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How We Take & Edit Our Instagram Pictures | Lighting, Models, & Filters | Sanne Vloet

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Perfect Pictures For Instagram - Tutorial on How Jessica Clements & I Take Our Instagram Pictures On Vacation | Beauty of France, Saint Tropez, Natural Beauty, Editing, & Editing Apps | Jessica Clements & Sanne Vloet Hey guys, Happy Summer! How has your summer been so far? I'm so interested to hear what everyone has been up too. So while I was on vacation with Jessica we both talked about how we edit our images for instagram and that inspired the two of us make this video to share how we take and edit our pictures. We also included the apps that we both use and how we create the images that we share to our feeds. I was so excited to learn from Jess and to share some of the things I do. The apps we both use to edit our pictures are different, but they mostly have the same features. Do anyone have any app recommendations for us to test out that we don't currently use? Anyway, I hope you guys liked the video and if there are any other video ideas that you'd like Jess and I to try to do, let us know in the comments or leave us a comment on Instagram! xx Sanne Apps used: Afterlight, Darkroom and UNUM Come say HI on our other socials! (leave a 🐦 in Jessica comments 😉) Instagram - @sannevloet- https://bit.ly/2vlnHLy Weibo: @sannevloet Twitter: https://twitter.com/sannevloet Jessica Instagram - @jessmclements – https://bit.ly/1TNYri3 Youtube – https://bit.ly/2mc5z1N
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Text Comments (227)
Doreen Phalanges (9 days ago)
4:36 Jessica's face when Sanne said not really straight
NOUHAILA Bd (1 month ago)
what is your phone?
NOUHAILA Bd (1 month ago)
which iphone is this
NOUHAILA Bd (1 month ago)
which iphone is this
Aditi Dorle (1 month ago)
Step 1: be pretty.
Musical Sadeem (2 months ago)
step 1: already be pretty step 2: blue dress wear a bra puh leeze
S A (2 months ago)
it's not about filter it's your face is beautiful so whatever filter or position you will look gorgeous
Marta Marta (2 months ago)
Jessica is so so so beautiful!!!!!!!!
Alessiaa (2 months ago)
are you sister? you two look the same
Karla Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for the great tips!
Sanne Vloet (2 months ago)
Saladin Ghapper (3 months ago)
What a beautiful girls.....two of you..............I....am... confusing.....
MAR CAMASURA (3 months ago)
So pretty both
Cecilia Yosephine (4 months ago)
Aah just like that i think both pic become one pic. Just only brightness.. Lol
Άσπα M (4 months ago)
You both look like angels 😍
georgia wilder (4 months ago)
even their props are healthy:( tea & apples. girl i use donuts
Lllla (4 months ago)
you just need to be pretty
Brij Mohan Sikka (4 months ago)
You look like Hailey baldwin
jennie queen (5 months ago)
Name of tha app??
Hottest Instagram (5 months ago)
you are look so pretty. Thank you for sharing.
Tiffany (5 months ago)
Oml how are you both so damn gorgeous? Some really good tips ♥️ ♥️ If you are looking for collaborations, you can check out the collaboration portal of *PHLANX* influencer platform and see the list of collab offers from brands and influencers
Olivia Wu (5 months ago)
really obsessed with your earrings, would you tell where did you get it please!
Selina DLD (6 months ago)
Hii Sanne, where are your earrings from?
Miri Mu (6 months ago)
The problem is I don't know how to pose. I look uncomfortable in most of pics. 😣
I couldn't take my eyes off your eyes when you look in camera wow so beautiful 2:51
Maha Imran (6 months ago)
How to take good pictures 1. Be beautiful
um Abdur Rahman (6 months ago)
Elif Boronkay (6 months ago)
Great! Hair tutorial Sanne❤️ and hair care please. Do you take any hair vitamins?
