amritpal Singh is it fake?
Monotosh Manna (3 years ago)
I purchased Samsung 32 gb evo . But there is no ' ► ' after evo. so is it fake?
amoreterno418 (3 years ago)
oye gracias compre una espero sea la original tomare tu video para compararla cuando me llege
Glenjimen (3 years ago)
No Wonder My Photos and music keeps getting corrupted
The Piano Painter (3 years ago)
thanks a lot! In your opinion which are the best ways to buy an original micro SD? Amazon? Thanks!
Lim Yue Shun (3 years ago)
hi how do i test if the Sd card is real ?
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+Lim Yue Shun Hi, You can download it from here: http://www.heise.de/software/download/h2testw/50539&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dheise%2Bh2testw%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG Peter
Lim Yue Shun (3 years ago)
+Péter Balázs what is the website to test it ?
Péter Balázs (3 years ago)
+Lim Yue Shun Hi. I used the H2testW app, it takes a while, but working to test the cards
SweepsMT (3 years ago)
bought 2 of the 32gb samsung sd cards from amazon. it had the /cn code but the h2testw showed the card to be fine. i reckon that they must of copied a legit model number/barcode sticker.
Merlin (3 years ago)
Thanks Peter very helpful

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