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Teen Bedroom Tour - Daughter's Room Makeover Finale

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Hey Daisies!! I'm excited to finally share with you my daughter's bedroom makeover. Hope you love it! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more videos. Thanks for watching! Check out other videos in this makeover series: DIY Headboard https://youtu.be/l7H49u7A61I DIY Decorative Letters https://youtu.be/On9yJg58Ltk Room Haul https://youtu.be/vq1tH45kos0 DIY Desk/Vanity https://youtu.be/sFjadBXcp7Y Join me on social media: https://www.instagram.com/designedbyadaeze https://www.pinterest.com/designbyadaeze https://www.twitter.com/designbyadaeze Snapchat @designby_adaeze Contact: [email protected] Website: designedbyadaeze.com
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Text Comments (305)
Jesse Lynn (8 hours ago)
I love this makeover!
sadia shaikh (10 days ago)
Ahh I want that room
Andrea Ornelas (13 days ago)
Great style
Diane Dukes (14 days ago)
Gorgeous room and prayer journal
Angela Alexis (18 days ago)
Your daughter room is beautiful
Jenevieve Brown (1 month ago)
Are you an interior decorator? I live in Clayton County. South side of Atlanta. I would definitely pay you to re do or help me re do my bedroom and living room. I love your style!
DesignedbyAdaeze (17 days ago)
Thank you! Yes I do, just send me an email & we can discuss further.
Jennifer Hargrove (1 month ago)
Yunz did a gorgeous job decorating this room.... beautiful
IVORI IS HERE (1 month ago)
I love ur daughter room and i want my room theam to be teal
I have the same flower knobs..... 😂
Simply Miranda (1 month ago)
What is paint color called and where from
R u supposed to use nails to hang up a tapestry? I can't find a way to put mine up
Yoadis Cepero (2 months ago)
Absolutely gorgeous 💙💙
Shanara Blue (2 months ago)
Just came across this video, wow !! Simply stunning x
zulma z (2 months ago)
so beautyful, I love it!
Cynthia Carter (2 months ago)
Beautiful space
Tee Bee (2 months ago)
Wow, everything was just gorgeous! Who knows, one day you could be the interior designer for HGTV's smart home 20??...
Bintou Cole (2 months ago)
Ik this is late but beautiful room! My question is what if the comforter called? Cause I would like my room to be teal and white c:
tanzaniasouthafrica (3 months ago)
Where can I find the chair? By the room the is very beautiful. My daughter’s favorite color. I am planning on making something similar.
Mrs Monet (3 months ago)
What brand of paint of color is that on the walls and name of it also where did u get it ?
Vilma Carmona (3 months ago)
Beautiful job !! Everything looks great 🌹❤
Melissa Flores (3 months ago)
Gorgeous room. Where is ur dresser from
DesignedbyAdaeze (3 months ago)
Thank you! It was from a local furniture store but it’s gone out of business.
NatalieVegas1965 (3 months ago)
Where is the bling tray w rhinestone from please? So gorgeous
RubeTues TV (3 months ago)
NatalieVegas1965 Ross, Marshall, HomeGoods, tjmaxx
#Oreo & DIY# (4 months ago)
Wow soon I’m having a room makeover maybe similar too this!
Cristeena Mirela (4 months ago)
You don’t happen to be in NJ are you ? Lol
DesignedbyAdaeze (4 months ago)
Lol No I’m not, but I do virtual consultation and design. If you’re interested just email me💕it’s in the description box.
Cristeena Mirela (4 months ago)
This video is awesome I’m getting ready to redo my daughters room and the funny thing is she has similar room to before your room redo and wants the same turquoise aqua transformation...
DesignedbyAdaeze (4 months ago)
Thanks so much! Have fun with it!
Quinetta Barley (5 months ago)
I love the colors especially the blue, we’re did you get that kind of color lue for her walls from
DesignedbyAdaeze (5 months ago)
Thank you! It’s Bermuda Bay by Colorplace from WalMart
Elizabeth Hamilton (5 months ago)
Absolutely Gorgeous! Great use of space also. Love the colors. Great job! 👍
Joan Butterfly (5 months ago)
I love it , all of it my god it is so beautiful.
kita coney (6 months ago)
Beautiful love the soft color
Marie Reyes (6 months ago)
I love her room there colors OMG...!
