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Debrand your Galaxy S i9000 and install a stock rom

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This video will show you how to debrand your Galaxy S from it's carrier. This doesn't unlock your sim but it wil release its product code from your carriers network. To download the correct frimware for your phone visit www.samfirmware.com and register a free account. Once registered you can visit the firmware section - Android - Samsung Galaxy S i9000. You will also need to download Odin3.1.3 which is also available in the firmware section. Password for all firmware is (sammobile.com) Please note that by flashing your phone you will void your warranty. I am not responsible for anything going wrong with your phone. This video has been made in good faith!
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Text Comments (127)
Donald Lemoine (1 year ago)
Get a Great Deal on the Jig/Dongle here - http://tinyurl.com/ycl5lfs9
Stefan van Aggelen (2 years ago)
Thanks hero!!!!!
knight 194 (2 years ago)
*#272*...............# does not work on s5 g900v marshmallow 6.0.1 :( has anyone tried on this model? thank you! 8
Mike Van Der Vegt (2 years ago)
Thx. 1st i try'd odin 3.11, it kept on failing and last try it took way to long with no real difference in % , try'd odin 3.07 and all workd well so thx again for the video :)
norma lynn (3 years ago)
Hi was sonderring is you know a way I can download my text messages and photo gallery to my computer before I rest my phone to factory setting?
فيديوهات (3 years ago)
Option 5 Je ne ai pas quelle est la solution plz
Diogo Pereira 157 (3 years ago)
the sim is from Vodafone ?
prince larsen (3 years ago)
Hi my Samsung Galaxy GT- I9003 unbootable he remained fixed on the samsung logo need help please
Lucas van der Ven (3 years ago)
omg this help me so much i love you!!!!!!
Valentina Sardo (4 years ago)
Hello , I can not download the firmaware for samsung galaxy i9000 .. could you help me ?
Sanjeev Sharma (4 years ago)
my phone wont start. it shows black screen, when i turn it on. and when its on charging its shows some BUFFERING symbol only.. what to do?
David Streetly (4 years ago)
what a load of rubbish you cant find phone you cant find firmware the swite you get from net is diffrent from his in video basicly i think my self what a waste of time go look else where.
bLack nyt (4 years ago)
hi sir cant you help mi in my samsung gt i9003 can you give mi ah stock rom in my gt i9003 thank you sir
Prajwal Rao (5 years ago)
i am not able to find the firmware
Kenneth Grech (4 years ago)
krisbg06 pro (5 years ago)
send this programe onid3 plese
mrhotrodart (5 years ago)
where can i download file for galaxy SL I9003
Azuze Ahamad (5 years ago)
Where should i download the correct firmware... Plez help
Puggered UK (5 years ago)
The process is the same but you will need to download the correct firmware for the i9001. Hope this helps :)
Azuze Ahamad (5 years ago)
hii.. bro this will work on galaxy s plus i9001 ??? plez i need u r help...
Puggered UK (5 years ago)
Ebay! Just run a search on Samsung galaxy S jig. They are very cheap :)
allemandeHD (5 years ago)
Francesco Barbieri (5 years ago)
You saved my phone, many thanks :)
Ridha Elabed (5 years ago)
thanks so much....help me good
TheCezario2000 (5 years ago)
Roses are red, flowers are blue, the title is english, why movie isn't too ?
Puggered UK (5 years ago)
Your welcome :)
ramesh saroj (5 years ago)
thanks sir
يعطيك العافيه وانشالله تدخل الاسلام قولو امين والله يكثر من امثالك
Maldy Gaming (5 years ago)
Puggered UK (5 years ago)
lol :)
Zero Hoots (5 years ago)
lmao, your avatars, I thought you were answering to yourself at first glance
Maldy Gaming (5 years ago)
type *#06#
Nebojsa Dzoganovic (5 years ago)
Do you type in an IMEI that U find bellow the battery *original one* or how do you get one?
Dylan Montreaal (6 years ago)
where did you get the jpy file i cant get it
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Yes you can use the same Odin but you can't use the same firmware :)
Gabs lefloch (6 years ago)
i have a i9003 too, can i use the same version of odin as you or not? i can't find the odin download link on the samsung firmware site. Please help
GaMeRkInG1910 (6 years ago)
im going to be installing a custom rom on my phone if i do this first will it still be ok to do
IMrSkippy (6 years ago)
Hi when i try go into recovery mode it goes straight onto the menu and doesn't come up? I've tried this about 11 times
screamingpig1 (6 years ago)
Could you go in to recovery, delete the 3 things you did, then plug in Kies and install a fresh clean version of the latest firmware? Thanks
Baris Önen (6 years ago)
Why they dont found my costum room?
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
download link is in video description :)
Straat Headlines (6 years ago)
Hi i have Samsung galaxy s but i can't find a firmware for it? where should i look?? PLEASE HELP.