Mariney Zyxwvt (6 months ago)
Anastasia (6 months ago)
Great tips! I also like that you 'took' your viewers for a photo trip with you.
mary borey (6 months ago)
You are so sweet and so beautiful Sanne!! You are amazing like person as model!! Wonderful 🎆 love u xxx
bensiagel (6 months ago)
Smile and laugh like "huhuhhu"
Christineena (6 months ago)
I’ve been wondering how models get that “no filter” look tbh I am so over the super VSCO unrealistic filter look so this came in handy tysm
two scoopz (6 months ago)
so glad you don't Facetune or photoshop yourself even thinner like SO MANY models do these days. If I see that sh!t; I immediately unfollow--no need to see someones insecurities and narcissism on display.
conexos2007 (28 days ago)
Where are those tutorials? Or where you see they do that? Thanks
Hainaxx x (6 months ago)
I mean just imagine being friends with them and like imagine all the anxiety you’d get just from them taking pictures of you....
nah (6 months ago)
Such a fun video, Sanne make more like these ♥️
Nishka Bhura (6 months ago)
Which phone do you guys have ?💕
Fernando Gonzales (6 months ago)
The most beautiful blonde girl I have ever seen
Alyssa Molina (6 months ago)
This had some AMAZING lighting wow! Also you guys are gorg!! 💛
Emilia Alexandra (6 months ago)
Your such an inspiration... i love your lifestyle ❤
I love them😍💕. what phone do you have?
Lara M (6 months ago)
Wow, models take really amazing pictures of other models. Seriously, PRO!!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lisa R (6 months ago)
Whats the font you used for #pretty #cool
Sassy Saania (6 months ago)
What camera are you using..looks so flawless
Jelajah India (6 months ago)
Try Lightroom mobile for editing picture. It’s so good ❤️
M*chelle M*chelle (6 months ago)
Thank you I am getting into modeling too it's never to late
Mine Helm (6 months ago)
Do models ate any candy?
itdoesntmattertbh (6 months ago)
this was all actually so useful!!! <3
nicole oliver (6 months ago)
love your videos, so real <3 can you please do an apartment tour of your nyc flat and space in holland? xx
Romek Dutka (6 months ago)
Tak tak tak tak tak tak Kocham Was! tak
BlueBell (6 months ago)
Omgg I never would have expected to see Jess here with saane!!
Greta Rahikainen (6 months ago)
Super cool video😘
Yt t (6 months ago)
Where did you get your both's earrings?? I Love them😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Yt t (6 months ago)
OMG!!! This is definitely one of the best videos I've ever seen!!! I Love the music, Love your voice and speaking speed!!!💖❤️💛💗
Má Fernandes (6 months ago)
Brazil love you!❤
Syssi Shrop (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽💗
Eliana Lew (6 months ago)
I love this video! I was just wondering how you guys edit and take your Instagram photos!! Thanks! <3
MNBLUCKY (6 months ago)
OMG. Thankyou soooo much i was hoping you would make this video ❤️
Liz Beth Cabrera (6 months ago)
Amazing video! please show us how to pose!!!
Kritina Gc (6 months ago)
Can you link the app in the description?
Kritina Gc (6 months ago)
Next video about the photo editing apps you guys use. Please
Kritina Gc (6 months ago)
Sanne Vloet (6 months ago)
Darkroom! X
Buffy Anne Summers (6 months ago)
You two are fast becoming my favourite model duo. More vids together please!
sarah lankel (6 months ago)
thanke you for the tips !!!
love it 😘😻😻
Gaia Rizzo (6 months ago)
What’s the name of the apps?
HeyItsEstefania (6 months ago)
I love that I'm subscribed to both of you and you guys keep uploading content together! 😄💛💛
Giuseppe Vittorio Vitali (6 months ago)
Sonja With Love (6 months ago)
Loving the content guys and such great tips! xx
Rhiannon G (6 months ago)
Loved this, thank you!! <3
Eleanora Lee (6 months ago)
Hoi Sanne, I love your outfit 😍 where did you get it from and is it still available in store? Dank je wel xx
沖田斗真 (6 months ago)
Cuteness overload...🤔
Valeria Rivas (6 months ago)
This video is better than GOLD , for my awkward self when it comes to pictures 🤩
Natalie's Life (6 months ago)
Thank you for the video! It was very helpful! But, what is the app again?
