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FAKE Samsung Galaxy S7 Review - BEWARE 1:1 Replica !

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Text Comments (864)
TechMagnet (3 years ago)
visit www.china-devies.com for more info about chinese smartphones !!!
Logan MacNeil (1 year ago)
You never mentioned the Oring on the genuine S7 sim tray
MrNuclearGaming ! (2 years ago)
TechMagnet this fake replica looks a lot thicker than my s7
Mono G (2 years ago)
Landon Powers whay do u mean its a s4 screen?
Brian M (2 years ago)
+Landon Powers​ Yes, my wife went from S4 to S7 Edge, instantly recognisable S4 screen 😄
Landon Powers (2 years ago)
+Brian M lol I went from an S4 for 2 years to the galaxy s7 and i can ageee. that looks like my s4 screen
MinYin民音 (27 days ago)
Same performance on galaxy j 2 series
Bourgeois Cyborg (7 months ago)
this video means nothing if you dont do a side by side comparison.
Tectrix ツ (8 months ago)
Can someone give me the direct link
Marcelo ツ (1 year ago)
Link in the description :v
Mighty Dawg (1 year ago)
Im watching this video on samsung galaxy s7 replica ;(
Freak Boy (1 year ago)
Fuck this chinese peoples
JustinMilete (1 year ago)
Dastan omar (1 year ago)
haw meny Galaxys7 flat pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis
Catalin Ionescu (1 year ago)
yeah, better than iphone...
Talha Malik (1 year ago)
Dude I want to buy one its fake please tell is it runs good. or they have any problems
Optimus Prime (1 year ago)
Feel bad for my dad he broke he lost his s6 and went 2 years without a phone and bought me a iphone7 and he got this cheap phone (very cheap) and yeah now he got a s7 for 120 he thought it was very low price now a days he was so happy but I had a Samsung I notice how slow and different it was
Neowise (1 year ago)
Optimus Prime wtf learn fucking english
Carlos Elfiero (1 year ago)
Samsung sucks period
Veen (1 year ago)
That's not how the real s7 earphones look like
Amir Adam (1 year ago)
we don't buy the fake one at all is no good at all
Amir Adam (1 year ago)
Samsung s7 is not smart phone is coast $800 the fake one the real one coast $1000.99
Amir Adam (1 year ago)
Samsung s7 coast $800 is fake Samsung s7 edge coast $1000.99 real
csohep (2 years ago)
Whether samsung s8 fake this samsung 360 camera support
bryan chavez (2 years ago)
who else blew on the screen at 3:59
TheSistaWarrior (2 years ago)
He talks too fast. You sound like you were speaking a chinese language not english.
Ryan Walters (2 years ago)
Is this thing DUAL SIM?
dnalekaw (2 years ago)
Uggghhhhh... I asked for this for my birthday and got a real S7!!!
Yetyyy (2 years ago)
Would you have a fake Samsung s7 edge or a flip phone ?
Sn1p3r M4St3r (2 years ago)
That is not the same usb cable and not the same earbuds. I have the real one
abdul Raheem Mohammed (2 years ago)
where can i buy one
Thomas Knight (2 years ago)
that moment when. the clone is still too expensive for you
cmon Bruv (2 years ago)
Come on the box already tells you it's fake...lmfao
Artavis Hawkins-Durden (2 years ago)
Life Hack: buy one for $50. Sell it for $350
its haram
makayla cooke (2 years ago)
I have replica
makayla cooke (2 years ago)
I'm not sure it was a gift, but you should find someone that really knows this stuff, sorry I can't help.😯
Santiago Rocha (2 years ago)
i would get one of those to look badass in school.
Sloan Turner (2 years ago)
where is a good place to get clones
Shaun Green (2 years ago)
looks familiar
Matthew Hays (2 years ago)
Sloan Turner DHgate
9800xt256mb (2 years ago)
Charger russian text "Made in China", english "Made in Vietnam" ))) It is kind of standart label, because i already saw same font and text on fake samsung charger.
Nunya Dambidnis (2 years ago)
what kind data plan can you on the fake phone
Vlado Nikolić (2 years ago)
ljudi ko se slaze da je kopija s7 sprdnja neka stisne like ovo se obrukalo ne lici ni malo na original sranje jedinica 1
Where is the link for template?
not water resisstant
Salvador Martinez (2 years ago)
Hello quick help whats the best way to know for sure a galaxy s7 is 100% legit? Can i just download geekbench and check for the 5000 score OR should I download genuine galaxy and check the model OR something else?