Slain (6 years ago)
thanks for the help i only learned about all this android root and roms stuff today and i rooted my phone already because an app kept saying feature unavailable in unroot so i looked it up and found this vid while looking and its very useful thanks XD
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Question 1 Debranding removes the carriers version of the rom. This can include apps which they include and can't be deleted. Also and splash or start up screens/ tunes Question 2 A stock rom is the rom designed for the phone they way Samsung intended it to be Question 3 Rooting the phone is simply upgrading your kernel to one which gives you "root access" This in turn allows you to edit/ modify and delete any part of the rom etc which you choose. This step must be exercised with caution!
Slain (6 years ago)
hi im new to android and i want to know what does debranding your phone do and is their any reason to do it? and what does installing a stock rom do? i know what a rom is but whats the point of a stock rom? i would really appreciate it if someone can answer these questions for me as iv already rooted my galaxy s thanks
monk vixai keobounyang (6 years ago)
please help me,my samsung root error?
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
follow this guide and download 19003 files instead
Mandeep Sohi (6 years ago)
i have Galaxy S i9003 and i want to reset to default firmware and baseband tell me what should i do??
MrColakid11 (6 years ago)
Hello there would you be able to give me a login and password for sammobile as i can't seem to be able to register?
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Try entering recovery and perform a factory reset. Failing that then re flash it again with the last CM9 rom or restore any previous back ups that you have made with Clockwork
0laZz (6 years ago)
Hey dude, i have the Galaxy s Plus, i have Android 4.2.1 and the CM9 Custom ROM in it i installed the Team Win Recovery Project v2.2.1 into it and today i restarted my phone because the battery died out and now im stuck in the TWRP sreen and it won't reboot my phone
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
OK Bud. go back in to sam mobile and download an older rom i.e JPU as that has 4 files. Put the pit file in the pit box, PDA file in the PDA box,Phone file in the Modem box and CSC in the CSC box. Flash that then flash the latest stock rom and fingers crossed this will work.
kai doyle (6 years ago)
yeah ive done all this, ive tried installing about 6 different ROMS now and clearing it after each attempt, my phone is now in a 'bootloop' when i start it up after the installation of the ROM seemed to be succesful D: Just feels like I've done everything!!
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Hi mate, log in to sammobile and register. Click on the firmware and files tab then enter your details of phone and this will bring up every file available for your device. See my S3 video for an idea of what I mean
kai doyle (6 years ago)
hello mate really good video, just wondering the website seems to have changed since you made the video..I cant seem to find the firmware you used now. Is there a different one I can use? Do i need to use the firmware i had installed originally? I had to do factory reset so I have no idea what firmware was installed before, many thanks
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Thanks buddy :)
Brijesh Soans (6 years ago)
This is the best video so far! I was searching for the past 10 hours for something to fix my issue and YOU FINALLY HELPED!! Thank you soo much for this video it was an incredible help!
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Cheers buddy, I'm glad it helped you :-))
Split10 (6 years ago)
Fantastic video. I had a Samsung I needed to de-brand (to get rid of the orange bloat-ware) and this worked a treat. We need more videos like this.
Sarwajeet Pandey (6 years ago)
my samsung galaxy s1 i9003 not opening recovery mode when i am opening recovery mode its show download and not getting start...............
Krepe (6 years ago)
Does it matter if i download a firmware from another region? like the netherlands and my stock region is brazil. will the phone still work?? Do i have to be rooted to do this?
Eglantina Santos (6 years ago)
when i start my galaxy s i9003 it becomes ''frozen'' when it displays ''samsung''. What should i do?
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Hi MJALBAGHDADI, have you tried a factory data reset? If so and its still boot looping then download a low level rom like JPU and flash all the files, PDA, Phone, CSC and pit. This will sort the problem out then simply flash the latest firmware of your choice. Check out my other videos on how to do this
Muhammed Alkawaz (6 years ago)
hello now am having this problem where my phone wannt start hust stuck on the galaxy logo i think i might downloaded the wrong firmware and i flashed it but the same!! ant idea please,, u ve been much helpful month ago when i downloaded my 2.3.6 firm ware but now am stuck on this case help!
Sahlan Safwan (6 years ago)
will this work on i9000t?
