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Pokemon | Pikachu VS Tyranitar! | Cartoon Network

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Ash and his trusty Pikachu face off against Tyranitar in an epic battle! Who will come out on top? Watch and find out! CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/1ANQpOe About Pokémon: The show follows the quest of the main character, Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon Master in training, as he and a small group of friends travel around the fictitious world of Pokémon along with their Pokémon partners. Connect with Pokémon Online: Visit Pokemon WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/11tsPCy Like Pokemon on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZyndtB Follow Pokemon on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/13n0G31 About Cartoon Network: Welcome to the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Follow Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF Pokemon | Cartoon Network http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (440)
Vinícius Lemos (1 day ago)
Puta protagonismo o pikachu ter ganhado do tyranitar
Sam Boleman (2 days ago)
Ya'll know this is just a show, right. Of course Tyranitar would win
alonso pavez (5 days ago)
Tunderbolt it doesn't affect a tyranitar
Joshua Haggart (7 days ago)
Let's not forget it also took a Metagross in the same fight
Anab Ahmed (12 days ago)
✯RedStar✯ Graal (18 days ago)
Pikachu Iron Tail Is Broken
Appolon 69 (21 days ago)
sanduel (21 days ago)
pikachu lvl 300
Soplox (21 days ago)
Pikachu was a beast during this battle.
Jimmy Campbell (23 days ago)
Goes to show that Tyranitar isn't a Ground-type Pokémon, meaning electricity can harm it even without water.
Ace Sosaa (23 days ago)
0:59 PIKACHU GOT THEM HANDS! 🤣😭 or should I say tail?🤷🏾‍♂️
Adrian Wooten (24 days ago)
Hey you know tyanitair is a ground type Pokemon and how are electric moves still effect tyraniatr
Clement Wang (26 days ago)
I like Alain. He has quite an impressive winning streak compare to the other characters.
Clement Wang (26 days ago)
In the unova region, it lost to a snivy, a panpour, a excadrill and a Lucario.
Lunch (26 days ago)
So this is the same Pikachu that lost to a snivy just one region ago eg? Ummmm, yeah...
Debtanu Dutta (26 days ago)
Try this in Pokemon Go! 😆😆🤣
Rohit T (26 days ago)
So , now I am gonna watch CN on YT 😁
Julian Gracilla (27 days ago)
How come Pikachu defeated a tyranitar using non super effective moves like electro ball
A guy who comments (27 days ago)
Meanwhile in pokemon go: Pikachu have fainted!
Fugeta20 (27 days ago)
Eating popcorn as I watch hilarious comments about people comparing game mechanics on anime.
i thought ground types were immune to electric.....
pete lee (23 days ago)
Tyraitar isn't a ground type
Mizo Book Club (28 days ago)
This is exactly how i play the game
Sar Star (29 days ago)
You know after all this time spent with ash and all that experience, pikachu beating a tyranitar and metagross is sensible but pokemon plz don't make pikachu lose stupid matches like the one against snivy.
Bryan B (29 days ago)
Pikachu OP please nerf, that or that tyranitar was weak AF
Trainer gold (29 days ago)
Godzilla was defeated By a small electric mouse
Artem T-rex arms Lobov (29 days ago)
I wish I could dodge attacks just by telling my Pokemon to dodge it would be so op.
pete lee (23 days ago)
I swear my opponent seams to tell his pokemon to. Can't tell you how many times I lost matches because of focus miss or fireblast
Tharun kumar (1 month ago)
Telugu ayethey కావాలి videos
Alex Roque (1 month ago)
Electro ball super effective anime logic
ThuPhuong Vo (1 month ago)
Realistically you guys know pikachu wouldn’t stand a chance. That’s why I hate ash and his over powered Pokémon. Smh
pete lee (23 days ago)
Power herb focus punch
KickLikeLee (1 month ago)
Pikachu can take out tyrsnitar but lose to snyvi haha smh
Drago (1 month ago)
Somehow a Freaking Pseudo Legendary loses to a Pikachu....So Disappointing
Buildgaming55 (1 month ago)
Huh tyranitar is ground right but how is it effected by an electric attacks?
Miguel Corcoles (28 days ago)
Buildgaming55 no It’s a rock/ dark type
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Pikachu peut il détruire une ville entière avec giga- électroball ? Je pense que oui !
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Pikachu est tellement fort qu'il me fait peur. Il nique tyranar qui fait 20 fois sa taille. Je me mesurais pas à cette sourie.
Energized Knuckles (1 month ago)
The only thing I dislike is pikachu getting 3 turns in a row and using them during attacks like crunch.
