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What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like | Style Out There | Refinery29

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From Gothic Lolitas to Yoyogi Rockabillies, the Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku is a wellspring of some of the world's most unique and extreme fashion trends. Rife with restaurants, shops, and cafes, it's a hangout 'hood for the city's youth, whose style is confined to uniforms from elementary school through to high school graduation. And, perhaps to rebel from such strict sameness, they spend their weekends seeing how far they can push the limits. One of the oldest and most pervasive Harajuku style groups is Decora, characterized by a pursuit of kawaii, or "cuteness," which is expressed in massive piles of hair clips, face bandaids, creative layering, and a mishmash of colors and textures. Don't let "cute" confuse you: There's nothing delicate or elegant about Decora. It's bright, it's loud, and it's in your face (or rather, on your face, via a Hello Kitty bandaid). Though the style can appear as frivolous as a Halloween costume, there's a real statement behind the bevy of barrettes. In the face of pervasive group-mindedness, a rigid social order, and cultural reticence, the Decora have figured out a way to break free. In the first episode of our new documentary series, Style Out There, our host Asha Leo travels to Harajuku to meet with street fashion superstars, like 90884 designer Kurebayashi, Junnyan, and Shoichi Aoki, the founder of FRUiTS magazine, to peel back the rainbow-colored stickers and uncover the depth behind Decora. Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 For all Style Out There episodes, go to: http://bit.ly/Style-Out-There For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29
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Text Comments (6558)
LyricRymesStudio 13 (7 hours ago)
Now I know what Maya in Girl meets world was referring to when she said Riley was dressed Like a "Harajuku Girl". Tokyo, Japan is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world so I was not surprised. Fashion is art and should be expressed as people like!
Art Catcher (11 hours ago)
I heard of decora Kie(Key)And I love it so Happy, Bright colors ,CUTE THINGS♥️
MUSIC LIFE (12 hours ago)
I'm a decora girl i love my fashion
RAP MONSTER (13 hours ago)
This is cute but terrifying
Random Tropicals (14 hours ago)
Pause at 3:27 and look at the bright red sign 😂😂
Lori Olson (16 hours ago)
Where what you want but all that stuff is plastic or synthetic and therefore bad for the environment. More and more "stuff!" Plastic hair clips and plastic beads made by almost slave labor and use of petroleum products to make all this stuff! Pollute the air more! Fill landfills more! Damage the ocean more! How do they feel about the fact that their acts of fashion rebellion hurts the earth? Damages the ocean? Kills the pollinators? People have always used fashion or costume to show their culture or tribalism but using natural fibers, metals, jewelry could be a good thing! They all look like fake plastic dolls! They seem like the symbol for death of nature.
Caroline Brunson (18 hours ago)
Haters are just mad their never gonna get to like them because people won't accept them so stop hating it's childish and decora people are some of the prettiest people I have ever seen
EmmasWorld (18 hours ago)
Ashley Diamond (18 hours ago)
6 vibes
yazviny kuppusamy (21 hours ago)
I'm here still thinking whether my blue jeans will match up with my black blouse😅
Deren Highrose (1 day ago)
What the hell, those are one of the most ugliest person in the world also the fakest person in the world, fake hair color (dyed hair) , eye contact lens, too much makeup, in other words fake face (using makeup to hide flaws), fake eye color, eye hair color, fake everything. The biggest faker in the world. BTW what did the girl meant by saying "How cute I can be?" eww how ugly and fake can you be? *IS THIS SOME UGLY OR ANTI-KAWAII MOVEMENT OF JAPAN OF 21ST CENTURY* well that's what students in future will learn.
Roze _7 (1 day ago)
Looks like they went to a little rich girls closest
Fiwee Kiwee (1 day ago)
This would be killler for a halloween costume
Darth Tater (1 day ago)
Is that 69? Takashi?
I’m slowly being draw towards the opposite style... 1980’s punk........ anyone have advice for me? (I’m in sixth grade)
Hai Everyone (2 days ago)
Unicorn human!
