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Victoria's Secret Model Candice Swanepoel On Bikini Ready Body & Beauty Tips

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Follow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Hollyscoop Fan Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hollyscoop Hollyscoop.com caught up with Victoria's Secret Model Candice Swanepoel at the re-launch of Victoria's Secret's fragrance mist and lotion, "VS Fantasies". Candice gives tells us about the new fragrance, and gives us beauty tips. For up-to-the-minute celebrity news, visit http://www.hollyscoop.com Celebrity Photos http://www.hollyscoop.com/photos Celebrity Videos http://videos.hollyscoop.com
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Text Comments (95)
Utpal Patra (26 days ago)
Very very super sexi model
Joaquin Muñoz Garcia (1 month ago)
She is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Peemiah Prasomsap (2 months ago)
I love her voices
Rinchhani Khawlhring (6 months ago)
i love herrr ❤❤❤
carolina leily (8 months ago)
What the fuck is wrong with the interviewers voice????
pasqualeredo (1 year ago)
id like to sample one of EVERYTHING from that candy store...
sylwia jarosz (2 years ago)
your so pretty i wish i was so skinny as you im like 1 more time you.please could you do a give away .and culd you do a body care please love
she's so cute
Emely (3 years ago)
I lover her omg
rebecca henderson (3 years ago)
omg i loveeeeee herrrrrrr My woman crush is candice
Akter Hasan (5 years ago)
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ajourneyin2all (5 years ago)
I bet the interviewee was hella hating on hair, like all interviewees
Gabriel Napoleão (5 years ago)
Gorgeous hair.
Nalaka Vetanage (5 years ago)
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kerry elli (5 years ago)
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Saroj Dahal (5 years ago)
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sabina christensen (5 years ago)
It's not a perfume it's a frequent mist?? Haha ok if u say so Candice
Window to Poland (5 years ago)
most man dont like smart woman ;)
trololo (5 years ago)
Candice is so beautiful <3
Celine A (5 years ago)
Jeez ! Why does she have to so perf !?
CaryFields1 (5 years ago)
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shine bright (5 years ago)
@ivanaishere Why do you say that??Victorias secret products are really good!!And they are not cheap at all!!I bought yesterday a body lotion and a mist for 32€.. But it worths it,especially the mist smells heavenly!
UK Asian (5 years ago)
Candice is ALL BEAUTY AND NO BRAIN . She did'nt even understand what the reporter was saying at the end. And she was struggling soo much with trying to explain about the VS products. Man I just wished I had a wife who was brain dead and gorgeous ... Thats every mans dream !!!
Adikkya Tui (5 years ago)
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Jas Young (5 years ago)
If I went lesbian, I'd go for her.
Tracy Savard (5 years ago)
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Cellar Door (5 years ago)
God she's so perfect. Is it legal to be that gorgeous?
ichbineincoolcat (5 years ago)
She's not very good at interviews lol. She is perfection though face and body wise.
1234 (5 years ago)
Lmao I noticed that too and left a comment above. Honestly, she probably doesn't know any of the products because she most likely uses more expensive products on herself while hawking this stuff down to us mortals....
1234 (5 years ago)
"..oh I just love everything, there's so many products to choose from, hehe.." = aka " I would rather jump into a garbage can full of rabid raccoons than slather this cheap shit on my face and body. Don't ask me anything about the VS makeup/fragrance line as I throw all the free shit I get into the back of my closet where it never sees the light of day :)"
BeautyAndBows21 (5 years ago)
step one: get a body which you probably have or you wuldn;t be alive step two get in a bikini OMFG YOUR BIKINI BODY READY!!!!
jahan sau (5 years ago)
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Sarah Love (5 years ago)
Can I be her
Razor Back (5 years ago)
I watch this whole video and don't know what she said, lolololol!!!!
crackerjackbunny (5 years ago)
She is smoking. Smoking hot!
XxAngelOfTheFallenxX (5 years ago)
shes seems so nice and not stuck up what so ever.
kemi kostbooy (5 years ago)
She's South African
Hope Voorhees (5 years ago)
I love her. She's my girl crush lol
Daniel (6 years ago)
why is my keyboard white?
theazn07 (6 years ago)
where did she snap? she was quiet and polite the whole time
QueenB (6 years ago)
Candice's voice is soo sweet & calming. Love her <3
luvzgymnastics (6 years ago)
candice was used in a harry styles fanfic. lol its called "left with lux"
Jipoze230291 (6 years ago)
I think her voice is too sexy seriously putting this on my ipod
SeistaKeySummers (6 years ago)
what I meant by awkward is she keeps saying um and not really seeming to understand the product and I feel like she takes so long to answer because she doesn't really know what to say. If you watch one with I think her name is Erin and Candice together answering questions it seems as if Candice is more reserved and doesn't really know how to answer what someone said, but I love Candice she's my favorite VS model.
