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my style // lookbook 2

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my style // lookbook 2 ♡ P S A : This was filmed a little while back, so i've found more outfit's to show you guys, so get ready for a BETTER lookbook coming soon! Also, ngl, two of these outfits (2 and 4) aren't that good, but once again they were filmed a little while back and i've obviously changed my mind about things ahaha don't @ me on this (lmao) Also, sorry for the quality!! ♡ O U T F I T S : 1: Top: (Don't remember, it was online) Pants: Dupe of gia.the.label cobian pants (Getting the real ones soon!) Shoes: Nike AF1 Sunglasses: Wish App Belt: Gucci 2: Top: Wish App (Gia.The.Label dupe) Pants: Zara Jacket: SheIn http://bit.ly/2yO1Ppl Glasses: SheIn http://bit.ly/2os7P6Y Shoes: Checkered Vans 3: Sweater: SheIn http://bit.ly/2CwcOWm Pants: Gamiss.com Belt: Gucci Shoes: Nike AF1 4: Sweater: gamiss.com Pants: Factorie Shoes: gamiss.com Glasses: SheIn http://bit.ly/2os7P6Y Necklace: SheIn http://bit.ly/2yOAFOU 5: Top: Not sure, but it's just a black bikini top Pants: gamiss.com Belt: Gucci Glasses: SheIn Shoes: gamiss.com ♡ I hope you liked this video! Don’t forget to comment below some requests for videos! Give this video a thumbs up if you want more video’s like this!! ♡ S O C I A L M E D I A + V L O G C H A N N E L : Instagram: @amaliestar / @amaliesmakeupp Twitter: @amalie_star Snapchat: amaliexxxamalie Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/amaliestar/playlist/67YKF5pHxwE3AlwliL1RVC Vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEicD10DNQUgGP7f8R_KmHQ ♡ R E A C H O U T T O M E : Business Email: [email protected] ♡ F A Q : What camera do you use to film? Canon 700D / Canon Rebel t5i What editing program do you use to edit? Final Cut Pro x How old are you? I'm 15, turning 16 on December 18th ♡ Comment a video idea if you see this! hahah Goal: 70,000 subscribers by end of March 2018? ♡ D I S C L A I M E R : This is not a sponsored video!
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Text Comments (158)
abby blacket (3 months ago)
I just posted a new vid :)
erin kleier (4 months ago)
LOVE the looks
Faith Rodriguez (5 months ago)
when she gonna share how she edits thooo lol
Jacqueline Music (6 months ago)
Omg that music was form spirited away right?
Imma Angrisano (7 months ago)
Ahhh your style <3
Mayo. mayo (7 months ago)
Where did you got those cool jeanses idk how you called them...........millitary jeans i think
Firmano Tengku (8 months ago)
Lay-laa Ramedies (10 months ago)
Can someone please give me the name of all the songs she used ???
staypud (10 months ago)
amalieee ur style is basically mine if I had more confidence and money HWAH I LOVE all your outfits 💓😫
staypud (10 months ago)
tbh I want ur closet pls
Theycraveekash (10 months ago)
binge watch worthy channel
Ida Rissanen (10 months ago)
she’s so gorgeous 💕
Tania Achiro sings (10 months ago)
Omg I’m shook I love this look book!!! More please
Eliza Guest (10 months ago)
In love with this channel so much potential 😍❤️
Îlot Niveau (11 months ago)
Le problème c'est que tu es moche
Zy’Kieya Cooper (11 months ago)
I’m older than her by like 3 days 💘 love you Amalie 😻.
MartySmile (11 months ago)
I am rlly interested in where do you goo in outfit like the on around 2min (black bra/top pants and boots) it is so cool. But i have no idea where can i go like that
Tina (11 months ago)
I'm glad that i found you
diablo bitch (11 months ago)
Make a vid about make up that every girl need to have or smth like that Love you❤️❤️
Anisha Brunen (11 months ago)
i LOVE your style
Vanessa rodriguez (11 months ago)
does anybody know where you can get the shirt at in the first outfit
bella lara (11 months ago)
Khai dreams ("#
Gaia Bianchini (11 months ago)
fai il video dei costumii
Fabienne Sabine (11 months ago)
LOVE this vid!
sydney l (11 months ago)
these outfits are so cute!! you rock them
jayxbanana (11 months ago)
eliza eli (11 months ago)
What's the song at 0:43
Jakobi Skye (11 months ago)
Ok obsessed with your style. Literally so cute !
MERVY VILLEGAS (11 months ago)
the introo😻
Cristina Diaz (11 months ago)
Ugh literally can I have your closet😩😍😩
Charon Daniela (11 months ago)
wow love your style and your outfits you are so cute
Rubina (11 months ago)
Love your style Amalie! So edgy and chic babe!
Michelle P (11 months ago)
I know fashion is more your thing but can u plz do a workout routine?
