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Glory Hole

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Text Comments (100)
Rose (8 months ago)
Haven't seen this one for so long.. I consider it a classic.
Mathew Segura (3 years ago)
That is funny and some how Displeasing
UberX (4 years ago)
Ohhhhhhh who's wife is this? Its a pillow  Ohhhh don't tell me your name LOL U IDIOT NO ONE HAS A NAME PILLOW Oh wait is there? WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?
Kirbae (4 years ago)
Shhhhhh this comment is totally discreet
Corbin Thomas (5 years ago)
whats the name of the song at the beginning
Trapped Nerve (1 month ago)
If this is it by Huey Lewis and the News
crille97XD (5 years ago)
ty it was on mute the whole time
khamjaninja (6 years ago)
Okay, there is no Exxon truck stop at Exit 10 on the Turnpike. In fact the Turnpike doesn't have any small rundown gas stations by the side of the road with decrepit bathrooms with bad lighting and shady characters lingering around. I was very disappointed.
Chris Roseberry (3 months ago)
Exit 110
Static105 (6 years ago)
Those goggles disturb me more then the dick hole.
Mark B (7 years ago)
*Quote from the video we all JUST watched*
PlatformPiggy (7 years ago)
@lurch321 dude's got style. obviously.
lurch321 (7 years ago)
What's with the guy's goggles?
Bearknigh7 (7 years ago)
I believe every man cringed at the pencil sharpener part
Leo Leo (7 years ago)
@platformpiggy.no,but their was two guys that are brothers that wanted to fuck me.
PlatformPiggy (7 years ago)
@panther1814 That's awesome. You ever suckoff a dad and his son at the same time?
Itsinsane Sikkside (7 years ago)
Leo Leo (7 years ago)
@PlatformPiggy.i suckoff this one guy.and a week later.i suckoff his buddy.both of them had a big dick.i made both of them cum.
PlatformPiggy (7 years ago)
@panther1814 How many of your buddys have you sucked off? Ever suck off two buddys at the same time? Can you tell which taste is which?
steve bennett (7 years ago)
well funny :)
molyvenson (7 years ago)
a pencil sharpener? really? how small are you buddy? lol
MrQuigglez (7 years ago)
@jerkbagfilms bitch stfu
Patrick Cosgrove (8 years ago)
love it
fechner (8 years ago)
that was aweosme lol
jogiff (9 years ago)
I like the way that he keeps his pencil behind his ear and then just sharpens it before he leaves the cubicle. Was it really that important that you have a sharpened pencil before you leave? He apparently didn't need to be sharp for actual office work, but when navigating the treacherous office place it's vital.
J Straz (9 years ago)
if you ever want to find a song that contains lyrics, try googling some of the lyrics and the word 'lyrics'...you should find your song :)
Thought (9 years ago)
name o the song?....awesome vi =]
Alyce Rivver (9 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH aww that was hilarious
groomtroy (9 years ago)
Antonio Ordaz (9 years ago)
Hey, awesome vid, whats the name song in the begining?
Jamison Sturdevant (9 years ago)
Who's wife is this. It's a pillow. No don't tell me your name XD
KEVINVENTION (9 years ago)
Uh, O.K. I suppose. Keep the day job, bra...
GameSnippets_Jimmy (9 years ago)
So excellent
Farrell Roll (9 years ago)
shhhhhh this is totally discreet
Chazzspaz (9 years ago)
lol i liked the "whos hand is this" part
wir3k (9 years ago)
the best was 'who's hand is this'
dannnyK1993 (9 years ago)
LOL. "whos wife is this?" "thats a pillow" "shhh don't tell me your name"
SrbskyKral (9 years ago)
..haha, very funny !! :)
ToyboyTime (10 years ago)
No, don't tell me your name LOL
youjones (10 years ago)
shhhhhhh don't tell me her name lol
jtraske (10 years ago)
im going to get me one of those traveling glory holes. i know right where to take it. i promise i'll be discreet. oh yeah!! whos ear is this? ohhhh yeah!
omgitsjava (10 years ago)
........that's a pillow
Rick Paul (10 years ago)
watch a stupid idiotic scene , man the dude with the glory hole is a fu#@#kn dick and needs to go to jail where he'll find plenty of g/holes.especially the one bellow his back. fuckwits
Jorge Machado (10 years ago)
omg...ive been to that gas station....lol
Jayboz6989 (10 years ago)
Huey Lewis "If this is It"
Daryl Wicks (10 years ago)
Funny as heck!