Robin Harris (6 months ago)
You did a great job on her room You have a very good mom.You is bless to have your mom in your life.I lost my mom when I was 6 years old.And never had beautiful. room yours.But ut now I have 38 year old who I love so much.And a 34 year old son.I love to see mom daughters like you and your mom.May god bless you both.You is pretty like your mom.📖👍
DesignedbyAdaeze (6 months ago)
Awww 🤗Thank you so much for the kind words. Blessings to you and your children. Thanks for watching!!
A. Shumate (7 months ago)
Love, love LOVE! The colors are beautiful and the attention to details were inspiring. I'm definitely going to subscribe!
Cynthia Rice (7 months ago)
Lovely room!!😀
Tysha Smith (7 months ago)
Beautiful I love it.
Margaret E (7 months ago)
I love her room! I’m around her age and that’s my dream room. And she is beautiful!💜
DesignedbyAdaeze (7 months ago)
Aww thank you sweetheart!💕
Angela Dorsey (7 months ago)
Wow! You did an awesome job...I know your daughter love her new room.
Denise Harlin (7 months ago)
You are a wonderful Mom. You put your heart into decorating her room. It looks beautiful! She is a pretty young lady and blessed to have you as her mother.
DesignedbyAdaeze (7 months ago)
Thanks so much!! Thats very kind of you😊
Naimee Odero (7 months ago)
Hallo, where did you buy the flower dresser knobs?.. link please. thanks
DesignedbyAdaeze (7 months ago)
They came with the dresser as the original knobs. TFW
Libby's Little Garden (7 months ago)
Kim Ryals (7 months ago)
Lovely room perfect color just the color I want my kitchen n livingroom
Stephanie Kinch (8 months ago)
Absolutely Beautiful!!!! I know your daughter loves her room. I wish I was that creative but unfortunately I'm not but you definitely gave me some ideas. Absolutely Beautiful. Tfs
Inspirations of Style (8 months ago)
You did a wonderful job with your daughters bedroom! 💗
DesignedbyAdaeze (8 months ago)
Thanks so much!💕
Tiara Coles (8 months ago)
Love this was looking for inspiration for my daughters room and found it here. The wall flowers, the white ones, are they size medium or large?
DesignedbyAdaeze (8 months ago)
Thank you! Hobby Lobby only had 2 sizes and these were the larger ones.
Tee Kay (8 months ago)
Syeda Sofwana (8 months ago)
Where did u get the jewellery holder from
Felicia Lizziel (8 months ago)
OMG my 15 yo DD's name is Jailyn as well! She also loves blue!! Nicejob on the decor!
hersheythebody (8 months ago)
I'm at work 9:30.till 5:30.am. your video helped stay awake, well more so woke me up. 😂😂😂😂😂
hersheythebody (8 months ago)
Lucy Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful
Debbie Savings (8 months ago)
I just found your you tube channel. You are so very talented and did an amazing job on your daughters room! I was wondering what you used to hang the letters on Jailyn’s wall. Anyway, you did an awesome job and I love all the colors! Have a blessed day!
DesignedbyAdaeze (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! I used the scotch double sided adhesives on the back.
Carol Mele (9 months ago)
Nice job on your daughters room mom. It looks very age appropriate. Warm and cozy . Can you come here now lol 😀
DesignedbyAdaeze (9 months ago)
Thanks so much! & Lol I surely would if I could. 🙂
Zinell Johnson (9 months ago)
Great job! She chose beautiful color contrasting. Thanks for sharing.
supamodel23 (9 months ago)
Love it.
patrice moore (9 months ago)
You did a very good job !!!!!!
Naimah Hunte (10 months ago)
Wow you did a great job with the room I'm so in love with it!!😄
La-Kisha Nance-Houston (10 months ago)
Awesome! You did wonderful!
just1jyf (10 months ago)
Love the room and the little details. Where is the let's get lost shaker from on her dresser?
DesignedbyAdaeze (10 months ago)
Thank you! It’s from Marshall’s.
Jailyn Gjika (10 months ago)
we have the same name and spelling lol!
Lola Cola (10 months ago)
This room came out so beautifully! I want to do something like this to my daughter's room when we move. P.s your daughter is so beautiful! Ya'll look more like sisters though. Love your vids!
