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Text Comments (6006)
Rose Likes To Draw (4 hours ago)
I’m under the age of 14 and I already have REALLY and I mean REALLY bad body image issues, and this...did not make me feel ANY better. Made me feel way worse about my body.......
mary fondren (2 days ago)
every body shhhh she is amazing girl you got this erika
mary fondren (2 days ago)
hey plz shout me out I love youuuuuuu earic cosstell
Daki Naja (2 days ago)
Im just here earing icecream in bed an loving my self
catastrofe (5 days ago)
I feel so bad for her, she thinks she is making right choices but when you read the comments it shows how wrong she is about life
Dani Holmes (6 days ago)
Promoting size zero to 12 year olds. You are disgusting!
Rhana Sullivan (13 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click baited And so did you
Gabbi Durham (13 days ago)
Girl what did you do to yourself?
Gabbi Durham (13 days ago)
This video was clickbait asf
Callum Tall (15 days ago)
Awesome video 😆😆😆😍😍😍
Malachi Thornton-Fukui (16 days ago)
Your edits are not entertaining to me your life looks cool but idk man.
Twinkie178809 (18 days ago)
wait ut she wasnt in the show like i dont get it
Kimber Collett (18 days ago)
people need to stop hating on her bc she is beautiful! all of you are just jealous of her🙄
Carm3333 Hayslip (30 days ago)
I wish I was erika
BeaCG (1 month ago)
She looks way too old to walk in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, her prime time is long gone :/
Hunter Largo (1 month ago)
Erika do a video with cole and sav or ace family
Megan Kelly (1 month ago)
Over the past year Erica has gotten skinny in a scary way..
Maisie Squires (1 month ago)
Please stop doing this to yourself like u say there's room for more improvement well.... that's not always the case because you were all ready thin and your influencing young girls to always be thin, thin is the best look, well its not ! all bodys are beautiful and unique is there own way so plz not influencing young girls like that
Savannah Hope (1 month ago)
People know bc of the title nah duh
Shelby Hall (1 month ago)
You should get back together with jake
leah sailus (1 month ago)
Why she do her girl dirty like that , 5:27 lol
Gabriella Thomas (1 month ago)
u look like my 40 year old aunt
LUIKEN MATTHEW (1 month ago)
Why you dump jake
Kelsie Russell (1 month ago)
Your super pretty
No offence but she look like a 40 years old woman who wanna be a young girl
Lilee Thomas (1 month ago)
Why can’t you and jake be together I cry bc you two are the ppl that made me happy 🥺
Ally Daily (1 month ago)
she looks like she has anorexia
Trisha van der Weert (1 month ago)
Trisha van der Weert (1 month ago)
Trisha van der Weert (1 month ago)
Minaj (1 month ago)
😂😂😂poor girl
baby boo (1 month ago)
Woah did she not have undies on when she was doin that weird thing on her private O_o
Jelanster (1 month ago)
How hard did I get u cheeks clapped
Elizabeth Paulsen (1 month ago)
You are so beautiful I wish I was you because you're beautiful and I love goats and you do
Sophia Noecker (1 month ago)
ohhh myyy goddd stop shading her, change isn't a bad thing, she doesn't look like a 50 year old she looks flawless she decides what she wants to with her body she is amazing so stop being incredibly rude and accept her. Congrats soooo proud of where u have come from, she is so inspirational and kind and funny and smart love u erika
yadira bello (1 month ago)
I watch you on 📺 tv
Gabbi Durham (1 month ago)
If you’re wondering Erika didn’t walk in the show.
Sarela_campos1 (1 month ago)
Xuan Kremer (1 month ago)
But why is she doing all this? She is not even walking the show tbh
Giulia Lin (1 month ago)
when u ask ur mom to buy you a barbie and she buys you a bratz instead:
Giulia Lin (1 month ago)
you look like the gingerbread's man wife
Alorah Bruce (1 month ago)
stuff like this is why I stopped watching Erika. her vlogs were so funny and good to watch a year ago but now all she does is show her body and “fixing” it. whenever I watch a video like this I feel so fat. you do want you want girls but I hope others do get the same message I do, to any girls you are perfect and you don’t have to change anything♥️
hunterkill97 (1 month ago)
I don’t like Kendall Jenner for Victoria secret. My personal opinion she is not that good as a model to be in Victoria secret.
Leni Pe (1 month ago)
Wow i came her because i saw her in shanes Video and i thought she was so pretty and natural but wtf happend???
Potato_withalife (1 month ago)
Anyone else cane from spill?
Ayrre B (1 month ago)
You did not walk the 2018 show
Steph Ristovski (1 month ago)
Ruby Colquhoun (1 month ago)
Why you clickbate every body. Na to clickbate
Lauren Hills (1 month ago)
She kinda looks like Gigi Hadid that got stung by a bee
Yasmeen Plp (1 month ago)
Omfg...young girls watch this! Im young as well! Please anyone dont ever adopt this mindset! Everyone has a bodyshape...its disgusting! Your comments... I mean wow!
Ali C (2 months ago)
3:49 “I’m not actually walking”
blac bunnny (2 months ago)
How Tf can u lose 10 pounds no offence but u dont need to lose anything u have unrealistic standards
Alyssa Lol no (2 months ago)
i wish i was this skinny😭
Natasha Rose (2 months ago)
Omg, humans are so sensitive! You do you girl! We all feel insecure about something so leave her alone! And there is always room for improvements if it's for your mental health physical health or fitness In general!
Viyzy (2 months ago)
To be honest I thought she looked the prettiest in 11:26 when she was natural.
melissa2146 (2 months ago)
I feel sorry for you. Why do you have to be smaller to appear at a fashion show? Your body looks amazing, you need to stop focusing on your weight and focus on being happy and live your life.