MindControll (10 years ago)
Erkjawn (10 years ago)
LMAOOOo whose hand is this
Hethyr (10 years ago)
hahahahahahaha that was fucking repulsive and amazing =]
metAphysikZ (10 years ago)
lol that was funny as hell!!!
TheLetterJ (10 years ago)
i am just a word (10 years ago)
congrats :D
boddah92108 (10 years ago)
I like it. Tasteful yet "dirty" grrrr tiger grrr.
Dw4ttz (10 years ago)
i saw this awhile ago it was even more funny the second time.
Gerry Wayne (10 years ago)
Very surreal, very original, very damn funny!
Cesar Loaiza (10 years ago)
Guys, long time no seeing such a funny thing! Not complicated, simple and hilarious! Keep it up!
NY2MT2CA2HI (10 years ago)
BLOODY BRILLIANT, Mwa ha ha ha.... Shhhhhhh!
Gusparovsky (10 years ago)
XD))) you guys are the best...Big time LOL
Bret Steadman (10 years ago)
The internet Tim and Eric.
He could be a great actor.
Peter Eliot (10 years ago)
you couldn't even have an actual pencil sharpener sound?
Kerry Burns (10 years ago)
Aww, your'e so funny! x
Mary Juana (10 years ago)
lol dude you luck like Topher Grace lol
N Sampson (10 years ago)
this is it!
SauronsEye (10 years ago)
The pencil sharpener, I could smell the burning from here.
steven morad (10 years ago)
keysahzz (10 years ago)
the sound of that sharpener mixed rather good to the muzeek on me heeeaaadddphone.ha!ha!ha!
mi1964amigo (10 years ago)
'Whose hand is this?' - LOL.
Rm1000YrsWide (10 years ago)
One of the funniest videos on YouTube, for sure. GREGandLOU rank right up there with Derrick Comedy and Barats & Bereta for sketch comedy on YouTube, in my opinion.
A (11 years ago)
Gerry76alpha (11 years ago)
what's the song it's great?
BravadoAvocado (11 years ago)
im going to do a remake of this lol
BravadoAvocado (11 years ago)
lmfao i love this...haha...if that ever happend to me idk wtf id do lol..jack him in the face or just run
theTOOJ (11 years ago)
"whos wife is this?" "thats a pillow..." "No, dont tell me your name." hahahahah!!
Luke Morrison (11 years ago)
Graylord (11 years ago)
"Eew... That's a pillow!" XD
artemvas (11 years ago)
lol! and i thought i was horny!
kr0pp (11 years ago)
jim gillespie (11 years ago)
I need a cigarette!
Devin Delaney (11 years ago)
that was good.
DrRogern (11 years ago)
Vincent Koudou (11 years ago)
whts the song at the beginning
DigiWax (11 years ago)
Shhh! Excellent work lads, I haven't laughed that much at a video on YT in a long time.
John Rush (11 years ago)
You milked that joke a little too long-- but VERY funny video!
steven morad (11 years ago)
hahahahahaha wtf awesome make more.
Chrispy8226 (11 years ago)
dumb as hell, stop making videos just to make videos!!
lebron-trinidadian james (11 years ago)
Those were some top notch sound effects
benson1958 (11 years ago)
Doesn't surprise me atronix! You have a weak mind and try to express it in a strong way. Nothing new! Limited vocabulary,huh?
planethellfire (11 years ago)
wooohooooo nice ^1
benson1958 (11 years ago)
Sick humor,if that's what they call it. Why waste your life away ? Sexuality unlearned!! Get on Track !
Neal Williams (11 years ago)
There 's no Exit 110 on the NJ Turnpike. It only has 18-20 exits.
mutcluck (11 years ago)
hilarious. Keep the videos coming.
helloimtab (11 years ago)
"Ohhh....who's wife is this?" HAHAHAAHAHAH
Chris S (11 years ago)
Ohhh who's hand is this.
ket219 (11 years ago)
Nice work guys!
NotAboutMe79 (11 years ago)
LOL Greg & Lou are hilarious
Rk Heart (11 years ago)
disgusting and hilarious
roeliox (11 years ago)
haaha don't tell me your name
Miss Munchkin (11 years ago)
uhm... not so much funny as disgusting... sorry guys... but the pencil sharpener part was pretty great!
distortedclarity24 (11 years ago)
not sure what his name is but the one with the glory hole. his face was priceless!
Dimitra Tsoulouhas (11 years ago)
ahahhahaa you guys are fukn hilarious! I'm crying from laughter... sshhh

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