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Pokémon origins episode 1

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SEDULOUS (4 days ago)
in my country poke means pussy
Prabhat Arya (4 days ago)
Pikachu is so cute
lysha cruzatt (4 days ago)
Cruise Popata (4 days ago)
beyblade beyblade let it rip oh wait pokemon?
Cruise Popata (4 days ago)
Sandra Kayley (4 days ago)
*throws poke ball at somebody’s pet it’s mine now
Cjbarker2 (5 days ago)
Is Brock seriously voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, however his name is spelled?
Alex Kris (5 days ago)
Did charmander say meow 8:28 damn
Purple guy vs life (5 days ago)
Daren LOG (5 days ago)
No running in halls !
BlazingShadow (5 days ago)
so a few observations half way through the episode, wheres ash and pikachu?? is red voiced by the same voice actor as eren from AOT and lastly Is that F***ing Ichigo as brok!?! lmao!
Robaws (5 days ago)
This took place WAAAAYYY before Ash became a trainer
MingTube (5 days ago)
great video, awesome
Flakon (5 days ago)
1:36 Peter griffin at child
Magyar Konklewska (5 days ago)
Probo probo! I Got the All Firered Suit!
Tina Nee (6 days ago)
I feel like i'm playing red version pokemon instead of watching ;3. All the scenes is in the game.
Nahid Kamal (6 days ago)
I bet red
Leo Bautista (6 days ago)
Who else is playing Pokémon while watching this?
SamBalagtas OFFICIAL (6 days ago)
Red is amazing i watched all the episodes!
Who's getting Let's go, ready to start another new adventure in Kanto
Mayday2592 ! (6 days ago)
Why is Red such a moron?
Robaws (6 days ago)
At least he improves (unlike another certain Pokemon protagonist from Kanto)
MGTOW PORTUGAL (6 days ago)
Even Ash wasn't this dumb
Jesse Tate (6 days ago)
Who else is ready for let’s go for the switch
That is the same voice actor as Rin and Eren from their animes
Poor bulbasour
Jair Cordero (7 days ago)
Im playing pokemon red on my 3ds. Convince? I THINK NOT!!!!
Laila Wolf (6 days ago)
Coincidence* Sorry
1:40 shits his pants then falls down the stairs
Faris Gaming (7 days ago)
Sooooooo is Gary also professor oaks grandson
Robaws (7 days ago)
Yeah, younger Grandson
The Bears (7 days ago)
Red: I'll see you later mom Mom smiles, but red never came back...
Robaws (7 days ago)
+The Bears Yeah lol
The Bears (7 days ago)
+Robaws oh nvm then but that's still a long time lmao
Robaws (7 days ago)
I think he visited Pallet Town before he participated in the PWT, but that was 6 years after this lol.
Kickman Playz (7 days ago)
Professor Oak is to old to fill the Pokédex yet he’s able to run a giant farm full of Pokémon. *FACTS*
BigBoy (7 days ago)
What does the charmander say!? MEOW
Raphael Jager (7 days ago)
Poor bulbasaur, no ones like to choose it for the first time pokemon.
Kk Bb (8 days ago)
Ferdi Nugroho (8 days ago)
Rajvir Multani (8 days ago)
Oh yaar ash isto tu changa ha eh red ta kujh vi nahi ha
Keno - Roblox (8 days ago)
lol when im looking away and red's talking all i hear is rock lee
Ethan Lin (8 days ago)
Blue:I will become the best Pokémon trainer in the world Me:unless if you battle against a grass type Pokémon
Ethan Lin (8 days ago)
Charmander is my dream Pokémon because he evolves into a badass dragon
The killer57 (8 days ago)
God I know all the voice actors from other animes
Mr Crabbster (9 days ago)
Is red actually armin from aot
Md Yousuf fardeen (9 days ago)
Ma Moe (9 days ago)
Show off blue
DatBrian (9 days ago)
this anime is so freaking slow. Even Pokemon Sun and moon is better. WTF is RED? I mean WTF is POKEMON ORIGINS? THIS IS SUCH A TRASH SERIES LOL. EVERYONE SAYS ASH IS BETTER THAN RED. NOW I KNOW LOL! 😂😂😍🤣
Robaws (6 days ago)
+DatBrian what makes me think I have the gut to talk to you like this? Everything. The fact that this is the internet. The fact that I have many reasons why you're wrong. The fact that you have a Minecraft profile picture *in 2018*
DatBrian (7 days ago)
Who are you? What makes you think you got the gut to talk to me like this? I've been watching Pokemon for 10 years, and here you are asking and quoting with agony
Robaws (7 days ago)
"Everyone says Ash is better than Red" Lmao what world do you live in
GOATWERE GAMING (9 days ago)
I love how this show is based of Pokemon red and blue
Apple Pie (9 days ago)
What is the difference between ash and red are they twe different persons im confused this is my first time watching pokemon
Robaws (7 days ago)
Yes, Red was a Pokémon Trainer that turned into a child prodigy, and was forgotten as a Legend once Ash started his adventure. And as we all know, Ash...Isn't very good
Dino Squad (9 days ago)
Lol he is distracted on his computer 1:12
Drex 66 (9 days ago)
UmbreonsTCG (10 days ago)
the anime is a fun watch :3
Nīght Mārē (10 days ago)
Red Dont use Defense its always attack!