Hai Everyone 😆
MUHRA Arts (2 days ago)
all fun and cute until that Germans talks God I hate how white people force themselves everywhere.
ale kat (2 days ago)
I love you Decora beauties!greetings from Greece ✌😘
Mika Kabe (3 days ago)
Akihabra has anime stuff and some of that stuff too im sure they would fit in there
For every like I will add a 💖
Trishaann123 Berida (3 days ago)
They look sooooo cute
Trishaann123 Berida yeah!
Angel Sabri (3 days ago)
For me, a person that dresses like that is really brave to be herself.
Princess Alcie (4 days ago)
I wish ccan dress like this everyday plus I just found my Halloween costume (no hate it respect it )
Itz_Panda (4 days ago)
This reminds me of MovieStarPlanet
13l00m!ng (4 days ago)
alexa play despacito.
Jade Fornshell (5 days ago)
I think this is amazing but what do they do for work to pay for stuff like this???🧐🧐🧐🧐
Angelina Laura (6 days ago)
My eyes hurt seeing this video. Not because i think theyre weird or something like that. But this video is too colorful for my eyes
Gonzo Oznog (6 days ago)
Piñatas in progress is suitable observation.
I dont really like the harajuku style... its to girly...
Scott Gust (7 days ago)
You published hateful comments calling 120db "racist and anti migrant"? These wiman have been raped and murdered by the thousands in Europe by migrants and you mock them...you are the face of malice and hate, you are the facist natzis!
Even her braces are cute
Lazari {Creepypasta} (7 days ago)
Kurebayashi has the cutest voice I have ever heard!
potato rheanmeve (7 days ago)
Omfg this is what i exactly wanted to look like when i was such a weeb
Kawaii Unicorn (7 days ago)
I bet you they smell like candy..
Juliette Hanna (7 days ago)
Juliette Hanna (7 days ago)
i want to dress like that :( but i only own normal clothes.
I want to eat them I’m they’re sweet
Tekashi69 in the thumbnail
Rollz kkk (8 days ago)
I really wanna try this fashion because it's so cute! But people would probably judge me... Eh, whatever.
ありエザーラ (8 days ago)
Cat sounds like my home and careers teacher
Beautiful!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Isabella (10 days ago)
They look ugly
midget_ 4545 (7 days ago)
here we have a unstable woman
Koemi (10 days ago)
This is harajuku. The people in my country just wear goth and goes around screaming harajuku .-.
Mendozar Tankian (11 days ago)
Weakness dissapoint me
Mendozar Tankian (11 days ago)
Someday a pervert otaku will rape her
Abigail Graham (11 days ago)
**Looks over to closet** **Sees 10 pairs of the same plain black t' shirt** **Srugs**
Dennise Danny (12 days ago)
It looks like kids style
a shiteu (12 days ago)
Cecily Cook (12 days ago)
Has anyone noticed Japans obsession with young looking girls, child like girls, etc ..... and not just Japan but it is quite publicly huge in Japan
xXUsagiXx (12 days ago)
I prefer the Gyaru style :3 Liz Lisa + Ma*rs ♡
Logan Sanders (12 days ago)
i’m nicki minaj the harajuku barbie. -nicki minaj
Squishy kookie (12 days ago)
*Wenn du deutsch reden kannst like das kommentar:)*
kff sensei YOONMIN (13 days ago)
My words flew to North Korea
SushiSkyee (13 days ago)
NostalgicDistortionist (14 days ago)
Trickster mode?
A Marin (14 days ago)
❤Hello guys!!! Loved this video❤🌟🌟▶️Check this one as well.🔛🆕️⤵️ https://youtu.be/Hw6B7nPITqY
blue knight (14 days ago)
Looks expensive
Aphrodite Ns (14 days ago)
I just realised that japanese people are not that good looking And they seem really fake, idk maybe it has something to do with their culture but they just.. try so hard to sound and look cute but they end up looking weird and cringey
sumaiyah miah (14 days ago)
I wish I had the courage and support to dress like this it looks fricking awesome
Tahlia (14 days ago)
Im half Japanese and i want to try this soooooooooooooo bad!!! and her english isnt too bad !
