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Oceanics of the Red Sea - A Shark Diving Experience

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A trailer from a diving liveaboard visiting some of the best dives sites of the Egyptian Red Sea: Elphinstone, Deadalus and the Brothers. The aim is to dive with the amazing and graceful oceanic whitetip shark! Previously this species was commen in open water, but during the last 30 years or just 3 shark generations it has been decimated by 98% due to intense shark finning. In addition to the oceanics there is a good chance of encountering thresher sharks at the Brothers, and the coral walls are simply beautiful! The video was shot on a Sony HDR HC1 camcording using a Light & Motion Bluefin housing.
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Text Comments (41)
Арт Ломакин (1 year ago)
Братья-дайверы, отчего вы вечно к таким красивым видео ставите такую музыку?
Critical Mass (1 year ago)
I am fine with the extinction of the oceanic whitetip shark. The bane of shipwreck and plane crash survivors at sea.
SG IMAGES (2 years ago)
Oceanics! Lucky you. They are so epic to dive with. Awesome video mate
LULEKOSO (2 years ago)
Normen Schmidt (2 years ago)
Great video- been there a few times myself
Rediskin1977 (2 years ago)
Красиво, музыка духовная. Но дайверы хоть сообразили, что столкнулись с опаснейшей акулой, это не рифовая, а длиннокрылая акула (Carcharhinus longimanus) ?!
Aloo Gobi (2 years ago)
Alianna Marie (3 years ago)
This was beautiful I would love to do this
Blanca Graf (3 years ago)
Amazing images and colors!!
Jay J (3 years ago)
Very beautifull wauw!
Wellcome Kette (3 years ago)
I like this video. That's my life too. love it. 👍
NURUL AFIFAH (3 years ago)
I can't swimming but im really want to diving! Because the views of underwater was so beautiful :)
simon milton (4 years ago)
Mohammed (3 years ago)
AquaticaWaveHD (4 years ago)
Hello, First of all, tell your videos with sharks are fantastic. I'm editing a new video of my last safari in Egypt trip for my friends. Unfortunately recordings with longimanus were not good. I wanted to ask if I can use 15 seconds of your video to include it in mine. In the end credits of the video I refer to your copyright. I hope to sign in to the transfer of the images. Regards
DanBach69 (4 years ago)
Hi AquaticaWaveHD, feel free to use 15 second of my video if you include me in the credits. Kind regards Dan
35394691 (4 years ago)
Excellent work. Not so many people keep in mind natural light in your back when filming for a better result. Congratulations amigo.
Evgeniy Anikin (4 years ago)
Thank you! Very useful. Will check it out.
Gumuzizt (4 years ago)
there is a shark in every cube in the depth of red sea  ,speaking about +150 
Dean Homayouni (4 years ago)
Do you have something completed with voiceover?
Mohammed Alhammadi (4 years ago)
Waaaw .. i like it
Ruth Williams (4 years ago)
Doesn't even look real at times.
Susanti (4 years ago)
the beauty of the sea
MrHimypeeps (5 years ago)
What was the diver doing with the water bottle looking thing around 2:35?
MrHimypeeps (5 years ago)
hmm never thought of that thanks!
DanBach69 (5 years ago)
Trying to attract the whitetip oceanic sharks by making clicking sounds, not sure if it worked ;o)
LeftDown RightUpGaming (5 years ago)
this was just so great.
DanBach69 (5 years ago)
Thanks, I appreciate it. All the best.
Manora Sucuraj (5 years ago)
In my place we do not have dangerous shark, we eat them
MARKUS AUFFERMANN (5 months ago)
You are not a good person
305 Roq (4 years ago)
Shame on you
flyingsquad63 (5 years ago)
Great work
murrayrussia (5 years ago)
Great trip, Great video!
Randy Boisa (5 years ago)
That's some great camera work, got footage of oceanic white tip in Hawaii, the water wasn't as clear as yours was. Congrats!
Mjg G (1 year ago)
Randy Boisa po
metocco (5 years ago)
bruno messi (5 years ago)
my dad has dyving there
MrRASTABOB22 (6 years ago)
One had a hook in its mouth.
cafe1234arsenal (6 years ago)
Great video.
DanBach69 (6 years ago)
Hi Ahmed, we did not attract the sharks, they cruise along the walls of Daedalus (oceanic whitetip shark) and the Brothers (thresher shark), so with a little patience and luck you will see them. We did try squeezing a plastic bottle under water at Daedalus to attracts the oceanics (as shown in the video), but I am not sure this had any effect. Fortunately the oceanics have a very curious nature, they like to investigate divers - great sharks to dive with! Cheers Dan
Ahmed Sabri (6 years ago)
How do you attract the sharks? I have a difficult time trying to do so.

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