Shazxx Merg (2 years ago)
Shazxx Merg (2 years ago)
Does anyone know how I can make the camera like the s7?
spermsandwhich737 (2 years ago)
What music?
Jonathan Arias (2 years ago)
wow i can see its fake from a mile away ahhh i have a real one soo i know
Alexander Schott (2 years ago)
Where did you buy this replica? @Techmagnet
ostvarg (2 years ago)
beware 1:1 replica, how many times have i seen that?
Tony the Black (2 years ago)
is it water proof?
ITZ SiMoN (2 years ago)
Tony the Black no but its water resistant
Gordon REEman (2 years ago)
At least it doesn't explode.
Francisco Fernandes (2 years ago)
can you make a test about last s7 edge replica hdc space s7 edge pro?
mr benchpress (2 years ago)
the year buds are shaped different
Manav Talreja (2 years ago)
Hope it doesn't explodes
Raiden (2 years ago)
TruthSeeker (2 years ago)
Is there a way to upgrade the android os on these chinese phones? I am running marshmallow is there any way to upgrade it to nougat?
TruthSeeker (2 years ago)
+H4ywir3 lol yh I'm not too good with any of this haha
Haywire (2 years ago)
nougat is currently being slowly pushed out to certain companies. even Samsung doesn't have nougat yet. the way I would do it is by flashing a nougat rom but I'm not too good with that. ;)
Kaiden Artura (2 years ago)
Goodness me they could blow-up/catch fire! Oh wait a minute wasn't that the original phone?
Renasai (1 month ago)
Anders Buljo (2 years ago)
Samuel C.L (2 years ago)
this phone may be imported into Brazil ?
sofian De Meersman (2 years ago)
why the camera is upside down??
NK (2 years ago)
supporting fake products arent good for the econemy ,or consumer in the long run..
NK (2 years ago)
ffs, just dont buy anything straight from china, how hard is that??! smh.....and it is really a shame some people dont even care...hope they know theyre supporting inferior quailty they, also comoanies lose money when u support counterfiets
Khazar (2 years ago)
Lol no need to turn the phone on, the information on the protective foil tells you everything: "Full HD Super AMOLED". The real S7 is 1440p and therefor this is the fastest uncovering of a lie ever.... Don't know why they didn't fake that info too. O.o
Alecuba97 (2 years ago)
Wow i gess my mom got scamed. Is the fake one waterprof?
Ptkau ptkau :D (2 years ago)
ich bin mir sicher du kannst Deutsch kannst du mal ein paar deutsche Videos machen bitte 😍
Ahmad Ameer (2 years ago)
Tamaki Dayu (2 years ago)
are the still with the logo
recon forsales (2 years ago)
looks better than the real thing
Callüm Jack (2 years ago)
Kommst du aus Deutschland ?
Raj K (2 years ago)
too much talking. get to your point. I find your review to be lagging. good luck.
Bitan Das Gaming (2 years ago)
shota wiklauri (2 years ago)
whats that gps app called?
mctran41 (2 years ago)
Brace yourself.... scammer are coming 😂😂😂😂
Angel (2 years ago)
wont buy this shit
Jacob Rafael Tigno (2 years ago)
What is the name of the intro song??
Giovany Irizarry (2 years ago)
where can I buy this for 70 bucks?
Arnab Banerjee (2 years ago)
where to buy it :p
Dj Method (2 years ago)
does it work with EE SIM
Chic Yet Geek (2 years ago)
u forgot that with a real samsung s7 the earphones are different to them. the buds are a different shape
Raincry (2 years ago)
It is a shame that you actually sound like promoting a replica rather than warning people about it, without even considering to inform people that this piece of crap can come with all sorts of malware, which may put their security and finances at risk.
Ghostwalker CIA (2 years ago)
Ghostwalker CIA (2 years ago)
Pretty good for a replica
Brian M (2 years ago)
That phone does not look like a genuine S7 as you maintain. The back is pretty bad and there's even staining and distortion around the heart rate monitor. The screen looks like an old S4 screen. You can tell straight away it's a fake. It won't fool anyone who's ever owned a Samsung. It's a POS, and $70 is probably too much.
trisktv (2 years ago)
were can you get these replicas now?
قناة Anis Nissou (2 years ago)
price ??
قناة Anis Nissou (2 years ago)
its gooooood
Emmett Dogbite (2 years ago)
i cracked up when i first saw the packaging of this device.