RedfurredPikachu (22 days ago)
If you haven't learned by now the anime is treated differently than the games then I don'nt know how to help you. It's not a turn based game it's treated as if Pokémon are real.
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Comment ne pas considérer pikachu comme le pokémon le plus fort après avoir vu ça ?! Pour moi, rien à dire, le combat suffit à le démontrer.
Meme King (1 month ago)
Tyranatar is immune to any type of atack so this makes no sense
tejaswa alia (1 month ago)
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
How a little mouse can win against a dragon ?! 🐀🐲
Cevin Zeke (1 month ago)
Pikachu is so OP I’m just accepting it at this point after years of this it’s like what’s even the deal, is god living in this Mouse?
Sand Shadow (1 month ago)
What is this Lvl 100 Pikachu vs Lvl 55 Tyranitar?
Sand Shadow (1 month ago)
How dafug a Tyranitar lose to Pikachu? -_-
Chaos of madness (29 days ago)
Sand Shadow idk but tyranitar should have won
demonicdark3000 (1 month ago)
Well, the Pikachu who recked a Regice and Latias and fought Zapdos, Entei, Hoopa, Arceus and tonnes of other legendaries before is back again!! That oughtta makes sense for Pikachu to sweep this Tyranitar clean XD
Jonathan Aguilar (1 month ago)
Tranatar wynut
Wolfman7870 (1 month ago)
Ash's Pikachu really needs to be taken away from him for wreck less endangerment.
Gurpreet Singh (1 month ago)
I love pikachu 😍
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Your right. He is exceptional.
larnizzo91 (1 month ago)
How does a trainer never get wrecked by collateral damage from powerful attacks? Freaking logic destroying my childhood shows...
Shuai Zhou (1 month ago)
How the f ?
Cedric Mckinney (1 month ago)
As soon as tyranitar threw pikachu he should’ve used another dark pulse.
Cedric Mckinney (1 month ago)
Yeah right
Frank P (1 month ago)
Excelente pikachu!!! 20 años de experiencia también =)
Sliver Bullet (1 month ago)
Seriously... electric type defeating rock and dragon type.... LoL oh it's Ash's Pikachu...rules don't apply for him as for age too..XD
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Yes, that 's right.
Mageía (1 month ago)
What dragon type?
Logan Brown (1 month ago)
It's just how they raise there pokemon
Jazz Perucho (1 month ago)
I still Remember the day that my level 82 Pikachu beat Gary's Charizard with a single Thundershock 😂😂😂 In Indigo Plataeu
SHINJA X (1 month ago)
I respect the anime, in fact XYZ was one of the most mature and intense pokemon series ive ever watched, Its definitely my favorite. But theres just one question. *How tf does Pikachu win against a Tyranitar and a Metagross which both can learn earthquake* Person: Even if they used Earthquake Pikachu would still jump and use thunderbolt. Friend. That is what you call *Plot Armor*
Hannah Sandoval (1 month ago)
Pokemon Ash is cute and awesome to win with Pikachu, way to go bro 😄.
Aura Guardian (2 months ago)
It's a tradition pretty much for Ash to lose matches where he puts his ace up first. The only reason he was able to beat Latios in Sinnoh was purely because he saved Pikachu to use last, when it had full health and stamina. Any other time this didn't happened, Pikachu's prior damage was used against it to get it eliminated in the plot. The point is that this is how they force Ash to lose leagues by him purposely using his ace early on, which is especially a stupid strategy for Pikachu's weight situation.
Internet Badass69 (2 months ago)
My pikachu just used grass knot on tyranitar and it’s wayyy faster since tyranitar is a rock type and it’s heavy
Ashton (2 months ago)
Ok people, look at the battle this way: A giant Godzilla-based Pokemon that has dark pulse and sand stream loses to a small electric mouse that is cute as a new born puppy. ... Wow, looks like Tyranitar needs to up his/her's game (or maybe it's just that Pikachu is just too overpowered).
Horror Owl (2 months ago)
Highly unrealistic, Tyranitar was about to bite pikachu, and yet there was enough time for Ash to yell out an order and for pikachu to execute the attack. Put Ash and Pikachu into the games and he'll be defeated in no time
Chaos of madness (29 days ago)
Horror Owl tyranitar should have ate pikachu
Lance Francelance (2 months ago)
Is't tyranitar is big and large?😶
Euwin Santiago (2 months ago)
That tyranitar must’ve the worst IVs
Energized Knuckles (2 months ago)
How could pikachu attack three times in a row? HACKS
pete lee (23 days ago)
I mean with kings rock it would be possible for tyranitar flinch for 3 consequitive turns granted it's only a 10% chance for each hit and while I don't know the math I'm aware the odds of 3 consequitive turns is significantly less likely
satya ranjan (2 months ago)
which season ??
satya ranjan season 19
How to do 2 conbined moves in a minigame??? When i watched the other vid, ash conbined iron tail and electro ball, how is that even possible to do in a minigame? I need to get that technique
Rodolfo Lestrange (3 months ago)
Claro, Pikachu level 9999999999999999999999999 derrotando até Kyogre.