Ashley_ Gacha life (2 months ago)
Im 11 and this Is making me feel horrible about my body 🙁😕😭
Luxi Walz (2 months ago)
small,skinny bodies are not the only beautiful ones. ALL BODY TYPES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! my thic mamas out there, you are so perfect !! god MADE you to look this way for a reason ! your stretch marks are his messy signatures he leaves when he has finished his work of art , you !!! don’t belittle yourself and tell yourself you need to be skinnier , feel amazing in your own skin ! and for you erika, you don’t need to put it out there how happy you are that you weigh about 50 pounds. keep it to yourself because ALL WEIGHTS are beautiful ! be confident ladies <3
Shishter (2 months ago)
As a young girl who used to look up to you ,it’s very hard for me to see you go threw so much to be “perfect” . Common girl you should be encouraging people not making them feel bad about themselves, I know it wasn’t your goal to make us feel that way but still , I’m 12 years old and I weight like 95 pounds I get bullied, bot like a lot but still, my friends sometimes call me fat but in a “cute” way (sorry it got so deep I just don’t wanna bother anyone in my life with this). But it doesn’t make me confident ,so youtube used to be my way out and now everyone’s about being perfect wearing make-up so they could feel confident..... so please stop this is not good for anyone (not hating just my opinion) 🙂
Kayla S (2 months ago)
Erika, young girls watch your videos and are subscribed to your channel. Stop making them feel like being super skinny and small is the only way you will be perceived as beautiful in this world. So many struggle with eating disorders, self esteem issues, self worth, and you promoting constantly being skinny only makes them feel like this is the way they need to be in order to be liked, popular, famous, etc. you should use your platform for doing better being better - trying to boost the confidence in others that really need it most.
yamini mishra (2 months ago)
How old is she
Oscar Barrantes (2 months ago)
Well girl i love u so much
Danie Caparids (2 months ago)
Did she have a plastic surgery? Don't like her look now a days, she changed (I haven't watch her for couple of months now)
Lexy Salas (2 months ago)
She looks like an off brand chrissy teigen
rasachi (1 month ago)
Rachael Vargas (1 month ago)
Lily Hayes (2 months ago)
I'm not a Costeller anymore , because your losing wait so you can be Skinner and you making other people feel like your body shaming them you don't need to be tiny to be BE-U-tiful 😒😥
So you’re actually not pregnant but you by Drake
Why did you break up with Jake Paul
Kiss and Makeup (2 months ago)
I can’t concentrate on what you are saying because all the fillers are distracting me. Please get all that crap dissolved! You don’t need it!
Melody Rodriguez (2 months ago)
She’s ruining her stomach idk what’s going through her head but too much fat loss looks so bad I’m not even looking at abs I’m looking at her intestines it’s gross
icy star (2 months ago)
What happened to her cheeks? Oh my...
Caitlin Bridges (2 months ago)
you look terrible wtf happened to you
Zoetrope _ (2 months ago)
my favorite 50-year-old ughhh
iitskeykey ! (2 months ago)
u a damn lie
Twitch Best Clips (2 months ago)
I love you so much you are the best YouTuber in the word and tank you 💗😍
Nina Rabie (2 months ago)
Dammnnnn you have suchhh a nice body
sharksandsheep (2 months ago)
Her fashion sense is TERRIBLE.
Esmeralda Salas (2 months ago)
marenaleeplusthree (2 months ago)
Looking 22 and 55 at the same time. I’ve never seen such a beautiful body but a face that looks so aged!!! Stop it!!!
Eliana Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I'm so happy for you!
Bella Flores (2 months ago)
Yo stop being mean Erika is butifull in anyway she wants to be 😁😁😁💢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lily darksong (2 months ago)
12 years old?
Nicole Taher (2 months ago)
You would be more excited to see Kendall, Gigi, etc than the actual angels lol
Jennifer omg (2 months ago)
Who loves Erika costell
Hannah Truesdale (2 months ago)
So... Why is the title "I'm walking in the VS fashion show" when you're not walking in the VS fashion show? Lol
Jodie St. John (2 months ago)
BUT YOU DID WALK IN THE SHOW! I demand answers lol I just came back to this video to confirm that you said you Were not walking.
utube ser (2 months ago)
Dream of urs?..but ur not walking in vs show
alyssa gonzales (2 months ago)
alyssa gonzales (2 months ago)
Birthday Erica Costell
alyssa gonzales (2 months ago)
Birthday Erica
elenaxadams (2 months ago)
when did she get older?
Bing Viray (2 months ago)
Erika Do a video with Jake Paul Please
Dunkin' Pinkie (2 months ago)
My aunt looks better than you.
Leslie Baten Lux (2 months ago)
Also what happen to ur face
Leslie Baten Lux (2 months ago)
U use too much clickbait
Mama Bear (2 months ago)
Tf is wrong with her face 🤭🧐👀🙀
nayely paredes (2 months ago)
Congratulations 🎉 I am so proud of you and I love ❤️ u
Aubrey Hall (2 months ago)
In YouTube there is a add for Victoria’s Secret u are in it
Kiah Love (2 months ago)
Is diss stress your face so less You look like a mess You need a dress You’re not your best
Yerishana Peralta (2 months ago)
I am 12. Been watching victorias secret for ever and also Romee Strijid and I dream of being a vs model
Val Ur not so local mom (2 months ago)
And I thought I couldn't possibly feel worse about my body.
Emma Harris (2 months ago)
Yass girl plz stop doing that to yo face!!

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