Carl Amnér (2 years ago)
Are you Swedish?
M C (2 years ago)
very nice video😅
Norman Atomic (2 years ago)
bist du deutsch? :)
Ownage TRD (2 years ago)
Can this connect to Metro Pcs?
AzKat (2 years ago)
Mine doesn't have any of the "outside" marks (it has a plastic sim tray / backlight buttons) but once you go in it, it tells you whatever info is the "real" one. The "real-real" info you get is if you download however much apps you want. They all tell me: Total Ram: 400MB Total Storage: 5GB (5.1GB) OS: 5.1 CPU: 4 core 1300 GPU: Not present Screen res: 1200x768 (real is 2560x1440) Antutu score: 14400 (my huawei ascend y530, a real one has 18000) Antutu officer check: "unknown" So whenever you want to buy a phone like that, tell them to download a certain app on it, then check their specs. If the specs match the real one, then it's a real one. If not, then you have a fake.
AzKat (2 years ago)
it's already laggy and shit from the "outside the box", no need to wait for it.
AzKat (2 years ago)
I know how much ram a real one should have.
AzKat (2 years ago)
435.87 in fact
MrvortexFTW9871 (2 years ago)
Let's put it beside? Aside not beside.
Sebas Eu (2 years ago)
If connected to PC via USB, how it identify himself?
Toprak OKUMUŞ (2 years ago)
I instantly stopped watching when I heard u said HTC S7 several times...
Youlasty (2 years ago)
So a fake that runs android. but the real one runs android too. LOL
Youlasty (2 years ago)
A fake of a fake. LOL
Zetsuke4 (2 years ago)
Wow that looks almost real lol.
CAYNAANSHE FILMS (2 years ago)
huhhh sorry i'd already got it...this video disappointed me....😂😂....my father was transit in dubai he took me some presents and bought me samsung galaxy s7 and costa.:2650 UAE Dirham(in dollar aprroximatrly $690)and he deosnot have any clue amd doesnot concern about mobilephones but some people cheated them and i donot know that it is replica but aftr watching this video i realized that i am using Samsung galaxy s7 replica......woried i think this video helped any way ... so thank..you ....
Lauren Mo (2 years ago)
same here mate.
CAYNAANSHE FILMS (2 years ago)
+Sexy Potato thankzz
Kakka Carrot Cake (2 years ago)
+haldoorka samaha it does not come with that
CAYNAANSHE FILMS (2 years ago)
+Zetsuke4 Any way i will get sooner... But some pple told me that real s7 has wireless charger ...do you hear that..
Zetsuke4 (2 years ago)
The real phone is much more powerful and generally better.. Buy the real one. It's much better.
J J (2 years ago)
it feels like s4 with a theme lol
John Vakras (2 years ago)
but for 70 dollars its worth it we all know it
Emmanuel manzano (2 years ago)
how about fake nokia 3310...
dawson ramdass (2 years ago)
6.0.1 = lollipop?
dawson ramdass (2 years ago)
not at all
sponge88 (2 years ago)
how much did you pay for
Omar Rafi (2 years ago)
fuck replika
Clorex Bleach (2 years ago)
The real S7 scores in Geekbench around 6500. An iphone 6S Plus scores about 4200. An iPhone 6 scores about 2900. an iPhone 5S scores about 2400....and an IPHONE 5!!! scores around 1200... Sooo, this 85 USD S7 Clone scores the same as the old iphone 5.
Avenger07 (2 years ago)
those numbers are single core or multi core? my Samsung 7 edge does 5500 multi.
Beto Bandes (2 years ago)
Iphone 5 scores like 700
ツsmash (2 years ago)
iphone is crap as fuck we already now.
Yurre Troost (2 years ago)
+Techmagnet Can you do an Review/unboxing on the Idroid Royal V4/V5/V7? I would really love it because i use an V5. And its not that popular. :P
PeterFreitag (2 years ago)
if you want to by good and ceap china phones. by meizu, Xioumi, jiayu. this phone is not good ..
Licht Silver (2 years ago)
The One I won at the lottery was so fake, I can easily know it cause the camera was on the opposite side XD
Licht Silver (2 years ago)
just a random ticket lottery after having my receipt in a grocery shop meet a certain amount, and I just happened to win it, won't complain though, got to sell it for an original local phone.
Licht Silver (2 years ago)
Vietnamese :(

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