황소러너redbeef02 (15 days ago)
sarah dube (15 days ago)
Their favorite store is Claire's
Nathalie Hernandez (15 days ago)
Who came here from Girl Meets World
soumiero (15 days ago)
I live in Philippines. My parents worry a lot when I don't express anything. When I tried, they got worried again that I might stand out... though my main purpose is just to express. I'm hurt. Sorry
Serena Sashimi (17 days ago)
look at the red sign at 3:28
tsahai rutty (17 days ago)
so..this is human skittles? Not judging but it’s really cute and looks like candy
Jxnxthxn_hx__ (17 days ago)
They are fucking creepy
Jungkookie with suga (17 days ago)
I suddenly want to become a harajuku girl 😐💖
Bxd Dxcisions (17 days ago)
yushi911 (19 days ago)
I notice that kawaii girls or harajuku girls always hang up with people like them...actually it's rare they walk alone in the street. They looks like teens girl that need a group to give them self confidence but in the same you you need be confident to dress like that in the city.😅
shaolin1200 (19 days ago)
I thought it was six nine
tully adams (19 days ago)
They look like lil pump had kids with a stuffed animal
Pea Games (20 days ago)
Tbh, I was glad I never heard of this style up until now. Obviously an outcome when you eat rainbow salt too much. I my future children ever think of wearing this stuff, I give them plane ticket to Japan to wait for next earthquake. Sorry, but sometimes too much is too much.
Natalie Bossone (20 days ago)
I’m not decora but I’m very pastel goth and fairy kei in one
Boby Berry (21 days ago)
lol so this is where 69 got his inspiration from
XX Hehe (21 days ago)
AAAA kurebayashiiii
dhea nabila (21 days ago)
So basically, japanese love cute stuff.. i don’t see what’s so weird about that
ilove2929 (22 days ago)
I somehow expected the founder of fruit mag will have some unique fashion style 😅 i was wrong
eve singeo_0 (22 days ago)
Kurebayashii!!!!!!!! I love her
SoenaDePuma (22 days ago)
Misogynist (22 days ago)
The way their costumes stand out in the gray dull city life is charming even if they do it for attention.
Bangtan Boyoz (22 days ago)
They look so cute (: 💜
Ishrat Rahman (23 days ago)
kawaiiii kawaiiiiiiii kaaaaawaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii
She she B (23 days ago)
Are there other decora girls from Oregon? Owo? 💕💖
Daniel Mora (23 days ago)
Comentario en español pasando...
yuno gasai (23 days ago)
The girl on the thumbnail is so pretty!:3
GirlCalledKris2 (23 days ago)
Honestly I think it's really cool! They look adorable and they seem happy, so why not? 😉
shinimitsuki (23 days ago)
i love their hair, they have the freedom to express themselves. i guess some are wearing wigs and some are actual hairs with different colors, i've been wondering lately if they have a job are they even allowed to have those loud and vibrant hair colors? or they are just going to wear wigs to work? i heard from a friend that lives in japan that you are not allowed to have those kinds of hair color for work, it would totally suck tho.
RAINBOW DIP (23 days ago)
All fun and games till they old an they still rocking this lol
Cyumonite (23 days ago)
isn't it weird all japanese are kawaii's,but im scared because in the inside they are broken thinkin of suicide.
*It's a secret* (23 days ago)
Hlodowigoat (24 days ago)
Way to many colors.... But I really do respect the lifestyle a lot 👍
danhi333 (24 days ago)
This isn't psychotic at all
JusticeForAll J (24 days ago)
i went to harjuku last week. i not a fan of it. mainly because clothing and fashion is not my thing. but overall i did enjoy experiencing the different cultures. im still currently in japan and staying at nagano.
- LightSwitch - (24 days ago)
*Harajuku: Your lolis and anime waifus are in YOUR neighborhood*
Blue Love (24 days ago)
I’d be scared bc ppl might bully me ;-;
kazrael greene (24 days ago)
die antwoord
DICAPO LYPSE (25 days ago)

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