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Hi, try having a look on XDA Developers and if the problem isn't listed in their topics then start a new topic with your MMC Boot failure as I'm sure someone there will be able to point you to a link to download boot loaders if tats what your phone needs. Hope this helps
khan ali (6 years ago)
Thank you so much sir for answering back,i have try to flashing everything was ok till comand from odin to phone rebot but after reboot same problem samsung logo and a litle white point uper left im just pissed off and throw to wand but still an what i do with thid galöaxy s plus gt-i9001.Thanks n advanced
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
plug your phone in to the pc and then let your pc download the drivers. if this doesn't work then download kies and install that for the drivers. This should help
Muhammed Alkawaz (6 years ago)
please help is says "cannot open the serial(com)port" from odin, galaxy s GT-I9003
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Remember to put the correct files in order which are usually PDA= PDA, CSC= CSC, Modem = Phone and if there is a .pit file, then this goes in the PIT box. Attach your phone to your pc and the com port on Odin should turn yelleo. If not then your pc should automatically download the drivers for it. See my video called (Return to stock rom Galaxy S i9000) when using the 4 files and follow the guide. You won't need to worry about having a lag fix applied because you don't have one. Good luck! :-))
Puggered UK (6 years ago)
Hi, It sounds like your phone is possibly missing boot loaders or they are corrupt. At this stage I would suggest going to sammobile and register (its free) then go to the firmware tab and in the search box type in i9001 then download a fresh copy of the firmware to suit your country. Once downloaded you will need to unzip it with winrar or 7zip. Once you have reached this stage put your phone back in to download mode so that you can see the yellow Android man then reflash
khan ali (6 years ago)
Hi PLEASE HELP I have very very big problem that my galaxy s plus GT-i9001 branded 1&1 germany,last weak i have download a game from app store after that my phone just not working perfect i have try to reformat but after reformat only samsung logo and one little white point on the left upper corner,i have try to flashing with odin 4.4.3 phone conenct the color became also yellow mean driver installed everything i have did when i click on start button then came on my phone display MMC BOOT FAILD
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
I think so. I never run stock. My rom is Ice cream Sandwich powered by CM9 and whips Gingerbreads ass ;-)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
No. The Galaxy S i9000 phones shouldn't be locked to any carrier. If your phone is locked then there are free apps on the market to unlock it ;-)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
? what firmware did you download
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Excellent dude! let me know how you got on :-))
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Nightly. Get the latest one which should be the 29th April
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Google "cyanogenmod forum" then scroll down to samsung galaxy s i9000 then on the custom roms sub forum click on downloads ;-)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
I personally run CM9
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
yes but you will need to root the phone in order to get cwm to work
Abdul Cader (7 years ago)
you are the man.. you made my day.. thanks a lot..!!! Jazakallah no more ugly 'Bouygues Telecom' logo & stupid French apps from my dad's Galaxy S.
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Your welcome :-))
Ohgie Moreno (7 years ago)
Thanks i got my brick galaxy s sc-02b flying again your the angel ,after i brick it by flashing new kernel i havent got the idea to bring it back again,because of your video you bring my SGS to life again...thanks your the guy who use real brain...ill be here watching your video always ...any idea how to root my devise?hahaha just asking after that many months of not having my SGS around im afraid to do any flashing now ..thanks again more power..:)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Have you added the rest of the files (if required) PDA - MODEM - CSC?
TriGZ (7 years ago)
on my Odin software, when i click start (after following your steps), it asks for PIT: Added!! Odin v.3 engine (ID:22).. File analysis.. SetupConnection.. Initialzation.. Get PIT for mapping..
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
Hi, go to sammobile com (adding the dots) and then click on the "firmware" tab then in the search box type in i9000. The firmware you want is "I9000OXAJVT" and then flash it with Odin. Hope this helps :)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@MasterTubing Hiya, The letters at the end of the ROM correspond to your country. For example I'm based in the UK so my country's code will end in XEU. If you go to sam mobile. com then register (free) and click on the "firmware" tab you can type in "i9000" in the search box and this will show you all the ROMS which are available for download as well as the country's its suited to. Some downloads are just a one file flash and other require you to flash 4 files. see my other vids for this process
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@NutsIsSpeakin yes, if you flash it with Odin v4.43 and you also need the AriesVE.ops file which will be part of the download
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@NutsIsSpeakin I was wondering when this question would pop up! The Galaxy S plus i9001 flashes in a similar way but this time with Odin 4.43 and/ or with Odin EX v1.01. The technique is more or less the same and easy enough to do. If I get a chance I will put a video up on how to do it ;)
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@Brad2k111 Yes
SuperMonkey (7 years ago)
does it worked with bricked Sgs i9000
fernandobo009 (7 years ago)
can you help me flash to stock the samsung exhibit 2 4g please i really need help!
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@garrypig I have no idea buddy as I'm not an apple fanboy. Its my daughters laptop and its an HP if that helps put your curiosity at bay :-))
Garry Reyom (7 years ago)
That laptop doesn't look like they copied the design from a MacBook Pro at all does it?
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@reehays do a factory data reset then see if it fixes it, if not then re flash again making sure the files are in the correct boxes.
Em Alaihem (7 years ago)
after i flashed using odin,it says error in/cache/recovery/sec_csc.zip.How to fix this?
Ben Lowe (7 years ago)
I just got your reply - that was from so long ago i couldnt evan remember what it was all about lol - i've progressed a long way from then - currently on DarkyROM JVR_Base_R3.2 with Goldielicious Red theme.
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@BEN5L Put the files in the following order in the Odin interface CSC= CSC Phone= Modem PDA= PDA Pit= Pit then tick the box
Anirban Das (7 years ago)
@puggereduk Thanks I downloaded the XXJVR from samfirmware. It has 3 files 1. CSC.tar 2. CODE_I9000XXJVR_CL425308_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5 3. MODEM_I9000XXJVR_REV_00_CL1044379.tar.md5 How do you suggest I select these files on the ODIN.
Puggered UK (7 years ago)
@dasanirb Some roms come as a single file so in that case you put the tar file in the PDA box and leave repartition unchecked then flash the phone. Hope this helps

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