Nyla Dewji (11 months ago)
i love ur videos but who tf wears a bikini top out loool
claire gonzalez (11 months ago)
Where’s the chain from the last outfit from?
Signe Welle Hentze (11 months ago)
Can you make a what i eat in a day please
nelicious (11 months ago)
Perfect styles. Especially the red bomber with these sunglasses ! Love it
Faith Vincent (11 months ago)
Omg you’re using every lofi I’m INLOVE with 😍😍
rafael d (11 months ago)
j jossi (11 months ago)
omg i love the way you edit your videos
mia moo (11 months ago)
What was the song played for th second outfit
Janat Habonimana (11 months ago)
Olivia Vestergaard (11 months ago)
du er så pææn
Jediael Benjamin (11 months ago)
I want to smashhh
Marisa voss (11 months ago)
maedoesmakeupx (11 months ago)
I want your style omg
Lay-laa Ramedies (11 months ago)
Some please tell me the name of the songs she uses ???
Luna Van Laar (11 months ago)
Love thisss
Paola Cereno (11 months ago)
omg finally
Kianna Naomi (11 months ago)
gvido junior (11 months ago)
Queen 👸
riri (11 months ago)
Grace Tu (11 months ago)
omg you're beautiful
Amelia Wood (11 months ago)
ur style and editing is goals ❤️✨
Nadia Harkin (11 months ago)
CECE YOUNG (11 months ago)
slay girl slayyyy
Savanna Peng (11 months ago)
Savanna Peng (11 months ago)
Savanna Peng (11 months ago)
ur literally my biggest inspiration ever ilysm
Savanna Peng (11 months ago)
Ciara Sheehan (11 months ago)
Your so beautiful you remind me of Alexis REN
Malak kamel (11 months ago)
Joyce Lomboy (11 months ago)
ur my fave person ily . my inspo
Joyce Lomboy (11 months ago)
🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋
sis please (11 months ago)
i seriously love your style and editing so much
Queen Afifah (11 months ago)
Ooouuu slay girl❤️
Brynn Beamish (11 months ago)
reiner locke (11 months ago)
I...I...I... love You!
Danielle Pineda (11 months ago)
Is it awkward to film this videos?
maria kanellopoulou (11 months ago)
such a style icon
bangtann (11 months ago)
you actually know how to make a puffer jacket look good 😫🙌🏼🦋
ClearlyChloe (11 months ago)
your style is straight fireee
kalsoom jaji (11 months ago)
ahh slayyy😻😻❤️
Judi珠珠 (11 months ago)
you're so aesthetic!!! 😍😍😍
Chelsea Hunter (11 months ago)
Omg the yellow sweater and the black shorts!!! I love that outfit so cute ❤️
Katie Meade (11 months ago)
Theresa Marie (11 months ago)
Pin this for snap fam!!🦋🦋🦋
Theresa Marie (11 months ago)
Pat Sani (11 months ago)
Love it !🦋like girl litterly slaaayyyyyy them hater's away bichhhh🦋😍❤️
mayapeach (11 months ago)
Omg! I oved every outfit!!! <3
Gtfo (11 months ago)
I fond your top from your first outfit (wish) Creo que te gustará este artículo: Angel Kiss Painting Women Tumblr Fashion Cute T-Shirt Summer Casual Short Sleeves Printed Tee. Agrégalo a tu lista de deseos http://www.wish.com/c/58d9ce8c5df3ae70bc2e6cee 💖💖
Michela Cino (11 months ago)
I'm obsessed with your style omg😍
zion b (11 months ago)
your style is amazing omfg
Nuria Ma (11 months ago)
your style 😍
Emma (11 months ago)
koren taylor (11 months ago)
I think??? my eyes??? have been???? blessed?????
Evelyn Liang (11 months ago)
I live for ur lookbooks
Unknown (11 months ago)
where is the red cropped jacket from
M e s (11 months ago)
Girl you killed it
AngelieKate (11 months ago)
Kimberley Prove (11 months ago)
Ruby Zing (11 months ago)
Ure so pretty
Ruby Zing (11 months ago)
How tall are u
andrea martinez (11 months ago)
we love a stylish queen👏🏿💗
Cool person Cool person (11 months ago)
Please do more look books and style outfit videos💖
rosh X (11 months ago)
Been waiting for this for agessss !!! Loveeeee 😍😍😍😍
Camille (11 months ago)
You are so pretty, love u🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
danielle (11 months ago)
Ulandari Ariawan (11 months ago)
the outfits I’m obsessed 😍😍😍
Ve D (11 months ago)
Please do more of summer lookbooks . Love ya 💋
Caitlin E (11 months ago)
i love your style so much xx
moonlight taetae (11 months ago)
*snap* *fam* *who* *doesn't* *have* *the* *butterfly* *emoji* 💙
marie kristin (11 months ago)

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