Grace Lapang (6 months ago)
I want more videos like this! So helpful
Hunter Vassar (6 months ago)
Thank you for this video 😤
r0n_s4m0 (6 months ago)
Megan Yap (6 months ago)
Loved this! Do more of these videos!
gennica martinez (6 months ago)
You both are amazing! 🙌🏻❤️✨
Suchita Jain (6 months ago)
Great tips 😊
Arshad Ali (6 months ago)
ferdelicious boomdz (6 months ago)
your my idol
juliana julzz (6 months ago)
Your simply gorgeous your goals😍😄
Margarita Isabel (6 months ago)
hi! i just wanted to ask what’s the filter that jess used on afterlight? i’ve been looking forward to this video for sooooo long! thanks 🤗💕
Joyzlee Aguipo (6 months ago)
love it😍😍
Emily Jelinek (6 months ago)
i love both of you guys and i'm so so happy you're doing videos together!
Miki (6 months ago)
Where are your earrings and bag from? I love them <3
Rachel Rabanales (6 months ago)
prince_ depp (6 months ago)
Idk If you’ll see this but can u do a “how I got into modeling” vid or something? Like the one the Jess made. It’s was a Q&A though
prince_ depp (6 months ago)
Eva Polyzou (6 months ago)
Can you list the apps in the description box please ?♡
Aida Quintana Bonillo (6 months ago)
Thank you ☺😍
Anne M (6 months ago)
I'm so glad you upload frequently. I really look forward to them especially after a long day. Love your vlogs
Brenda Villar (6 months ago)
Even without editing both of u are still stunning💚💜🌷🌹
Ayu Arbie (6 months ago)
Sanne move a little but change the picture, why I always look like a statue when someone took my picture? 😄😄 And afterlight is my fav apps too!
Idzell N. Blanc (6 months ago)
Very good tips for those who want to implement, I love the videos you guys make together you seem like sisters or best friend ;)
Abdul killer (6 months ago)
Hey Liebe Sanne 😘🤗😍 Wie geht's dir. Du bist sehr schön und willkommen zu deiner schönen Freundin auch😘😘😘❤
Haileigh Garoutte (6 months ago)
I wish I has friends who would take as many pictures of me. Everyone I know takes one and hands the phone back, like no! I need at least a hundred and fifty seven of different poses and angles to find one good one.
wig (2 months ago)
Well i am that person. I want to enjoy other things and not take 1 hundred pictures of my friends so maybe you can chill off because ain't nobody your slave and you should respect that people don't want to take pictures and there's no humor to this comment
fashionistamariaa (6 months ago)
lmfao so true
Veronika Cee (6 months ago)
Haileigh Garoutte clearly someone missed the humour behind your comment 😂😂lol
Haileigh Garoutte (6 months ago)
Dragon Fly Chill out edgelord, some people enjoy things like taking pictures and having fun trying crazy poses with a friend and showing people the good and what weird funny pictures come of it. Let me enjoy things I like, you don't have to be a raincloud on everyones parade.
Dragon Fly (6 months ago)
so you need to take a least a hundred with fifty seven different poses so you can have photos to look back on? would you not prefer to look back on pictures that were more real and not done hundred times cos you wanted to ensure you looked your best so you could get the most likes on the internet to give yourself validation and self worth? think about it, this generation is so messed up. it's really sad.
Gurl Angle (6 months ago)
Everything's awesome (6 months ago)
tip #1 look like sanne and jess lol
Rosesza Sabalza (6 months ago)
Gorgeous always 😍😍😍 and you hope you support me back 😊 Thanks you 😊

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