DesignedbyAdaeze (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!!
Jessica B (10 months ago)
The letters look amazing how did u get them on the wall ?
DesignedbyAdaeze (10 months ago)
Thank you. I used Scotch adhesive strips
Alexis Becerra (10 months ago)
Beautiful! What size is her bed?? 😍😍
DesignedbyAdaeze (10 months ago)
Thanks! It’s a full size
LGnLA (10 months ago)
Irena same (10 months ago)
really nice, done with love that only a mom can give
Michelle Thompson (11 months ago)
Gorgeous room for your daughter you out did yourself!!
Demi Harden (11 months ago)
Her room is gorgeous 💙👍👍👍
Tanisha Williams (11 months ago)
I love this room. What are the names of the gray and turquoise colors and brands used?
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
Thanks! It’s Bermuda Bay & Fossil Grey by ColorPlace
Bethany Finesse (11 months ago)
@designedbyadaeze were did u get the dresser from
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
From a local furniture store in my area. TFW
Krystle J (11 months ago)
You did such an Amazing... job on her room I love it! I would never want to leave my room . 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jeannette Willliams (11 months ago)
Awesome, blessed young lady, continue to make your "mom" proud.
Mary Reece (11 months ago)
Awesome! Love love love it. You did Great!
ROSLYN JONES (11 months ago)
I love her room. How old is she? My granddaughter is younger , but i think she might like this!!! I’m going to share the video with her now.
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
Thank you! She just turned 14
Jennifer Hill (11 months ago)
Teen is blessed to have a mom like this
2352anne (11 months ago)
I love your daughter's room.💕 You did a great job and I love her color scheme.👌 She must be so happy.😊 Tfs hugs Anne.
Jessica Young (11 months ago)
Love it 😍😍😍😍
Redeemed H (11 months ago)
Very inviting & chic
Sato san (11 months ago)
Nice to meet you. I am Japanese. please tell me. Where did you buy the 'let's get lost' and 'It is not fancy' boards? Did you make it? I want it too!
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
They came from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for watching!
Shanta Elizenberry (11 months ago)
Beautiful just Beautiful
Looks awesome 👏🏼 Love your Design congratulations 🎉
jody huntsman (11 months ago)
My favorite color
jody huntsman (11 months ago)
rochelle prather (11 months ago)
U r a maser decorator!!!!!A+++++++
LaShondia Chambers (11 months ago)
Magaly Xum (11 months ago)
Hola muy muy bonito felizidades 👍💯💯💯
Itsbrookeandjai (11 months ago)
how funny is it that I clicked you video because im redoing my daughter room cause her fav color blue and our girls have the same nameeeee except my daughter has an extra N 💙
Norma Garcia (11 months ago)
😍 I really love it I would like to do the same on my daughters room
Terri Troutner (11 months ago)
Good shelving idea.
Terri Troutner (11 months ago)
So grown up and tidy. Love it
TheSexcellentDiva (11 months ago)
Very nice!
Dory Dory (11 months ago)
Hi 👋🏽 My favorite color 🎨😍
Claudia Wilson (11 months ago)
OMG this is amazing I want my daughters room to look like this You're talented!
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words!!😊
TrinnaB Glam (11 months ago)
This room is breath taking! This is my favorite color! You can tell from my home tour videos. Lol. You did an awesome job! I love it. I am sure she appreciates the great mom she has. I'm inspired!! Tfs
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
Awww thanks so much for the kind words!!💕 TFW
MissCarter78 (11 months ago)
msblatrice (11 months ago)
So very beautiful!😍😍😍
yesenia perez (11 months ago)
Oreo O (11 months ago)
What paint is that?
Elle Deme (11 months ago)
L Monae (11 months ago)
Simply beautiful!! Love the color scheme and accent pieces!! 😍😍😍
life is beautiful (11 months ago)
so cute you are really talented your daughter is lucky to have you what an amazing mama💕🌸
Angela Barbee (11 months ago)
You did awesome job with your daughter room I love it!!
blondie warrior (11 months ago)
Jailyn your mom made a beautiful transformation of your bedroom. Enjoy it.
DesignedbyAdaeze (11 months ago)
She says thank you & she has truly been enjoying it! TFW💕

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