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Scuba Diving Red Sea - Dive Sites of Dahab (Egypt 2015)

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Impressions from the various dive sites of Dahab/ Sinai in the Red Sea. Dive Sites (with diving maps): Blue Hole/ El Bells, The Canyon, Gabr El Bint, The Caves, Eel Garden, Lighthouse & Moray Garden. Filmed with Canon S100 in an Ikelite Housing & Actionpro X7 in March 2015.
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Mina Saad (8 days ago)
I am Egyptian and i went there twice before and my third visit will be too soon
Dirk Van den Bergh (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this video very much. Just back from 5th time in Dahab and editing my new films. Maybe they will bring back memory's? See my channel Dirk Van den Bergh or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLUL3itw2GqDVsNb_1sP6w Diving in Dahab
ComancheChiefSD (1 year ago)
Super + Amazing!!!!!!!!
Amr Abdelghany (2 years ago)
Where is that elephant sculpture?I free dived in the lighthouse many times and never saw it!!
Picture Pulse (2 years ago)
Cool, check out my video from egypt: https://youtu.be/WdZfYUE0PZw
Will (2 years ago)
are these all shore dives?
Frank Ullrichskötter (2 years ago)
Not all. In Gabr El Bint you dive from boat.
arch sword (3 years ago)
try Diving at Palawan and Southern Leyte, Philippines next time.
tdrke (3 years ago)
Nice video ! Do you mind checking out my scuba diving video filmed in Hurghada, Egypt ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n17GeqPKkac
4K Channel (3 years ago)
Very nice video! I have added your video to DiziVizi. Tag your other videos to DiziVizi for free and get more views. https://dizivizi.com/video/135099/scuba-diving-red-sea-dive-sites-dahab-egypt-2015-mohamed-nasim-streert-qesm-saint-katrin-south-sinai-governor.html
Frank Ullrichskötter (3 years ago)
+Neelam Jain Thank you! I really did not know DiziVizi, but I think it´s a good idea to tag my videos there.
Paul Mc Guinness (3 years ago)
Great video brings back old memories of Dahab,hope to go back some day,Tks
Frank Ullrichskötter (3 years ago)
+Kanzy Iskandar I know. I ever felt safe in Dahab and other egyptian locations. The problem is that there are no flights from germany to Sharm in the moment. Hope it will change soon. Most for the people on Sinai who depends from tourism.
Kanzy Iskandar (3 years ago)
+Frank Ullrichskötter I'm Egyptian and trust me it's safe, everything bad is happening in the East-north of sinai.
Frank Ullrichskötter (3 years ago)
+Paul Mc Guinness Thanks a lot. Hard times for Dahab and the whole Sinai in the moment. Hope there will be better times in the future for this wonderful place.
Patrick Pohlmann (3 years ago)
Ein schönes Video! Obwohl ich erst im Mai dort war, vermiss ich Dahab und seine Unterwasserwelt schon wieder.
Patrick Pohlmann (3 years ago)
Viel Spaß dabei und gut Luft und Licht :-)
Frank Ullrichskötter (3 years ago)
+Pohlmann Photography Vielen Dank. Ich habe das Glück im Dezember nochmal eine Woche vor Ort zu sein!
Documentary Red Sea (3 years ago)
I have enjoyed your video so much , Sir ... would you allow to share the depth of where you found the octopus , please ? thanks . :)
Frank Ullrichskötter (3 years ago)
+Maz Benyameen Thank you very much. I found the octopus during a nightdive at Lighthouse on a depth of 10 meters.
Rosalva Munguia (3 years ago)
Rosalva Munguia (3 years ago)
CGFVIDEOSTREAM (3 years ago)
Gorgeous dives! Would love to build them for our game!
wetandi (3 years ago)
What a fantastic video ... all the goodies of Dahab (and even more can be explored)

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