Insab Rio (3 months ago)
For me Tyranitar is the best Pokémon
Chaos of madness (3 months ago)
Insabrio 2 same he's cool
ameierk (3 months ago)
what. this battle was unrealistic no way, ever
Cupcake Cutie (3 months ago)
Pikachu used plot armor! It’s super effective!
LE Smits (3 months ago)
In the words of Chris Smoove... “that’s BS... that’s BS...”
Fermit The Krog (3 months ago)
Love pikachu but tyranitar should be superior.
Mei Misaki (3 months ago)
Don't even try...
Delta Emerald (3 months ago)
This was awesome! Pikachu is just too strong in this battle
adam jacobson (3 months ago)
Nidoking with sheer force woudve killed tyranitar
WhiteRycers (3 months ago)
I love how Pikachu always manages to launch himself 30 feet in the air. Make him a flying type of your gonna do that dumbasses
OldNewSweetRides (4 months ago)
Pikachu beats Latios and Darkrai, now Tyranitar. Gets beaten easily by Snivy
OldNewSweetRides (3 months ago)
RazorFire COOKIE wow.
Da Wan (3 months ago)
OldNewSweetRides yes, he was. It is said in the episode. Aka, episode 1 of BW.
OldNewSweetRides (3 months ago)
Geo Rockmann, back here. Yeah, Sceptile beat Darkrai and Pikachu tied against Latios, which that means is really surprising. But to a Snivy? Was Trip just beginning his journey?
Geo Rockmann (3 months ago)
That happened in the first season
Da Wan (3 months ago)
Bellsprout too.
Demon Pigeon (4 months ago)
How to know if you’re a terrible 1. Your pseudo legendary loses to a pikachu 2. During the battle you don’t use a single ground move against an electric type 3. The opponent could’ve but did not use a single super effective move
Geo Rockmann (3 months ago)
Demon Pigeon How to know you're dumb 1. You're comparing anime with the games
John Áderson (4 months ago)
BooOmPow (4 months ago)
FullTimeSlacker (4 months ago)
Just use earthquake loser
Veen (4 months ago)
Pure b.s.
CrossFire _ (4 months ago)
Spencer Doughman (4 months ago)
I hate Ash. Tyranitar will always be a favorite of mine
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
Tu sais que tu critique le meilleur pote de pikachu the king!
Chaos of madness (4 months ago)
Spencer Doughman same tyranitar should have destroyed pikachu
MyPancholon (4 months ago)
Pikachu can beat a tyranitar but lost to viola’s surskit?? Doesn’t make sense
Renn Abreu (4 months ago)
Now let’s cheat and give hydro pump to pikachu and then let it use thunderbolt and it will eventually become the god of Pokémon
Lina Linh (4 months ago)
Pikachu, So strong
P1 AUSTIN (4 months ago)
You Lyu (4 months ago)
try use a pikachu to aganist tyranitar in pokemon go raid😬 and good luck
Drew Hagen (4 months ago)
I call Missingno cheats
Hugo Klijn (4 months ago)
Water does not conduct electricity. The minerals that are in the water do
Schumi Jr. (4 months ago)
Pikachu beat a pseudo legendary pokemon. Anime logic is really terrible
Geo Rockmann (3 months ago)
Schumi Jr. Yeah because a level 55 tyranitar can also beat a level 100 pikachu right?
King Pikachu (4 months ago)
Pikachu defeated tyranitar....how.....impossible
Spoopy Fruity (4 months ago)
Makes no sense...
Rivière Rivière (1 month ago)
It makes sense. Because pikachu of Sacha is not a simple pokémon. It is the strongest of his specie.
Jefe (4 months ago)
I forgot how epic these battles were. I miss pokemon.
Omparkash Gayri (4 months ago)
girish gayari
Espeon804 (4 months ago)
Tyranitar sounds like Dragonite.
Samu Oliva (4 months ago)
Rigged lol
Antony Membrenorodriguez (4 months ago)
picachu is the best😲😍😍❤
TABANO™ (4 months ago)
Chiquita farsa
Its a Me (4 months ago)
Just a Dragon (4 months ago)
Power of *plot*

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