SeistaKeySummers (6 years ago)
i love candice but I feel like whenever I watch anything where she's being interviewed she's awkward and doesn't know anything about VS products and makes it up on the spot. anyone else feel the same? Also in this interview they had to keep asking her the same thing twice.
guydecervens (6 years ago)
I'd like to spray Candice with a mist.
Shelby&Blush (6 years ago)
She is so pleasant! That's like the best word for her, she just seems so kind. A beauty inside and out! I Love Candice <3
Lily (6 years ago)
Just look at her lips when she is saying that
miah elias (6 years ago)
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Dan Lamar (6 years ago)
she didn't snap at all..
krriistenXo (6 years ago)
Dan Lamar (6 years ago)
how did she in the slightest lol
KhAizeR † AthLetics (6 years ago)
wow this girl is just absolutely gorgeous...
Tiffany Stanley (6 years ago)
She makes me melt! <3
raina wilson (6 years ago)
She looks a little tired during this interview to me.
Lucas Lin (6 years ago)
I think it was when she said "dealing with what kind of things?" But I agree, I think she just said it in a moderately emotionless voice instead of a questioning tone so it might have come across as rude, but I'm pretty sure she just wanted clarification.
Birein Manthinda (6 years ago)
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xxxlillyxixix (6 years ago)
not really.....so critical
Emelie (6 years ago)
what? she didnt snap, she misunderstood a question? she was so polite and friendly during the entire interview! such an inspiration
she is not as beautiful as in pictures but her eyes are AMAZINGGGGGGLY BEAUTIFUL
krriistenXo (6 years ago)
when she said dealing with what kinds of things
High Carb Whole Foods (6 years ago)
There is no way you can hate this woman, which makes you kind of hate her even more! Lol. No, she seems really sweet. Is that DiamondsandHeels interviewing her? It sounds like her.
captaincrunchdog (6 years ago)
she is smart and in shape so you cant hate on her unless you jelly.
SIR-5 (6 years ago)
she could make me chop my arm off...without hesitation...scary thought
chellymrdillon (6 years ago)
"dealing with what kind of things?" lol she got annoyed there.
Deidra Cali (6 years ago)
At the time this interview took place, people were saying Candice was anorexic since she had lost a tiny bit of weight. At 3:12 the reporter mentioned about scrutiny and critics, but then when she asked about viewers that are dealing with 'those types of things' at 3:37, I think Candice took it as she was suggesting viewers with anorexia so when she said 'What kind of things?' you can see and hear she kinda wanted the interviewer to admit and say anorexia, I think so at least.
Yoonyah (6 years ago)
I wank a lot on the ass of hers !!!
QueenB (6 years ago)
"you can really go to town and spray it all over your clothes and everything" hehe
12th Aggie (6 years ago)
the reporter did absolutely nothing bitchy..what the hell are you guys talking about? . o_O
erica william (6 years ago)
she looks kinda man!!
j3nnabear (6 years ago)
She's very soft-spoken and sweet.
shy (6 years ago)
She's such a sweetheart, and she kept it professional when the reporter asked about that. Thank goodness she was very professional because I would've snapped.
Edwin Rizo (6 years ago)
Christine Tun (6 years ago)
Candice is such a darling and her smile and laugh is just so adorable <3
naddanil (6 years ago)
y would be jealous of someone who litarelly shows off for a living
TheQuestionMark (6 years ago)
i was very surprised when i heard that she's smoking........but she's still superb !
MissTahliaJade (6 years ago)
Her accent sounds Australian, English and kinda German all mixed together. But she's South African I hear? Anyway, she is stunning. :)
ingrid3578 (6 years ago)
She's so cute and dainty. What a beauty!
tonisomething (6 years ago)
she reminds me of rosie when she laughs <3
krriistenXo (7 years ago)
@CloudsofEuphoria When she said dealing with what kinds of things, at 3:40
AZZGIRL87 (7 years ago)
@NadineDanilchenko To me it is Behati Prinsloo's face which is ok but not that pretty.Candice's face and the personality which shines through her feautures,is great.But that's just my opinion:),I also prefer Adriana Lima.
naddanil (7 years ago)
maybe she has a nice body, but he face is OK
CourtneyJ13 (7 years ago)
@madchaoslover That's just how us South-African's talk, actually... lol
CloudsofEuphoria (7 years ago)
@K3Jxo where did she snap at the reporter? i felt she was normal and polite throughout the entire interview.
loddylottielouise (7 years ago)
stunning face, stunning body. stunning voice.
Beautyloversx (7 years ago)
ISN'T SHE DATING, Parker Gregory now? I think they look caute together! he's also hot
Caoimhín (7 years ago)
@GreyFidelity she is an angel :D
kingofdubs (7 years ago)
She's fine and i love her accent.
krriistenXo (7 years ago)
she kinda snaped a bit at the reporter LOL I've never seen that side to her before!!
PrettyPurpleful (7 years ago)
she's sooooooooooooooooo fucking boring.
AD DOLL (7 years ago)
I want her face WOW
Samuel JohnsonIII (7 years ago)
@achaloxxx I really think both of them are because they both have beauty tips to the womens.

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