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Another Supreme Drop we didn't Vlog | SUPREME WEEK 14

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Text Comments (36)
SHOCKWAVEi (11 months ago)
Fuck James he’s a prick
Somalian Triangle (11 months ago)
Can you sell to Intruders?
Milo Graham (11 months ago)
Keep it up guys, like the direction this channel is going in
Erwin Chua (11 months ago)
james made a smart move leaving
Erwin Chua (11 months ago)
andrew and sunny dosent know how to put tgt a good fit. supreme tgt with palace??
The Other Sidemen (5 months ago)
Sunny had a nice fit
Delir (11 months ago)
James was the only one with a good style lmfao
Delir (11 months ago)
yeah not slapping supreme everywhere
Dr Verano (11 months ago)
''good style'' lol
Lil H (11 months ago)
Clouds Yoongi (11 months ago)
My heart is actually aching 😭😭 I’m still confused as to why James is leaving but I wish him well for whatever he does further on xx
Matt Owen (11 months ago)
can you also ask james what happened to my rebook he proxied me aswell shit never arrived
Matt Owen (11 months ago)
Andrew kinda hench you know
Max Ragan (11 months ago)
#bringjamesback 😤😤
Bxckdoor (11 months ago)
0:34 LOL that guy had to done Super deep shit to be running that fast and funny for a camera. The way he ran made me so weak.
Aly Lakhani (11 months ago)
this is why orchard cracks me up, they go from outside dukes cupboard to eating ahahahaha
Somalian Triangle (11 months ago)
Aly Lakhani how is that funny
Aaron (11 months ago)
what store is this?? 6:27??
Dan Boon (11 months ago)
just opened near supreme its called Intruders. Really good store
Oli Harding (11 months ago)
loooool that kid crossin the road @ 0:30 has me weak
Jake bate (11 months ago)
glow like dat instrumental aye
jasonomoruyi (11 months ago)
You both lit greetings from switzerland❤️
nassim (11 months ago)
does anyone know how to get into a supreme drop in store im trying to do proxies
MrSebmaq (11 months ago)
can you proxy me boxer shorts pls?
Leon Y (11 months ago)
just keep this channel alive XD
J (11 months ago)
Andrew if you want them Jordan 1 shadows they are still sitting in stock in my local footlocker. Lmk if you want
L (11 months ago)
finally some new vids again
Rokz Beatz (11 months ago)
Out with the old in with new 👍🏻. You should do more shopping vlogs round london though not just supreme or palace, you only have a couple old ones, would be good to see at least 1 a month of you checking vintage stores, high street stores etc...
Bill O'Neill (11 months ago)
First video I watched was of James and new this was the channel for me but then this happens 😂 good luck boys love your shit
darizion (11 months ago)
Its bout to be dead wout him
TomatoOtters (11 months ago)
wait why is james leaving?
LLJkieran (11 months ago)
TomatoOtters cus he’s a scammer
KingNChakky (11 months ago)
my man sunny ditched supreme for the bone
Riyad Babouri (11 months ago)
Clonezy (11 months ago)
What store is that?
Declan McInerney (11 months ago)
Love From Australia Orchie Boys xx

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