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Emmy Awards 2018 | Red Carpet | Full Video | Celebrity Dresses

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70th Primetime Emmy Awards 2018 Celebrity Arrivals & Red Carpet Fashions. #Emmys2018 #Emmyawards #70thPrimetimeEmmyAwards Subscribe Us - https://goo.gl/vXRgBB Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/ CelebrityPlus Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/celebritypl... Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/CelebrityPlus You May Like- Who Date Who? - https://goo.gl/3u9C6o Celebrity Kids - https://goo.gl/U8jYy9 Celebrity Fashions - https://goo.gl/E4A1AE Celebrity Lifestyle - https://goo.gl/aeBmjc Net Worths - https://goo.gl/V1XQFK Thank you for watching. Subscribe for more Videos!
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Text Comments (42)
Sasou La Patate (20 days ago)
Where's Finn Wolfhard ?
Selfie Tv (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhwFI3W8A6s&t=3s Masala awards 2018 in Dubai
Mandy Lee (3 months ago)
every woman was style wrong for their coloring, body type, and personality. very boring as well. I saw two good dresses. all the men however stole the show. they dressed right. Good for you men.
Debra King (4 months ago)
All of the Ladies Look Great! & the men do too. I'm So Proud of them🌻
Konstantinovich1 (4 months ago)
Does anyone really watch these shows anymore!
ghous khan (4 months ago)
Regardez emmy awards en direct en streaming le 17 septembre 2018 avec PureVPN : https://bit.ly/2oWA4rO
Catherine Malian (4 months ago)
Catherine Malian (4 months ago)
Catherine Malian (4 months ago)
Catherine Malian (4 months ago)
Catherine Malian (4 months ago)
jayson biggs (4 months ago)
Tracee Ellis Ross looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.
Veronica Shipp (4 months ago)
These dresses are not very inspiring,quite boring in fact!
nat aubynn (4 months ago)
You know this will be much better if their names are under their picture. Thankyou
Debra King (4 months ago)
nat aubynn: Yes that would of been a Big Help & the character they play.
SENE 777 (4 months ago)
Jessika it’s my favorite!
Fearless 777 (4 months ago)
Looks like the emmys are not doing good with viewers anymore, could it be all the devisive racebaiting and nonsense, leftist, liberal, brainwashing garbage? I think so. Also i think the leftist liberal hollywood brain washing garbage and all its arrogant, delusional worthless satanic "stars" are upset because Jesus culture has spread and reached across the globe, far beyond what they ever expected. Its just a fact that faith/religion just keeps growing at a very fast rate, specially people converting from atheism (believing in nothing) having no explenation for the spiritual at all whatsoever. Specially protestant Christianity which they purposely choose to viciously mock, which has been growing at a shocking fast rate that is faster than population growth itself, thats because most people who know better about all the proofs of the Bible leave all the other empty nonsensical unproven beliefs including the empty and vague atheism.
Bev Peterson (4 months ago)
I hate Hollywood and their so called actors why? Because they are all Democratic Liberal Trump Haters who are STILL crying since Trump won and Hillary did not. Spewing their hatred in their speeches& Me Too Crap. By Not tuning in and watching WE are sending the Message back that we don't put up with their shit.
Loreley Sicairos (4 months ago)
+Fearless 777 My mistake, I misunderstood. Thanks for being respectful though.
Fearless 777 (4 months ago)
+Loreley Sicairos The terms liberals and conservatives are ideologies, democrats and republicans are political parties, theres a reason why i keep saying leftist liberals, its an implication of the most radical liberals, i did not say all democrats, because that would indeed be an ignorant generalization from my part.
Loreley Sicairos (4 months ago)
+Fearless 777 You cant say that both parties dont have their fair share of ignorant people right? If a Liberal was here (and yes I know that many of them do) talking about how all Republicans were terrible people. Of course I think they are ABSOLUTELY in the wrong as well. Both parties share a fair amount of terrible people. I'd like to believe most are good.
Loreley Sicairos (4 months ago)
+Fearless 777 I'm really not trying to be rude. I wish I could accurately type up my feelings but its difficult. I'm not attacking Christian's , I'm Christian as well. I just said that some can be very hateful people just like any other people but it's ironic because they claim to follow Gods word. And Yes of course some Liberals are terrible people no one is saying that's not the case. Yes you can have your opinions of course, but it's about how you say it. What I'm trying to say is that we should not Judge a whole bunch of people based on what views certain of those people have. I personally dont like it , Because I choose to look at the good in both parties. That doesn't mean you cant call people out on what you believe is wrong or strive for change, you should , but why bunch in everyone in one category?
Jumana Spears (5 months ago)
Man i love the music you used the last one it to me me 5 minutes to finger it out lool but thin i did my God I dont know is it viva la Vida Coldplay or take on me a-ha man this kind of things drive me crazy most know pleees lool
ED POWELL (5 months ago)
so dress like whores and then wonder why the 'me too' movement is a joke.
Loreley Sicairos (4 months ago)
Did you have to say whores though? You could have said they could dress more modestly. What does that say about you? Why are some people so rude?
Sebastian Stormborn (4 months ago)
oh, you cant afford to buy a gown, huh?

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