Onnyx X (10 days ago)
I wish I had Pokémon like you Red but unlike you I have more connection to my Pokémon then you!
Søren Kaas (11 days ago)
"Who are you?" "I am Lelouch vi Britannia"
OBC SQUAD (11 days ago)
I started playing pokemin game in 2008 when i was 4 years old and i had metagross,requaza,sceptile,wailord,agron and salamence in pokemon emerald.......now i have geratina,arcues,dialga,requaza x,zokrom and rishiram in pokemon mega emerald x and y gba
Ethan Chong (11 days ago)
In pokemon sun and moon, there are also trainers blue and red
*Science is so amazing*
Prince Darius Lina (11 days ago)
Blue? I thought his name was Assfart?
Dark light (11 days ago)
Wow he started with running shoes and mom didn't have to give them to him.
Poongodi M (11 days ago)
red and blue is like as ash and gary
Robaws (7 days ago)
Its the other way around
MicahFoReel (11 days ago)
Wow... Blue has serious mood swings.. weren't they like best friends
Aaron Wong (11 days ago)
11:25 life lessons
Joltzy (12 days ago)
wow science is so amazing
Sakura_ Crqwn (12 days ago)
10:34 Just your normal anime grunts m8
DatAwesome Banana (12 days ago)
One like=1 respect for bulbasaur
Oliver simpson (12 days ago)
*Science is so amazing* Me:hold on that sounds familiar
Oliver simpson (12 days ago)
*Science is so amazing* Me:hold on that sounds familiar
Shadow Ghost (12 days ago)
WHAT Brock not interested in woman but woman are interested in Him
Kyuuri Suji (12 days ago)
Not the real Red. Just a leafgreen firered adaptation
Kyuuri Suji (12 days ago)
Wasn't poliwhirl Red's first pokèmon
Funworks 163 (12 days ago)
REKHA GAGRANI (12 days ago)
what is game name ?
The One (12 days ago)
Where they get all those moneyz
Robaws (12 days ago)
Gameshark lmao
Kid (13 days ago)
1:27 Red, It's christmas!
Anna Scanlon-Kimura (13 days ago)
Is that the same voice actor as Aaron Yeager from attack on Titan?
MaxTheAxe (13 days ago)
Brock kinda sounds like ichigo from bleach but calm
Jett Sonekiao (13 days ago)
1:35 when u think u super saiyan
ismail Amr (13 days ago)
Number one
Devinose (13 days ago)
2:52 I wonder if this is why Ash says Science is so amazing in Pokemon XY
Cats are Gods (14 days ago)
why is Brock Lelouch lmao ALL HAIL BROCK VI BRITANNIA
Nuggets TT (14 days ago)
is no one gonna comment on what if brock hadnt been there to advise red? red could have become a souless pokemon trainer-_-
Robaws (13 days ago)
Well he DID become a soulless trainer...but to society. He established too much of a link to his Pokemon
Rajendra Dong (14 days ago)
ash ,and pickhu red ,and charmandle
Rajendra Dong (14 days ago)
look like a ash
SmolEevee Bowtie (14 days ago)
Red: Sciene is so amazing! Well Ash and Red are related.
DarkRed (14 days ago)
Blue is basically an experience Pokémon trainer Like someone who’s played Pokémon before
Nate Vasquez (14 days ago)
what is this
Alex Playz (15 days ago)
*Bulbasaur is lonely*
Louie Alvarado (15 days ago)
*Muk* you Gary I think you should *shrew* yourself
Robaws (13 days ago)
That isn't even Gary wtf
BlackHokage z (15 days ago)
This could have been a show
Sheldon Cooper (15 days ago)
What's with Red's voice? It's obvious Red and Blue (and possibly Gary) hit puberty at a younger age. Their testosterone levels and personal training must definitely be higher than Ash. How Ash became the village idiot and Red the Pokemon trainer prodigy I shall never know.
Robaws (13 days ago)
Because in the games, you are Red so they want YOU to feel like a legend, the biggest mark on the world etc. In the anime you're just watching someone else. I know this wasn't a long enough explanation but I think the point gets across.
Lachlan Minehan (15 days ago)
That was a strong bubble
pikachu (15 days ago)
I had that game
Tweettweetie Jamaa (15 days ago)
Oak did you grow younger
Robaws (13 days ago)
No, this was before Ash
Lukas Hernandez (15 days ago)
Is red like Ash and Blue is he like Gary
Pokemon trainer Red (15 days ago)
Jewtaro Bujo (15 days ago)
The hell was that cry squirtle made, "uh Raaaa"
Robaws (6 days ago)
U RAH lol
Miguel amaro (15 days ago)
me and red had the same idea when it was my first time of pokemon TO absolutely catch them all i wouldn't leave an area unless i'm sure i caught all the pokemon types in that place lol :)
Asaun Johnson (16 days ago)
This is actually like tha game, ahh memories
Jermaine's Jukebox (16 days ago)
Ichigo wahhh
RandomScrub (16 days ago)
Dude I swear that guy voicing brock is koizumi from the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya.
Unicorn Queen (16 days ago)
Why is Pidgey always a Pokemon trainers first attempt at a catch? 😂 first it was Ash's then it was Red's
ODaGenius (16 days ago)
Mark Routt (16 days ago)
This is so unrealistic, you can't run in the game.
DPlex HD (16 days ago)
This may be strange, but Blue reminds me of Bakugo from MHA..

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